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DUNEDIN SUMMER MEETING. First Day, Thursday, Feb. 26. The weather was very dull, owing to the heavy fog hanging over the hills, but there is little likelihood of rain. The Governor and Lady Robinson arrived on the course early, being received by the officers of the club and conducted to the stand reserved for them. 'fatator was scratched for the Cup early this morning. Two totalisators are at work, and fairly patronised. The principal one, to have been stationed in the paddock, did not put in an appearance. When the first event started, at one punctually, 2000 persons were on the course. As usual, the sandhills at the back of the course were extensively patronised. ■free handicap. Luna ... ... ... ... 1 On Dit 2 Tera ... 3 Won by a nose, after a capital race. Time—lmin. 4Sscc. CHAMPAGNE STAKES. Sir Modred 1 Revoke colt ... ... ... 2 Waimea colt ... ... ... 3 Time—lmin. 21sec. The Dunedin Cup, a handicap of 500 bovs., with a sweepstake of 11 so vs. each added, the second horse to receive 50 sovs. and the third 20 sovs. from the stakes. Two miles and a distance. Mr. E. Cntts’ b g Mata, syrs., Bst. 91b. (F. Matthews) 1 Mr. R. Ray’s b m Titania, 6yrs., 7st. Mbs. (Wattic).., ... ... ... 2 The Hon. W. Robinson’s br h Foul Play, syrs. (including 71bs. penalty), Bst. 12lb. (Derritt) 3 Longhnds, Grip, Camballo, Hornby, Libeller, Atlantic, and Betrayer also ran. Natator was scratched early in the day. Mr. Robinson declared to win with Grip, and Mr. Ray with Titania. Betting; Even money against Titania, 3 to 1 Mata, 4 to 1 Grip, 6 to 1 Foul Play, 7 to 1 Hornby and Betrayer, 100 to 6 Camballo, 100 to 5 Longlands, and Atlantic. L 321 was invested in the Cup Race in tliQ

totalisator, and the odds .against Mata were a trifle over 5 to 1.

When the hell rang for saddling the paddock was thronged, and each horse was surrounded by a group of admirers and critics, particularly the two who stood first in the betting, Titania and Mata. The scratching of Natator did not cause much surprise, as it was freely rumored on the previous' night that he would not go. Longlands and Hornby were the first out, and it was not long before the whole ten were marshalled in front of the starter. At the second attempt the lot were sent away on tolerably fair terms, Betrayer being the first to show in front, Longlands last.' Coming round to the stand, Libeller led, closely followed by Giip and Atlantic, Camballo and Foul Flay headed the rear division. Libeller and Atlantic continued first and second round the turn, Grip and Mata running together a length behind. Next came Camballo, Foul Play Titania, Hornby, and Betrayer, in the order named, with Longlands tailing oft". At three quarters of a mile, Wattle brought Titania up through her horses, and, passing the stand the second time, the favorite was fairly in front, a little before Libeller and Camballo, next to whom lay Atlantic, Mr. Robinson’s pair, Hornin' and Mata in a cluster. Rounding the turn to the right, Titania began to draw further away, and Libeller and Camballo to drop back. At this juncture At lantic and Mata took second and third places. At the back of the course and half a mile from home, the field momentarily closed together again, with the exception of Longlands. Before reaching the distance post, however, the final effort found out the weak spots of the majority, and the final struggle was left to Titania, Mata, Betrayer, Foul Play and Grip. Mr. Hay’s marc held a clear lead as they turned into the straight, but Mata gradually drew up on the outside, and Derritt at the same moment calling on Foul Play, the Wellington Can winner, joined issue, and a most exciting run home ensued. Wattie rode the favorite desperately, and she responded gamely, but Mata had the most in him, and once inside the rails he got his head in front, and gaining inch by inch won a fine race by a head. Foul Play, whose final rush was a little too late, and on whom the weight told too much, could not get quite up. but he was beaten by only half a length for second place.' Grip was fourth, Betrayer fifth, Camballo sixth, Libeller seventh, Hornby eighth, Atlantic and Longlands last of all. Time—3 mins. 56£ secs. This is the best time on record, beating the dead heat of last year by three quarters of a second. The next best was Templeton’s 3 mins. 59 secs in 1878. ladies’ purse. Hilarious ... ... ... 1 Volunteer ... ... ... 2 Chancellor, Lonehand, Billingsgate, and Mario Antoinette were scratched. Volunteer was scarcely backed for the race, which was won hands down, by Hilarious. No time was taken. publicans’ pandicap. Luna ... ... ... ... 1 Billingsgate ... ... ... 2 Natator ... ... ... 3 Betting—3 to 2 agst. Natator, 2 to 1 the others. Luna led from the start to finish, and won easily in 1 min. 19sec. Natator was second for nearly half the distance, when Billingsgate passed him, but could not get near Luna. SELLING RACE. Adamant ... ... ... 1 Gleiidync ... ... ... 2 Glengarry ... ... 3 Maud ... ... ... ... 0 Concrete 0 Betting—3 to 1 on Adamant, who won rather easily.

Second Day—Friday, Feb. 27. The weather is beautifully fine, and fully 2000 people were on the course when the first race started. The Governor and lady were present. The proceedings opened with the

Handicap Hurdle Race of Go sovs., the second horse to receive 10 sovs. from the stakes. Two miles and a distance, over 10 flights of hurdles.

Mr. D. M‘Mastor’s ch g Scamp, aged, 9st. olbs. (Allen) ... ... ... 1 Mr. G. W, Luun’s g m Alice Grey, aged, Bst. lOlbs. (Clifford) ... ... 2 Mr. J. Cotton’s b g Thilo, C yrs., 9st. (Owner) 3 Lonehand, Black Prince, Robin Hood, Architect, Antoinette, also ran. Betting—s to 2 on the field. Black Prince, Lonehand, and Scamp being mostly taken. At the fall of the flag Scamp and Architect went to the front an?l cleared the first hurdle together, closely followed by Robin Hood, Alice Grey, and Lonehand, while Black Prince, Antoinette, and Thilo brought up the rear. At the next fence Robin Hood fell, and was out of the race thenceforward, while Lonehand baulked once at the succeding hurdle. Scamp and Architect meanwhile raced away together, followed at a couple of lengths’ distance by Black Prince, Thilo, and Alice Grey, in the order named. Passing the stand the second time, the little horse "was still in front with Architect close up, Thilo next, slightly ahead of Black Prince, who in turn held a couple of lengths advantage of Alice Grey and Antoinette, Lonehand bringing up the rear, and fencing in a most awkward manner. Going round to the back of the course Architect began to fall back, and his place was filled up by Thilo, while, at the same time Clifford began to bring Alice Grey nearer to the front. Turning into the straight Scamp had a slight lead of Thilo, while Black Prince and Alice Grey were coining up fast, and a slashing race home ensued. All were hard ridden, but Scamp held his own well, and though Alice Grey came with a tremendous rush and passed Thilo at the stand, the mare could never quite get to Mr. M‘Master’s horse, who won by a length, Alice Grey second, Thilo a good third, Black Prince fourth, Architect fifth, Antoinette sixth, Lonehand seventh. All jumped splendidly except Robin Hood and Lonehand.

Time —4uiin. o-isecs. The Du.vedix St. Lkoek, a sweepstake of 10 sovs. each, with 250 sovs. added. Fox- thx-ee-year-olds. Colts, Bst. lOlbs.; fillies, Bst. 71bs. The second horse to receive 60 sovs. from the stakes. One mile and thx-ee-quarters and 132 yards. Nomination, 2 sovs.; closed with 49 subscnbei-s. Hon. W. Robinson’s blk c Grip, by Slander—Awatea (Derritt) ... ... 1 Mr. G. Fraser’s hr c Betraj-er, by Ti-a--ducer—ldalia (Matthews) ... ... 2 Mr. J. 11. Lunn’s b f Marie Antoi-

nette, by Traducer—Maria Theresa, (Clifford) Messrs Mason and Yallance’s b c

Volunteer, by Totara Seabird

(Nolan) 0 Betting—Even on Grip, 3 to 2 agst Betrayer, 6 to 1 agst Marie Antoinette, 10 to 1 agst Volunteer. The four were sent away to a most atrocious start, the lot being spread out in single file, with Betrayer in front, Grip next, Marie Antoinette third, and Volunteer more than half a dozen lengths behind the filly. After going a few hundred yards Grip ran up to Betrayer, and shortly afterwards headed him, leading at the half mile by a couple of lengths. Passing the stand the black colt was fully two lengths in front of Betrayer, who was a length before Marie Antoinette, Volunteer acting as whipper - in four lengths in the rear. Going round to the right, Betrayer began to diminish the gap between himself and the favorite, and at the same time Volunteer crept up to Marie Antoinette’s girths. This contest promised to be a very exciting one. At the far side of the course a mile and a quarter had been covered, and here Betrayer rooinen*

tarily headed Grip, but Derritt let go bis colt’s head and he speedily took first place again. Coming round to the straight Mario Antoinette came with a great rush, and passing Betrayer went on in pursuit of Grip. Up the straight run in, a grand tussle ensued between the three, but Grip had always the best of it, and shakingoffßetrayer’s determinedchaMengo lie won with a lot in hand by a length, Marie Antoinette third. Volunteer last. Time— Smins. 30 There was L 320 in the totalisator, and the winner’s odds stood at 2 to 1. Dunedin Jockey Club Handicap, of 200 sovs. One mite and three quarters. Hon. W. Robinson’s Foul Hkv, syrs. 9st 31bs. (Derritt)... ■£. w.o. Foul Play being the only acceptance for this race, cantered round without any notice being taken of him. Stewards’ Free Handicap of 100 sovs, Acceptances 5 sovs., of which 2 sovs. each will go to the second horse. One mile and half. Mr. R. Ray’s b m Titania, 6yrs, Bst. (Wattie) ... ... ••• 1 Mr. P. Butler’s ch m Luna, Cyrs, 7st. Gibs. (Ruddings) 2 Mr. J. Ghaafe’s b h Atlantic, 4yrs, 6st. 51bs. (Thompson) 3 Longlands and On Dit also ran. Betting—3 to lon Titania, 2to 1 agst. Luna, 3 to 1 any other. Titania got all the best and Atlantic all the worst" of another bad start. After getting fairly into their stride On Dit dispossessed Titania of her lead, and led past the stand by half a length. Two lengths behind the brown filly came Luna, a clear length before Atlantic and Longlands, whom Clifford had the whip on soon afterwards. When a mile had been traversed Titania had again taken the head of affairs, but On Dit stuck pretty close toiler till a quarter of a mile from home when she had shot her bolt, and dropped back, Luna then went in chase of the favorite, and turning into the straight the semblance of a race took place, but Titania was soon seen to have things all her own way, and drawing away at every stride, she won hands down by two lengths. Time—2min. doscca. There was L32S in the totalisator, and On Dit stood at 2 to 1. Novel Race, of 80 sovs. One mile and a quarter. The winner to be sold by auction with all his engagements, and the whole proceeds of the sale of the liorse to go to the funds. Mr. J. H. Lnnn’s b g Robin Hood, aged, 7st. 41bs. (Webster) ... ... 1 Mr. W. C. Mackay’s ch h Duntroon, aged, 7st. (Rudings)... ... ... 2 Mr. D. Corsan’s b g Glendyne, syrs., 7st. 71bs. (Hodson) ... ... ... 3 Concrete also ran. Betting— 3 to 2 agst Robin Hood, 2 to 1 agst Duntroon, 3 to 1 agst the rest. Concrete and Robin Hood cut out the running, and led past the stand, with Duntroon a length behind them. At the back of the course Robin Hood and Duntroon passed Concrete, and raced away together. The favorite held a lead until a quarter of a mile from home, when the whip was pulled out to Duntroon, and all seemed over. The half brother to Trump Card, however, came with great gameness, and, collaring Robin Hood half way up the straight, Webster had also to use the whip freely. A great struggle took place, first one and then the other having a slight advantage, but in the end Mr. Lunn’s horse had a shade the best of it, Webster landing him first on the post by a head. Glendyne a bad third. Time—2min. 25secs. There was L 214 in the totalisator, and even money on the winner. The Railway Plate, of GO sovs. The gift of David Proudfoot, Esq. Threequarters of a mile. Weight-for-age. Mr. E. Cutts’ b g Mata, syrs., Bst. lllbs. (Matthews) ... ••• ••• 1 Mr. H. Prince's 2yrs., Gst. lOlbs. (Nolan) 2 Mr. Ray’s b h Templeton, aged, 9st. 11b. (Owner) ... 3 Betting—3 to 2on Mata. Mata got the best of the start, and cutting out the running, won in the commonest of canters by half a length. Hilarious, who came alongside him most of the way on sufferance, was second ; Templeton last, three lengths off. Time—linin. 21secs. HACK RACE, Of 20 SOVS. Spey won, beating four others.

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SPORTING., Ashburton Guardian, Volume 1, Issue 67, 28 February 1880

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SPORTING. Ashburton Guardian, Volume 1, Issue 67, 28 February 1880

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