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The Papers Past website provides access to a variety of digitised New Zealand content. This copyright statement relates specifically to the digitised newspaper content on Papers Past. Additional information about copyright relating to specific items can be found on each item home page. Material on this website has been provided in good faith for users by the National Library on the basis that:

  • the newspaper publications provided from the 19th and early 20th century are out of copyright
  • in most cases digitised copies replace microfilm versions previously provided to the public
  • for more recent newspaper publications, permission has been sought from the publisher to reproduce the material on this website

Please note that some individual items may be covered by more stringent copyright restrictions than the general guidance listed here

Duration of copyright in New Zealand

A significant amount of the content on Papers Past is out of copyright. In New Zealand, where an author or publisher cannot be identified and it can be reasonably assumed the author died 50 or more years ago, copyright has expired.

As a guide, it may be reasonable to assume copyright has expired for items published more than 100 years ago, and that they are therefore available to be copied and republished without permission.

Where the author or publisher can be identified, in New Zealand the copyright term is the life of the author plus 50 years. For works that are still in copyright, permission from the copyright holder is needed before copying or republishing the works, with the exceptions of fair dealing for criticism, review, research or private study.

If you are a rights holder and are concerned that you have found in-copyright material on our website, for which you have not given permission, or is not covered by a limitation or exception in New Zealand law, please contact us for a copy of our takedown procedure.

Reproducing material from Papers Past

If you copy or republish material from this website that is out of copyright or for which you have gained permission from the copyright holder, we kindly ask that you acknowledge the National Library of New Zealand as the source of the information. If the material is republished online, we would appreciate a link to where you found the information on this website.

This copyright statement does not constitute legal advice, and the National Library of New Zealand is not responsible for any loss or damage caused as a result of following it.

Find out more about copyright terms and legislation

Find out more about copyright terms and the public domain on the DigitalNZ website.

Learn more about New Zealand copyright legislation: New Zealand Copyright Act 1994.