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mayn't be woman's work.but one/wb.6'll 'alafi her tuaband guard thatiomo— i?^Sn§;is to be" teloVed afc* loved, an' famed t£"-"<w't --***' a "" 8^ nf * n> Kipling, poem; !rI»XOU' t<mißmeii v doa,'b know what" it ia * - ,r^/h'emmed'in^ by fire anf smoke, . . , W ~4w !a*beatia' ont the firtf^by woman's :; ij. - -hand *s a very ghastly joke, ? : But one who -11 do it is a martyr, an' a ■;- ■■" heroine as well, aa brave as the bravest red coat tfcat -^iV '©'w in aotion fell ! „ if";;? 7\, * * '* ' * '. .~ I rnkhed to Jane, when the wind tnrn'3 '■ ; , ' , /round— Bhe*waa an awi'ari! sight : „ ' '' She waa burnt an* singed, an' heir dress it ~ '.: looked a^econd-hand pedlar's right, i " We beat the fire this time,'* she said, "aa\saved the buildin' an shed," ' 'Ah' my tn onghtß ran back to tbe day when .■ she An' mo waß wed. Our fencin' an' grass were ashes, an' all ' around was black, An' what with etaoke an' my losses, my head with pain did rack ; 1 never*!! forget her look an' words " God help Ben— we'll nev^r ace him more, • He'll be comm' home now, an be more'n half-way from the &tore ! " My headache left in a flash, an' I thought o' that poor boy A'comin* home with his packages, an' allers full o' joy. "God grant he'll not be caught," I - prayed, then Btarted down the road. I battled through the smoke, the sparks upon me came, I onward sped with all my might, an cared not for the flame. /The. trees they crashed all round me, , ,-but I heard not the sound, For I hunted for my darling boy, an' prayed that he I found. Jußt nearin' Grady'a corner, where that rata leaned aorosß the track, There came a crash, a shower o' sparks, an' they nearly drove me back; The tree had fallen 'cross the road an' my passage onward stayed ! I fell upon the roadway, an' for that boy in silence lone I prayed. I'd bin' there for a moment when I heard a childish ory, 'Twas " Dad, come to me," an 1 my legs at once did fly. I crossed those fallen limbs, an' through ■ umoke porridge thick, An' though my feet moved -fast, my heart went twice as quick. I saw the old mar» first— she was lyin' on her aide ; She*d fell upon a rimu limb an' there old Lucy'd died. A yard or so behind her a little bundle - lay of aJieap-* My boy— my Ben— my pride! I picked him up. He seemed asleep. " Not dead I" I cried. " Lord, spare me my little treasure, Ben." „ Hia little hands and toeo 1 were saorohedi | bis leg had come agen A stump when the old mare fell. With Ben for home I went. i I pushed on best as I. could, for I felt I Heaven had me sent To save my,boyj an' now I had him! felt "right- bound Toget him out o'"tbe reach o' more fire, j ; an' Boon a place I found. I put him down an' looked at his leg. Not broke, but badly out, An' I shouldered him this time, an' pul on a spurt to our hut. Jane met me at the door, tears goin' down her cheeks like wild, An' she took Ben , from me an' sez, "Thank God, you've saved the child I" We.put hini on the sofa, an' softened his skin with cream An' we waited, wonderin' how long he'd b»* a-oomin'ont o' bis dream. He breathed so soft at first, and then it . harderrpse, , An' be opened bis eyes an* bob, " Dad, ' the old mare fell on her nose. T r got the sugar, baeoy, an* nails, an' 1 Egm'ont Stab as well. An* I 'sped you'll find 'em 'bout the 1 pines where poor old Iraoy fell." * * * * Ben soon got well^-he'd a narrow shave had our pet, But Jane an! me that Saturday '94 fire we never will forget. DISEASE DEFIED ! HEALTH INSURED I CLEMENTS TONIC*" HOLDS THE EECOED. More lives saved by Clements Tonic than by all other medicines combined. A GENUINE AETICLE COMMANDS SUCCESS CLEMENTS TONIC?"" IS GENUINE. . CLEMENTS.TONIC *T" IS SUCCESSFUL. EEAD Tp EVIDENCE. Mr Gteorge Mafcon, Leeston, N.Z., who ' - writes \n May Mth' 1893 : — Many thanks for the letter wlflph. T- received last -week. I have noV finisfcd taking- four bottles of Clements Toniclbr the gravel, and I may state that ilamft hundred per cent, better thSn;,wh9riM Msfc saw; you and started taking the nfedfeine. You know well how bad I was in' t^e harvest season and you recommended me to take' Clements Tonic, which I am now glad toi say I .took, and all thp r pains have now gone, away, and I weighed my self yesterday and found I had gained twelve pounds- since January. I don't know what I Bhould have done if I had not taken the medicine, as the doctor had done me no good. Hoping. you are well yonrself, and with kii.d regards. — I am, yours truly, George Matson, Leeston, IT.Z. AH GHANG, rj. ENE EA L STOEEKEEPEE : VjT Famot Goods Dealbb, High-street, Hawera. . PRICE LIBT FOE CASH. «r New currants 5d lb, 121bs 4jß 9d Eaisins fid/sultanas 6d.per lb Mixed peel 9d lb Best linwjuice Is, Is 3d, Is 6d bottle Baspberry and/raspberry vinegar 1/3 Whole and.gronnd spice and ginger #£Table vinegar/8d bottle, draught 6d, 2fc gallon ; whole and ground mace 6b 6d lb ; Household soap, from 3d bar ; 41b, bir beat almond eoap Is Blue soap II 2dW; washing soda : 121b ls;,i«ctract of soap Is 6d doz Whiting, blacklead, and blacking . very chea'a; L. and Y. Sauce Is 4d Mellor's sajle 9d and Is AA Biaaences^— ilinon, almond, Vanilla, - gingery coliineal, 6d and lOd bot. Morton's pulp cream tartar, tar. acid Sardines 5d Ld 9d tin ; mullet 7d Salmon lbd'amd Is; herrings all kinds Americavtiimed fruits Is 2d Tinned raeatlall kinds, corn beef Is Patent BarVyvnd groats lOd tin Neave's fooM m, carb. soda 2d Marmalade' TOKd, 9d tin Ground rice.Wb bag Is 3d Coffee, £to 7iHtinß ; essence 1/4 bot. Bird seed Is aflß. 6d bag, pickles lOd Cheese rennet 1b 3d OatmeaV 25lbbagB y flour 9a 6d:and 10s 6d lOOlbj handles 6d, 7&' t Bd, 9d, and'4odlb Sugar 9s and 9a 6d 401b Tea ! tea ! tea !— 2* and 2s 6d lb Arthur Natnan's reliable Ceylon tea, can't bebeat, always 6n : hand* 101b box 17» 6d; 51b 9s, 61b tin 11s ' Towl wheat, bran, and pollard on sale Etrery- description of goods, including crockery,Tironmongery, tobacco, fruits, < arid • confectionery, at lowest rates for cash. Fungus bought * ,

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