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1 MILK EU' <&T TH< )MPiON ■ GREAT -FTPHT TUNING DEVICE ' . BY WHICH A PIANO STANDS PERMANENTLY IN TUNE AFTER : THE STRINGSARE ONCE STRETCHED IS THE _ ' BEST PATENT EVER DISOVERED FOR PIANOS, AND WILL LAST 200 YEiES. " A , SPECIAL First Award has just been given to the Firm by 1 the Jurors at the JIjL Dunedin Exhibition, — \ . ALSO—,.. .;-. A First Award for G;and Pianos .' 1 r A First Award for Cottage Pianos,— , - -, ;-,■•■ Or Three First Awards being the possible distinction that gained. The Prices of our Two Models as exhibited at the Exhibition are respectively 60 and 70 guineas, but we have Pianos with Iron Frames from £30, any of which can be purchased on Two Years' Hire Purchase System, &c. . ■ - 11 M. JOJS"EB - ; ; , AGENT. ; Public Notices. __ , ;■ public Notices. ! r ' FIRST-CLASS AMERICAN ORGAN, .WANTED KNOW,^ -new. AN Opportunity offers to obtain one of Cornish's celebrated American Organs- on exceedingly favorable terms. Height 45 inches, Length 46 inches, width WANTED Known—A trunk of 23 inches. Five Octaves, 14 stop's, 2 Ladies Boots, assorted, will be octave couplers, and 2 knee swells, sold this , week at 3s 6d per pair.— Above can be supplied direct from the ANDREW ORR. Manufactures at considerably less than ; " usual price. Apply" Mail" and " Guar- ' : dian " Office. ; 5 201 ''^^^SS^vS^^ SOATS & DAUGHTERS Corsets, Embroiderd robes, Umbrellas, OF TEMPERANCE Etc., at ANDREW ORR'S. FRIENDLY BENEFIT SOCIETY. THE Special Advantages offered by, this Society are—lst, a large invested fund; WANTED Known—A great Bargain 2nd, the funeral donation being reassured by in Berlin Wools, all colors, sb 3s the National Division ; 3rd, a liberal relief per lb, slightly soiled. —ANDREW ORR diiring sickness, with choice of any doctor within the district for members and their -^— ——-— — families", and as large funeral donation as is ■,'' consistent with safety. TTIOR WEDDING Outfits, Family The Grand Division has established a X 1 Mourning, and General DRAPERY Central Sick Fund, which secures unigo to ANDREW ORR'S. formity of fees and benefits throughout New Zealand ; allows members to move from one : «■" ' division to another without any increase of -». T-EiTiT r7n\ a x a >tt\ nrrTTmTtmnw contributions, and affords absolute security |-!V^TxSS^ 3S?^ XHIBITION-~ to small or weak divisions, I i ,AJ? DRI!|W ORR ls showing ex Benefit fob Male Members :—First six actly the same Goods in Roslyn Worsted months' sickness, 20s per week; second six Dress Tweeds, as exhibited at the Exhi months/ 13s; afterwards, 10s; death, of a bition, also Blankets and Flannels. member; £30; death of a member's wife, £10. ! Half the above benefits are received by ~~~ r ~ female members. r\ s~\ /-\ T>ATT>a c t>t , xTiT-nmcj j. Honorary Members'of both sexes shall A( )() riVT t? • ' 13-LIA;NKE} b r at be entitled to the services of the physician £J\J\J Ulcl Prices, contracted for and apothecary, providing they pass a satiswnen wool was Cheap.—A. ORR. factory medical examination, and recoup to ' the Division the amount of fees payable by it "—~ ~ to those, officers on their account. , ■ ' The pledge originally adopted has remained 1 C\C\ 'EMBROIDERED ROBES to "flanged until the present time, and by it -I UU. Select from at ANDREW '^ f^ms of uitoxicatingdrmks are proscribed nppm -vr , ili „ ■ The position the Sons and Daughters of UKll h No two of the same pattern. Temperance occupy is * standing testimony of the value of Total Abstinence principles, and compares favorably with any other ___„, Friendly Society; the sickne s rate showing — -— — one-third less than that of other Societies , inii_ni_f_r—iiii no^ asec^ on to 4"1- -i-.o+; T , P «^n p-jiT-Splns: the - -'■■.-■..: i" of ' Temperance, as "^^^^^^^^^B^^^^Hra^^^^p^ Against nine per thousand, the yearly average |HlHHflH^l^_[j^____fipiii§ ■ death rateoi other Societies. This Order should command the support -•. f.*~~yi'~ ( V_- M yj/ ' ' ' and attention of all- earnest temperance »- -i '■ workers, as it gives uncontrovertible testi- ; ' mony of the value of total abstinence to the ;-: -- . health of the body; exerts a decided in- : ' <' ; ' ■ fluence on public opinion, and provides an SPECIAXj VALUE opportunity for total abstainers to make provision for themselves in case of sickness, accident, or death. The Lodge meets MONDAY, 12th May, IN and each alternate Monday, at the Templar Hall, Ashburton, at 8 p.m. Evsuy Total Abstainer Should Join. a vj* a r Joha G. Restell, GEIvERAL MERCHANT TN Ordero Clear the Balance of cur IVF<T stock ASHBUBTON HAS now in Stock, and is prepared to sell at Lowest Current Rates, — n tt xr cj Building Material of all descriptions, "" v -^ b > consisting of— We have decided to give 15 Red and 'White PINES Boards and Scantlings, Per Cent off Black PINE, TOTARA, During the Next , , KAURI Shelvings, Lining and Flooring. V.D.L. Timber for Bridge Work, 14 T)A"Vi*^. i .; also for Hurdle and Gate-making. "T sft and 6ft PALINGS. Galvanised IRON, Lysaght's Orb, the - ■ . - ' best Iron manufactured, ■HHMHH ,- .. , CEMENT, LIME, etc., " ' WIRE, Barbed' and Plain, and - ' ■'■ ' .. Fencing' Staples, H^H^^^^^S^^HBl Posts, Stakes, Strainers. K^jj£S%£9| -;-"'■• ±"'*-*'* ■ "do A;ii " ■"": Hh_^^^^^^H__b_m_^^B Best NEWCASTLE, ' COALBROOKDALE, . And MOUNT SOMERS. : Horse Feed—OATS, whole ■: ' OATS, crushed Oaten Sheaf CHAFF, • • . Bran, etc. Also, — Sharps for Pig Feed, and a quantity of Barley, whole orcrushed. , TATTM ADO Pr f\r STATION AND FARM STORES, JOHN ORR # \k , „ Consisting of Sugar, Candles, and Groceries, in who c sale lots, and the Celebrated CEYLON AND INDIAN TEA In its imported state Not Blended. Ws H. COhLI&D, "\TITCHEL-r t>_ rpURNETT> ' ±\J.ITCHEL±J {JO ±URNE_ti "THE COBNEE" DRAPRES CLOTHIERS HAS effected the foliowing SPECIAL ™. __ BARGAINS and is . NOW iC -' EU OFFERING THEM. . I . — , HAVE very great pleasure in dirxw. a-^- t *. „ ectin S ,fclie attention of their all colors for Boys' Suits " numerous friends aml customers, to their O/O t^pt trqrrl yGI'V fine Stock of Winter Dupery, now <zZJX3 Per yam ftjiy opene ci out. (usual price 4s 6d.) No. 2—A line of EXTRA WIDE BLANKETS SHIRTING lO^ Per Yar<l FLANNELS (usuaUysoldatls3d) WTNTFR rav«w« No. 3-BLACK CASHMERES - ■ WINTER PRESSES j[S 4i^ P er Jam '" HOSIERY and GLOVES (worth ls lid) No. 4—NEW GOLD BRAID TRIM- MEN'S and BOYS' MINGS, all colors, , ■ .' , ■ eJDperyaid - OVERCOATS (regular price ls 6d) ( No. 5 -A Hue of LADIES ULSTERS . TWEEDS SUITS / li i^® ••■"-■ '• SHIRTS (worth 255) -> No. 6-MEN'S HEAVY ALL WOOL PANTS and SOX TROUSERS In endless variety. PRICES will (usually sold at 15s 6d) i----1' ' bear comparison with any quotiiNo.- 7 About on, and as for QUALITY QOOO varA* -1 is an undisputed fact ouuu yaias that M & T t eep ■r^.T^T-i(Mo TtPfm-iTx-r J ' ■'' a firat-class article. DRESS MATERIAL,' newest ; goods, bought at a discount of ; ;.. (qS IN THE '■£, -itM-iTCHELT r— IVIiTCHEIL °° 1 URNEIt! W'T_T riOLLIBR KA lAPOI HOUSE, [ < _Ll. VOLLIER 1 TANOREDfeT.-EBT. | )r v U THE COENEK." ASHBURTON. 1

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 3, Ashburton Guardian, Volume XII, Issue 2430, 2 June 1890

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 3 Ashburton Guardian, Volume XII, Issue 2430, 2 June 1890