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Wife : " Now that you have bought a cow s who will milk it ? " Husband : " Oh, he say the oalf does that* So we'll have all the milk we want." Tho member for 3t Albana may be described as a oross between a Hymenopter ond a Lepidopter— halt wasp, half butterfly. — "FieldiDgStar." It is stated that Mr George Augustus Sala was offered find refused a knighthood m oonneetion with the Queen's birthday, as a compliment to the profession of journalism. The annual meeting of tho Asbburton Agricultural and Pastoral Association will be held next Tuesday at three o'olock. Mombers of the Committee will note that they are requested to meet half an hour before the general meeting. Nixt Saturday some very important stiles of property will be hold by Me T. Bullock, at the Arcade. First comes house property and building Bcotiona m Ashbarton and Hampetead (m conjunction with Mr G. Jamesor ) ; then the Oropi Estate, farms at Scotston and Mount Somere, and various other properties. The nineteenth annual report of the deputy-master of the Mint shows that last year no half-sovereigns were Btruck. Fourpences of the nominal value of £570 wore withdrawn, and for the first time sinoe 1850 a I coinage of fourpences was executed and shipped to British Guiana. At Liberal bouses like that of Mr Jacob Bright, it is (says an Eoglieh journal) curious to observe how universal the habit of tee- j totftlism is becoming. The more weak-kneed of the party s! ill provide alcoholio drink for those who are depraved enough to desire it ; but at other Liberal houses where the host ia more " found," nothing is to be heard around the table but the melancholy vcioe of tie butler droning out the words, " Orangeade or cold water, Bir" It is announced that Miss Mary Anderson will Bhortly bid a long farewell to the Btags und enter into a life engagement with an English gentleman. She will then reside m England, for which country ehe haß also betrayed a strong partiality. The reports of her mental derangement were inaoourate ani misleading. She waa Buffering from neurosi ;, induofd by inoeesant work, tailway travol, and the worries incidental to tho theatrical career. The ordinary meeting of the Ashburton Freslyterian Churoh Musioal and Literary Sooioty was held m the Church on Thursday evening, Mr Barrett biiog voted to the chair. A paper on " amusement " was read by Mr A. Orr, and a number of members took part m a diaoussion on the subjeot. The**attendance of members was very gODc!, although other meetings were being held on the same evening ; and several new members were fleeted,

The second of the series of shilling oonoorlM m connection with St Stephen's Church, will | bo eivan m the Ohuroh schoolroom or Tuesday next, August 6, at 8 p.m. Mre Charles Harper, who \va3 prevented from ppfftrisig at the first ooncert, has kindl) undertaken to be prcaout on Tuesday, The Council of the Canterbury Ao3lima*i=ation Society havo received a letter from Dr Giinther, of tho British Museum, Btatinj? that ho specimen of supposed salmon that had been caught m the Selwyn, and sent homo (or the learned doo or to pronounce an opinion upon, wna not a sa uun, but was a migratory trout. Had it boon ought m England or Scotland he would not havo hesitated he eaid to call it a xalmo tndta, a sea trout. There \v:ia ho addod one other possibility, namely, hat it was a cross batween salmo fario and ■jalrnon pirr. i Samo light has been thrown upon the lato iiiyatriovH '• iiud " r.t a fkull m a house occupied by Mrs Sullivan, m Alexandra [ -nrnet. It appears that tho formor tenant of 'he houo was odo Perr man, a " proporty nan " «t one o' the places ot amuocment m the oity, and who io at present doing a term of io.iprisonrnont m Mount Eden Gaol. One of tho dramnfic comp-inins playing " Han 1 I' hero UG'jd thia ekull m the "gmvo digger's soeno," and left the " proparty " with Porriman. Tho dotoctivec, af er making a'l investigations', have identified the ekull^ as that of one V.'rick— •• they knew him, Horatio." Saya " Mercutio " ("New Zealand Herald") The Ministry have beforo now acoused tha Opposition "of stealing their o'othes while thep wero bathiog." From what bus gone on during tho "etonewall" this woek, the latter wero not above stealing their bankets. Sit Harry appears to ibo making heavy weather of it this session, and his daily attitude may be fitly described m the lines — Home ho goes, _ From sneering friends and pitying foes, To promise, pause, prepare, postpone, And end by letting things alone ; In short, to earn the poople'd pay By doing nothing every day. In some reflections after a wandering life m Australasia by Mr Joseph Royoe published m tho " Atlantio Monthly," tho writer notices tho prominence given to publio sports, the feeling of riw'ry between the different oolonies, and s'.ates the great cur3o of Australasia to bo provincialism. "The Australian native doea not read; ho plays," and tho passion for outdoor sport will affeot m a very important way their future. Raferonoe iB made to the ovor-aotivity : &nd hasty organisation m the political sphere, the euro for which is urged to bo federation of tho now disunited communities. Tho writer doubts whether their federation oytr will inohido New Zealand, whioh has its own destiny: Tho Waimate Hospital Trustees had tho decisions of tho recent commiesioa of enquiry beforo them on Wednesday, Dr Staopoole made a statement to tho effect that the evidence he had ready he was not allowed to bring forward, and the inquiry was stopped. He demanded that, if there was anything against him, ho should bo charged with it, He was there ready to refute any ohargeß that might be made against him. A resolution was then passed approving of the recommendations of the committee that tho master and matron wero wholly froo from blame ; that the oharge re Wilde was not proved ; that the dootor be notified that bis services will bo dispensed with ; that tho usual notice be given ; and that fresh applications bo oalled for surgeon to the Wairr-ato Hospital at a salary of £200. Tho Hon. Me Oliver m a recent debate m the Council told the following a'ory :-- The anaestor of a gentleman who was coming out to this colony had given an order to Hogarth :o paint a picture for insertion m a panel m his house, and the pioture remained m that position until reoently, when tho present owner contemplated leaving for New Zealand. He bad the pioture detached from tho panel, and had brought it as fat as Sydney, when ho discovered for tho first time that the pio!ure, on being introduced into Now Zsa'and, would become liable to a duty on its estimated value. It was valued at £3000, bo that the amouut payab'o upon it m the form of duty would havo been £50 ). Tho gontloilt once ohanged hia m ention and sent the pioture Homo again. 1 At tho meeting of tho Board of Eduoatiort on Thursday Mr Anson brought up the question of .Mr E. U. Just's non-appoin'tnetft to the beadmastersbip of the Ashburton school by tho new committee, after having received iho appointment from tho Committee whioh had been illegally elected, Mr Just had written to tho Appointments Committee, asking them to set him right by making known their roason for not confirming the recommendation of the Committee* Personally he did not think that Mr Just's reputation had suffered m the least, as the non-ccDfirination waa due to the faot that the election of tho Committee had been deo'ared by the Board to be illegal, and he would move that the Secretary write to Mr Just to that effect. This was unanimously agreed to. Henry V zetelly, publishor, Honriotta street' Covent Garden, pleaded " Guilty " to colling lewd and otaene books, at the Old Bailoy on Juno 1. Mr Cook, Q 0., said ho had looked through the works, and agreed that it was imposßiblo to Bsk a jury to acquit defendant Tho defendant would now undortako to cease publishing or selling not only Zola's novols, but all works of a similar doecription m any shape, bo that there oculd be no mistake m tho matter m future. He was an old man, over 76 years of age, and wbs m very delicate hnaitb. Tho Racorder said the offence to which the defendant had pleaded guilty now for the second time was a most serious one. His previous reoogniaanoes of £200 would be es reated. It was no übo fining tho defendant, and he would be sentenced to three months' imprisonment as a firet-olass misdemeanant. The attention of the ratepayers of the Mount Hutt, South Ribaia, and Waknnui Road Districts, and that portion of the Upper Ashburton Road Distriotßituated north of the Aehburton River, is particularly direotodto the faot that next Tuesday, August Gtb, is the date fixed for voting on tho question of acoepting a loan from the Government of £6000 for the purpose of completing the water race system on the northern Bide of the Ashburton County, and thus enabling thoso eettlerß— and there are many — who require an additional supply of water to have their wants attended to by the County Oounoil. The water proposed to be taken from tho Rakaia will be sufficient, m addition to the inoreaaod raoe supply, to givo land own era and village settlers water to irrigate their gardens, etc, at all events m those portions of the diatriot lying below tho line of frosh supply, thus giving an opportunity pf testing the question of irrigation on a larger scale, without any great expenditure of publio or private funda. The maximum rate whioh the Counoil will have power to raise for the purpose of paving interest on the sinking fund is ono-tenth of a penny m the £. The polling places are fixed at convenient centres throughout the district, as notified m our advertising columns. • SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT.—In protection of the world wide fame our manufacture has acquired all over the globe, we publish tho following : — Hazard, M.D., Professor of General Pathology and Diseases of tho Mind and Nervous System, says m an editorial published m tho "Clinical I Eeoord : " — " We have examined half-a-dozen specimens of different manufactures; the preparation of Sander and Sons was the only one that proved to be reliable and correspond' ing to scientific testß." Another concoction called " Refined Extract of Eucalyptus " has made its appearanoo sinco. This product stands, according to Dr Owen, foremost m causing injurious 'effects That gentleman aommunicates, at a meeting of the Medical Society of Victoria, that a child Hying at Fitzroy became most seriously indisposed through ita use. In another case a lady states on the strength of statutory declaration that she suffered cruelly from the effects of tho same concoction. To guard the high reputation of our manufacture wo feol warranted m exposing tho above facts, and desire tho public to exercise care and precaution whou buying, SANDER and SONS -. Advt. 7 Wells' Hair Balsam. — If gray, restore, to original color. Au elegant dressing softens and beautifies. No oil nor grease. A Tonic restorative. Slops luir coining out strengthens, cl anses heal* scalp, 2 Skinmy Men.—" Well's Hoalth . Benswer " 1 restoiea health and vijror, cures D>spepsii, 1 lmpotonco Eoxual Debility, At Chemists and i Druggists.— •Keropthotne, Grosser & Co,, Agta , Chriatohurob,

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