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♦ ■ - The prioe of gas m Oamaru has boen reduced to 8s 4d per thousand for lighting purposes, and 7b per thoueand for stoves, etc. Oat of the 1000 odd Churoh of England placeß of worship m London and the suburbs there are 26 where iuconee is habitually uaed, An exchange wants to know how long the appointment to the Benoh is to be oonsidorod a " Ward " m ohanoory. It is predicted that when Don Pedro dies an effort will bo made to overthrow the Brazilian throne and establish a republic Of the Australasian colonies, Queensland has tho highest marriage rate and New Zealand the lowest, the differonoe boing nearly 3 per 1000 of the population; £2500 is givon qb the sum M. O'Brien, the jookey, rncrivod for hia win on Mr Wallace's Mentor m the Melbourne Cup last wook. He is said to have won £7000 m bets. Tho Hon. E. Mitohelson, it is stated, is giving up racing. He sold Whakawai at Melbourne, but there was no bidder for Tranter. Cattle are getting blown and are dying m considerable numbers at.Pahiatua, Bays the »' Wairarapa Star," owing to the luxuriance of the olover. It is rumoured that a munificent donation by a Wellington resident to one of the looal oharitable institutions is likely shortly to be announood. No particulars are yet available. The Viotorian Board of Vitioulture intend urging the Government to establish a viticultural college and a model vineyard, and to imposo a duty of Id per lb on imported grapes. . c . The magnitude of the dairy interest m the prairie States of the Amerioan Union may be imagined (says a London paper) from the statement that there were 4,819,371 miloh cows there m 1887. lowa alone produced 86,000,0001 bof butter last year, and Minnesota 40,000,0001 b. A very improbable statement is given ourrenoy to by the " Western Star " that Eadka, the Invercargill escapee, will appear at the Supreme Court to answer the ohorgo pro* fcrred against him. Badka was not undergoing a sentence when he made his sensational escape, but wag awaiting his trial. The " Southland News " states that a number of half sovereigns are m circulation which have been BUbjeoted to a filing process, oausing an approoiable reduction m weight. In one case the bank would only pay 8s 3d for a half-sovereign thuß treated, and, in another a rather less Bum was deduoted. ', The "Lyttelton Times " says the Linool» election promises to resolve itself into a contest between Mr Ollivier and Mr Saunders. It considers that Mr Woodward has no chance, and understands that Mr Wright and Mr Bolleston " have definitely made up their minds not to oppose Mr Saunders." The London correspondent of the " Manchester Guardian " hears that the trustees of the Prinooßs Alice Orphanage, Birmingham, which institution forms one of the ciroles under the direction of Dr Stephenson, has just received a cheque for three thousand guineas from the foundresses of the Neohells Charities, to be devoted to the erection and partial endowment of a home for orphan girls. An elderly hyperbolator has beoome a fearful nuisance to- his friends with Lub war yarnß. The other day this excellent gentleman sauntered into a newspaper offioe, took a chair beside a journalistic friend, pulled out a " Century " and opensd at the map of a celebrated engagement. With a sigh the editor, who, by the way, stutters most disastrously, laid down his pen and prepared to be bored for an hour; : Said the veteran, " Oh, this f was a famous battle, and how well I remember the day and reoall tho soono. How plainly this map recalls to my mind the groori fields and the dusty roads 1 Here, where my I finger points, is where the enemy tried to turn our loft flank. Here is where we oharged, driving them back m disorder. At this point i our gallant Major fell, penetrated by a floore of minie bullets. And here, right beside this : olunip of trees, is where I had my leg broken by a bullet." " G-G-General, said the editor, hia face as impasßive ai a wall, " w-w-won't you show tho b-b-boyß, please, where your i brains wero blown out ? " ; IIollowav!s Ointment and Pjhs.— ! No part of the human machine requires more '! watching that the nervous system — upon U • hang health and life itsclt. These pills are I are the best regulators and strengtheners of - the nerves, and the safest general purifiers, j Nausea, headache, giddiness numbness, and , mental apathy yield to them. They dispatch ( In a summary manner those distressing j dyspeptic symptoms, stomachic pains, lulncss " at the pit of the stomach, abdominal dislen. | sion, and overcome both capricious appetites, i and confined bowels— the commonly accom j panying signs of defective or deranged nervous | power. Holloway's Pills are particularly j recommended to persons of studious and i peden'aiy habits, who gradually sink into a < nervous and debilitated state, unless some such i rtftoratiYQ bo occasionally taken*

, Referring to the Railway Chief . Comtnißsionership, the Wellington correspondent of the "Press " » believea that Sir Dillon Bell baa cabled that an eligible gentleman would accept the post on certain specified terms, and that a good deal of correspondence is going on by cable with a view to arriving at a favorable settlement if possible." He adds that it has been hinted to him that it is not unlikely the matter may be arranged this week. A peculiar point has been raised m the R.M. Court at Bleheim. A person sued another .for £2 for detention of a paroquet. ' Defendant's counsel asked that plaintiff be nonsuited on the ground that the paroquet oame under the head of form natura, and that any such on euoaping from a custodian became res nullius, and could not be the subject of a larceny or civil action. Counsel quoted Wharton and Slaokstone. The plaintiff was nonsuited* Four girls employed at a Sydney bootfaotory dubbed five shillings eaoh out of their scanty wages, and invested £1 m one of Adam's eweepß. They had luok, and drew £450 each m hard coin. The foreman interviewed them on the day of their good fortune, wishing to know if they were going to work again. •• No blessed fear," said they, " we're goin' m for a fly round on the fifty, and husbands on the hundreds."—* 1 Sydnoy Bulletin." Tbe Committee appointed by the Druids Lodge to arrange for, the celebration of their anniversary by a dramatio performance have deoided to produoe that well-known drama, m three acts, intituled " ABhore and Afloat," which was performed here about ton years ago with a run of seven nights to full houses on eaoh oooasion. The characters have been cast, and the first reading rehearsal takes place to-night m the Oddfellows' Hall at 7.30. The dates of the performances are fixed foi Deo. 26th and 27th. Mr Peaoook, M.H.E , m addressing bis constituents at Pomonby — speaking of eduoadon—is reported to have said : — " We oould not with our present population go on paying half a million a year for education. (Cheers.) His opinion was that a large eoonomy m the Educational Department must come m some shape,, and' those who refused to make some modification m the non-essentiale of the system were really, though perhaps unconsciously inviting its destruction," (Applause.) :Mr Gladstone) . has recommenced his autumnal recreation of tree-outting. According to ao eye-witness he wields the axe with undimiaished energy. Armed with a good axe he makes Very light of a stout oak tree ; hut he begins to admit that tho syoamore may now be -left for younger hands, being, according to Mr Gladstone's personal testimony, •' the toughegt job m the woodlands. " During the past yoir the remarkable collection of. axes Btored at Hawarden has been increased by, several gifts. M. Alamaoher, a German compoßitor m the printing offioe of Cerf and Sons, of Versailles, has just ootne into podßossion of a million etorlinfj, bequeathed to him by M. Tamiot, of Now Orleans, whoso life .the fortunate compositor bad been the meana of saving years ago. In early life M. Tamiet had been a member of the editorial stetf of the " Journal deß Debats " ; but he quitted Paris for America m 1849, and founded the " Courier do San Francisco." Afterwards he engaged m mining pursuits, and thus amassed, the fortune bequeathed, to M. Alamacher.It is said that the Government has die* covered that the new system of charging railway freight upon grain by 'aotuaV; weight involves an increase m the charges, which was not intended, by as much as seven per cent,, and that the Cabinet m consultation with the Railway Department has had under consideration the desirableness of modifying the tariff m accordance with representations made by the grain growers of Canterbury and Otago. No definite deoision has yet been arrived at, but there is reason to believe that m view of all circumstances of the case, a modification will be oohoeded m the direction dosired. Inatanoes have been recorded of the remarkable Bwimming capabilities of cattle, but we (" Western Siar ") do not remember to have heard of isuoh wonderful power of endurance as was witnoteed last week near Orcpuki. Mr Erskino was orossing a mob of cattlo at tbe mouth of the Waiau to his run, which is situated o,n the other side of the river, when Boron of the beasts were carried out to sea and al\ hopes of their recovery were givon up. This was ft faw mintuos before twelve o'olook. The surprise of those m oharge of the cattle can be. imagined when at half-past four six out of the l seven beaata landed safely after being m the water over four and a-half hours. Two more young people (says the " New York Tribune ") have been found, down East, who, were willing for a consideration to allow their marriage to figure as one of the side shows of. a State fair. The couple m question entered upon the holy state of matrimony standing m the oar of an inflated balloon, m the presence of 3500 spectators. Admission to the entire show 50 oentß., children half prioe. After the ceremony had been performed the twain that had been made ono oontinued to furnish amusement for the 3500, oy ascending m the balloon, aooompanied by the urbane aeronaut. All this happened of an afternoon. The balloon came down during the evening, but was dragged two miles across a swamp before its progress was stayed, and bride and groom, it is stated, were compelled to ding to the ropes above the basket to keep out of the water. The " Daily Telegraph " thus sums up the marringe controversy :•—" The consensus of the 27,000 letters we have received is overwhelmingly strong against early marriages. Our law ought, we think, to forbid mairiage to young men under 21, and to young women under 19. Among the working classes, especially this would produce, we believe, an excellent effeot. Then, also, it is dear to our mind that the liw of divoroe must bo enlarged to permit dissolution of marriage for desertion for lunacy, for confirmee! lnebrity, for OOn« tiotion of disgraceful crimes, so likewise for established incompatibility of temper and temperament, such ac a just and prudent judge would admit to be adequate. That the marriage service as it Btands calls also for alteration has been abundantly demonstrated by these letters;, and the sooner hia Graoe the Primate finishes with the Ath&nasian Greed and turns his attention to the passages m that serviae whioh shook young minds and dlsoonoert older ones, the better ! " A sorvioe of song intituled "Whioh Side Winß? " was given on Friday evening m the Tinwald Presbyterian Church m connection with the Tinwald Temperance Society and Ban 3of Hope. There was a good attendance considering the rough weather, and the entertainment gave great satisfaction, and was very creditable to thoie - taking part. Somo discord' was noticeable m one or two of the pieces, but on the whole the voices harmonised well; Variety was scoured by entrusting the solos to different individuals. "Hail, Heavenly Dove,"." Gomo sign the pledge," and " Right men are wanted," were m this way very pleasingly rendered, the choir joining m the chorus. The readings were given by Mr Arthur,' who performed his part exceedingly well; The story describes the rise of a Scotch workman, Fergus, from the misery of. a drunkard's home to the comfort and prosperity enjoyed by the sober and Godfearing. It is interesting, homorouß, and at times pathetic. Mr Gudsell moved a vote of thanks to Mr Arthur and the choir, whioh .was.put to the meeting by Rev A. Blake, and cordially tarried. The meeting was then closed.. : SANDER and SONS'< EUCALYPTI EXTRACT.—In protection of the worldwide fame pur manufacture has acquired all over the globe, we publish the following :— Hazard, M.D., Professor of General Pathology and Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System eaye m »n editorial published m the " Clinical Record ; "—"We have examined half-a-dozen specimens of different manufactures the preparation of Sander and Sons was the only one that proved to be reliable and corresponding to Boientiilo testa.'* Another concootwm called |< Refined Extract of Eucalyptus " has made its appearance since. This product Btands, according to Dr Owen, foremost m oausing injurious effects. That gentleman communicates, at a meeting of the Modioal Sooiety of Viotorio, that a child Hying at Fitzroy became most seriously indisposed Inrough its use. In another case a lady states on the strength of statutory declaration that Bhe sufle'red cruelly from the efforts of the same concootion. To guard the high reputation of our manufacture we fee warranted m exposing the above faots, and iesire tbe publio to exercise care and precaution when buying SANDER and BQN3.— J (ArtrW ':•■:■■- ■■'■•!:■ ■ ■■;■••■•- - : ■■••■<• ' ■?'

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LOCAL AND GENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1997, 26 November 1888