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Available online 1885-1897
Alternative title(s) Te Hoa Maori; Hoa Maori with Good News for All; Hoa Maori and Good News

The editor of Te Hoa Maori is not known. This paper is written in Māori only for the first six issues, and then in Māori and English.  It is thought to have been published from 1885 to 1897.

This is a religious magazine, apparently issued by the Plymouth Brethren and published by George Coutts at the Bible and Book Depot, Karangahape Road, Auckland. Although Williams refers to having seen an undated issue No.89, no copies after No.44 (October 1897) have been sighted.  

It was one of two newspapers established at that time by Pākehā to inform Māori of the Christian faith. The other, Te Karere o te Rongo Pai, established and published by J G Baker of Gisborne, was freely distributed to all Māori districts (Te Korimako December 16, 1885: 5). No copies of the latter paper have been seen.

Māori school committees were encouraged to collect money to purchase copies of Te Hoa Maori for children to discuss in Sunday School (Te Korimako ibid).

Te Hoa Maori (The Maori Friend) changed its title in January 1888 to Te Hoa Maori with Good News for All and in January 1894 to Te Hoa Maori and Good News.

Contents include:

  • scriptural tracts
  • articles mostly concerning the salvation of mankind through Christ in different parts of the world
  • moral tales with explanations.

For further information, see P Parkinson and P Griffith, Books in Māori (Auckland: Reed, 2004), S28, pp.791-793. 

The National Library would like to thank Gail Dallimore for providing information used in essays about Maori newspapers.