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Parents and guardians are reminded that the reduction m High School fees will not bo fallowed unless payment is made on or before Saturday. The attention of horaoownors is specially directed to the caution publiobed by tho South Canterbury Jookcy Club, m our advertising columns. Mr J. Gibson's drag will leave the Beswick Street stables at 9.30 tomorrow morning for the Geraldine races. The drive from Timaru to Orari and ba?k is most pleaaant at this season of the year. Wo learn that the Timaru Garriion Band, at tha courtoous request of Fathor Foley, will bo present at tho laying of the foundation stone of tho Marist Brothers' houso, on ' Sunday, October 11th. Wo remind oui* readors that some vory cheap lines of clothing which were Bayed from Levey and Guthries fire at Dunedin can be had from W. Ponrofle, of Commerco Houro. He is also showing spring and summer fabrios and now millinery. — (Abvt.) J The attention of our readors is diiooteu to tho now postal regulations, an acaount of which was tolegraphod from Wellington la9t night, and will be found m another column The regulations come into force to-morrow, and aro of interest to all olassos of poiple. A imart thundershowor passed over Timaru botwoen 6 and 7 o'clock last evening, with flashes of lightning and dull rolls of thunder. As the storm passed northwards the lightning increased m frequsnoy and brilliance, and presented the peculiarity that the flashes flow m horizonal ourvea, with many branchings. Thunderstorms are bo rare here that a good deal of interest was taken m the brilliant display. A special summonod mooting of the Ancient Order of Forestorß, Court Southern Cross No. 8123, was held at tbo Foresters' Hall last evening. Bro Jam 03 Mason, Chief Banger, presided, and there was a fair attendance of mombers. The principal business was tho eleoMon of ofllcers for tbo ensuing six months, and tho following wero the results : — Chief BaDger, Bro James D. Loohora ; 8.0 R , Bro Dfwid Dawßon; treasurer, Bro S. S. Bennett, D.0,8.(r0 elected) j assistant eeoretary, Bro! T. Harris, 17.8.0. R. (ro-olooted) j minulo ppoi-Btnry, Bro J. McGowan, D.B. (ro elooted)j d.W , Bro X. Arscott, P.O B. (re-eleoted) ; J.W., Bro J. Logi^n, P. 0.8. (ro-olootod) j 8.8,8r0W v ßawstornj J. 8., Bro J. Bakor (re-oleotod). The retiring Chief Banger, Bro Mason, has filled tho ohair most impartially and tvith considerable ability,' and tho court unanimously voted h,irn a P. 0.8 ., silver star, framed RprtiQgato, and nook-ribbon, tho presentation to take plaoo next court nighti Bro Mason thanked tho members for their kindnoßß to him wlii!at m tho ohair, and then duly installed the uowlyolootod oMoops, after whioh tho oourt was cloaod by Bro J. D. Loohors, Chief Banger, > j

The cantata " Christy's Old Orf»an " will be given to-night m the Presbyterian Church' 0 Collmanntown. * ic We remind owuera of stud hordes that if a they wish" to bo repreeoated at Baturd»s's b parade, they mu-t make their entries with Mr Is B\ W. Stubba, secretary to the Timaru Agri- " cultural and Paetoral Association, on or before tomorrow night. G Knitiea for the Timaru Trotting Olub'B 8 show week meeting close at the Shamrock 3 Hotel on Fridey evening. Mr W. Collins, P the hon. sec , will be present to receiva the ° entries. An abstract of the programme as P published chow/» that lha stakes are really r good ones. P We understand that the members of the Timaru Sifla carpn meet at the Drill Bhed i to-morrow evening to tako leave of Borgeant | Stokes, who m addition to being a most { attentive " drill," is one of tho eraok shots of j the company. The corps will assemble m : uniform, without aide arms, and a pleasant I hour should bo Bpent, A strange phenomenon is reported from Milton. Ah old coalpit at LaveWe Flat,. .-.- which is full of water, has overflowed and ' formed a lagoon. Ho elroam enters it, and ' it has no connection with any running water. • Yet it swarms with kakabulli (native- trout) and tho fresh water crayfish. These have ; made a sudden appearance, and the people are curious to know whence they came. | A missionary . meeting of an unusually | interesting character will be held m tbe , Wesleyan Churob on Thursday evening. The : principal speakers will be the Hey. T. Q. ! , Hammond, of Pates, who has for several years laboured among tho Maoris m tlie North Island, and the Nov. liripi Bakena, a Nativo missionary iiom Hokianga. An exceptional opportunity will therefore be afforded for becoming acquainted with mission work as at present carried on m the ' Native districts. A collection will be made m aid of the mission fund. Apropos of tho lifting power oE pump dredges, a correspondent of the Southland j Emcs, writing of the working of these machines ia his district; tayo a stone 781 b m weight j and 21 incheß loDg by 7 inches equate, cams through the pump of the Six Mile dredge the other week. It is a common tbing for stoneß ' the eize of a man's haad to bo drawn up by j the huge centrifugal pump and landed on the riddles unbroken. The Lake Brunton dredge is (till working satisfactorily night and day. An 801 b stone was lifted through the pump about a week ago without interfering with the running of the machinery. Tho Mines report for the year is contradictory on the tnbject of suction dredges. It j says on page 74, " Theae tustion far, I have proved that they arc capable of Kfijpg i tand and fine shingle, but they tire not suitable i for dredging whore largo stones and coarse eravel exist." On page 76 it Bays the pump dredge at Lake Brunton is said to readily pass stones 561 b m weight with the greatest ease. Mr Gordon, the Inspecting Engineer of Mines, seems rather doubtful of the final success of the 6UOtion dredges, and ho reportß numorouo failures and few successes m attempts to use them. Mr and Mrs Eutherford, of Mendip Hills Station, were tbe victims of a buggy accident on Batuiday. They were driving m a buggy, m which were ali>o a station hand, a servant girl and a quantity of luggage, Rod m going down a Bteep and slippery cutting the buggy skidded to Hi 3 side, went over tho bank and overturned, Mr Kutherford fell on the top of Mrs Kutherford, escaping quite uninjured ; tho man partly jumped and partly fell, getting off with a slight shaking ; the girl got off with no broken bones, but was badly shaken. Mrs Rutherford had a collar-bone brokon and was badly bruiaed. The buggy nai considerably damaged, but the men managed to patch it up with strapj and flax and get homo m it. Tho Woodlands (Southland) dairy factory lia'l a good season. The annual report states that during the season the company received nearly 163,000 gallons, and the manufacture of cheesa was about 71fc tons ; 100 cases were sold for Africa j 585 cases were shipped Home for afiio ; 613 caßcs were sold delivered m Dunedin,' and the balance was disposed of locally. Milk was paid for at the rate of 3d per gallon ; a payment of id per gallon was also made on account of last season's milk supply — thus making 3d for both seasons. Ihe cost of doing so falls mainly on last season's profits, yet the company are able to carry forward a profit to next season's account of £109 83 9J. No dividend on capital was paid. The importation of stoats, weasels and ferrets to put down the rabbit pest has had nothing like the successful result that attended the transfer of a, handful of lady birds from New Zealand to California to put down another insect pest thero. An insect oalled the ioerya was ruining tho owners of vineyards m California, when Herr Koobele fetched from Auckland a species of lady-bird and liberated them. They spread and multiplied m a wonderfully short time and 16 months after their liberation tho State of California was praotically free from the icorya peet. Sif Jamon Hector, speaking the other dny of this matter, said people ought to be very careful m introducing plants and trees to tho oolony, and that a thorough in--1 veeligation of the insect life on them should be made. Tho Post reports that a scene of an un- ■ usual charactor took placo m one of tho carriages of tho 5. G0 train from Wellington to Lower Hutt one day last week. In the course of his duty tho guard was going through o oompartment, when he noticed a dog woa on a esat boaide ono of the fomalo passengers. Xho guard pointed out to 1 the woman that it was contrary to the byelaw for dsgs to be allowed m the carriages , and thon asked for payment of the amount always ohargod for the conveyance of canines. , A wordy warfare ensued between the parties on tho subject, tho guard being the recipient of eomo remarks of a Dot altogother complimentary nature, and was defied to touch the dog, Watching his obanoe, the official seized tho dog by the fore legs, the woman at tbe same time gnuping her pot by the bind legs, to prevent tho guard carrying out his inten" (tionof placing the animal m tbe van. A regular tug-of-wor, than took place between the parties to the dispute, the dog forming the oonnocting link* Tho guard pulled, and the woman pulled, while the dog howled (q terror, and the other passengers looked on m i ainazemont at tho extraordinary aoone, Tho guard managed to lose hold of his grip of the ; dog, and tho woman soon made use of tbe advantage thus gained. Putting tbe dog betweon her feet and spreading her skirts over it, eho wag again roady for tbe fray, but this movo of the onorny was too muoh for the guard, who had to, admit that itcaueed him to bo checkmated. Ho then gave the struggle best, though ho suocoeded m getting tho j paesugc money required for the dog.

The remains of the man drowned m the )amaru harbour on Friday night have been dentified as those of Frederick Hickson, ilias Stanley, a remittance man. He had ioen working m the country, and went to town ast week, residing for a few days at a board-Dg-housß, whero hia owag was found. Tho annual meeting of members of the Jeraldino branch of tho Amalgamated Jhnarora and Labourers Union took place on Saturday night last ; Mr R. Hammond, jresident, m the ohoir. The election of )fficere for tho ensuing year resulted m the president, vice-president; and treasurer being re-elected. Tbe secretaryship was held over pending one of the members interviewing a party, and if arrangements could be made, ho to be elected. It waa decided that the president go to tha union meetings nt Wai* mate to bring somo resolutions under its notico. ... was resolved that io future members eet once ia three months. We remind thoso interested m sporting that the Oeraldine Racing Club's spring meetiDg will commenoe on tho course at Orari to-day. For the convenience of Timaru vißitora a epeoial traia : "will leave Ximaru at 11.15 this morning and ie fixed to roach Orari at 12 15 m excellent lime for the first race. To-morrow there will be no special, but tbe ordinary mid-day train will recoh Orari m plenty of time for passengers by it to witness all tho racing. The acceptances as published by us on Saturday last show that there will be excellent fields for the majority of events, end the Geroldine District Stakes for three year olds, is exciting special interest, and it ie quite likely that there will be over a dozen horses sparling silk for it. Oeraldine will as usual keep holiday, and given fine weather there is every chance of the meeting being a most successful one. Selections for to-doy are: — Squatters' handicap, Kilmnrnock ; Soiling Baco, Mica Ann ; Geraldine Oup, Bay Kiog ; Flyiug Handicap, Caironado ; District States, Sadler or Victim ; BolEold Handicap, The Ace j Xhrea Mile Trot, Tommy 111. " 'Ihe sight of the oily " is advjrtiaod to be seen m a chop neitßogg and Go's, and truly it is a sight for any city. Mr F. A. Coxhead, the Dunedin photographer, whoßo name is " familiar iaour moulln as household words," an a leading artist m his line, is now displaying there a large number and variety of the productions of his camera and dark room ) end the windows full of excellent pictures arrest the steps of all pasaera-by. Mr Ooxhead is visiting Timam for the purpose of making bis views known, and is also selling (hem much cheaper than usual, also for advertising purposes. He has been all over Mew Zealand m search of material for good I pictures, and tha results of his labours show j all the vnriety that this land of scenic beauty i can give. Mountain scenes appear to be Mr ! Coxhead's favourites, and he has magnificent views of the ranges of interior Otago add tbs lakeß, and still more — obtained with much difficulty and no little hardship — of the famous southern sounds. A number of theso 18 by 16 inches taken direct (not enlargements) are tho largest taken m the colony, and a selection from them gained the first prize at Ihe Melbourne exhibition. Be has numberless viows of all descriptions, of mountain and plain, glacier and goyeer, of " whole plate " or standard sizo, and others smaller. He has also a good collection of stereoscopic viowß of scenery and interiors, that aro excellont of then 1 kind, and, as giving a truer idea of perspective, that kind is suporior to the single view. We caDnot pretend to enumerate the subjects, nor to offer opinions as to which are the best. Each person has his or her own taete m photographic views, and that must be a fastidious or vitiated taste indeed, which does not find pleasure m looking over Mr Ooxbead's collection. Ho only stays here a day or two. Wo are having Sn3 Bpnng weather and tho signs of good crops are hopeful. Boinember everybody wanls spring medicine, and the best io Warburtou's fiffervoscing Saline, sparkling, refreshing and health-giving. Try it.— LAdvx.]

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TOWN & COUNTRY., Timaru Herald, Volume LIII, Issue 5253, 30 September 1891

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TOWN & COUNTRY. Timaru Herald, Volume LIII, Issue 5253, 30 September 1891

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