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LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. 'jVTEW Caehmere Stockings, pure wool, nbl.y Bolutely seamlees feet, Is 3d (pair; sold everywhere at Is lid. T. Ros3, importer. IHlv OCTAGON. HAYWARDS'. NO PICTURES TO-NIGHT.. Hall Otherwise Engaged. EV L Kld „? lo ,vcs, assortment in .he, g Ncw Pro „ raulme Tuesday Night. ,„ , ° fl ty '* 1 Black: aml aH colore ' 2s M ' Ranicmber! " TUESDAY, at 8. ud,.to os 6d. Tho Greftt Dramatic Star, NEW Blouses.—Lovely White Muslin from SHEPHERD OF THE SOUTHERN GROSS. «- 2s „ lld ;. Waahins Silk from fe , mA w gerics of Al)twerp 11a; Beautiful Irish * Hand-embroidered , rvmmlnte Pmonmnw Voile from lis 6d. - TEW Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Veilings, _ 1 Umbrellas, Corsets, and Sports Coats, from tho actual manufacturers. T. Ross, direct itnpoiter. 710R SALE, Hens and White Leghorn Chicks: best utility strain. Browning's, 5 Highgato.. Roslyn. T7IOII SALE, Rover Bicycle; splendid condition; three-speed gear, tools, lamp, new covers; bargain. "8.," 'Star.' FOR SALE, 'DnEv Times' Newspaper Run. Mathcsoii, Ul_Stua.rt_ street. FOR SALE,' WhiteTLcghoni' Pullets, lay- i ins.; Padman-Leger strain; also Riding Hack. Apply Morton's Store, Kaikorai. S~ 10TldoTs , "~BrcVl>up^Chiidren , 6 White Muslin Dresses, all sizes, from 6s 6d, trimmed lace or embroidery. Dreavcr's. '3EMEMBER.— Belgian Carnival at Port] »' Chalmers, Election Day; sports, hakas, Come. "RIFIUREfNER, 151' King street, give hest price for Gents' Clothing. THT rR,gDAY (Election Day) Boots, etc. Letters attended to. AW AT with dull care and sorrow! Watson's No. 10 brings comfort and a brighter outlook. MIGARETTES made from Red Jacket XJ Tobacco draw easily, burn coolly, and Complete Programme. "•' 6d. Is. Res., Dresden, la 6d. 'VUNEDIN HORTICULTURAL J SOCIETY'S SUMMER SHOW, EARLY SETTLERS' HALL. EARLY SETTIERS' HALL, ALTERATION OF DATE TO TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15. Surplus to go to Belgian Fund. Entries closo Secretary's Office, 1 Dowling street, on SATURDAY, December 12, at 8 p.m. R. HANNING, Sec. 'Phone 179. PORT CHALMERS. BELGIAN CARNIVAL. [N order to Promote the Success of the L Belgian Carnival, for tho carrying out u.chcs. music, dancing, 'real pleasure, of which elaborate arrangements are being „„,,, I made, I respectfully request that. All Shops I " J,C : ___ - al ,d Works at Port, Chalmers be CLOSED ind a WHOLE HOLIDAY observed on T. SCOLLAY, Mayor. LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. evenly I NO SHORTAGE OF DRUGS. 'ILKINSON AND SON, Chemists, have . . ia .Stock FULL SUPPLIES OF ALL ° o r DRUGS, Chemicals, Patents, etc. Regular „.,..„■, importations coming to hand. Doctors' PresUburbs' senptions Dispensed at. USUAL PRICES. SMILE, and th.e world smiles with you; p ur ity and Accuracy Guaranteed, kick and you kick alone, for the cheer- gi rRI jjCES STREET and 297 GEORGE ful grin will let you in at Guy's Studio, where tho kicker is never known. STREET, DUNEDIN. PRETTY Child Competition still going FRESH INTEREST IN THE MILLINERY strong, £5 5s and £3 3s. Particulars SECTION AT at Studio, Princes street; tel 3,188. G~ OOD Whisky hurts no man. Watson's ]MO LLIoON S. ' No. 10 is safest, because purest and MOLLISONS. "RISH Linens, every description; beautiful Presents Ladies or Gentlemen. M'Fadden's Irish Linen Depot. 51 George street. PAINTING Requisites every description - SBASIDE AND HOLIDAY HATS LESS Single article, wholesale price; great THA v HAT/F-VRTHF AN EXCEPTIONAL OFFERING FOR THIS WEEK ONLY. DIRECT from Ireland.—-Finest assort- " WEEK ONLY \J nient of Handkerchiefs in Dominion. * M'Fadden's Irish Linen Depot, 51 Georgo L QYELY TRIMMED HATS AT BARGAIN PRETTY HATS TO TRIM AT GIFT PRICES. teingie article wnoiewie price; «.*»» THAN HALF-PRICE. ions all departments; Framing MateWindow and Fancy Glass, Paper- TO-MORROW WE OFFER . Framing W *cn'.f' W r&.. _ V/«^SS£™SS '. medicinal purposes, the toast, or the wear. Tho true value is from 30s to friendly nip—Wat-ion's No. 10 Whisky. 42 5 . Our price this week is 10s 6d each. landed: 5,000 .rnOToSTwr ni-rrD lapancse Picnic Baskets, all size?, at TO-MORROW WE OFFER hj. 430 Pretty Untrimmed Hats, in tagal and v —; — 7F- -..„ ,:n. ~T„ chip, latest colorings, correct shapes, inv Dozen Mens T,c.. pure s.k wide ,„ - Dolly Vardcn" and ' sailor I end* lovely designs. 6 s d, Is., Is 6d, a finp ; , np , ety of . ihp , li(?hes) . ( , ]asg ' " eacli. goods. Usual prices range from 5s 6d ITSTMAS Toys, Dolls, etc., etc.. to suit, to 10s 6d. Our price this week, all 2s children of all ages; remarkably good 6d e.-ich. Mutual Stores. it Port Chalmers, Election Day; splcn- 260 Ladies' Holiday and Seaside Hats, in did spectacular display. Worthseeing. nnHE~l!asement Hairdrcssmg Saloon, und»r new management; everything of the st. Electric Massaging a Specialty. L gains hi Furniture. Cally early. C~~ AHPET Ends, 2a lid. 3s lid up; Rugs reducid to 6s; Carpets from 355. Marcorrect shapes and shades. Worth 3s 6d. Our price this week, all Is each. TO-MORROW WE OFFER 400 Children's and Maids' "Sunshine." "Beach" and "Picnic" Hats, all goodquality straws, correct shapes, comfortable, pretty, and n. perfect shade. Usually 2s 6d. Price this week, all 6d each. kUCHESSE Chests, 355; Tile Washstands, ' 19s 6d, 273 6d, up to 70s. Martins, Oo- | CREAT SUNSHADE VALUES. I 120 Ladies* F.i f*Cl*Y 10s.—Nearly new walnut iron-frame, 3*/ V I trichord Piano; great bargain. Martins, Octagon. FLOORCLOTHS from 2s 3d running yard; X 1 Linoleums from 3s 3d; Inlaids, 3i 6d iquare yard. Martins, Octagon. gy* q 10s.—English Piano: suit beginner; 35/1/ V sound, and good tone; cash price. Martins, Octagon. Silk Parasols, all pure silk, in fancy and plain coverings, tho new long handle*, quaint designs. Usually 15s. Price this week, 6s 6d. 160 Children's Frilled Sunshades, in plain blue. 2s lid, for U each. MOLLISONS LTD., End or Pemij' Section, George street. NIGHTCAPS CO A<L IS ON SALE IN LARGE OR SMALL QUANTITIES BY ALL COAL MERCHANTS. PRICE DELIVERED WITHIN THE CITY BOUNDABY: 26a NET PER <TON. MAURICE KENNELLY, RepreientatlT*. JOHN MILL AND CO., LTD., Local Agenti. Telephone 929. OTHER Cigarette Tobaccos are dull in oomyarison with Rrd Jacket Tobacco. Soothing, fragrant, mellow. JCHOOLS" Break-up.—Children's White <0 Muslin Drcs.-cs. all sizes, from 6s 6d. trimmed laco or embroidery. Dreavcr's. - ,"\^TATSON T S NcT 10 is "a litt'odcarerlhaTi TT . mest whiskies, but is worth tho BIG BARGAINS IN CHILDREN'S AND MAIDS' MILLINERY. WE OFFER YOU THE FOLLOWING AS A HEAL SNIP:— Painty Crinoline Trimmed Hats, 7., 6d, 8= 6d, 9s 6d. Smart lino of Tn'ninud Straws, 2s Id, 3s lid, 4s lid. SEE OUR \nNDOWS. Babies, give Marshalis ab- Smart lino of Trimmed Straws, 2s Id, 3s ' solutcly safe Powders: they soon cure lid, 4s lid. „„othiug ailments: is. Marshalis Pharmacy. LlT"age corimTamls respect. Watson's SCE OUU V?lN " r,OW 5rt Tr , ,-„-„ ,-.,,-,-<, No. 10 is highly esteemed because very NOTE OLR ALLhS. ?!L a 1 d _ fu i?>lJ^ ur T t NIQ II E STOB ER. BELGIAN Carnival afc I'orr Chalmers on ~T HF mt.-\t lutir-Aiv Thursday. December 10 (Election Day); THr R "^^,t« J? OVSh ' afternoon an.l evening. Don't forget. brUARX bIUEET. IYCLE Covers and Tubes—2oo 12s 6d I Covers 10s 6d, 200 5s 6d Tubes 4s 6d; reducing stocks. Scott, George street. [TAR disorganises trade; accumulation of r Cycle Covers and Tubes clearing at great reductions. Scotts, Georgo street. CYCLE Covers—Vulcanised rubber, heavy e/iic tread, strong canvas, guaranteed six SPECIAL SALE months; usually 125 6d, now 10s 6d. Scott?. DYCLE Tubes—Best Para rubber, even \ry. rrrrv thickness, strong and springy; usually 53 6d, clearing 4s 6d. IO'SS THE SPINNING WHEEL teed 6 months; were 12s 6d, now 10s 6d. gf(\f\ Cycle Tubes, best Para rubber; guar- Of /VvM-P anteed six months; usually 5s 6d, now 4s 6d; genuine reduction. Sootts, George street. T..\("'K nnRDT.TfFT) TRAV fir,r>THS lYn MEN of taste, of culture make their Cigarettes from Red Jacket, Tobacco. "TTERE'S to you and yotus." Drink it in XX Watson's No 10, and do honor to the occasion. NEW NECKWEAR. Wo have Opened tho following by Parcels Post THIS WEEK: White Muslin Collars, floral silk vest, in Saxc, Straw, Tangerine, Rose, etc., 3s 3d, 3s 9d. White Pique Vests, tucked fronts, 3s 3d, 3s 6d. Mercerised Guipure Collars, with Organdie Muslin, 2s 9d, 3s 6d, 3s 9d. While Lawn Collars, hcm-slitched edges, Is 3d. "VERY CHIC" Embroidered Organdio Muslin Collar, dainty colorings, 5s lid. SEE WINDOW. LACK BORDERED TRAY OLOTHS AND PILLOW SHAMS. Size 30 x 30 inch Size 32 x 32 inch size 36 x 36 inch 1« lid each. 2s 6d each. SUTHERLAND, 192-200 Princes street. R C. C. ARMSTRONG has taken over IfX THE "REMBRANDT STUDIO." Corner of Georgo and Hanover streets. And will be Open to Receive Sitters on and after WEDNESDAY, tho 9th DECEMBER, >IANO REPAIRING at REDUCED RATES to enable us to keep handi going. F. HOWELL AND CO., Octagon and Bath street. REQUIREMENTS Are being Shown in All Departments. MILLINERY. MILLINERY. MILLINERY. Choice Designs. DUTHIES', DRAPERS, GEORGE STREET. These make most Useful and Acceptable CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. KIRKPATRIGK AND BARCLAY, THE SPECIALISTS, 66 PRINCES STREET. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. JOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, Mewrs * HAMILTON AND MHUGH have this flay DISSOLVED PARTNERSHIP. Mr James Hamilton will conduct, on his own account tho Business heretofore carried on at 89 Albany street and 27 Maclaggan street, and Mr Wil'.iam R. M'Hujh will conduct oil his own account the business at 62 Frederick street, All debts due or owing to the lato firm will bo received and paid by either of tho late partners. Dated tin* first dav of December, 1914. JAMES HAMILTON, WILLIAM R. M'HUGH. Witness: A. I. W. Wood, Solicitor, Dunedin. /~IET Quotations from 'Evening Star' f Office for large or small quantities o£

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 3 Evening Star, Issue 15669, 7 December 1914