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Cricketers experienced perfect weather . * on Saturday, and wickets were fast and •i' true. The Colts remain unbeaten, although at one time during their match with Carts- ■■> hrook Bit looked as though the series cf • victories might be broken. A fine innings bv Shepherd, however, saved the situation. Grange missed a 3-point win over •; St. Kilda at Culling Park by a few minutes only, while Opoho maintained their position of second en the list by defeating Al- • bum after a somewhat uninteresting game A great partnership between- Bruges and Hay on the Caledonian Ground enabled - Carisbrook Ato close in the hope of winning, but at call of time Duncdin still had three wickets in hand. The fielding of several of the senior teams was very peer. Following are the results:— 1

Colts v. Carisbhook B. i Carisbrook Ground was in good condition J ■ for this match, the wicket being hrst-class. j Carisbrook batted first. Austin, and \\ est- , brook opening. The Tasinauian left early, bowled by a vcrkor from Crawford. Tuckwell helped hi*» captain to take the score to 25, but was then beaten by the coach j and bowled. Cameron put «p a stubborn i '; defence, and though some of his strokes I" were unorthodox remained until he had X made 25, Austin (who had batted in good ■ ; form) meanwhile having been bowled. Seven wickets were down for 102 when | . Spedding joined Watson, and, Crawford j ' • having fetired from the bowling crease owing to an injured side, tho pair made a very useful ±uand. taking the score to | . 185. Watson carried his bat for iS, made j " bv good, sound cricket. Tho inuing-' j closed for 202, Crawford's record being | : five for 40 and Shepherd's three for 53. j The Colts opened mine too well, Chadwick, ' Alloo. 'and Bell beinn dismissed tor 16 mm between them, and it was only Shep- | ■ herd's hard, clean hitting that made the | ,v. score a moderately satisfactory one when j the third wicket "fell. Crawford, though) ! ' batting under difficulties, helped Shepherd i to Taise the total to 135 before being caught on the rails by Drumm. Galland came in, and laid about him with his otstomary freedom, with the result that all doubts as to the Colts gotting the runs j were dispelled. Just before the required I number were got Shepherd, becoming reek- j le*fi( ran out to Austin, and was bowled. The applause of the crowd just pre- ' viously had led him—and apparently everys one but the scorers—to believe that lie »i Jiad attained the hundred: hence, doubtless, his carelessness. It was particularly unfortunate for the batsman. Binney was also bowled, and Galland remained not out with 47, a pavticulaiW iree ayu\ attractive innings. The Colts won by four wickets. Tho gate takings, amounting to £5, will be handed t> the patriotic fund. Scores; — Cabisbhook B.—First Innings. Austin b Crawford ■■ 25 Westbrook b Crawford 1 Tnckwell b Crawford 7 Cameron lbw b Alloo 25 Wafson not out ,75 Ramsden b Crawford 0 Hardie run out 1 Drumm lbw b Crawford 6 Speeding c Binney b Shepherd 31 kelson b Shepherd 3 Do Beer c Bel! b Shepher 1 3 Extras.;. 25 Total 202 Bowling Analysis.—Crawfu-d. 90 balls, Z maidens, 40 runs, 5 wickets; Shepherd, b'4 balls, 1 maiden,.s3 runs, 3 whkets; Alloo, 26 balls, 5 maidens, 59 runs. 1 wicket; Galland, 18 balls. 20 runs; Bell, 12 balls, 5 runs. Coi/rs.— First Innings. Shepherd b Austin , 98 Chadwick c Spedding b Nelson 0 Alloo c Hardie b Ramsden 6 Bell b Nelson 10 Crawford c Drumm b Hardie 32 •Galland not out 47 ' Binney b Nelson 0 Extras... 12 Six wickets for 'Alb Bowling Analysis.—Ramadan, 54 balls. ' -2 maidens, 37 rims. I wicket; Nelson, 6b balls, 52 runs, 2 wickets; Hardie, 30 balls, 40 runs-. 1 wicket: Westbrook. 30 balls, 2 maidens, 37 runs;; Austin, 18 balls, 27 runs. 1 wicket. Carisbrook A v. Dt-nediv. ; Batting on a wicket on the Caledonian that gave tho bowlers no assistance, Carisbrook A piled up the large "score of 256 runs for six wickets, when they declared their innings closed. The "first wicket fell for no runs, but then Hay ■ and Bruges became associated, and the .score amounted to 204 when the former "was caught for 97. Hay played a free 'innings, and was unfortunate in missing the century. Both ho and Bruges, however, were missed at ditferent times during their long partnership. The fielding was weak. Hay hit four 4's. Bruges ■went with the total at 217, he making 103, /■ which included eight 4's. He scored very '.rapidly towards the close of his innings, and was 96 when he lost his partner. Reid made 12, Austin 14. and Baxter 13. Tho 1 .fourth wicket fell at 227, the fifth at 244, and the sixth at 256. Mackersy captured the whole six wickets for 104. Graham, although he did not get a wicket, bowled ' nxtremely well. Dunedin, on going in, .•lost seven wickets for 153, tho wickets • falling as under:—One for 50, two for 83, three for 86. four for 87. five for 127. six for 127. and seven for 130. Hay was also in good form with tho ball, taking four wickets for 38. It is hard to understand how such a good all-round player came to be left out of the team selected to practise for Otago. Johnston was top scorer for Dunedin. carrying his bat for 40. lfe was very aggressive. Grigg made 32, and Cramond, always a pretty bat to watch, scored 30. The match was drawn. Scores : CARisunooK A.—First Innings. .Siedeberg c Milbnrn b .Mackersy ... 0 Hay c Brydono b Mackersy 97 Bruges c Mackay b Mackersy 103 Reid c Milbnrn b Mackersy' 12 Austin b Mackersy ... " 14 Baxter e Mackay b Mackersy 13 A. P. Alloo not out ... .". 6 Extras 11 Total for six wickets (innings declared closed) ".. 256 Bowling Analysis—Mackersy. 130 balls, 104 runs, 6 wickets; Graham,"66 balls, 44 runs; Given, 36 balls, 37 runs ; John.ston, "32 balls. 29 run-,: Hrydone, 12 balls. 13 runs; Wilkie, 30 balls. 18 runs, 1 maiden. DrXEDiN.—First Innings. : Cramond c Alloo v Siedeberg 50 Grigg c Alloo b Hay 32 'Given run out ... ." 14 -Brydone b Hay 3 -Wilkie st Martin b Hay ... 16 ' Johnston not out ... ". 40 Howard c Alloo b Hay 0 Mackersy b Banncrxnan 0 . Graham not out 6 Extras 12 Total for seven wickets ... 153 Bowling Analysis.—Siedeberg, 96 balls, 2 maidens, 32 runs, 1 wicket; A. P. Alloo, 66 balls, 2 maidens, 33 runs ; Hay, 84 balls, 5 maidens, 38 runs, 4 wickets; Bannerman, 60 balls, 38 runs, 1 wicket. Ghaxcie v. St. Kiliu. This match whs played at Culling Park, -which was :n good condiion. St. KLkla opened against the bowling of Eckhold and Graham. The first wicket fell at 4, 31'FaiIane being stumped in Graham's first over, and .". minute iater Nelson was "caught by Paterson. M'Carten and Livingstone carried the score to 25, when the former was bowled by Graham.- Livingstone, who was joined by Kerr, was next bowled by Eckhold. M'Faull was the only other batsman to make a stand, and played well for-his 16, when ho was caught. j Grange's first wicket fell at 5, A. ! Graham, who batted with Popplo, being " howled off his pads by G. Edwards. Popplo wae caught by Harvey at cover. The Score was taken to 25 by tho next partnership, Paterson and Chadwick, when the former's wicket fell to Edwards. Henderson joined Chadwick, and when another 20 had been compiled he fell to Eckhold. Holdawav did not last long. It waa not till Eckhold joined Chadwick that a stand was made. Both batsmen Ht freely, and increased tho total to 110, when Chadwick became- too confident,

was clean bowled. Graham and Roberts wero soon dismissed. At 132 Eckhold and, W.' Bceby were batting, when -the innings was declared closed. Eckhold was 47 not out. ! With 62 runs to make to save an in- ; hinge'defeat, St. Kilda again went to the ! 'rickets. The wickets fell quicklv—Liv- ' ingstor.e (21). Ward (12). and Harvey, (11) ( being the highest scorers. The innings . closed for 75 seven minutes before time, I Grange being rather unfortunate in not securing a three-point win. Scores: Grange.—Firet Innings. Popple c Harv?y b Edwards 0 I A. Graham b Edw.ufk 5 I Chadwick b Harvey 40 ' P«ter?on b'Edwards ft Hold.iv.-ay b Harvey 4 TTendersoi. b Edwards 12 Robeit« <■ b Livingstone ... 0 J. Graham b Livingstone 6 Eckhold not- out 47 W. Reebv not out 3 | Extras 10 Total for eight wickets (innings declared .closed) ... 132 I Bowling Analysis.—Livingstone, 60 balls, i 37 rtir*, 2 wk-kets ; Edwards, 90 balls, 38 mi: *, 4 wickets; llaivcv, 48 balls, 30 run*. 2 wickets; M'Ciirten, 13 balls. 17 rune. St. Kiijda.—First Innings. M'Farlnne st Chadwick b Graham ... 0 Nelson <■ Patersnn b Eckhold 5 Livir.cston-* !> Eckhold 8 M'C'arteii b Graham 4 Kerr hj G-plii.Tii 7 M'Fnul c Holdawav b Beebv 16 I Ken- b IWhy ... " \ 2 I Ward c .Tid b Giahnm 9 ! Edwards b (Jiahnm 0 ' Harvey b Graham 4 f'h:ipiuaii not out L j Total 7 1 I Bowling Analysis.—Eckhold. 60 balls 13 lii'i.-. 2 wicket-; Gtaham, 84 balk 30 ' runs. 6 wickets; TV"eby. 24 ball*. 15 runs, | 2 wicket". Eckhold bowled one no-bull. j Second Innings. | MTau! 1) lV:iV.m 4 i Kttr i- Her.dere.-n 1) Graham 4 ! Liviniiston-' b Holdawav 21 | M'Carte-i l> IV.-eby , * ! Chapman c Be?by b Uraham 4 Kerr v. C. Beeby b R.eby 8 Nokon lbw !> Grahiiir 2 M'F.ailane run out £ Ward not out 1 ? Edwards st Chi'lwick b Beeoy i Harvev •• Pop;le b Graham 11 Extia _J- ! Total «. "^ | Bowling AnMvs\H.-rtrahnm. 60 halls 38 runs,<-k-?ts: Holdawny. 18 balls, 8 ' runs, 1 wicket; Beeby. 36 balls, 28 runs, 4 wickets. OI'OITO v. Ai.biov. One feature of the Opoho-Albion match on the North Ground, in which the hill team notched a two-point win, was the remarkably poor fielding on the part of .Albion, wh'o, if one or two of their eleven in particular bid displayed even a moderate amount of keenness in the field, should have accounted for Opoho a rrood deal more cheaply. But on their dUplay during the hill team's first venture they achieved what was altogether an unenviable distinction for unpardonable slackness. Their display was not v.orthv even of schoo} cricket. A tin' wicket had be-m prepared, and although Kenny and Davidson played over-cautiously, they established a serviceable partnership, compiling 42 before DavirLon brcame a victim to Stiglich. Kennv followed shortly after, having dragged one on from Marks, and the next throe' wickets went cheaply: in fact, it was mainly due to aggressive work by Casev. who was ably seconded by Timlin, that" the situation "was saved, for both batted confidently, the former hitting hard and to some purpose whenever he got p.n opportunity. It was in an endeavor to lift Stiglich to the boundary that he was e.-uih- stnmned by Williams. His 37 included six 4's. Stiglich captured the_ remaining wickets cheaply in rapid fashion, and finished up with eieht for 60. Albion had a good chance of winning, having over two in which to get the runs, but they failed to ri=o to the occasion. The opening partnership between I Duthie and Briusley was productive of 44. of which the former, scorin.g something like seven times faster than his partner, contributed 39 by really good cricket, his off strokes beintr characterised by pretty execution. Williams stayed at the wickets some time for his 37. which was constituted mostly of singlfs. notwithstanding the fact that he put plenty of wood into ; his strokes'. The efforts r,i the rest of the i team were poor, their total contribution i including four ducks, of which one was Jim Baker. Casev. who was sending down some pretty fast ones, came out with the better average, securing four for 33 as against Eckhoff's six for 55. Eckhoff nl=o took a really brilliant catch, diving low in the slips for a chance which Johnstono j gave off Casey. It was a great effort, and well merited the round of anplau=c which it spontaneously drew from the spectators. ' At the call' of time Opoho. in their second venture, had four down for 51 j against the bowling of Jnbn«tonc and D'nthie. The following are details : I Opoho.—First Innings. : Kenny b M.-u-k-. 20 D;:vtdspn'b Stiulich 15 Casev st Williams b Stiglich 37 Eckhoff r Williams b Marks 4 Imrrarn b Sticjich 0 Kilgour lbw b Stiglich 1 Timlin c Raker b Stitrlich 25 Moore r and 1> Stiglich 6 Evans not out 0 .Anderson b Stiglich 2 Turnbul! r Marks b .Stitrlich 0 Extras ; 13 Total 123 Bowling Analysis. —Stiglich. 17 overs, 5 maiden--. 60 runs, 8 wickets; Satterthwaite, 3 overs. 2 maidens, 1 run ; Marks, 12 overs, 48 runs, 2 wicket?: Stewart, 1 over, 1 run. Second Innings. Andersou b Johnstone 1 Kenrrv b" Duthie 14 Tur-.-.bull hj Duthie 12 Ingram b Dulhie 11 Evans not out 12 Casey not out 1 , Total for four wickets 51 Bowling Analyst-. Johnstone, 6 overs. 1 maiden, 15 runs. 1 wicket; Duthie, 5 over-. 36 runs, 5 wickets. Albion".—First Innings. Duthie c Evan; b Ca-uv 39 Rrinslcv lbw b Eckhulf' 4 F. Williams c Kilgour b Casey 27 Stewart Ii Eckhoff 7 Baker b Eckhoff 0 Satterthwaite b Eckhoff 1 E. Williams lbw b Eckhoff 0 Strang b Ca*ey 0 Johnstone c Eckhoff b Casey 9 Marks not out 1 Stiglich c Moore b Eckhoff 0 'Extras 10 Total 98 Bowling Analysis.—Casey, 19 overs, 7 maidens, 33 runs, 4 wickets; Eckhoff, 19 overs, 5 maidens, 55 runs, 6 wickets. SECOND GRADE.

Carisbrook 220 (L. Lomas 121, tho second century in second grade cricket this season) defeated High School 110. For tho winners Wolstennolme (six for 66) and Fulton (four for 40) bowled unchanged. Grange 145. Dunedin C'lo7. Mornington 149 (F. Haig 52 not out) defeated Albion 66 and 144 by 83 runs on the first innings. Holderness (Mornington) bagged seven wickets for 21 runs. Christian Brothers 103, St. Kilda 83. E. O'Connor, for the winners, captured seven wickets at a cost of 30 runs. Carisbrook C 177, Anderson Bay 141 (R. Abercrombie 50). THIRD GRADE.

High School A 151 defeated St. Kilda 66 and 56 by an innings and 29 runs. Mornington 73, Opoho 41. Grange 124, Albion 87. Christian Brothers 217, High School 25. Albion A (86) beat Harbor (63). Beadlo, for tne winners, made 31.


The following teams have been selected for the Otago Eleven v. the Colts match, to be played at Carisbrook on election day. play to commence at 1.30: Otago Eleven. Ramsden, Tuckwcll, Wutsou. Rev. W. Hay, Siedeberg (captain). Casey, Duthie, Eckhold, Bruges, Westbrook ; emergency, Stiglich. Colts.—Crawford (captain). C. Chadwick. L. Chadwick, Galland, Shepherd, Bell, A. W. Alloo, Stephens, Malcolm, Binney, Eckhoff: emergency. M'Mullen. AT OTHER CENTRES/* Auckland. —The fourth round of senior matches was begun on Saturday. Eden A made 111; Tonsonby, 99 for four wickets. —Waitemata, 110; North Shore, 140 for three wickets.—Eden B t 188; Grafton, 136 for three wickets.—University, 161; Parnell, 43 for five wickets. Wellington. —Games begun, the previous Saturday were continued. Old Boys 279 (Tucker" 64, Belcher 52) and 56 for one wicket, lost on the first innings to East, whose score was 464.—University 225 (Joplin 80 not out) and 111 for three wickets were beaten on the first innings by North,, who had declared with 436 for nine wicket-.

Christchtirch. —The fourth round was completed. Kaiapot 156 (Smith 88) and 219 for three wickets (CI. Green 71 not out and D. M'Grogor 93) were bcaton on the first innings by West Christchtirch, whose score a week ago was 498 for nine wickets.—Sydenham A 148 and 153 for three wickets (J. Taylor 70) beat St. Albans 101 and 204 [H. A. Bishop 88 not out).—East Christchtirch 298 for five wickets declared closed (T. Carlton 116 not out. ("'. Real 39) beat Riccarton 63 and .74. —Lin wood 63 and 230 for five wickets, declared closed (E. Perrin 119). beat Sydenham B 102 and 119. LEAGUE MATCHES. Standard 140 (Stubbs 48) beat Reid ami Gray 76 (Burns 18. Churchill 16). For tho winners, Richmond (six for 29) and Holleynian (three ior 59) divided the honors. For Reid and Gray the bowlers were Guthrie (four for 24), Morgan (three frJr 32), and M'Dougall (three tor 48). Haywards 96 for six wickets (Cameron 33 no"t out) beat Orakonui 95 (Whiting 34). Tn bowling for Haywards Butcher took one wicket for 11, Cameron two for 16, Robinson two for 22, M'Dougall two for 14, and N'Ncil one for 0. For Orakonuo, Dt Hodgucn took three wickets for 21. Hillside declared at 161 for live wickets (Parrie 44 not out, Haydon 59). Raihvay rnplied with 109 for five wickets (Black 37 not out). Bowling for Hillside, Symonds took two wickets for 43, Harris one for 13, Havdon one ior 5, De-uehrass one Scr 4, and ior Railways. Swinney took three for 48. Shacklocks beat Y.M.C.A. by 12 runs. Y.M.C.A. made 48 (Jones 25 not out) and 85 for three wieknts, inning.-, declared closed (Restieaux 29, Jones 29 not out). Shacklocks contributions were 60 (Armit 28) and 85 (A. Torrance 36). Bowling for Shacklocks. A. Torrance took six for 23, and Burt three for 25 in the first innings, and in the second innings A. Torrance- one for 25, Armit one for 22. For Y.M.C.A., F. A. Thomson took five for 12, Restieaux two for 7, Jones two for 14, and in the second innings Jones took five for 22, F.. A. Thomson two for 18, and Tapper one for 7. Tramways 239 (Payne 107 retired) beat HTilside Ti 70 (Evans" 25). Weir took five wickets for 59 for the winner-.

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CRICKET, Issue 15669, 7 December 1914

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CRICKET Issue 15669, 7 December 1914

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