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PUBLIC NOTICES. OiT. GEORGE JAM,—Ask for, and see that KJ you get. All Grocers. A GREAT revolution in the use of spirits has taken place. Wolfe’s Schnapps has taken the place of the best brandies. PHCENIX Jams to give uni vcraal satisfaction; all grocers. A NDREW LEE 8, 48 GEORGE STREET. (Established 1859.) • PAPERS AN G I N G 3. The Very Latest Designs in PAPERHANGINQS, Just Arrived ex Pleione and Ralston. JAPANESE DECORATIONS AND SATINETTBS. Beautiful Selection in DRAWING AND DINING ROOM PAPERS, We invite Inspection, as this class of Paper hangings are entirely New, and have not been introduced here before. Please Note the Address ANDREW LEES, 48 GEORGE STREET, DUNEDIN. MAIZENA. [Trade Mabk.l TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. MESSRS DURTEA in the year 1866 invented and adopted the word or combination of letters "MAIZENA” as a Trade Mark. MAIZENA Has received Highest Prize Medals at International Exhibitions at— Philadelphia, 1876 Havre, 1868 Paris, 1867 Netherlands, 1869 Paris, 1878 New South Wales, 1875 ..London, 1862 Capo Town, 1877 Hamburg, 1863 Brussels, 1876 Cologne, 1865 London Annual, 1878 Altona, 1869 Mataozas, 1881, And at American Institute, Franklin Institute, 1874 1857 Baltimore Institute Pennsylvania Institute, 1859 1867 South Carolina Institute, 1870. ■ Also, at Fairs of States and Counties, and IN EVERY INSTANCE WHERE IT HAS BEEN EXHIBITED. Note.—Purchasers should Insist on being Supplied with DURYEA’S MAIZENA, other inferior kinds are being offered. “CRYSTAL” KEROSENE. ISOdeg test; water-white. Extra strong tins, fitted with Patent Faucet Nozzle. SAFE, ECONOMICAL. The Best Oil in the Market. PUBLIC NOTICES. M AX WELL’S EXHIBITION RESTAU BANT DINING AND REFRESHMENT BOOMS, 196 Princes street south. Best Meals in the City at all hours. Breakfast, 7 till 10; Lunch, 12 till 3; Tea, 5 till 8; Supper, 8 till 12. Hot Pies, Pastry, Fish, Tripe, and Oyster Suppers. Grills and Welsh Rarebits a specialty. Hot Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Chocolate to order. Good Beds. Private Booms for Ladies. Banquets, Balls, Dances Catered for. Chargee moderate. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. WWOOD, of Stuart street, has taken • over the REFRESHMENT and DINING ROOMS in Rattray street lately carried on by Thos, Broadway. This well-known Establishment having been Refurnished throughout, patrons can rely on having every comfort and convenience. LUNCHEON FROM 12 TO 3. N.B.—Grills, Hot Pies, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, and Light Refreshments always ready. Wedding, Christening, and Birthday Oakes kept in stock, or made to order on the shortest notice. Guaranteed of the best quality. CATERING. Balls, Wedding Fatties, Dances, Picnics, etc., Catered for in very best style. s PEIGHT AND CO.’S PRIZE BEER I,;R, West, Esq,, 136 Buston road, London, Dear Sir,—Being intimate with ore of the principal supervisors of excise here I sent him a few dozen of Messrs Speight and Co.’s Dnnedln Beer with the object of getting the opinion of the Excise Chemist on it; and lam glad to say he has pronounced it one of the finest Beers he ever analysed, it having the high specific gravity of 10.80deg, the greatest amount of spirit and the least quantity of acid he ever came across. When I tell yon that every shipment of Beer going out of the Clyde must be sampled by the excise officers and then analysed by their chemists, I consider this opinion is better than anything else I could say on it. At present the Beer is too fiat to spud to anyone not an expert in the trade; but as soon as it comes into condition I will have it distributed. Yours very truly, (Signed) ROBB. MOORE, AND CO. (Per H. S, Moore), A Correspondent writes : Please send me some more of that Speight's Ale you are bottling. I am very particular boat the beer I have, and hitherto have had a down on “Colonial,” preferring to pay the Higher price for the best brands ef English Bottled Ale. I must confess, however, that what yon have sent me pleases me in every respect as well as any I have ever nsed. Perhaps the great difference in price between 10s and 14s a dozen has affected my judgment, hat I do not think so. At any rate, so long as yon maintain the quality at the same standard yon should be able to supplant the imported article. To John Barron, 29 Rattray street. SPRING, 1889. NEW DRESS FABRICS. IMTOLLISON, MILLS, AND 00.. "X beg to invite special attention to their unusually Large Assortment of ENGLISH AND FOREIGN DRESS MATERIALS, And respectfully solicit an Early Inspection, CTPattebnb Post Free. NEW DRESS MATERIALS IN Summer Bigognes Cambridge Suitings Sandringham Suitings Llangollen Suitings Hurlingham Hygienics Benzalines Liberty Cloth St. Austell Babette Savoyard. 100 EXHIBITION DRESSES, pers.s. Coptic, from 39s 6d to 1265. In these Goods we have No Two Dresses Alike. NEW COLORS. Serpent, View Bose, Japon, Peach Stone, Nut Brown, Soilla, Tea Bose, fianternle, Ephrates, Oharteuse, Lichen Green, Ripe Strawberry, Tea Green, Silver Bine, Damask Bose, Silver Bead, Begonia, Pirns, Olive Leaf, Copper Beaoh, Serpent, Tnsin, Japon, Boreal, Silver Blue. MOLLISON, MILLS, AND CO. would call attention to the DRESSMAKING DEPARTMENT, which is under the charge of Miss Wilson (late with Kirkpatrick, Glendining, and Co.), also Miss Suite, Both ladies are thoroughly skilled in the art of Dressmaking. We wonld recommend all in request of a Dress to leave their orders early, before the rash of the season. MOLLISON, MILLS, AND CO., 195 and 197 Gsorqe street, DUNEDIN (Opposite Knox Church). JJOBBRTSON, SANDERSON, AND CO.’S CELEBRATED MOUNTAIN DEW WHISKY Is the Best in the Market. RHEINGOLD CIGARS. The only First Prize Modal at the Indian and Colonial Exhibition (London) in 1886 was received by the makers of the RHEINGOLD B.G.D. CIGARS, Jj yBK 1 N G STAB. The Evening Stab circulates extensively in Burnside, Green Island, Mosgiel, the Taien, Outturn, Greytown, Otakia, Waihola, Tokomairiro, Stirling, Ineh-Clutha, Balclntha, Lawrence, Clinton, Gore, Invercargill, Waitati (Blueskin), Seacliff, Waikouaiti, Palmerston, Dunback, Oamaru, Ravensboume, Rothesay. Port Chalmers and suburbs, Andersons Bay, thp Peninsula, etc., etc. The Stab is delivered at the station on thp Northern Trunk Line by the train leaving Dunedin at 4 p.m.; Olutha apd Lawrence Railways immediately after the arrival of the 4.20 p.m. train from Dunedin; and at Ravens; bourne and Port Chalmers on the arrival of the train leaving Dunedin at 6,19 p.m, QBEAT CLEARING-OUT SALE, FOR THREE WEEKS. IMMENSE REDUCTION IN PRICES. DRAPERY AND CLOTHING MUST BE OLEARBD, WITHOUT REGARD TO COST, a JOHNSON AND 00. MAOLAGGAN STREET. WATCHMAKERS. SHIPPING. THE NEW ZEALAND SHIPPING COMPANY S ROYAL MAIL LINE OF STEAMERS (Under contract with New Zealand Government) will be despatched with Her Majesty’s Mails as under for LONDON Via Rio de Janeiro and Teneriffe; And henceforward every fourth Thursday. Second Saloon Fares took 36 Guineas, Passengers sent to port of departure FREE. Warrants issued for passages from any part of the United Kingdom to New Zealand on approved guarantee for payment in the Colony. For further particulars apply to THB NEW ZEALAND SHIPPING COMPANY, LIMITED, 10 Orawford street, Dunedin. SHAW, SAVILL AND ALBION COMPANY (LIMITED), (Under Postal Contract with the Government lot the conveyance of Her Majesty’s Mails). Will despatch their ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS FOR LONDON, As under, calling at Bio de Janeiro, Teneriffe, and Plymouth; And thenceforward every fourth Thursday, The above Steamers are cf the highest «i»— and speed, with saloons amidships. Second Class and Steerage accommodation are very superior. The undersigned are. empowered to pant passages from London or Glasgow to New Zealand, payment for which has been guaranteed in the colony. F>r farther apply to the Agents in Dunedin: NATIONAL MORTGAGE AND AGENCY COMPANY, N.Z., LIMITED • D ALGETY AND CO., Limited ; MURRAY, ROB f? RTS, AND 00. POBTOBELLO BY RAILWAY AND STEAMER. Daily Time-table, Trains and EDINA. Trains leave Dunedin 7.45, 12.10, 6.16. EDINA leaves Port Chalmers 8,30, LO, 6.0. EDINA leaves Portobello 7.46, 10.45, 4,40. Trains leave Port for Dunedin 8.15,11,15, 6.15. On Saturdays only the EDINA will connect with the train leaving Dunedin at Lls instead of 12.10. During the winter months the EDINA will leave Ross Point (instead of Broad Bay jetty at 10 30 and 4.15; and ran to Boss Point from 7.45 and 12.10 trains. Special trips on public holidays always advertised in Star two nights previously. Return tickets Dunedin to Portobello—2s fid first class 2s second class. This is the quickest route to Cape Sawders, Hooper Inlet, Fapanni Inlet, Otakau, Wioklifl Bay, and Broad Say. PUBLIC NOTICES. T "A* AB ’oo’.” HE MOSGIEL WOOLLEN FACTORY 00., LIMITED. There has been no exhibit in the Melbourne Exhibition which has attracted more attention than that of the MOSOIBL WOOLLEN GOODS. Visitors from all the old countries, 6s well as from the various colonies, are unanimous in their praises of the excellent class of Woollens mane at Mosgiel and shown in the Melbourne Exhibition. The New Zealand Pablio we asked to recognise the benefit to them of being able to purGBNUINB WOOL GOODS of Mosgiel manufacture without MgR tari duties, whereas in Victoria a tariff of 29 pc oent. does not bar the recognition of the snpc rior merits of Mosgiel Woollens, while ii Sydney they meet European Goods on earn Freetrade terms and prices. RSTBuyers should see that they obtain th Genuine “MOSGIEL” articles, and noth content with those termed “ Colonial, ’ whio may not give the same satisfaction. WHOLESALE TRADE SUPPLIED AT THB COMPANY’S WAREHOUSE, HIGH STREET, DUNEDIN. J. H. MORRISON, Manager Herbert, haynes, and co. invite an eariyvisit from purchasers desirous of securing the Latest Novelties at .Lowest Possible Pbioes from the largest stock in New Zealand of CARPETS LINOLEUM FLOORCLOTH CRETONNE FURNITURE COVERINGS AND FITMEN ART MUSLIN CURTAINS RUGS MATS MATTINGS. HERBERT, HAYNES, AND CO. Health is wralt Try LUKE’S LIVER ANTIBILIO FILLS; they are the most reliable in the wor A single dose acts like magic, relieving Qid ness, Sick Headache, Nervousness, Langoidnt Wind, or Disturbed Sleep; a single dose ns Z.°?iSS I .??“ rbelf a ß ain> To be obtained fr BARNARD ISAAC, Manufacturing and Ph maoeutioal Chemist, 11 Rattray street, six do from Princes street; and Octagon Drug Hi corner of George street. ft H Y D • TAILOR, 93 GEORGE STREET, DUNEDIN (Late HallyV). JUST LANDED (Ex as. Abawa), CASES NEW GOODS, CONTAINING LADIES* GOLD WATCHES, GENTS’ SILVER WATCHES, GOLD ALBERTS. BROOCHES, BANGLES, NECKLETS, AND BINGS. Sterling Silver Alerts, Brooches, Butter Knives, Flasks, Match Boxes, Napkin kings, Sugar Basins, Smelling Bottles, Sovereign Purses, and Teaspoons. Eleotro Silver Plated Batters, Cruets, Crumb, Scoops, Egg Frames. Hot Water Jogs, Inkstands, Jellies, Knife Rente, Meat Dishes, Napkin Rings, Prize Cups, Sugars, Toast Backs, and Teaspoons. POCKET ANBRQIDS, FANS. Erp. Inspection Invited. G. and IT young. Ihpobtsbs praotioal jk and 88 Princes street, Dunedin. Ako to Wellington, Timaru, and Cam MU. I beg to intimate the Fublio that I have a splendid class of Dark Silk Mixtures and Worsted Coatings very cheap in steak. SUITS from L 3 3s; TROUSERS from 15s fid. Firskolass Fit Guaranteed. YOUNG LADIES’ JOURNAL (Septembe Family Hemld (July), Family Hen Supplement (voh 80), Family Reader (Jnl Family Reader (quarterly division 7 Myra’s Journal (July), Something to Rc (July), and quarterly division S3 Every Wc (new vol.), Sylvia’s Home Journal (July), Chi Ching’s Own. Murdoch’s rootoh Readings, series. Readings Humorous and Pathetic, 4 edition. Mrs Leach’s Fancy Work Bask vole. 1, 2, 3. Agent for Melbourne ‘Leader,’ ‘Age,’ai 'lllustrated News and Musical Times’ (m increased by an additional eight pages entin devoted to Music and the Drama. Each mu her will contain an entirely NEW MUSIOi COMPOSITION). ALEXANDER SLIGO, Stationer, Bookbinder, News Agent, BookseUi 42 George street, Dunedin. BOOTS 1 BOOTS I BOOTS I The Reason rOPHE NORTH DUNED] Plain. * T ''' ~ The Reason Plain. The Reason Plain. Try Us. I BOOT DEPOT Hold their own against All Ci because Their Boots wear well. Their Boots fit well. Their Boots look well. Ana Prices are not beaten Ii Trade. King striet, near Union st (opposite School). BRANDI E 4 and whiskies are not at all as well adapted for this climate as Wolfe’s Schnapps. PHOENIX Jams.—Ask your grocer for. and take no other. A STHMA Cigarettes.—Dr Kennedy Dbqg XX. las. Complete Cure. Printed ior the proprietor, at his registered Printing-house, the Evening Stab Office Bond street, by Gilbert Buchanan, of Great King street, Dunedin, arid published fay John George Moody, of Rodyn. Wednes day, September 11,1889,

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