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HIGH WATER. To-day— 2h 20m a.m.; 3h p.m. To-morrow— 3h 28in a.m. ; 4h 2m p.m. ARRIVALS. September 9— Opawa, 6. a. (9.55 p.m.), 110 tons, Dieily, txoin Blenheim. September 10— Energy, s.s. (4.30 a.m.), C 6 tona, Tlioms, from Cook Strait. September 10— Mararoa. s.e. (6.50 a.m.), 2598 tone, Manning, from Lyttelton,. Paesengers : Saloon— Hiisses Richard*, Mai shall, Dalrymple, Evaus. Barclay, Borrie, Douglas, Mitchell, Tay(or, Brady, MartelU, Keir CD, Kirk, Sandford, Gibb, Haii Mesdamee Rattiay, Holmes, Lowe, Atartdn and child, Kirk and 2 children, Hunt, Fleming, Fletcher, Mateou, ftothwell, Parata, Nosworthy, Rev. Ditclilleld, Dr. Hay, Captain Murao. Messrs. Bestall, Smyth, Macdonald, Valentine, Kattray, Holmes, Murray, Anderson, Russell, Scofct, Craigie, Barnett, Lowe, Rifisetto, Robertson, MxiCleratian, Mann, Stuckey, Gibb, Cas&in, Shannon, Dalgety, Keane, Hunt, Fleming, Fletehei, llatson, Wilkins, Monaguan, Ughtbaud. Cooper, Thompson, Jolinson, Wilson, Pugh, Oillespie, Wibty, Beckett, Rlley, Watson, Leslie: 04 steerage, September 10— Stormbird, e.s. (8.5 a.m.), 217 tons, Powell, from Wanganul September 10— Monowai. ».s. (8.30 a.m.), 3433 tons, Edwin, from Auckland, via Gisborne and Nsoler Passengers: Saloon — Misses Witeon, Nuttoey, Hayward, Corsou, Howard, Butts, MeadauieH Steven*. Fredrick, Braik, McClive, Kohu, Messrs Watt, Fredrick, Coltrude, Mellnlght, Wall, Inues Cromptou, Hull, Kohn, Dyer, lKkiater, Baume. Robertson ; 8 steerage. ■September 10— Nikau, s.e. (8.40 a.m.), 252 tone, Bay. from Neteon and Motueka. September 10— Rosamond, 6. 8. (9.55 a.m.), 721 tone, H-win, from New Plymouth. September 10— Athenic, *„». (10.20 a.m.), 12,234 t<*», Kempson, from London, via Capetown and Hobart. DEPARTURES ' Septeiatier o— Manaroa, e.s. (5.10 p.m.), 122 tone, Hart, for Jlotueka. September 9— Ruru, &.s. (5.30 p.m.), 65 tons, Kelson, for Bast Coast and Napier. September 9— Mokoia, s.e. (5.40 p.m.), 3502 ton*, Harris, lor Napier, Uieborne, and AuckSeptember 9— -Awahou, 5.9. (5.65 p.m.), 407 tons, Manley. for Blackhead and Napier. " September 9— Gertie, c.c. (6.5 p.m.), 268 ton-B, Bodger. for Foxton, September 9— Mangapapa, &*. (0.20 p.m.), 164 tons, Fletcher, for Westnort and Karamea. September 9— Maori, a.s. (8.10 p.m.), 3399 tons, Aldwell, for Lyttelton; 130 passengers. ■ September 10— Tainui, s.». (8.15 a.m.), 128 tone, Jensen,, for Waitara. VESSELS IN PO^T AT NOOM TO-DAY. Ciyde-ouay Wharf.— Te Anau. Tarai>sfci-.Btreefc Wharf.— Breeze. Jervokvquwy Wharf.— Monowai. Quetfo's Wharf.— (north) Mapourikn, Maratt», Queen, of the South, Ripple, Rosamond; <sotrth) Stotmbird, Blenheim, Aparima, Aorere, Opawa, KapAti, and Nikau. Cuetoaihouse-quay Wharf.— Hawera and Arapawa. Wool Wiharf!— Amokura. Railway, Wharf.— Putlki. \Kidg'e Wharf.— Huia. Miramar Wharf.— Falcon. In Stream.— Takapuna and Tutanekai. EXPECTED ARRIVALS Piteena, Naison and Picton, 10th Bcicanoa, Westport, 10th Ngabere, Greymouth, loth " Stctmbh-d, Wanganui, 10th Kapwni, Patea, 10th WaJ.\ematu, Newcastle, 10th Hinemoa, Caetlepoint, 11th Moen»ki, Sydney dh«ct, 11th > Kahu, Napier, 11th Gertie^ Toxton, ltth Atapawa, Waaganui, 11th Defender, tiyttelton., 11th Arahura, Grtymouth, 11th \ Wakatu, Lyttelton and Kaikoura, 11th , Wakatu, Lytteltoa and Kaikoura, 11th \ Maori, Lyttelton, 11th \W*imea, Giisbome, llths ■ Wanaroa, Motueka, 11th ftpawu, Blenheim, 12th Klikau, Nelson and Motn.eka, 12th Kf{>iU, Wanganui, 12th Aoi^ere, Patea, 12th Ihwera, Patea, 12th Haia, Wangantii, 12th Haupiri, Napier, 12th Mcwaa, Sydney, 12th ' Vicfaxia, Goutlhem ports, 12th Navttm Fiji via Auckland, 12tli Waimazui, London via Auckland, '12th Navua, Suva, vj» Auckland, 12th Walfcrauite, New York via Auckland, 12th Komaia, Weatport, 12th Remuei'a, London, 13th Waihora, Newcastle via Lyttelton, 13th PROJECTED DEPARTURES Rosamond, Ooehunga, via. Picton, Neteon, )md New Plynwuth, 10th Aparima, Lyttelton, 10th Hawera, Patctt, 10« i Stormbird, Waxiganui, 10th Mararoa, Lyttelton, 10th Nikau, Nelson awl Motueka, 10th Opawa, Blenheia. 10th Arapawa, Wanganui, 10th Alexander, Nelson and West Coast, loth Monowai, southern ports, 10th Hippie, Napier and Gisborne, 10th MupourJka, Neloou and Weet Coast, 10th Kapiti, Wangauui, 10th Tas'Dui, Waitarn, 10th Aonore, Patea, 10th Ha&i, Wanganui, loth >lappurika, Nelson and We&t Coast, loth Oertie, Foxton, 11th Maori. Lyttelton, 11th Defender,' Greymoutli and Hokitika, 11th Blenheim. Blenheim, 11th Kapuni, Patea, 11th • ' PateeDtt, Picton and Nelson, 11th 1 Ngahere, Greymoutli, 11th Kahu, Napier, llbh iManaroa, Havelock and Pelorua Sound, 11th Aorere, Patea, 11th ' Wakatu, Kaikoura and Lyttelton, 12th ' Moeraki, Melbourne, via southern ports, 12th Victoria, Sydney via northern ports, 12Gh ' Moeraki, Melbourne, via southern ports, 12th Indralema, Lyttelton, 12lh Moana, San Francisco, 13th BY TELEGRAPH. NEWCASTLE, 10th September. Arrived— MaUtua, froa New Zealand. AUCKLAND, 9th September Anrived— Navua (0.50 p.m.), from Fiji. 10th September. Arrived— Mimiro (6.80 a.m.), from Sydney. ONEHUNGA, 9th September Sailed— Ngapuhi (3.50 p.m.), for New ftaouthNEW PLYMOUTH, 10th September. Arrived— Ngapuhi (U. 45 a.m.), from Onehunga FOXTON, 10th September. Arriv3d—Gertie (8.30 a.m.), from Wellinirton NAPIER, 10th September. Arrived— SMokoia ( 1 a.m.), from Wellington. JPAREWELL SPIT, 10th September. Waitemata. parsed at 10.40 am. MOTUEKA, 10th September. . Arrived— Maiiaroa (9 a.m.), from Wellington. TARAKOHE, 10th September Sailed— Alexander (10 last night), for Wei/iDgton. PICTON, 9th September. Arrived— Pateeaa (4.30 p.m.), from Wellington. To eail— Pateenaf (9.30 p.m.), for Nelson. NELSON, 9th September. Sailed— Nikau (4V30 p.m.), for Motueka and .Wellington. 10th September. Arrived— Pateeaa v(4.50 a.m.), from Picton. Sailed— Pateena (8* a.m.), for Picton and Welilington. / LYTTU3LTON, Oth September. „ Arrived— Pukaki, iirom Weetport; Kairaki, »-'from flokitika; Wakatu, from Kaikoura.. ** SaUed— Opouri, for Greymouth; Storm, for \ Dunedin and Titnaru ; Himitangi (0.5 p.m.), for / Chatham islaod6; Kaifcangata, for W^stjxjrt. 10th September. Arrived— Maori (7 a.m.), from Wellington To bail— Maori (8.20 p.m.), for Wellington. * DUNEDIN, 9t)h September. Arrived— lnvereaxgill, from southern ports; FJora, from Webtport. BLTJFP 1 , 9th September. Sailed— TJUmaroa (5 p.m.), for Hobart and 'Melbourne. THE SYDNEY BOAT. The MoeraW, bound from Sydney to Wellington direct, has advised by -wireless that she expect* to make port at 10 a.m. to-morrow. [ She will berth at the Queen's Wharf on arf xival. WIRELESS FROM! THE AORAJ^GI. Coming from San Francisco to Wellington . the R.M.B. Aorangi was in wireless communicsvUon with the local radio office Jast night. She stated that »he was 829 miles away, and * wus battling against a head wind and a rough • head sea. The weather was squally. The cap&Un anticipated that he would reach Wei- " lington on Thursday afternoon. WITHIN WIRELESS RANGE. The following vessels will probably be within ■wireless range of Wellington this evening :— Moaaa (bound from Sydney to Wellington direct), Moeraki (from Sydney to Wellington direct), Uliinftioa (from Wellington, to Melbourne, via Bluff and Hobart), Aorangi (from San Francisco to Wellington, via Papeete and Rarotoiwi). Atua. (from Aucklnnd to South Sen MandF), Victoria (from Dunedin to Byd«y, vhi Lyttelton, Wellington, and Auckland). COtifXTHIC'S PASSENGERS. The Post's London corretpoudent advises lhi»t tlie CV>rinthic, which left London on the Sl*t July for Wellingtott, « bringing tho follo'.vins flrirt-clasft passenger* :— Mr and Mrtt A. P. Hooper, Mj- W. .W, Bertrand, and MJ«*

P. Bertrand, Mtb A. de Marzan de Perez, Mfss Coates, Nurse Douils, Nurse Molloy, Messrs H. fl. Oraveley, J. HamiHon, J. A. Macdonald, D, JlaclarUuie, D. C. Peacock, W. Keid, G. Reid, V. li. Perez. Those in the second-ela^s are : Mr and Mrs C. J. Badham and family (li), Mr and Mrs D. 0. Day and two sous, Mr J. Day. Mr and Mrs H. Garland, Mr aud Mrs J. A, McKenzle and toa, Mr and Mrs K. M. Wills, Miss Wills, Mr and Airs P. Wills, Mr and Mrs J. Yoekmonitz and two tons, Mrs and Miss Ciclirane, Mr and Mrs G. V. Davy, Mr J. Davy, Mr 11. H. Every. Mi-s Every, Miss Every and Master Every, Mrs E. W. MacLaren, and Mtss MacLaren, Mrs and Miss Steele, Mteses A. Benfleld, K. Durban, D. Harding, M. Myew», D. M. Read, E. Reynolds, E. C. Seamen, the Rev. C. Price, Messrs W. Clegg, P. F. Colboine. T. Dron, P. Jones, A. J. Lawrence, J. W. Leach, H. McCallum, J. McFarlane, A. Miller, E. Quartley, J. Rosenberg, E. D. Rowland, 'P. Spraggon, W. 0. Syder, J. Turner, Master C. Crosbie. In the third-class there are about 500 passengers. The Corinthic is commanded by Captain, Hart. Dr. L. W. ttradshaw is the medical officer. She is due at Wellington about the 20th September. TO LOAD AT NEW YORK. Advice has come to hand that the steamer Harpagus, which visited Kew Zealand laet year, has beeii chartered by ,tlie Tyeer Line to load at New York for Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Lyttelton, and Dunedin. She will leave New York oa the 25th Septem- | ber, and should arrive at this port towards j the end of December. I REMUERA DUE ON SATURDAY. Advice to hand received at the local office of the New Zealand Bhipping Company from Hobart is to the effect that the R.M.B. Remuera, bound from London to Wellington, via Capetown and Hobart, called from the latter port in. continuation ot her voyage at 10 o'clock last evening. Circumstances permitting, it ds expected that the vessel will put in an appearance early on Saturday morning. ROTORUA'S SMART PASSAGE. Cable information line been received at the local office of the New 'Zealand Shipping Company advising that the R.M.S, Rotorua arrived at 'London, from Wellington on Sunday last, the Bth * September. Her ilnal departure for Home was taken from this port on Wednesday, the 31st July, the whole voyage thus occupying 39 days— a smart performance. ' Captain Clifb, who has been awaiting in* struction.9 in Wellington, has joined the Monowai in place of Captain Edwin, who has gone on iholiday "leave. Captain Pryde has resumed command of the Koonya, vice Captain Holmes, who haß come aehore for orders, The Putiki, at present undergoing overhaul at Wellington, will go on .the Patent Slip next Thursday. The loc»l office of the New Zealand Shipping Company has been advfcsed ■that the Ruahine. coming from London to New Zealand, arrived at Capetown at 6 p.m. last Thursday, and left at midnight in continuation of her journey. Slie is due at Wellington on the 28th September. The Indralema arrived Jn port to-day from New York, via Australian port 9, Auckland, and Napier. After discharging 1100 tons of cargo she will Bail for Lyttelton at noon on Thursday. Captain Nicholas resumed command of the Opawa to-day. The Waihora will arrive in Wellington from Lyttelton on Friday next with the balance of her cargo of coal from Newcastle. After completing her discharge she will probably return direct to Newcastle. Mr. R. S. Smith signed off the Mokoia's articles yesterday afternoon as fifth engineer, and Mr. M. H. Abaitua haa also come dehorn

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SHIPPING. PORT OF WELLINGTON., Evening Post, Volume LXXXIV, Issue 62, 10 September 1912

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SHIPPING. PORT OF WELLINGTON. Evening Post, Volume LXXXIV, Issue 62, 10 September 1912

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