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Presented to both Houses of the General Assembly by Command of His Excellency the Governor-General.


Navy Office, Wellington, 30th April, 1937. The Honourable the Minister of Defence. I have the honour to address to you the following report on the Naval Forces oi the Dominion and the proceedings of the New Zealand Station during the year Ist April, 1936, to 31st March, 1937. Section I. —State. On Ist April, 1937, the New Zealand Division consisted of— HMS "Achilles" (broad pendant of the Commodore Commanding New Zealand Station); H.M.s! "Dunedin," arrived Portsmouth 29th March (to be relieved by H.M.S. " Leander ' on 30th April 1937) ; H.M.S. " Philomel," non-seagoing training and depot ship at Devonport, Auckland ; HMS " Wa'kakura "'(trawler) ; R.F.A. " Nucula " (Squadron oiler). _ _ 2 Two escort vessels, H.M. Ships " Leith " and " Wellington," are maintained on the Station by the Imperial Government under the orders of the Commodore Commanding. Section 11. 3 On 31st March 1937 there were 6 officers and 588 ratings borne on the active list who had been entered or recruited in New Zealand. An overall increase of 53 New Zealand ratings borne as compared with the numbers on 31st March, 1936. One officer and 20 Imperial ratings had been accepted for permanent service in the New Zealand Division of the Royal Navy. The ships companies were completed by 68 officers and 526 ratings loaned from the Imperial Service. 4 The ratings entered during the year included 40 boys for the Seaman and Communications Branches, 30 Stokers, and 8 ratings tor miscellaneous branches, making a total of 78. Recruiting has continued to be very satisfactory in the Seaman and Stoker Branches, but some difficulty has been experienced in obtaining suitably qualified skilled tradesmen for the Artificer Branches. 5 Thirty-four New Zealand ratings were discharged during the year. 6. A large number of New Zealand ratings has been sent during the year to establishments of the Royal Australian Navy, and a limited number to Royal Naval Establishments in the United Kingdom, for special courses of instruction in technical subjects. 7 Another batch of 30 New Zealand ratings has been sent to England to serve m the Royal Navy'on an interchange basis for approximately three years. The total number of New Zealand entries serving under this scheme is now 90. 8 The health and discipline of the ships' companies have been satisfactory. 9.' Two New Zealand ratings have been promoted to warrant rank during the year, one to Warrant Engineer and one to Warrant Electrician.


unde^reJew f — bWing advancements of New Zealand ratings have been made during the period Able Seaman to Acting Leading Seaman .. . . .. g Leading Seaman to Acting Petty Officer .. . . " c Petty Officer to Chief Petty Officer . . . . '' " j Telegraphist to Acting Leading Telegraphist Leading Telegraphist to Acting Petty Officer Telegraphist i Engine-room Artificer to Acting Chief Engine-room Artificer, 2nd class 1 Stoker to Acting Leading Stoker .. .. Leading Stoker to Acting Stoker Petty Officer Stoker Petty Officer to Chief Stoker .. .. '' " j Writer to Leading Writer .. .. . _ " " " 2 Supply Assistant to Leading Supply Assistant .. . . .. 2 Leading Supply Assistant to Supply Petty Officer .. . . .. 1 Cook to Leading Cook .. .. .. '' 1 Officers' Cook, 3rd class, to Officers' Cook, 2nd class " ..2 Officers' Cook, 2nd class, to Officers' Cook, Ist class ' J Stoker ratings to Acting Stoker Petty Officer (provisional selection as Mechanician candidates) g Section ĪĪl. —Civilian Employees. • , I , l ' S j V . en + f P^T elltl i Ce AJ 0r va " ous trades have been entered in the Naval Base. They are indentured to the Naval Officer m Charge at Auckland under conditions similar to those apprentices who are serving under the Public Works and Railways Departments. i l2 ' of , an agreement governing the conditions of service of the civilian workmen employed at the Naval Base are being negotiated with the respective trade-union officials. Section IV,— Personnel, Royal Naval Reserve (N.Z.D.) Dffl 13 ' To® Str ! ngtll ° f o tlle R °y al Naval Res erve on the 31st March, 1937, was as followsUmcers, 12; ratings, 113. total. 1 of lmS been approVed to mcrease the establishment of officers at the rate of two a year to a 15. His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the Royal Naval Reserve Officers Decoration to officers and Long Service and Cood Conduct Medals to men of the JNew Zealand Royal Naval Reserve under conditions set out in the Regulations. Section V.—Personnel, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (N.Z.D.). 16. The total numbers borne on the 31st March, 1937, were as follows : Officers, 66 ; men 543. i (. Last 11 lias been abolished, and a supernumerary list has been instituted. 18. Approximately 60 per cent, of the executive officers and 59 per cent, of the men performed obligatory training m H.M. ships Last year the percentages were 55 per cent, and 78 per cent, respectively. There is no fallmg-ofi m the keenness displayed by the men, but some employers have found it more difficult to co-operate. 19. Voluntary training was carried out by 11 officers and 105 men. 20. The provision of a new training trawler for reservists has been deferred pending the completion of other important commitments. 21. Minor additions have been made to the instructional gear at Divisional Headquarters, and the mine-sweeping equipment at Canterbury has been completed. 22. A suitable site belonging to the Otago Harbour Board has been provisionally selected for the erection thereon of new headquarters for the Otago Division at Dunedin, and plans are being prepared with a view to the work being taken in hand during the financial year 1938-39. 23 The Imperial escort vessels " Leith " and " Wellington " have rendered valuable assistance in the training of the R.N.V.R. by embarking officers and men for combined mine-sweeping exercises m conjunction with ' Wakakura." 24. The regulations governing the entry and advancement of ratings have been revised • ratings on entry are required to enrol for a period of four years, and, if recommended, may re-enrol for further periods of two years up to a total of twenty years' service. 25 5 1S Ma i. est y the Kin g has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the Volunteer Officers Decoration to officers and a Long Service and Good Conduct Medal to men of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (New Zealand Division) under conditions set out in the Regulations. Section Vl,— Proceedings (Cruisers op the New Zealand Division). -r> i 2 6' ?\ ISt Apn1 ' 1936 ' " AoM U es " (Captain I. G. Glennie, R.N.) was in Chatham Dockyard, having commissioned the previous day for service in the New Zealand Division. i^ 6 , left Chatham on 20th April, and, after embarking ammunition at Sheerness, sailed for Spithead on 22nd April. Whilst at Spithead, the Walrus aircraft was embarked, and catapult trials carried out.



28 Owing to the international situation in the Mediterranean, H.M.S Achilles was placed at the disposal of the Government in Great Britain, and was ordered to join the Second Cruiser Squadron, Home Fleet. She sailed from Spithead on 26th April and joined the flag of Vice-Admiral Commanding Second Cruiser Squadron, Home Fleet, at Gibraltar on Ist May. 29. H.M.S. "Achilles" carried out working-up practices and served with the Fleet, until its dispersal on 15th July. During this period very valuable experience was gained by the New Zealand <j oo k e d at Gibraltar between 12th and 16th July, and sailed for New Zealand on Frid S' Patajeout was made via Jamaica, Balboa, Nukuhiva (Marquesas Islands) Christmas Island Fanning Island, and Phoenix and Union Groups ; the ship arrived at Auckland, pining the broad pendant of the Commodore Commanding New Zealand Station on Sunday 6th September. „ 32. Leave was given to the New Zealand ratings who had left New Zealand m H.M.S. Dio ln °33° b HMS 35 '" Achilles" sailed from Auckland on sth November for a cruise to Wellington, Lytteltom Akaroa, Uunedin, and New Plymouth. She returned to Auckland on 3rd December to give leave and to Commodore Commanding New Zealand Station was transferred from " Dunedin to " Achilles "on sth January, 1937, Captain I. G. Glenme A.D.C., R.N., remainimg; as Flag Captain On 25th January, 1937, the ship sailed for Wellington, and the crew carried out their „1 Ist March for . crmse to Marlborough Sound,, Proton, and Auckland. She returned to Wellington on 22nd March. v AT , On 31st March " Achilles " sailed for a strategical exercise with Royal Australian Navy, who were - «SXMTiSFES pendant of the Commodore Commanding New Zealand Station) ™at Wellington. The ore, ... carrying on, the annn.l musketry course •* T S°'h M s"" Dunedin " sailed from Wellington on 27th April in company with the escort vessels, and returned to Auckland on 2» Aprii to give Easter „ iw for the Pacific IstodroraiionSXnl" Se visited tie Kermadec Islands, Nine, Vavau Suva, Nukualofa, J™ Pal PanSc, Bora Bora, and K.rotonga, and returned to Auckland on 28th August. Sf tīcZnd"« e<i 3 r n" VmT" pS„, Dunedin, ~ 40 - ration id Wefiington and returned to Auckland on 9th December to give Clmstmas SrKii- Dunedin's-» last visit to New Zealand pert, after nearly th.rteen year, " T « "n a« S »nrfe, of the broad pendant of the Commodore Commanding to " Achilles »on rs T -n p will oft DS f! ft N assumed command 01 Uunedin. Mb J»-'?. J-?,• ®iJ";he Cmied Engdem a, 1000 on 15th February. Passage -S. Section VII —Proceedings (H.M. Escort Vessels). 43 On Ist April, 1936, H.M.S. " Leith " (Captain 0. Bevir R.N.) was at Wellington, where her «eW 4 ~g»gJ*dZm d W,S"ton "ft arrS at Auckland on 2» April to prel T 5« " n Sh" U saLd for%hT I £cit al I d slands on 17th June. She visited ports in the n' '' ts PHViprt and Ellice Islands, Ocean Island, ports m the Phcemx Group, Suva, JKWSSk» Hebrides Islands, Noumea, and Norfolk Island, She retnmed to A "Tm. ™ «rttdtTin November, and the ship sailed for Mli «gt.n on 30th November. She there on 1« December, 1- C. P, Tud.ay, D.5.0., D.5.0., E,N„ relieved Captain 0. Bevir in \ . Christmas, and sailed for service with the High Camm"Se,bSnt«lta viSed exercise withi An,»;Jf g J, B. E, Hall, R.N.),was also at Danger Islands, Nokunono, Suva and NukualofoThe 5"%«», Marlborough Sounds, Darg.vrlie, Akaroa, and "St-h a- H. Loriston-Clarke relieved Commander J, B. B. Hail in command in JaBU £ y H.M 7 S. "Wellington" sailed in company with H.M.3, "Bcith" for a strategical exercise with the Royal Australian Navy on the 30th March.



Section VIII.—H.M.S. " Philomel." 54. H.M.S. ' Philomel" (Commander C. B. Tinley, R.N.) continues to act as training and depot ship at Devonport, Auckland. The ketch "Viking" was presented to the New Zealand Division by the Mayor of Auckland, Mr. (now Sir Ernest) Davis, and has proved of great value £*2?n"L s^r P :f; e ,'r ,ng m HMS - " Ph " ,m " l " h * d «* Section IX.—H.M.S. " Wakakura." . 55 ' J-MA " Wakakura " (Lieutenant K. H. J. L. Phibbs, R.N.) has been continuously employed training the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. y em P xo y ea 56. The ship is in good condition, both as to her hull and machinery 57. Ihis ship was also employed for a fortnight on survey work required for the Post and Telegraph Department m connection with the laying of the new Cook Strait telephone cable. Section X,— R.F.A. " Nucula." 58. R.F.A " Nucula " has transported three full cargoes of oil from California during the vear January,^l93*7 8 have , been car ™d. out, the ship was docked in April, 1936, and 59. It has now been decided to terminate her charter from the Admiralty. The ship will then £ Told."" " 86 Unt DeW NaVal oU " tank at Devon P° rt completed. She will Section Xl,— Naval Base. 60. The usual periodical dockings and refits have been carried out during the year 61 The new agreement with the Auckland Harbour Board whereby the Naval Department took 2S D«etbtl im 1 ™ 8 9 H * Ti " d »« k d»» • 4.1, Call , lo P e " r)ook llas been lengthened, and work is proceeding with the renewal and extension of the wharves necessary for the maintenance of two « Leander "class cruisers. Work on the reconstruction of the Naval Base under the three-year plan is progressing satisfactorily The actual construction of some of the buildings has been delayed due to difficulties of delivery of steel Work tank 001 *™ 6 6 an area t0 b<3 reclaimed m Stanle y Bay for the erection of a 12,000 ton oilSection Xll.—Naval Armament Depot. 63. Good progress has been made with the construction of the new depot at Kauri Point r ma ß a zmes of the seventeen authorized are nearing completion, and it is anticipated that a part of the explosives now at Fort Takapuna will be removed to the new depot in July 1937 This will relieve the overcrowding of explosives at Fort Takapuna. K s ' The wharf and 10 ton electric crane at Kauri Point are now available for use, and progress, has been made m the excavation and laying of concrete bases for the remaining magazines. 66. Fire hydrants and fire-fighting equipment have been installed and tested. Section Xlll.—Visits of Foreign War Vessels. Wpw 6 J- The French sloops « Savorgnan de Brazza » and " Rigault de Genouilly " visited the following New Zealand ports : Savorgnan de Brazza "—Auckland, 26th May to 3rd June 1936 • Wellington sth to Bth June, 1936. " Rigault de Genouilly "-Auckland, 26th April to 7th'May, 1936. ' February to mt&kSa. ""* " ■"* " A ' M " ā ** Section XlV.—Drills, Exercises, and Training Afloat. 69. The normal programme of exercises and drills has been carried out, The most valuable exercise period during the year was the period from Ist May to 15th July, when HM S " Achilles " 0 2 °" s,uacl ™ n ' du "" s ,ie »«««'»»»f«. Hoi n,, t °i° e L fK "v P ro f ™ e exercises was arranged with the Royal Australian Navy during the visit of the Royal Australian aval Squadron who, on 31st March, 1937, were on passage to Wellington 71. Combined mine-sweeping exercises by the two Imperial escort vessels were earned out in To "i 1 "' " Alt "~ ™ 1 K«?«l "aval I have, &c., E. R. Drummond, Rear Admiral, First Naval Member.

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By Authority: E. V. Paul, Acting Government Printer, Wellington.—l 937.

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H-05 NEW ZEALAND NAVAL FORCES. REPORT OF THE FIRST NAVAL MEMBER OF THE NAVAL BOARD FOR THE PERIOD 1st APRIL, 1936, TO 31st MARCH, 1937., Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives, 1 January 1937

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H-05 NEW ZEALAND NAVAL FORCES. REPORT OF THE FIRST NAVAL MEMBER OF THE NAVAL BOARD FOR THE PERIOD 1st APRIL, 1936, TO 31st MARCH, 1937. Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives, 1 January 1937