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RAND T. HAWORTPJhavo on sale— mHE undersigned aro in constant • 4Galvanized inn plain and corrugated receipt of— , Corrugated painted iron Black shcot iron Wollongong and Wellington butter Plain 6heot zino Irish bacon, new cure, to arrive Bay, rod, and flat iron, steel, &o. Irish and York hams, to avrivo Ridging, spouting, guttering, &o. j{ o \\ bacon, colonial * Smiths' flies, shoeing knives, &o. Boiled beef Pit, crosscut, and hand saws Spiced beef , All kinds of carpenters tools Gorman sausages Every description of ironmongery Adelaide flour Horse nails, American stoves, fendors & c . &o. &c. ' Kettles, boilers, &c, &o. Prp re sh butter and eggs on sale on Tea and coffee pots, and tinware of Rrr i Ya \ o f one]! B t C amcv from all kinds Nelson. A large assortment of paperhangmg and screen cloth fdr ditto JOHN SOLOMON AND CO., ' ,_, ""• . . IGS Diggers' Store, Eovell streot. T and G boards, pino boards . — Quartering, doors-,' sashes, mduldings, f\N 6ALE by tho Undersigned : — &c, &o. \J — — — Adolaido flour, silk dressed R. AND T. HAWORTH, Chilian flour • 104 Gibson's Oluay. ' Sinclair's bacon ■ * = Company's sugar ON SALEj Mauritius „ Fine congou, in boxos by tho Undersigned— Hhds and qr-casks MarteU's brandy Qr-casks Otard's brandy Brandy, C.V.P., qr-casks Hennossy's brandy, in case Ecd case gonova, JDKZ Sherry, qr-casks Bottled beer Tobacco Whiskey, dd . Sardines . Raisins Mauritius sugar Vostas, &c, &o. D. H. OLEYE AND CO., Cl B ays ' , Gibson's Quay, Tea, cdngdtt 160 • Next to Wharf streot. Kerosene ' COWLISHAW AND PLAISTED, Bottled pdrtoft Near tlle Post Office ' Gibson ' s Qua y' TJAVE ON SALE, Jams ' v . XX Wrought clout and Amorican tacks Fry's cocod . American nails and fldor brads ■ Walker's hbrso nails, Lockwood's Oars rasps . . ... ... 4/ , nnT ,^« : x/v Stub's files, Sorby's augers and chisels I" lUIN, HOUGHTdN fc CO. Prying pans, glue; chalk, traces' nti?<wn<i <? t MAuirq Awn on ack e »ains, sowing twihe, halters MESSRS S. L. MARKS AND CO. Scrubbing shoo and dandy brushes HAVE much pleasure in returning Curry combs, brass taps, anvils, thanks to their numerous customers BoDows, vices, hinges assorted for tho support recoived by them -during Carpontors 1 rim locks, builders ir'dntho past eight months ; and havo much mongory pleasure in stating tho business will bo M'Guiro's nugget and Hungarian carried on by thoir successors, boots ,;„„„„„ _ j. T , ¥ ,_^. T , „_, „_ Colonial watortights ■ MESSRS EJtERSON AND CO. Wholesale and rotail. 168 In roforohce 1 io tho above advertise- LAND ! LAND ! # mont, wo havo much pleasure in stating, it is our intention to keep a large «]nd well „ For Sale by Privato Treaty. assorted stock df Wines and Spirits, and • " every articlo required in tho trado 5 in QEVER.AL of tho best business sitos in addition, also, it is our intention to have Hokltiktti always ott hand a general assortment df Apply to — Groceries and Provisions, tho whole of Claiike Brothebs, which have been carefully selected, and 169 Gibsons's Quay. guaranteed at rill times of tho best quality. The undorsignod beg to draw attention TIMBER. TIMBER. TIMBER. to tho following goods, imported direct from tho best houses in Europe :- nOKITIKA SAW MILLS, GIBSON'S QUAY. Hal™ barrels 1 pork (About 300 Yards past the Custom -House). Duffleld's Bupcrfino silk-dressed Ade- ,4, „ „, _. ,_ , laido flour • Builders, Contractors, and Others. Sujjerior Woollongongbuttcr &^—^ Dried apples . ' n ftnnouncni X that the Holdtika Saw WilViA'n hiwMii'fq Jlills nvo now cuttin g. nntl tbat 110 is prepared VVUKios mscuiis . to execute orders for any description of Boards Sugar, yollow crystals an(l Scantling) on the 81 / Ortest noUce . Do fane white Orderß left nt lll(5 MiH or nt <J)e offico of Half-chests tea (Elizabeth) R. & t, Haworth Gibson's Quay, will be puncBoxes toa _ bally attended to. Guinoss' stout, quarts ' 170 WNDLAY & HAWORTH, Proprietors. Do do, pints , ls2ssXu* * Friond PIIOENIX BREWEEY. Cawarra, quarts (from Camden vine- _ , . ; L .„ . yard) "\^7" & acquaint publicans and St Julion claret consumers that pur New Brew of r Qr-casks port wino, <tf><lt><S> XXX Ale and Porter is now ready, and Geneva^ ' tnat w0 aro P re P are^ to supply them wilh it in bulk or bottle. Fresh Yeast and Grains. Packers supplied at wholesale prices. ' PIZZEY & ARKELL, 171 Weld streot. A. R. EMERSON AND CO., : t, f „ . . FREDERIC LASSETTER, Eovoll streot, , ' WHOLESALE, RETAIL AND EXPORT (Noxt tho Bank of New South Wales.) ', IRONMONGER. 237 ■ BEGS to call tho attention of tho New ZeaT- r *^«« «*, ~ land trade to tho advantages his house OTHERS. o (f ers to t, nose w lk, may favour him with their To Arrive per s.^Star of tho South. "^J .g. g gom of tho ]argcafc oxport _ _ _ . „ trades in hardware in the Colonies, but har, not Perry Davis s Painkillor hitherto given special attention to tho Now ZoaHolloway's pills and ointment land market ; ho is now, however, desirous of Tartario aoid, in crystals showing that ho can oxecute ordors in n style Do do, powdered nnd manner, and at prices, which are calculated Carbonato of soda to ensure a permanent connection with thoso Castor oils wu ° raa y cntinst orders to his care. I<insecd oU, in 5-gall drums WHOLSALE BUYERS Varnishes, &c. w jh benefit by selecting goods which have been bought in the English, Continental and American J. 0. BROOKE & CO., markets, by our own buyers, in ' the closest ■Wlmln«snln T)MifrmqlQ possible manner, and with a personal knowledge VynolosaloJJniggists, f the iroin^ nt 3of tllo Colonial trade. Rovoll-street (opposite Wold- Owing £„ my vory i nrge rotail trade tho asstreot), t Borlment of goods is much more extensive than 168 Hokitika. is possible for any house exclusively wholesale to 1 '■■ ' ' ■ keep; this secures a complete execution of the ON SALE— ordor, an advantage which will bo duly appreoiated by tho New Zealand tiadors. Adelaido flouv (Hart's, Duffiold's) I have now on sale the best assorted stock of and various Chilian brands general hardware in the colonies, comprising toolb and matorials for builders, cavponters, JL & C BURKE kCO blacksmiths, wheelwrights, tinsmiths, Bhip-Wbarf-sJt 1 ' Si «•** » tab ™' "-1— " "*- ~~ " ' Collins steel Amorican diggers' shovels and FOR SALE, OR TO LET, axes Amos long and D handled shovols, &c. ONE of Alcock's best, new, full sized rci^nt prizejloughs and agricultural implements BUliard Tables, complete. 1 A B ingle and double IGI CASSIUS AND COMISKEY. borctl guns, revolvers, carbines, repeating rifles, — rovolving riflca, &c, and all kinds of atnmuniTR. PROCTER, Uon. • Every nvtido of utility or olegauco required in WORKING GOLDSMITH & JEWELLER, ]m ™ f iu .' nis ] 1 1 in £ > „ .. 1»1 „ 1 n n BBVBW BTBBBT, HOKITIKA. Superior Bliefteld outleryj plated and metal . wavo for' tho tablo. Watclios and Clocks Carefully Repaired ' S^latntfgoods for drawing-room and Accurately Adjusted. OooWng gtoves 0^ welUried Kug n s h, ivr i- /-» me !i r i Ij. t> *j. Amoripan, nnd Scotoh patterns, and Nativo Gold Manufactured to any Pattern cooki emila or Dosign by Experienced Workmen. . Lamp 3o f all descriptions Amalgamated Gold 'Retorted, Rofinod, Continual arrivals of ovory articlo required by '*•' 'and prepared, for Market in tho . dealers in hardware. prorfonco bf tho owners. — -*- . ' ' . — — Export orders, to ensure fmmodiato dospatoh, Nono but tho Best Workmen, under the must Ijo accompanied by eithor a remittance or a immodiato direction of T. 11. P., reference to a banker or merchants, aro . engaged .at this v ~ 6 — cslabhslunont. ■ FREDERIC LASSE'fTER, N.B.~Highcst Pric7 given for Gold! ' " "*«• «W ■»«•*» Sydney, ' 135 136 " Now South "Wales.

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