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ANNUAL ELECTIONS. Meetings of householders for the election of school committees were hold lost evening. WEST CHRISTCHURCH. There was only a small attendance. Dr Chilton occupied the chair. The old committee was elected unopposed, as'follows;—Messrs G. Barrel!) W. B. Bultitude, H. Holland, Edward ; a gl'S) John Middleton, E. Parlane and “• k AVHitliam, the Rev F. Rule and Dr Chilton. CHRISTCHURCH EAST. Mr A. F. Drayton presided over a' large attendance. Hie following committee was elected: —Messrs A. Pevorill (chairman), A. Allard, F. Armitage, F. H. Fowler, AA 7 . O. Orme, G. H. Horsfall, J. Jamieson, J. H. White and A. L. Wilkinson. SYDENHAM. There was an attendance of about 200. Mr C. Allison was voter! to tho chair. Fourteen nominations were received for the committee, and the following nine were elected:—Mesdamcs A. Risley and S. Willoughby, and Messrs F. A. Frayle, T. H. Butterfield, 11. J. Duncan, G, P. Taylor, C. H. B. Poore, E L. M’Keon and John Butterfield. ST ALBANS. Mr B. H. Andrews was voted to the chair and presided over a largo attendance of householders. The following committee was. elected; —Messrs J. Atucfarlane (chairman), E. H. Andrews, D. Arnott (treasurer), F. Cole, G. E. Franklin, C. E. Green, P. C. Lucas, T. P. Moore and J. B. Struthers. ELMW r OOD. Mr A. F. Carey presided over, an attendance of about twenty-five. All the members of tho old committee were re-elected unopposed, as follows:—Messrs Wl Jones (chairman), J. Baxter,'H. R. Best, L. B. Hart. A. E. Keys, W 7 . A. M. Musgvovc, H. J. Mogridge, S. R. W 7 ebh and J. D. Fraser.. RICHMOND. Mr H. Langford presided over an attendance of about twenty householders. . Tlie election of committee resulted as follows; Messrs H'. Langford (chairman), E. C. Brown (secretary), J. Burgess. W r . J. Halliday, J. Kearney, 0. A.‘Lowry, S. Pentecost (treasurer), G. P. Purnell and AY. Taylor. LINW 7 OOD. There was a fair attendance of householders, and Mr R. Carter presided. The following were elected a committee for the ensuing year:—Messrs R. Carter (chairman), W. H. Denton, D. Coulter, G. Phillips, H. J. Bowlker (secretary), F. G. King, R. H. Wilson, H. F. Herbert and H. Macintosh, RICCARTON. Mr Thomas Newnham presided oyer an attendance of about sixty. The following committee was elected: —Messrs Bucknoll (chairman), Ackerley (secretary), Newnham, Milner. Chaney, Wallace, Lang, Marshall and Longlcy. W 7 at;THAM. There was a fair attendance, and Mr C. Y. Harvey occupied .the chair. Only- eight nominations were received for election to the nine seats on the new committee, viz., Mesdames Wilson and Besley, Messrs C. V. Harvey, T. Mortlock-, W 7 . Wlaight, J. L. Forde, T. C. Hill and A. Watkins, and they were declared elected. It. was resolved to recommend the board to appoint Mrs Milton to the vacancy. At a meeting of the new committee, Mr C. V. Ear vey was elected chairman, Mr T. Mortlock treasurer, and Miss P. Clemens secretary. SPREYDON. Mr W 7 . Fenner presided over a fairly good attendance. The following committee was elected: -Messrs AY. J. Wills, AY. H, AA 7 eir. AY. Fenner. I). AAllliamsou, A\ 7 . J. Mulcock, H. E. Green and A r . Freeman. At _ a meeting of the newly-elected committee, held afterwards, Mr W. Fenner was re-elected chairman. OPAWA. t There was a good attendance, and Mr R. H. Turner presided. The following committee was elected for the ensuing year:—Messrs R, H. Turner, J. AY. Trist, James Farrar. T. AY. AA'cst, J. F. Scott, J. D. (Butler, P. Pycroft, F. Adams and E. J. Dennis. SOMERFIELD. Air J. Hadfield presided over a fairly lanro attendance. Tho following committee was elected; —Messrs C. Craig, J. Brightmoro, 0. W. Rudkin, A. L. do Ron. R. Campbell, S. AA 7 . Taylor. S. M’lllroy, J. W. Bunt and W 7 . Ricketts. W 7 OOLSTON. A very large meeting .of AVoolston householders was presided over by Air J. Oleworth. The committee’s annual report referred to necessary improvements that had been made to the school during the past year, and to various other improvements that needed effecting. The following committee was elected: —Mesdames A. Newton and Baker, Messrs A. G. Hooper (chairman), J. Ramsay, T. Schow. R. Timms, D. Rowse, J. AYcbster and G. S. AVhite. ’ PAPANUI. There wa.-i an attendance of about sixty householders. Mr Hogg presided. The following committee was elected; —Mesdames C. 0. Taylor, G. Barnard and E. AYoodham, and Messrs F. J, Barnard, R. A. Patrick, L. Grimwood, G. AAMod, Charles Hadley and AM R. Smith AVHARENUI. The annual meeting was not largely attended. Air T. Haberfield, chairman of the committee, presided. Tho following committee was elected without opposition;—Alesdamcs F. A, AVhite ami S. Stanton. Messrs T. Haherfield, G. Bares, G. 1). Boyd, J. Single-

ton, I>. L. Al’Lean, B. Wilson, and F. J. Chambers. At a subsequent meeting of tho committee, Mr T. Haberfield was re-elected chairman, Mr J. Singleton secretary, and Messrs Haberfield and Wilson and Mrs White delegates to tho School Association. ADDINGTON. At tire annual meeting of householders Mr W. R. Gahagan presided over a large attendance. iim followiiig committee was elected: —-Messrs G. H7 Billcliff, W. G. Burns, J. Down, W. R. Gahagiin .chairman), R. Jenkins, F. Mathicson, G. Sloan, Mosdames A. J. Pratt and J. A. Merry. OTHER ELECTIONS. Shirley.—Messrs C. F. Thompson (chairman). J. W. Beanland, James Lonrnor, E. A. Evans, 11. floppy A. J. Barrett, A. IS. W, Ward, R. M. Donaldson and John Griffin. Aranui.—Messrs W. H. Quick (chairman), F. W. James, A. Bloxham, AV. H. Cunningham and Mrs Sprosen (seevetary). It was resolved to urge tho Education Board to attend to tho heating apparatus in the school, as at present it was quite impossible to adequately warm tho building. Sumner.—Messrs D. Lumsden (chairman), G. A. Alexander (secretary), Mosdames F. Barber. W. G. Roberts and D. Bates, and Messrs 0. Beniamin G. F. Newman, F. H, R. Neville and J. H, Thomas. Re del ids.—Messrs A. Holden (chairman). W Chaffey. W. Etheridge,' Hines and Hullett. Belfast.—Messrs AA 7 . P. Spencer (chairman) B. Harris, J. Cloland. A. Lawn, J. Beagloy, F. Childs, W. H Skidmore and J. C. Alnsson, and the Rev r. M. Curnow (secretary). New Brighton.—Messrs A. Hulme, F. Ward, F. Sincock, E. Langford, J. Buxton, C. AYinny, 6. Henry, Mrs H. B- , nr k ailc l W. Bellamy. Mr ward was elected chairman and Mr Hulme secretary, Beckenham.— Messrs Charters (chair™all), Bullen, Champion, Farrant, M Alister. Peek, Papperill,' T. Q. Carlisle (secretary and treasurer), and the Rev W. Tanner. Messrs M’Allister, Carlisle and Tanner were elected delegates to the School Committees Association. An increase of incidental grants by resolution. West Lyttelton.—Messrs F. J. Page (chairman). H. Fletcher, E. Holst, A. Guy, A. Johnston, H. Derbridge and J. Gower (secretary). Kaiapoi.—Messrs R. Dunn (chairman), J. Hurst, H. Trustrum and A. R- Pavitt. Another meeting of householders Mull be held on April 28 to elect another five members to complete the committee. Rangiora.—Messrs H. A. Archdall (chairman), F. B. Lane, J. Marshall, H. Cobden Cox. H. Cockroft. C. I. Jennings, R. Ball and the Revs F. P. Fend all and J. Guy. Mr 0. A. Cunningham was appointed secretary. Th.o annual balance-sheet showed a credit of £29 1.2s 9d. Sympathy was expressed witli the relatives of forty-five exscholars who had made the supreme sacrifice in the great war. The principle that school hooks should he supplied at cost price wa? reaffirmed. It was also decided t<s urge the desirability o£ providing uniform hooks for the Schools in the Dominion. It was resolved to record grateful appreciation of the splendid work done in the school by Miss Buchanan. who is retiring on superannuation.

, Ashburton Borough.—Rev H. N. Wright, Alessrs AA 7 . Osman, AA T . G. Hillier. J. Argyle, R. Huston, J. B. Christian, J. H. Al’Donald, AY. H. AA r oods and S. H. Broom. ' Squthbrook.—Alessrs A. Al’lntosh (chairman), S. G. Jones, AA 7 . J. Young, AY. J; Hamilton, J. Campbell, S. Kirk and J. Martin. Ouruhia.—Alessrs H. J. Horne (chairman). J. D. AAllliams (secretary), J. A. Brown, E. H. Ashby and E. A. Stead. Harewood.—The following committee was elected: —Alessrs H., T. Twos© (chairman), E. S. Skilton, J. Burrows, G. Shipley, W. R. Hockey, J. AY. Horne and C- Gibhard (secretary). Bromley.—The following committee was elected: : —Alessrs Briggs (chairman), Carr, King, Dryden and Aloor© (secretary). : y ■--- Burwood.—The" report' and "balancesheet were adopted. The election of the School Comumittee resulted as follows;—Alessrs S. C- Thompson, J. Lindley, J- H. Rowse, A. Farrar, H. AVilkins, AY. H. Benson and Mrs L. Lindley- At a meeting of the newlyelected committee Air S. C. Thompson was re-elected chairman and Air J. Lindley honorary secretary. Halswoll.—The following committee was appointed:—Alessrs Smith (chairman), Tyson (secretary), Ferguson, Oldridge and AVood. A hearty vote of thanks was proposed to the teaching staff and outgoing committee. Rakaia.—Owing to the small attendance the election was postponed. Heathcote Ali-lley—Alessrs J. AYeir (chairman). D. Sword (secretary), AY. H. Radcliffo, G. Gray, AA 7 - J. Evans, P. Smith and AA 7 . Grazier were elected. Prebbleton—Alessrs Thomas Robins (chairman) J. Hartnell (secretary), A. Gallagher, H. J. Chesmar and F. E. Prcbble were elected. Hanmer Springs.—H. Farrow (chairman). C. E- Christensen, AA 7 . R.. Alorrlson, H. J- K. AYinstono and Airs Atoar (secretary) were elected. Marshland.—Alessrs D. Goode (chairman), G. Chisnall (treasurer), AA 7 . Lange, F. Rogal, P. Basher, J. Goodman and AY. Curtis. Templeton. Alessrs H. Robinson (chairman). J.. Stirling (secretary), S. Price, J. Stuart, H. Anthony and H. Needham. Kinvec.—Alessrs J. F. Lnwrey (chairman), AA 7 . Rout. AY. H. Alarsh, D. Gallagher and 0. Page. AA T eedons.—Alessrs AAI E. Alulcock (chairman), J. Curragh, D. APAlnnie, J. Stonyer and J. Al’Leod. Rolleston. —Alessrs Pearce (chairman), Deed (secretary)., Sandrey. Sutherland and Davidson. . The following resolution was carried:—“ That this meeting of householders of Rolleston strongly recommends that the Afinister of Education should revise the salaries of the school teachers in the Dominion, as owing to the high price of commodities and necessaries of life the present rate of salaries is totally inadequate to Ruvmort them in the position which they hold.” Hornbv.—Alessrs AI. Evans (chairman). Af. Hillary (secretary), G. T. Brown, R. APDonald, A. Taylor G. AY. Blakeley, J. E. Rountree, H. Kavanagh and C. H. Frances.

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SCHOOL COMMITTEES., Star, Issue 12605, 15 April 1919

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SCHOOL COMMITTEES. Star, Issue 12605, 15 April 1919

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