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NEW ZEALAND CASUALTIES, [Per Press Association.] WELLINGTON, April 17. A list of casualties in tho Now Ecalanrl Expeditionary Forces was issued to-day. All aro privates unless otherwise mentioned. Tho names of next o[ kin are given in parentheses, tho relationship being denoted by m. for mother, f. I or father, w. for wife, e. for sister, and so on. The list is as follows: CANTERBURY DISTRICT. KILLED IN ACTION. CANTERBURY INFANTRY. (April 5.) ROBERTSON, Hajrry Bryden (J. Robertson, Hinds, L). ■ RIFLE BRIGADE. (March 2G.) BERRY, Joseph (Mrs A. Berry, Yorkshire, m.j. CAMERON, John (D. Cameron, Ashburton, f.j. DOWD, John (Miss T. Dowd, Edge ware Hoad, ( St Albans s.). - M’QUEEN, William Alexander, corporal (Mrs W. Lawson. Timarw). (March 27.) BAYNE, James John (Mrs M. E. Bayne, Crcsswoll Avenue, Bunvood, w.). CARR, Edward Martin, lance-corporal (Mrs M. Carr, Wordsworth Street, Sydenham, w.). GAb LOR, Henry Charles Douglas (Henry C, D. Gaylor, Woodstock Hokitika f.). GUILFORD, Walter (Mrs J Guilford, Sherborne Street. St Albans, w.). M’FADDEN, Joseph Edward (Mrs A. M’Faddon, Kelly’s Road, St Albans, m.). PINKERTON, Robert (Mrs S. D. Pinkerton, Pairlie, w.j. TOSECK, Leonard William (Mrs A. Tobeck, Tai Tapu, Canterbury, in.). WEIR, Henry fMrs L. Weir, Upper Eiccnrton, Christchurch, m.). (March 28.) BOYCE, John Stanley (D. Boyce, Amberley, (March 25.) LAFIEY, John Timothy (J. Laffcy, Tinwald, LEAH, Henry Lawson, lance-corporal (J. A. _ Leah, Timaru, f.). LYONS, George Matthew (Mrs A. Lyons, Colombo Street, Christchurch, m.). MOORE. Alfred Kcttley (Mrs H. Moore, Moray Place, St Albans, m.). PATCHETT, Edward Ernest (Mrs M. Patchett, Blenheim, m.), WILSON, Albert (Mrs J, Wilson, Cranlcy Street, Bromley). (March 30.) RUCK, Frederick Thomas, lance-corporal c-irrmll 3 England, m,). SMITH, Frank Leonard (D. Smith, Beacondale, England, b.). STEPHENS, John (William Stephens, Timaru, b.). (April 5.) DELLOW Arthur John, lance-corporal (Mrs E. K. De.l!ow, Ashburton, m.). (April 6.) BUCHLEB, Frederick Lancelot, temporarycaptain (Mrs S. Buchler, Ashburton, m.). RIFLE BRIGADE. (March 29.) John, corporal (Miss A. Engelbrccht, Eossall Street, Christchurch, BROOK, Joseph, lar.ce-oorpora! (David Brook. Ashburton, f.). ’ DIED OF WOUNDS. ( (March 27.) AUCKLAND INFANTRY. HOGG, Thomas (Mrs A. Cain, Droraore, Canterbury, s.) RIFLE BRIGADE. (April G.) PERYMAN, Leonard Wesley, corporal (Henry E. Peryman, Tai Tapu, Christchurch, {.). WOUNDED. ( (March 30.) ARTILLERY. BELL, Douglas (- Bell, Hawera Flat, {.). WELLINGTON INFANTRY, (April 5.) ( Tom, lance-corporal (Mrs F. A. Hulme, Linwood Avenue, Christchurch! RIFLE BRIGADE. (April 5.) SHEAT (M.M.), Charles Millard, lanco-set-gean. (Geo. Sheat, Dunsandal, f.) Wounded accidentally;— RIFLE BRIGADE. (April 2.) GARDINER. P. B. (Mrs Gardiner, Scotland, m.) Wounded, admitted to hospital: ARTILLERY. (April I.) £! fred daincs .i lance-corporal (Alfred Snclhiig, Stephens Street, Sydenham, f.) CANTERBURY INFANTRY, (April 6.) DRUMMOND. A. R. (A. Drummond, Stanley Brook, Nelson, f.) LOBB, T. (Mrs E. Lobb, England, m.) TAYLOR, J. (J. Taylor. Scotland, f.) WHITE, Charles Earnshaw (Miss C. White Clyde Road, Fcudaltou, s.) ’ (April 7.) BIRD, Andrew Boswell (Mrs E, Hotdmap, Geraldine). LAY SON, John "William fE G. P, Lawson, Kaikoura, f.) LINDSAY’, Donald James lance-corporal (Mrs C. R. Lind say, Greymouth, m.) McPHERSON, Stanley Mitchell, corporal (John M’Phersop, Cheviot, f.) NICKELS, Norman (Mrs M. Nickels, Shirley Rond, Christchurch, w.) RIFLE BRIGADE, (March 30.) CAMPBELL, Donald (G. Hill. Lyttelton). (April 2 ) WHITE, J. W. (R. T. White, Nydia Bay, b.) (April o.) CAMPBELL, John William (Mrs M. Campbell, Geraldine, m.) M’COLL, Malcolm, lance-corporal (Mrs L. F. M’Coli, Geraldine, m.) M’DONALD, John (G. M’Donald, Kimbell, Fairlic). WILSON, Georso, lance-corporal (D. Wilson, Ward, Marlborough, f.) (April 6.) CARR, Thomas Goodall (Mrs T. Habberjam, Doyleston, s.) MOXHAM, George (Miss B. M. Smith, Opawa, Christcliurch). MURPHY, William (Edward Murphy, Pleasant Point f.) O’LEARY, John, corporal (Mrs M. O’Leary, Dickens Street. Addington) REEVES, Homy (Mrs T. Blank, Timaru, s.) SINCLAIR, J.. lance-corporal (D, Sinclair, Saskatchewan, Canada, b.) (April 7.) ALDRIDGE, Frederick James (Mrs J. Aldridge, Tinwald, in.) SMITH. Bertie Thomas, lance-corporal (Mrs G. Smith, Timaru, in.) ENTRENCHING BATTALION. (March 31.) M’CONYILLE, J. (Mrs M. M’Convillo, Scotland, w.) Slightly wounded, remaining with unit: ARTILLERY. (April 2.) EODGERSON, Richard (Janies Eodgcrsou, Ferry Road. Christchurch, f.) WELLINGTON INFANTRY. (April i.) ANDERSON, "William (Mrs B. Anderson, Staveley, Canterbury, m.) CANTERBURY INFANTRY. (March 27.) SHAW, Walter John (Mrs G. Shaw, Timaru. m.) (March 23.) KENNY’, C. E. T. (Mrs E M, Stewart, Ngatimote, Nelson, s.) AUCKLAND DISTRICT. KILLED IN ACTION. ARTILLERY. (April S.J TYTE, A, J. (A. Tye, England, f.) RIFLE BRIGADE. (March 23.) CLOTHIER, C. A. (Mrs M. Clothier, Waiuku, in.) KINAIIAN", E. (Mrs G. Iletloy, Ponsonby, s.) LAND, A. F. (E. 0. Land, Te Aroha, f.) (March 27.) LEES, 11. J., lance-corporal (Mrs J. Lees, Kobukolm'. (March 28.) BATKIE. I). S. 'M.r( ,J. Baikic. Tuuriipga,

DERBYSHIRE, W. F., lance-corporal (Mrs W. Derbyshire, M.amirowa, m.) LOCKE, J. E. (F. Locke, Auckland, b.) MURRAY, M., lance-corporal (Mrs M. Hockey, Fiikekohe, e.) TUORBURN, C. S. (Mrs L. Thorbuxn, Thames, ra.) (March 29.) GORDON, H. T., sergeant (W. T. Gordon, Ohinomutu, Rotorua). IRVINE, J. S lance-sergeant (Mrs M. Irvine, Quhuhu, in.) MARTEN, C. (J. Marten, Auckland, {.) O'MEARA, ,T. (J. O'Meara, Swansea, Auckland, f.) VAUGHAN, J. (Mrs Laos, Kohukohu). (March 30.) CRONIN, T. (M. Cronin, Manawaru, Te Aroha I.) HULLTEN, J. G. (L. Hullten, Milford, Auckland, f.) M'KENZIE, J. (Mrs M. M’Pherson, Scotland, s.) (April 5.) BARTRUM, C. F,, corporal (J. A. Bartrum, Auckland, hj.) DOBSON, J., sergeant (M. Dobson, liarangaliake, w.) (March 27.) CORIN, VV. 11. (Mrs F. J. Corin, Otahuhu, m.) R. H. (R. Williams. Te Puke, (March 29.) THOMPSON, 0. C. (Mrs Thompson, Now South Wales, m.) (March 30.) RADFORD, R, C. (J. G. Radford, Dcvonport. f.) KEANE, G. W. (D. Keane, Arntapu, Kaipara, f.) Previously reported wounded, now reported killed in action; AUCKLAND INFANTRY. (March 30.) M'DONALD, H, C. (Mrs E. M'Donald, Avondale, m.) As a result of Court of Inquiry, previously reported missing, now reported killed in action:— AUCKLAND INFANTRY. (October 4, 1917.) BARTON, P. G. (Mrs F. Barton, Bayswater, Auckland, ra.) DOYLE, J. (Mrs L. M Doyle, Auckland). POPE, E. T. (C. Pope, Mangatawhiri Valley, Auckland, f.) REID, A. (L. Reid, England, hj.) Previously reported wounded and missing, now reported killed in action:— AUCKLAND INFANTRY. (October 4, 1917.) BELL, P. (J. 8011, England, f.) BRENAN, E. L., corporal (J. Brenan, Pacroa, f.). CRAWFORD, T. (J. Crawford,' Howick, Auckland, f.). ELMBRANCH, J. F. (Mrs A. H, Elmbranch, Auckland, m.). JACOBS, W. M. (Mrs E. Casey, Auckland). INGRAM, W. P. (W. Ingram, Helensville, f-)-SHERLOCK, A. C. (A. Sherlock, Thames, DIED OF WOUNDS. AUCKLAND INFANTRY. (April 4.) FRANKHAM, W. E. (C, H. Frankham, Papatoetoe, f.). (April 6.) SCOTT, W. K. (W. Scott, Paeroa, f.). Previously reported killed in action, now reported died of wounds: AUCKLAND INFANTRY. (April 1.) BOWYER, A. H., lance-corporal (Mrs A, C. joowrer, Ponsonby), MISSING, BELIEVED DEAD. (As result of Court of Inquiry.) DENTAL CORPS, WARD, C. K., captain (Mrs H, R. Ward, Wellington South, m.). CORRECTION. Previously reported wounded, now reported not wounded:— AUCKLAND INFANTRY. LAIRD, W. M. (Mrs E. J. Laird, Epsom, w.). WOUNDED. ARTILLERY. CANTERBURY INFANTRY. (April 5.) FOSTER, H. K., captain (F, Foster, England). ° (April 7.) JONES, A. H. (Mrs F. M. Jones, Patumahoe, via Pukekohe, m.) WELLINGTON DISTRICT. KILLED IN ACTION. CANTERBURY INFANTRY. (March 29.) COOPER, M. J. (Mrs C. Cooper, Danne\irke, w.) RIFLE BRIGADE. (March 26.) MOHAN, E. (M. Mohan, Ireland, f.) (March 27.) COCHRANE, J. (J. Cochrane, England f) PEARCE, V. W. (M.M.), corpora? ’ & Pearce, England, f.) KLINK, C. A., lance-corporal 1 (M, Klink Pohangina, ra.) ’ MAROHANT, A. B. (F. Marchant, Hastings). (March 25.) HEATON, E. D. H. (Mrs H. M. Heaton, Lower Hutt, m.) PERRY, W. A., lance-corporal (G. H. Perrv England). ’ WALL, P. IT. (C. Duckett, Awapuna, Taranaki). (March 29.) BARTHOLOMEW, K. M. (Mrs A. T. Bartholomew, Feilding, w.) DOGGEXT, A. C. (Mrs M. Doggctt, Hastings, in.) JACKSON, J. (J. Jackson, Irehnd, f.) KUPLI, M. (Mrs E. Kupli, Hataitai, Wellington). MA.CE, G. G., lance-corporal (Mrs N. P, Mace, Mnsterton, w.) OWEN, W. (S-. Owen, Gisborne, m.) (Match 30.) BEATTY, G., lance-corporal (Miss J. Beatty, Urautaoroa, Hawke's Bay, s.) JAMIESON, J. G., sergeant (Mrs A, Jamieson, Palmersion North, m.) KING, T. (J. Maher, Wellington, f.) RAY. B. (M.M.) (T. Ray, Gladstone, hj.) WAKELIN, L, T., lance-corporal (Mrs M, A. Wakelin, Huitervillc, w.) (April 2.) KATTERSON, J. (Mrs M. Katterson, Ireland, m ; (April 5.) GOLDSMITH, J. R. (J. Goldsmith, Masterton. f.) HUNT,' R, H. W. T. (Miss L. G. Evans, Tokomarn). As a result of Court of Inquiry, previously reported wounded and missing, now report'd killed in action on October 4, 1917: GOULD, W. A., lance-corpoial (E, P. Gould, . Eltham, b.) LAURENCE, P. (Miss A. E, Laurence, Lower Hutt). AUCKLAND INFANTRY. FINLAYSON, J. L, (Mrs M. Finlayson, Petane, m.) WASLEY, A. S., lance-corporal (W. Wasley, Hawera, f.) JONES, L. M. (Mrs J. E. Jones, Urenui, m.) DIED OE WOUNDS. RIFLE BRIGADE. (April 5.) FABLING, J. (H. Fabling, Kilbirnie, Wellington). WELLINGTON INFANTRY. (April 12.) RICHARDSON, L. C. (Mrs L. K. Richardson, Ohakune, m.) OTAGO INFANTRY. (Anril 12.) HASTIE, G. (Mrs M Cameron. Palmerston North, £.) (April 13.) NEWELL, D. E.. lance-corporal (Mis A. M. Newell, New Plymouth, m.) RIFLE BRIGADE. (April 7.) PETERSEN, H. L. C. (Mrs E. Peteisen, Patea, m.) DIED OE SICKNESS. PIONEERS. (April 14.) KONUKE, P. (A. Konuke, Wairca, m.) WOUNDED. CANTERBURY INFANTRY. (March 27.) REID, R. T., lance-corporal (Mrs T. Reid, Clarcville, m.). OTAGO DISTRICT. KILLED IN ACTION. RIFLE BRIGADE. (March 26.) REYNOLDS. CL 25... (Mrs V,. Remold* England, ni.) i

(March 27.) MENZIBS, D. (T. Mercies, Lumsden, South* land, f.) PACEY, W. (Mrs W. Pacey, St Clair, Duneclin, w.) SHEPHERD, R F., lance-corporal (Mrs J. Shepherd, Invercargill, tn.) (March 28.) BIRCHALL, A. A, (Mrs S. Birchall, Roslyn Dunedin, m.) PRICT.OR, J. A. (Miss L. Prictor, Dunedin, »•) , (March 29.) RIELY. T. (Mrs M. Kioly, Raikorai, rn.) SHANKLAND, .1. (Mrs J. Shankland Invcr- __ cargill, m.) SNELL, G. D., corporal (J, B. Snell, Moagiel, f.) V ATKINS, R. W. (Mrs B. Watkins, NorthEast Valley, LVmodin, m.) (March 30.) EVANS, T. H. (D.. Evans, Dipton, Southland, f.) (March 31.) GARRICK, J. (Mrs M. Garrick, Bluff m ) PREBBLE, E. K„ lance-corporal (J G Probblo, Gore, f.) 1 (April 5.) BULFIN, G. P. (Mr? J. Bulfin, Lawrence m.) TURNBULL, C. M. (J. Turnbull, Gore f) WALKER, W. (Mrs A Renucy, Dunedin.'».) DIED 0E WOUNDS. RIFLE BRIGADE. (April 12.) ®^V^k 7 TON, J. F. (Mrs B. Staunton, West Plains, Southland, m,) WOUNDED. CANTERBURY INFANTRY. (April 6.) ADAM, J. S. (Mrs H. Adam, Clexkvillo, Otago, w.) PERSONAL NOTES, Captain James Barton, Second L.T.M.8., N.Z.E.F., France, writing to My H. R. W. Hamilton, of Rotherham, concerning the death in action of his son, Private 0. H. F. Hamilton, states:— u I am deeply grieved to have to inform you of the death of your son, Private C- H. F. Hamilton, which occurred while he was beside his gun in the trenches, on the afternoon of February 20. The guns and ammunition were being prepared for a raid, which was to take place some time dining the following night. An enemy shell came over, and landed on a small dump of 3-inch Stokes ammunition nearby, causing ifc to explode, and killing your son instantaneously, two others being wounded at the same time. Vour son was one of the most painstaking, conscientious men I have evet met, and amongst all the temptation! that are to be met with in the kind oi life we are living, ho remained absolucly clean and straight, and true to his religious beliefs. Ho will be very much missed by all ranks in the battery, and especially will he be missed by me, for he and I have been together ever since the Fifth Reinforcements landed on Gallipoli peninsula. Wo buried him behind the line, where a number of other New Zealand dead are laid to rest. I can assure you that you have every reason to be proud of your son, both in the way he lived and the way he died. Duty always, came first with him, and he died at his post, alongside his gun-” Private Hamilton, prior to his departure for the front, resided for some years on the Cashmere Hills. He was a devoted church worker in the parish of Phillipslown. Mr Ewen Mackintosh, of Woodgrpve, has received cable advice that his youngest son, Private Neil Joseph Mackintosh, was killed in-action in brauce on March 28. Private Mackintosh, who left with the Twenty-seventh Reinforcements, was twenty-seven years of age, and ' was engaged in farming pursuits up till the time he joined the Expeditionary Force. ■ Mr W. J. Doak, Omihi, has been advised that his eldest son, Private J. AV. (Jack) Doak, died of wounds in France on March 30. Private Doak was born and educated at Wakanui, Ashburton. He left with the Eleventh Reinforcements, and since his arrival in France Had' been continuously on active service. Mrs E. K. Deilow, Mayfield, lias been advised that her fourth son, Rifleman Arthur J. DelIow ; wad lulled in action in Prance on April o. Rifleman Deilow .was bom at Mayfield twenty-five years ago, and was educated at Mayfield and Spreadeagle Schools. Ho followed farming pursuits, and at the time of enlisting was employed by the late Mr Horsey. Spreadaglc. Ho left New Zealand with the Twelfth Reinforcements. Mr AA’. F. Johnson, of the Parliamentary Library staff, has received advice by cable that has eldest son, Sergeant Charles St Stephen Johnson, of the Ist Battery, N.Z.FA.. was killed'in action on Easter Sunday. Sergeant Johnson, who was thirty-five years of age, joined the R.N.Z.A. when only fifteen years of age, and when ho enlisted was serving at Christchurch.' He was transferred to the N.Z.F.A-, and I went' away with the Alain Body. While in Wellington he was a prominent member of the Wellington Harriers' Club, and won the gold nodal for the field handicap (five miles) over the Miramar course. Corporal Frank Gurr, fifth son of Mrs E. Gurr, of Albert Street, St Clair, who was killed in action, was, prior to enlistment in the Twenty-fifth Reinforcements, bookkeeper to the firm of Lane’s, Limited, Carroll Street, Dunedin. He voluntarily went into hospital to undergo an operation and thus fit himself for acceptance as a re- • emit. It is a little over a year since he left. His younger brother, Bert, was killed about eighteen months agoFrank was an intrepid swimmer, who more than once helped surf-bathers out of difficulties. Private Edward Fitzgibbon. who was killed in action on April o, was the third son of Air Alartin Fitzgibbon. Rangiora. He was horn and educated at North Lohurn, and was thirty-nine years of age. Ho was farming in partnership with two brothers before going on military service with the Twenty-eighth Reinforcements. Over a year before being drawn for service he enlisted, but was turned down by the medical officer. A brother, Private Alichael Fitzgibbon. is at the front. Mr C. A. J. Levott, president of the Feilding Jockey Club, has lost his only son, Sergeant Charles Levett, in Palestine. Deceased, who was in his thirtieth year, was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School- He left New Zealand with the Sixteenth Reinforcements. who. on arrival in Egypt, were drafted to the 16th Now Zealand Com. pany of Imperial Camel Corps. Air A. J. Tyrell-Baxter, Ashburton, has been advised that his nephew, Private William Garland Tvrell-Baster, was wounded on April 5. Private W, Baxter was previously wounded in the Somme battle of 1916. He left New Zealand with the Sixth Reinforcements. Air F. E. Foote, 394, Papanui Road, has been advised that his second son, Private Albert Edmond Foote (Bert) has been admitted to hospital in England, suffering from disordered action of the heart. Private Foote left with the Thirty-third Reinforcements. Aliss M. Lee, Ashburton, has received advice that her brother, Private James Lee, has been removed from the seriously ill list, and is now in the New Zealand General Hospital, Brockenhurst.

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ROLL OF HONOUR., Star, Issue 12296, 19 April 1918

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ROLL OF HONOUR. Star, Issue 12296, 19 April 1918

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