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Local & General.

Tho autumn shovr of tho Prebblcton Horticultural Society will be held in the Prebbleton schoolroom on Thursday next.

A meeting of the members of the Lyttelton Choral docioty will be held in tho Colonists' Hall this ovening to form tv committoo for the ensuing season.

The House Steward of tho Chi istchurch Hospital bega to acknowledge, with thanka, the receipt of a quantity of poaches and apples for the patients, from ilra Ehodes, Papanui road.

Tho following have been chosen to represent the Insurance Companies against tho Banks in their annual cricket match, to bo played on Hugley Park on Friday, March 17 j play to commenco at 10.30 v.m. : — Messrs Hall, Hawkcs, Glen, Digby, Fuller (captain), Paul, Reores, Griffith, Wilkin, Hawkins, Scott ; emergencies — Wagstaff and Bullock.

A meeting of tho Diocesan Sunday School Association will bo held in St. Jo n'a schoolroom, this evening, at kalf-pust. seven, when 11 A Sketch Lesson on the Church Catechism " will bo givon witli a view of affording assistance to Sunday School toachnrs in tho art of catechising. Tho meeting will bo open to members and the public free of charge.

Tho plasterers' picnio took plucc on Saturday. The woather woe all that could bo dosired. About 150 of tho trade, with their wives and families, procoeded to Sumner, accompanied by tho Bttilway Bund. All kinds of games were indulged in, and everyone seemed bent on thoroughly cr jiying themaelvoß. Prominont among those who took a lively interest in seeing that tho young folkE wore properly attended to wiib Mr Adam Menzios, who exerted himself to tho utmost in providing amusement for tho children. Everything passed off moat pleasantly, and this picnio, from tho accounts given in lust night by tbo Commitloo, provod ulso a financial success. Mr Milner, of Sunnier, catered most satisfactorily for the company, and the return home was unaccompanied by any unpleasant incident. Altogether tho picnio will be remembered aB a rod letter day by those who wore, fortunate enough to take part in it.

There was another large audience at the Academy of Music yesterday evening to witness the diorama of , the Zulu war. The principal prize— a suite of furniture— fell to Mr Beswick, North road, otyx. A testimonial has been forwarded liy some residents in Springslon to Mr Joseph Smith, late station-maßter and telegraphist at that place, but who was recently removed to South Bangitata. Accompanying the testimonial wero several volumes of Coylie's "History of Protestantism." The weights for the Great Autumn Handicap jwere to have been declared yesterday, but owing to the Bawkes Bay races taking place next Thursday and Jtiday their publication has been postponed till after the tfapier events are decided. At the Timaru Police-court yesterday, William Thomas Brown was charged with attempting to commit Buicido by the use of strychnine. The case was stated, on behalf of accused, to be " one of excitement through drink." Accused waa fined ss, and suitably admonished. On Saturday afternoon an accident happened to a man who was carting between Oxford and Sheffield. By very foolishly trying to shorten the rood he drove his team over an embankment, which caused his load of timber to turn completely over. One horae was very seriously hurt, but the driver himself escaped with sundry bruises and a slight injury to his back. The Hon the Colonial Secretary is gradually completing his education. By the time that his colleagues have loosed their tenacious hold of office, he will be a man of many attainments. As one of the finishing touches he is about to visit Nelson, so we learn from Wellington, for the purpose of inspecting lunatics. This is rather a novel line of business for a Minister to take up. We are glad to find that one of the particulars which were published with reference to a " Generous Lunatic " in our Friday's issue requires modification. Mr H. Chun was described as having refused to give up £10, given him by the individual in question, on the ground that he had a right to the money. We have since ascertained that Mr Gain gave to the police a receipt for the money and -a memorandum stating that he is prepared to return the money to the donor when demanded. We observe that the occupant of another oyster saloon or eating-house — in Cathedral square— has apparently taken alarm at the fate of Burmeister, and incontinently fled the scene bag and baggage. At the present juncture it appears not inopportune to ask why the authorities allow these dens of vice to rear their heads in the very middle of the city, under, we may say, the shadow of the Cathedral spire. Are there no means of insisting that owners of houses shall satisfy themselves of the respectability of possible tenants before lettiDg their premises ? At the City Guards' inspection parade held in the Prill-shed last evening there was a good muster of rank and file. Colonel Packe, the inspecting offiesv, is&d & telegr&m ha had received from the Defence Office, which stated that the Government had decided to pay the Volunteers their capitation allowance for last year. The Cavalry, Navale, and Artillery are entitled to £2 10s per h?ad, the Bifle Corps £2, and Cadets £1. At the close of the inspection the company paraded through the city, headed by their band. The Western Daily Press has published a Saturday night census, showing the number of persons who entered all the public-houses in Bristol on Saturday evening, between seven and eleven o'clock. About 2000 enumerators were engaged in this compilation. The census shows that 104,000 entered the public-houses in the four hours, 54,000 being men, 36,000 women, and 13,000 children. The Sunday census taken by the same journal a few weeks ago, showed that about 60,000 persona were present in the churches and chapels on Sunday evening. The Board of Conservators for the Mandeville and Rangiora Drainage District held a meeting at Flaxton yesterday; present —Mr B. Mulcock (chairman), and all the members. Tenders were opened, and the following were accepted : — For No 2 contract, main drain, W. Lynsky, £34 183 ; for pile groin, G. Burrell, £29 18s ; for the completion of deepening No 3 drain, CMeara, 9s lOd per chain. The Board also decided to bear one- third of the cost of drainage into the Cam, provided it did not exceed £50. Other matters of drainage were deferred to next monthly meeting. The Board, after inspecting some required work at the head of Ho 1 drain, adjourned till Friday, March 24. The Montague-lurner Opera Company's mason was brought to a close laat night, by the performance of M. Caron'a cantata " Victoria." The cantata abounds with passages of great beauty, and in its pastoral portions is most pleasing. In declamatory numbers the composer has not been so successful. The principal performers last evening afforded satisfaction, with the exception of Mr Gordon, whose articulation was indistinct. For a composition of such a character the choruses were unavoidably weak. The instrumentation on the other hand was at tunas too powerful. Signor Sorge played the accompaniments on the piano and harmonium. • A • novelty in the way of boats might have been observed on the Avon yesterday morning. This was nothing less than a canvas folding boat, a few of which havo recently imported by Mr M'William. These boats, which are made in Tarious size?, to accommodate one or two persons, are ao constructed that they can be folded up into a portable size, and open into a flat bottomed boat of extremely light draft. Being fitted with air-tight side compartments, they are incapable of sinking, even when full of water, and should be admirably suitable either for shooting or fishing on lakes and rivers. The gathering of the North Canterbury Caledonian Society, which is to take place on March 17, bids fair to be an unqualified success should tho weather be fine. In response to an invitation, IKb Excellency the Governor has notified the Committee that be will have great pleasure in -attending. Mr M'Naught's shop windows have more the appearance of a jeweller's Bhop than that of a saddler ; as all the cups, clocks, medals, and watches are now on exhibition there. The entries for the different events have filled remarkably well, and should the elements be favourable, one of the largest gatherings that has ever boon held in Amberley will be the result. We presume it is scarcely necessary to draw attention to the fact that Mr Denton begins his series of geological lectures in the Theatre Royal this evening. The firat lecture is on "The Fiery Beginning of our Planet." Mr Denton does not rely on his oratorical powers or the interest of his subject alone, but, like Mr Proctor, brings to hi 9 aid diagrams and photographs, shown under the oxy-hydrogen light, which materially assist him in enchaining the attention of his audience. We notico that the prices have been lowered; while those who chooßO can purchase a packet of tickets for the series of six lectures at a still further reduction. One must confess that this is science made- both easy and cheap. The work of laying the mains for supplying gas to the Exhibition building has already been commenced. There are to be three mains, viz., a 4-inch pipe leading from the South belt along Selwyn street, and across the Lincoln road to the Addington end of tho building ; another 4-inch pipo running from St Asaph street across the Lincoln road to tho centre of the building ; and a 3-inch pipe from the end of Tuam street, along the carriage drive leading from the Riccarton road, and entering the Exhibition at the end next tho town. The gas will be furnished to the bays through eight large motors, placed in various parts of the building. The lights will probably be distributed as fellows :— On every alternate post of the main building are to be two burners, one extending into the avenue and the other within the bay. In each of the four octagons will be six burners ; in each carriage annex, four; in each of the four refreshment rooms, six; and in tho lobby and adjacent offices, eight. Six eightlight stars wul bo placed in the art gallery. Five lamps, of the same kind as the ordinary street lamps, are to be erected in front of the building, and six lamps in the space intended for the exhibition of implements. It will not be necessary to make any addition to the gasmaking plant of the Company, as the present apparatus, which, it will be remembered, was largely added to some eighteen months or two years ago. is capable o £ producing sufficient gas to meet all the requirements of the Exhibition. The whole of the fittings will J>6 put in by the Company.

The inward English mail arrived in Lyttelton by the s.s. Stella* at 3 p.m., yesterday, having left Wellington at 7.30 p.m. on Sunday. An advertiaement appears in another column giving details of the meetings at present decided upon in connection with Mrs Hampson's mission. On onr fourth page will bo found reports of the Drainage Board and Sydenham and St Albans Borough Council meetings; also a chapter of "Anna Carter," and some humouroub items. ' An ordinary meeting of this Council was held yesterday evening, when a considerable amount of business was got through in a comparatively Bhort spaoe of time. A report appears elsewhere. We understand that Mr Hardy Johnstone has been appointed by the City Council to report generally upon the question of water supply, using 'the data now in the possession of the Council. At this afternoon's meeting of the South Waimakariri Board of Conservators, a motion for the formation of a new groin at Chaney's Corner was held over till the next meeting, the members in the meantime to visit tho locality. The question of ways and means was also deferred. An ordinary meeting of the St Albans Borough Council was held last evening. The AuditorGeneral's award, making a division of assets between the Avon Boad Board and the Borough, was read, and appeared to give general satisfaction. A report of the Council's proceedings appears in another column. The Mayor of Kaiapoi has proclaimed next Friday a public holiday on the occasion of the Begatts, and it is reported that His Excellency the Governor will be present by invitation. Entries close with the Seoretary, Mr O. E. Dudley, this evening. The Board of Health met at the conclusion of the meeting of the Drainage Board yesterday, Mr W. Vincent in the chair. Aftor confirming the minutes of the previous meeting, the Board adjourned until after the meeting of the Drainage Board on Wednesday. A meeting of the Kir wee Vestry was held at Mr Frere's residence on Saturday ; present — Bey H. Collins (Chairman), Captain Tosswill, and Mr H. C. Frere (Churchwardens), and Messrs Anderson, Wilson, Matthews, and Haokett (Vestrymen). With reference to the building of a church, it was proposed by Mr Anderson, seconded by Mr Matthews, and carried — "That taking into consideration the increasing population of Kirwee, and the liberal offer by Captain Tosswill of a very suitable Bite, it is desirable that steps should be taken towards the erection of a church at Kirwee." With a view to carrying thi* resolution into effect, lists for the collection of subscriptions and articles in aid of a bazaar were drawn up, and Mr Fxere requested to act as Treasurer to the Church Building Fund. On the arrival of the Bey W. P. Green and his guides, Messrs Boss and Xaufmann, at Timwu, Mr O. O. Coifs, (he President of the Canterbury Amateur Athletic Olub, [despatched a telegram of congratulation upon their plucky ascent of Mount Cook. He also invited them to dine in Ohrisfcchurch with the members of the Club. Unfortunately the telegram did not reach Mr Green at Timaru, and the mombers of the Club were unable to meet him at the Christchurch railway station as they had intended. The message, however, has been delivered, and the invitation accepted. Mr Green, we understand, dines this evening at Ooker's hotel with the Club, at 7.30. In preparation for Mrs Hampson's Mission, a prayer meeting was held in the Congregational schoolroom yesterday from 12.30 to 1.30. Several ministers and about 30 other persons were present. The Bey H. Williams conducted the service, and delivered a short address. At 4 p.m. there was a meeting of the General Committee, in the Young Men's Christian Association room, and at 7.30 a prayer meeting was held in the Wesleyan schoolroom, Durham street. There was a fair attendance, but in consequence of misunderstanding, several persons went to St Paul's Presbyterian Church. It will be noticed that the meetings will be held this evening and to-morrow evening ia Durham street schoolroom, and on Thursday and Friday in St Paul s. There is at present on view at the Crown Granite Works, Aberdeen, a very artisticallyfinished monument, which is about to be sent to New Zealand. The monument, which was publicly subscribed for, is to lastingly commemorate one of the saddest events that could possibly occur— the drowning by shipwreck of an entire family of seven persons — the hußband, wife, and five children. It is dedicated to the memory of Dr Donald Campbell and his family, who were lost at the wreck of the screw-steamer Tararua, off Waipapa Point, on April 29, 1881. Standing 20 feet in height, and made of red granite of a very rich and deep hue, the monument rises from a base four feet square, over which comes a die, with a raised scroll on each of its four sides, there being some very nice etched fretwork. There is an ootagonul cope, above which comes the column proper, finished off with fretwork and a cap, the whole being surmounted by an elegantly designed urn. The style and execution of the memorial cannot fail to command universal admiration. — European Mail.

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Local & General., Star, Issue 4333, 14 March 1882

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Local & General. Star, Issue 4333, 14 March 1882

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