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New Telegraph Sir&TiONMAn office has been:: opened* ;-at:r"VFai.tat"av':in;-;the ;TaranaMcoimty, North Islaud.

■V DuNEpiN Crp.^The; acceptfth(sss -?i or the; D. lihedin Ciip were v defeterell' : last" lV night;''and'' v TW^,be'..fdiMd-.else.v^ere«.;^vU;^;.j,^.;., ;^;- 1 .7 1 :,^;;: i .^:'. I Late TEAiN.T-rThere will be. a late train'to Pprt this evening', on the occasion of Miss Spldene's benefit at the Theatre Royal. i Young SAi,Moy.^G)n Tuesday Sir Cracrofit Wihon succeeded in--nirniiig inftb a tributary,' of .the. rHurunui,, river. 30pO young salmon. Only six were lbst in the operation. . \ IMMIGRA JJ.TS 'PER Christ-, churcli ppriioii'o'f the immigrants by 'thisihip were landed yesterday 1 , aiid f orwardeditlurbugTi to 'Addington , ' Ba.rracksl ; ; Those : for Tiniaru w;ll be landed this.'mornihg. ' ' ;i I The Side CnAKNEis^-Mariy of 'the 'side' channels of the city are in a . most .dirty con--' dition, and would not appear to have- been swept out for a month. The sdoherthe City Council put on a couple of extra hands to do this very necessary work the better. JThb Pbesiier at Wellingtox^ — Sir George Grey last niglit deh'vercd his promißeU addyeß^, v afc,.^?e^ington,, ,fe are ; able tp givea pprtio^oniy ; of;Ms : Bpcech, th,e tcle*| graphjwireß. chpied laljt { pight. . ap4 , ,^his' niornjing^thttpresspf;woii^-J • .r;/ wV I The whej have been, playing witli great success,,, in Aucblaild and, ,y^elling(^n, ' "will ..give two, per-' fdnnanceß at'the ColomstslHal^Lytteltonj'on: tp-morrow and Monday evenings. ' They -wiil' open in Christchurch at the Gaiety Theatre on Tuesday next. I SAN^ANOMC'^lVDptii^The GJby W Sy:driey, wfth the Eriglisii and American Emails, arrived last evening at Auckland. A portion oS the sumttia^y •t^legraphxJd. by/ the; press Agency appears elsewhere, but as the telegrams were still coming in 1 after we had gone -to press > we. j areV:unabls> itjoT gi^e; ;_the;r .sffittie j^jount, of news as we usually publish. ,""" \\ MiNiSTEBrAL"-iOn"M6nday next Sir Ged.iGrey and party leavej-rWelMngton for the ;*VVest Coast(jn ! i'ther HinemQa. •: After visiting the chief towns" they jwill' proceed "to "the ettlen^entjand^he, Spiuids, after whichjthe, Hinemq& will^ .iate 'tliein _ oh to .. : ' the Bluff." Thence they come )oyerland : "'(npt''.by/; tjhe lakes) to Dunedin and' 1 Chnstchuroh, 1 wheFettheTHln6sbroaT?nill ?be f waiting . 'their : I The Soli Dene Comiq QpERAnCoMPAKr. — There was a very large attendance at the Theatre la|tXeji^gij^h^n«.l < ]La/.pile de Madame Angot" was repeated for the last tune, and, as upon previous occasions, was WghlyCsuoeWMt^^ 'j Girofle-Girofla" will -be-perf ormed for the b ; ene'fifc'fofi 'MissiEmily'SbldeHej wheni'wS hope tpisee a orowded'houseir'j i, -.-.. ";'?_< UHJii V •. } Mias-i S6iA)ene!s;<;Bekbeit. ~-Me woiild^ would again remind playgoers that this even-] ' ing the performance at the-Theatre Royal will . be for the benefit&fjMji|s EmiTj* Soldene, the clever opera bouffe.actresg , who has. delighted r lpvers of this ' class" of - entertainment during lierfshort sQJ6urn iifftlus^city^ 9DheJ)illof'tlie qvening will consist, of , Lecocq's admirable O;pera bouffe, "sGiroflsGirofla;r- > which was produced here on the opening night of the ! season with such very great effect. A special v late train has been laid oh to the Port, and if the weather is at all favourable the theatre wjji no dpubt. .be^evqwded. in every, pai't. fj Ever 'FAiTHTiTL -L^oirGE^i.O^.T!— l4 miscellaneous entertainment was given at the Templar Hall last evening by the members of this Lodge... lathe^abscnce pfßjpJher. Smith, the chair was occupied by Brother Bjickland, who explained that/ the,, former gentleman (who, it. had been'anhpiuieed,. jWdiild aict'as cliaivman) ...had...been^,su4d^y;\c4Uea' away from Chvistchurc^ s^votlier then delivered ashoi't adclrdss; 'alter iw&ich 4 ' a most intevestmg^pvpgijainjne^icgnsisting; of :vocal; md instrumental] .aelections,- -readings, and fecitations, was' gone "sy:pugh.~ TVlost of the items ;.wer.eiioucl]s \applaude.^,- and|S,eveml"s.p^ ihemj'eiicore'di"-} etemng.. was .spgh'tf r 'tliei.pbmpanv •Separating-.--pbQut-flalf-pasj;qen o 9'clock. vy. { yp •,,',-.; y :.< -.> =/ I -iARfiESi: Tst-iAo man )U named -RichardeOnj; • kgainst whom a'vvyafrantrwasi issued some time pgo for forging cheques' in Christchurch, was cleverly arrestedlon: Thursday, iatt.TimarVi,. 'by petectiveiNeill. . • Hei had gone to 1 work ajt .a. tkresliing machine:; at Otipua,! South; Canter: buryji and the - detective i getting -scent of lus whereabouts^ . skilfully; effected , his '■ ; captui'e. will mosfe probably be brought, up ; ■soon oh:the;chargeof::pasßing a.forged cheque,; |at the shop of Messrs Schwartz, Bvos,; of\' jChristoliurch.' iThe signature tdthe cheque pur[ported to be that of Mr F. Bwttaii. ,-. -There; is jalso another : information against [ accused pf jpassing a forged cheque upori.!3V[r; Everett,; •draper. I '-UiA.OjD.—LaVt evening the I ' members, of I the. "Pioneer ■"Lodge "7 of the~'Umtec\ 'Ancient: jOrder of Druids held a dinner at Radcliffe's ;Hotol. There wss a .fajv, attendance,- and the I repast was- served in the admirable 'style for iwhich'this hbtdl lias gained^a high/ reputation. /The; chair was occupied by Mr OppeiJiqim/ ; and the vice-chair by 'Mr Tucker, who filled |theii' respective posts with considerable ability. j TJie toasts, of the Queen and tlie Governor of .New Zealand were heartily received, as also 'were 1 those! of 'tie CKairmeh df the evening,' ; kindred societies, &c. .In responding to tlie ? toast "Success to the. UXO.D.,"' Mr Will--steed, the Secretary; stilted that the Pioneer Lodge was started nearly two years ago, and that although it had not been free from ■ vicissitudes, there, w.ere now. upwards of 80 members, and the finances were in a very satisfactory condition. >, He .volsft placed before the members present a large amount of information concerning the general "condition of the ' Order, from which it appeared that there were now 301 lodges, with a total membership of 22,160, and that the total worth of the funds was £102,123. A number of songs were contributed, and a pleasant evening was spent. "City. Improvements.— A few days agowe published a paragraph, sotting forth the great improvements that had. been made in the shop occupied by Mr Spensley, pianoforte and music dealer, in High street. Mr C. P. Biinz, evidently determined not to be beliind the times, lias now made considerable improvements in the front appearance of his establishment. The old windows have been taken down, and a very handsome plate-glass front hns taken then* place, the panes of glass being divided by lflindsome fluted columns, with appropriately designed pedestals and caps. The whole has a. very light and pleasing appearance. Lnrge swing doors have taken the place of the former , single one; and, altogether the proprietor will now be able to make a fine display of any goods which he miiy. wish.; to show* off tq advantage. The improvements have been carried out by Mr Choei. Cutler, .'in! a- very effective manner. Mr Biinz, as an old and well respected resident of Christchurch, is to be complimented on his endeavours to keep up with the times, and we have no doubt his enterprise Mill be fully rewarded by lovers of music. 1.0.G.T.-" Picnic— The annual picnic of the Temples "Young Crusader" and "Our Hope" took place on Thursday, was a highly successful affair. Tlic procession started from the Templar Hall shortly after ten o'clock, and consisted of about 120, mostly juveniles. They -were, however, afterwards "swelled by others, until they numbered 150. Their: destination was Taylor's Gardens, where the Committees ni; once proceeded, to. arrange a series of races and games of all ports for the mnusenient of the youngsters. Then there were swings, kiss in ring, the mysteries of the maze, and other features of an interesting character. About 100 members of "The Young Crusader," and 35 of " Our Hope " Temples were present. The superintendents were Bro. G. M. Bennett and Bro. F. A. Hitc-hhigs, while the Committee consisted of Bros. Bennett, Ryan, Gates,- Cmiivpt, and Webber, and Sister Lodge. In fcbe middle of the day an excellont luncheon was provided, and at five o'.eloek all present partook of tea. The after* noon'e amusement was brought to a close about f«ix o'clock, when the party returned to town highly pleased with their day's outing. /

; District Pbize F^^^ii^he^^a^eW^ ' of the Timaru Artillej^^^^mmeßi^tliotf!; district prize firing 3n||l?iil|||y nexpi^ W'a.m., and the Timaru Caxte|l||ssfcfthe $06yiraL& ; morning, at tlxe same, hd|^||The|9^mu^ 'No. 1 Company will cbmn&Bni^e^at **pini. diii' i Wednesday. w sfm&\ M*J <&? A New Handcuff.— TWroilway%|hon^; ties have introduced anew style of haffdoufr to be used by the police in their serf-ice. JA. " knowing hand " could, by means of *a sharp blo^^BUCceed'jjfcppenjpghandcu^s of ; the oldpattern, and so set himself at liberty ; but, with thiß'new form^aiiy attijjnpt 'of ;-tttis kujdt; would simply 'fasten < fchV" 'mstrument^'inbre^ •securelyVJand.with a . flianerL grip, ;on~ the. wrist,; A* special .key ifl,required r for opening .them ? AHafi#sPßis& „; of :;Labbis3i* is&.r-Fbr some little time vpastii.. ■some of*, -the y lads fwho are in 'the " 'MbiCrpf ; v^ttayelling ( iby the moi'nmg,tmin^';bh;\BpeiiiaT errands/ appear tb j! haVo "toade'^^p^^ ' ing 4 ,, with a .^uj^^^f^tbriei^wiili ', which' they^ pelted Iwitfknl^ri and -oth^sVlioW layes;|!&v,ev.?res^ ; length^ vrk ito^st^n^^e'^offMe^eplpnts < I have'ttf explaj^^s^cotfdifit *¥&*&& Resident?' J^agisfepate^*^':'; \';-' i^■-^■^■ ( ;m'-?. Zij^c-iLlxv & A; in6eting«%f ;t th-6' Golimitfeee tif-th&S&i&y* was held on Wednesday evening last ; Mr T.* IcobfeSit in tlie chair. Arrangeniifot&gsiwsrji njad&Jlpr^jgie, ..ensuing jmd Jt^was^ resolved to ask Messrs Chudley, (Sreenaway^ and Turner to judge the open classes, and Messrs J. L. Wilson, Preece, and Mitchell ,tfie amateii^cksffe The"^ffieeting-f theft, .adjournedf "'"Mr '"Stephens^ Exhibited ***0* ■.varieties of dahlias, and Messrs C. Jennings jandy-Sfcapre'|6rtli j|tafids~;bf gla'didli,.jbotltf/o;f£ „which "were^iubK'admiired. '• *- -£• -4 :^ ■£• *« &■ « j! | Property Sale.— Messrs H. Matson and Op. held a sale of town land at their salerooms; ; Cashel street, on Thursday on accpunt^dfiMri Wm. Wilson. They offered and sold, though tlje attendance was pnaU,_ £he, whqle,qf his. remaining sections im:tha£ block !l of i lan* bbunded by the Ferry road, Madras, and Barbadoes streets, comprising 34 sections, eaclx IS to 14^ perches, a^ from £65 to £82 Hte each. The average price-was JJ69, ., and the j total amount wasjj|244^, tljus reah'sing^ about; £900 per acre for "land," of which none but a very few sections have any frontage on a. main street. . Ax'J&JJ. | A Curious AcciDENT.^hortly. before noon on Wednesday/ 'FeS.^B^a 1 "man -named 1 Cody was found lying in a doorway iin Cashel street, near Tattersall's. Sergeant . jWilson, finding that he was Stupidly 'drunk, called a cab, and wjth^the, : q£. the driver lifted Cody into r the vehicle." ' Th^ - drive to the depfit appeared -to arouse him, and as he was being lifted out he complainedq£ severe pain about his legs and hips. Soon aftejrwarjdsvhe j^as-je^aminedj-^by ?|;he. 'poh'ee sjirgeon, "but" notliirig ahiiss'" was '^detected. The following morning he was supported into .(^ourt, occasionally complaining of the pain he feUfejßwHe^wasftremandedjto fche.hospifcal,,and, was found to be suffering from a dislocated ;Hip. It appears ? dislocation occurr^dCwhtSn ? >tie^l fell' or^hi#vs 'liimself into the,dppryray,,a.nd in £his iastan.ce ;i , the benignant^viM'uehce^.tibat i^,isKpwi|ei|,t^. hover round drunkards must certainly have ijeen absent. - . 4WS!^ : I Volunteer Inspection.— On Thursday thT 'Volunteers mustered at the drill-sheß:fe«CQgsi siderable numbers, .in ■ the expectation that tkey Lieut.-Colonel Packe for the first time since His illness. TJnfortunat^l^^howeve^g^a^: gentleman was in too weak. ai^tate v for*mm to be present. The ArtiUeryf^umDWng S'§f' officers and men, were officered by Captain* Craig and Lwut.jStran^e ; ;f.the ? ,Bngjnegrs, vl 36, ip all, by Captain' Warner,' Xieufc/ Andereonf dnd Sub.-Lieutenant Smith|]; the-'eity^iprdsi: about 40 in all, by Cap c tairr 'Hawkei/'iEieut^ Wolfe, and Sub.-Lieutenant Eadcliffe. The * COmjiiand^devqlTedjniEpn jGaptain. Hawi^s jr^y,vhom the in'en were put" th^p^ghJv|PsKrge^ number of movements, and * v many' of tSem"' vere executed with commendable precision": "* As?aiiwhole, the citizenie^ldie^lprißs^te^ta^ fin^ajpgeamncej^a^djinjfche^ jmanual exercises tliey "acquitted^^ '"tiTems^ly^^^aH-" eflicient means may be foiina for bnngmg 1 them up to the numerical strength require^ by the new regulations. i iOjHCKET.-rfrA^match mUt be(»played".toinjOCTp^!|pn.^|th|^ ground^of [tne Ci'icket Club^Hagley Parf, tefeweeh^^fiat' islub and the Woolston Cricket Club. Tlie : retiu'n match between the Woolston C.C. and the second eleven of the Midland C.C. is jSxed for Saturday, March 9, and matches are arranged between the W.C.C. and the Eailway and St. Luke's C.C.'s at early dates. A match has also been arranged between the married and single members of the W.C.C. Gn 7 Sa^ui§' day last a match was played onjthe Woolston 'ground between sides chosen ;by;P.;Baffiford and E. Buxton, resulting in a victory £ov the latter. Tlie bowling of A. Beaumont, F» Bamford, and E. Buxton was verylgodd, and .prevented high scoring, J. W. Davis, with 37, Ijeing the; onlv'i.OTie^to^readiArdouJ^figuresiiThe other 4 ' ■ principal contributors"^ "were "F/ ?Pavitt, .E. . and H., Buxton, Thprne, F. L. JDaviffj and' F;. arid ' J.!-Ba^dM.^A-/matcfi-*wiU. be commenced at the Hagley Park igroiind Fetween the second eleven ;of the U.C.C.Cf4and>, Christ's College. "TJie' are tlie'names'bf tlie fornier team:— : (Messrs Condell, H. Cotterill,- E. Cotterill, W^' •Cptterill, Dawe, Lewin, Morgan, Moorhead, ;J. |Millton,;:;Parkei'son| f and E~. Boss.—^The? :retum match' between the Rangioi*a"and Cust" Clubs will be played on the aground- of ;~the Matter to-morrow. •> ; >-- ; - 1 jL i, Jl:i, 4JL •: Yankee Notions.— Mr. J. Q-. Keith, the representative of tlie American Novelty Company, is astonishing and amusing the citizens,; ;,of Christchurch by a dfeplay-pf ''-a^full-line of "American patent novelties? odditieij| aii«i\ Yankee notions." The company* jitc^ endeff-' vouring to secure " good live agents "-in town, and here they have deeidfed • that Pre.-: fessor Ayers possesses a sufficient amount of vitality to meet their requirement,' since he will in future act as their Cliris^Qhureh^repre--Bentative. On Thursday^ Prof essor Ayers' snop was crowded with people who were anxious- to see the novelties displayed, and to 'hear their qualities extolled by the 'cute American who is introducing them. ' They comprise a large variety of articles which would undoubtedly be of great -value in any household; and they' are certainly well worth examining.. Ladies are invited to try magic clotlies pins, piecrimpers, hair-crimpers, plaiters, and a thousand and one other things, while gentlemen are recommended to consume their tobacco upon a new principle, or by the; use of a moustache protector to avoid "tlie difficulties lie labours under when drinking tea or coffee out of an ordinary cup." There are " wideawake" can openers, various combination tools, and a tack hatnuiei* that is " worth what it costs as a' curiosity, making every man, woman, and child smile, and every tack* almost shed tears that comes within its grip." Laxd Tax in Victoria.— lt is estimated that the newly-imposed land tax in Victoria will realise £172,000 a year, being between £8000 and £10,000 less than was first calculated on. The Mariana Island Women. — Those who take an interest in the fate of the four castaways recently at the Hyde Park Barracks will be glad to learn that they have been taken back to their homo. Tlie Colonial Secretary at Hongkong, writing to the Colonial Secretary at Sydney, says : " His Excellency the Governor has learned with satisfaction that, owing: to the generous action of the Xevv South Wales Government, the four women who were picked up -at sea in April laat liave been safely retnrnecl to the Mariana Islands.— Sydney Marni/iff Herald. Rru it Oct.— At the statutory meeting of houscholdei'S held at the Grammar School yesterday, ~much amusement was caused by tlie graphic appeal of a person who appeared to be a lay member of the profession of bricklay ere' labourers. Entirely innocent of waistcoat, and with a vast expanse of blue shirt front exposed, he advanced to the table, where the chairman sat, and with much shuffling of feet and twiddling of his hat, accompanied by winks and grimaces, he thus- enunciated his grievance, " Misser Chairman, my children's being charged, eighteen an six tor going to; school, -and I?ve brought sorao sandpaper'to rub" it* out."" "He at the same time produced a piece of much worn sand paper. Tho chairman with more -gravity than could

if^e been e^atedlj^d^JOnfout of order,, iwhen the uttfpiHtun%^^tim of educational' Opacity ;mbofoi&—B^&fynd Times. .

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LOCAL AND GENERAL., Star, Issue 3079, 15 February 1878

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Star, Issue 3079, 15 February 1878

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