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THE TOTAL TO DATE. DEAD, 12,801; WOUNDED, 32,371. Press Association, WELLINGTON, May 16. | The official list of casualties suffer-; c<l by members of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force to May (i, makes » total of 45,383, including 12,801 dead. Following are the details:— Other OflL. is. ranks. Killed :\m 7803 Bled of wounds .. ISO 2950 Died of sickness . . 21 800 Dead (causes unknown) ?> 704, Drowned 111* 40 Missing 10 liß Prisoners 5 Y2H Wounded Ll2l 31,050 Totals HlflO 43,483 Aggregate M.'JKi * Nurses. LAST NIGHT'S LIST. Press Association. WELLINGTON, May 15. The following casualty list was issued last evening:— CANTERBURY DISTRICT. KILLED IN ACTION. I N.Z. ARTILLERY. Strectlcy, Reuben Edgar, Cpl. (W. Strcelley, 15 Ruskin Street, Christchurch, f.)~ May 2. N.Z. ENGINEERS. McGee, F. N., L.-Cpl. (\V. McGee, Nelson, f.)—May 2. AUCKLAND INFANTRY. Quintan. Thomas Michael (J. Quhilan, North Loburn, Rungiora, f.l—April 28. OTAGO INFANTRY. Cropp. Alfred William (R. Cropp, Richmond, Nelson, (.) —April 27. Cochrane, Robert (J, Cochrane, Wakanui, Ashburton, f.)—April 28. N.Z. RIFIJv BRIGADE. Campbell, John Colin (G. Campbell, Reeves Road, Christchurch, f.)—May 2. Bundle, William Arthur, Cpl. (Mrs A. M. Rundlr, Bucclcuch Street, Greymouth, w.)—May 2. As a Result of Court of Inquiry, Previously Reported Missing, Now Reported Killed In Action. Potts, James William (Mrs P. Potts, Thomson Street, Greymouth, in.) —October 12. Previously Reported Wounded and Missing, Now Reported Killed in Action. Griflln, Reginald John (Mrs M. Griffin, Racecourse, Recfton, m.)— October 12. Hayncs, Thomas William (J. Haynes, Wainiate) —October 12. Macleodsmilh, Norman (J. Maclcodsmith, Cashe.l Street. Christchurch, f.)—Oct. 12. Smith, Crosbic (E. Smith, 438 Worcester Street, Christchurch, {.)— October 12. DIED OF WOUNDS. N.Z. ENGINEEERS. Flanagan, Daniel (Mrs A. Flanagan, Doyleston, Canterbury J— May 8. MISSING, FEIJEVED KILLED. N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE. Greenwood, Albert (Mrs E. Greenwood, Rathmore Street, Tlmnru, w.) —April 5. WOUNDED. N.Z. ENGINEERS. Haworth, Arthur (R. Haworth, 58 Matheson's Road, Linwopd)- April 28. Palmer, James Leonard (M.M.), Cpl. (G. Palmer, Hereford Street, Timaru)— April 28. AUCKLAND INFANTRY. Blissett, Harry (H. Blissctt, Longford, Murchlson, f.)—May 1. CANTERBURY INFANTRY. Aiming, Ernest, Cpl. (Mrs A. Aiming, 81 Moorhousc Avenue, Christchurch, m.) — April 27. Hague, A. 3. (Mrs L. Hague, England, m.) — April 27. Mcllroy, Kenneth, Sgt. (Mrs J. Mcllroy, BHgh's Road, Papanui, Christchurch, m.) —April 27. Gny, Frank Henry (J. Guy, Ireland, b.) — April 28. Smith, Charles Frederick (Mrs C. Smith, I Selwyn Iload. Lyttelton, m.) —April 28. Stcerc, Alfred Ernest (Mrs W. Stccre, 11 Manning's Place, Woolston)—April 28. Webb, William Henry Walter (Mrs A. Freeman, Lyttelton, s.)— April 28. Dron, Lawrence Campbell, Sgt. (W. Dron, Spring Grove, Nelson,-.f.)—April 29. OTAGO INFANTRY. Feclv, Patrick. (Mrs M. Fecly, 33 Regent Street, Timaru, m.) —April 27. N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE. Neil, Thomas (Mrs C. Johnstone, Highbank, Rakala, a.) —May 2. Slightly Wounded, Remaining with Unit. AUCKLAND INFANTRY. Bates, William, C.S.M. (Mrs Bates, 534 Tuam Street, Lin wood, Christchurch, w.) —May 1, AUCKLAND~DISTRICT. KILLED IN 7 ACTION. N,Z. ARTILLERY. Matthews, W. J. (Mrs A. Fcnton, Mount Eden, c.)— May 2. Faithful), W. Mc.C. (A. Falthfull, Ohaewai, Bay of Islands, b.)—May 2. OTAGO INFANTRY. Mitchell. A. C. (Mrs M. Robinson, Epsom)— April 28. N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE. Behm, W. F.. (Mrs J. Benin, Whangarci, m.) —May 1. Milne, A. C, Cpl. (A. Milne, Hamilton, f.)— May 2. Rogers, F. T. (W. Rogers, Parncll, f.)— May 2. Previously Reported Wounded, Now Reported Killed in Action. AUCKLAND INFANTRY. Munro, H. J. (R. Mvmro, Pokcno, b.)— March 26. As a Result of Court of Inqniry, Previously Reported Missing, Believed Prisoner of War, Now Reported Killed In Action, N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE; Butler, T. (Mrs A. Butler, Papakura, m.) — October 12. MISSING, BELIEVED KILLED. Previously Reported Missing, Now Reported Missing Believed Killed. WELLINGTON INFANTRY. Bell, R. (R. Bell, Auckland)— March 27. Fowler. W. 18. Fowler, Ngnruawnhia, b.) — , April 5. DIED OF WOUNDS. AUCKLAND MOUNTED. Lochltead. M. 11. (T. Lochhead, Tauranga, f.)—May 11. N.Z. ARTILLERY. Prisk, E. P. (P. Prisk, Hamilton, f.)—May 13 AUCKLAND INFANTRY. Fulton, S. (S. Fulton, Papatoetoe, f.)— March 2!). CORRECTION. Previously Reported Wounded, Now He ported Not Wounded. N.Z. ARTILLERY. Finn, R, H. (Mrs A. Finn, Clevcdon South, m.). WOUNDED. AUCKLAND INFANTRY. Harrison, W.. L.-Cpl. (Mrs A. Harrison, Grey Lynn, w.) —May 1. Jordan, L. H., Sgt. (Mrs L. Jordan, Hamilton, w.) — May 1, Mcadway, 11. (W. Mcndway, Pcterangl, Walkato)— May 1. Vokes, J. (Mrs E. McCullough, Mount Eden, m.)— May I. WELL! NCTON IN FA NTRY. Sinclair, J. (\V. Sinclair. Waitoa, Thames Valley, b.)—May 2. CANTERBURY IN FANTRY. Bailey, T. H. (Mrs J. P, Bailcv, Huntly, mi.)— April 28. OTAGO INFANTRY. Boggctt, C. F. (A. Doggctt, Rotorua, w,l— April 27. N.Z. RIFIJ2 BRIGADE. MoComicll, W. N. (Mrs 11. Whitley, Parnell, s.)- May 2. Moore, F. ('.. I Mrs A. Moore, Parncll, m.)— May 2. Morrison, E. F. (Mrs A. Morrison, Epsom, «.)—May 2. Slightly Wounded, Remaining with Unit. AUCKLAND INFANTRY. Hilliam, A. W. (J. Hllllam, Grey Lynn)— May 1. Dods, G. N. (Mrs J. Dods, Opotiki, wi.)-~ May 2.

OTAGO INFANTRY. Jamieson. S. (Miss A. Jamicson, Ireland) — April 2(1. Letts, H. J. (Mrs E. Letts, Waiotemarama. Hokianga, in. I—May 2. N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE. Patrick, V. (J. Retriever, Auckland, c.)— May 1.


' KILLED IN ACTION, N.Z. ARTILiJiHY. Tarrant. A. (C. Tarrant, Ararata, Hawera. f.) -May 7. N.Z. ENGINEERS. Minton, F. J,, L.-Cpl. (J. Minton, Mastcrton, f.) —May 2. OTAGO INFANTRY. Bradley, R. (W. Bradley, Waipukurau, i.)— April 28. N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE. Chcrnsidc, J. W. (J, Chernsidc, Goiwillc, Wangnmii)—May 1. ' Edwards, A. G., L-Cpl. (Mrs G. Bishop, England, s.)~-May 2. Hodge, M. .1. (H. Hodge, Alton, Taranaki, f.)—May 2. As a Result of Court of Inquiry, Previously Reported Missing, Now Reported Killed in Action, WELLINGTON INFANTRY. Haslett, G. (G. Haslett, Inglcwood, f.)— March 27. Previously Reported Missing, Now Reported Killed in Action. N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE. Rossltcr, H. (Mrs E. Hossiter, Danncvirke, m.)— October 12. Previously Reported Wounded and Missing, Now Reported Killed In Action. N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE. Tattersall, A. (Mrs I. Tattersull, England, m.) -October 12. WOUNDED. N.Z. ENGINEERS. Wright. S. C, L. Cpl. (Mrs F. Wright. Westcott, Rlverlca, Hastings, m.)— May 2. Hamsav. W. A. (Mrs P. Ramsbotham, Wellington, m.l-May 2. Dennehy, K. S. (Mrs H. Dennohy, Ilutt, m.)~-April 2fl. AUCKLAND INFANTRY. Ehrhorn, H. E. (Mrs A. Ehrhorn, Waverlcy, w.)- May 3. WELLINGTON INFANTRY. Simpson, F. (J. Tuffln, Taonoka, Wanganui River)— April 20. Spragg, P. H. (Mrs M. Spragg, Patutahi, Gisborne, m.—April 29. Railton. R. (Mrs A. Railton, Patca, v.)— May 1. Kerrldge. A. (Miss S. Kcrridgo. Ekctahuna, s.)—May 2. McCabe. P. (Mrs M. J. McCabe, England, m.) —May 2. • CANTERBURY INFANTRY. Shaw, K. J. (Mrs W. Shaw, Wairoa, m.) April 28. v „, Whelan, J. (Mrs S. Byrne, Ormond, Gisborne, s.— April 28. OTAGO INFANTRY. Hebenton. J. F. A. (Mrs T. Buckley, England, s.)— April 26. Shannon, W. J.. Cpl. (W. Shannon. Nirena, Ekctahuna, f.)—April 30. Hcnaghan, E. (M. Hcnaghnn, Whakaronga, Palmcrston North, f.)— May 1. N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE. Loader, H. H., L.-Cpl. (Mrs E. Loader, Taucru. Mastcrton, m.l—May 2. Marshall, H. J. (J. Marshall, CastlrclliT, Wangariui)—May 2. Todd, J. (J. Todd, Dannevirkc, f.)— May 2. Wounded, Admitted to Hospital. N.Z. ENGINEERS. Collins, R. (Mrs E. Collins, England, m.)— April 29. Slightly Wounded, Remaining with Unit. AUCKLAND INFANTRY. Quine, T. R. (A. Quinc,' Ohakunc Junction, b.)—April 10. N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE. Britton,'E. A. (A. Britton, Palmcrston, f.)— May 2. OTAGO DISTRICT. KILLED IN ACTION. AUCKLAND INFANTRY. Hughes. R. A. ,1. (Mrs E. Wood, Houipapa, Clutha)—May 1. OTAGO INFANTRY. Jeffery. J. B. (Mrs T. Jcffery, North-east Valley, Dunedin, m.)— April 28. Adamson, W. S. (P. Adamson, North-east Valley, Dunedin, f.)—-May L As a Result of Court of Inquiry, Previously Reported Wounded and Missing, Now Reported Killed in Action. N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE. Fairweathcr, J. Aberdeenshire)—October 12. Lvon, G. E. (Mrs M. Lyon, Dunedin, m.)— October 12. DIED OF WOUNDS. N.Z. RIFLE BHIGADE. Hoist, P. E., Cpl. (Mrs M. Hoist, Invcrcargill, w.)—May 12. WOUNDED. AUCKLAND INFANTRY. Cooper. H. L. (Mrs E. Cooper, England, m.) —May 1. Dawson, H. G. (H. Dawson, Woodlands, Southland, f.)—May 1. Lindsay, G. (J. Lindsay, Fairfax, Southland, f.)- -May 1. CANTEREURY INFANTRY. Deverell, A. L, (W. Dcvcrell, Invcrcargill, f.)—April 28. OTAGO INFANTRY. Burnett, J., Sgt. (Mrs A. Burnett, Oamoru, m.)— April 20. Coats, G. W. M. (Mrs M. Coats, Dunedin, m.) - April 26. Eilwards, C. R. (Mrs E. Edwards, Dunedin, m.) April 20. Fuller, .1. F. (Mrs N. Fuller, Dunedin, m.) -April 20. Fltzpatrick, M. (Mrs B. Fltzpatrirk, Arthur's Point, Qucenstown, m.) —April 20. Campbell, T. M„ Cpl. (Mrs R. Campbell, Green Island, m.)-April 29. Soper, J. F. (Mrs A. Sopcr, Balclutha, m.) — April 29. Dali', A. C. (Mrs E. Dale, Kaitangatn, m.)— April 30. McGee, .1. (Mrs H. McGee, Green Island, m.) —April 30. Rancc, \V. J., L.-Cpl. (Mrs J. Andrews, Invcrcargill, m.)— April 30. Adamson, J. S. (3. Adamson, Collingwood, L)— May 1- / Collts, E. (Mrs E. Morris, England, s.)— May 1. Carrnn, yV- N. (Mrs M. Carran, Wild Bush, Southland, m.)— May 2. Wounded, Admitted to Hospital. OTAGO INFANTRY. West, B. (E. Jamicson, Waikoualti) —May 2. Slightly Wounded, Remaining with Unit. N.Z. ARTILLERY. Chetwln, E. <E. Chetwin, Cavcrsham, f.)— May 2.

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CASUALTIES., Sun, Volume V, Issue 1328, 16 May 1918

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CASUALTIES. Sun, Volume V, Issue 1328, 16 May 1918

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