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The Daffodil Show

The Southland Horticultural Society's annual Dafiodil Show opened in'the Zealandia Hall yesterday afternoon, and was visited by a fair number of those interested in horticulture. The season has been somewhat unfavourable, and the effects of the late stormy weather , : ure plainly discernible in the appearance of a proportion of the exhibits, principally in the amateur class. Taken as a whole, however, .the show is well up to tho standard of previous years, and* a very gratifying feature is that it shows marked progress in the introduction 'of new varieties. Amateurs md professionals vie with- one another in the race for first bloom in Southland, and the result is that some excellent varieties are forthcoming. As showing what* a -wide field there 'is to work, it may be mentioned that in the' collection of narcissi shown by Lennie and Sons ono hundred varieties were included, all of them standard blooms. The most noticeable of this Qne collection (which was the only one in its class) were Glory of Leiden, Proserpine, and stella . superba, the lastnamed being a distinct improvement on the old Stella. In the following class,* for : 2<t narcissi, the same exhibitorsjwere placed first again, their blooms being well set up, including some comparatively recent varieties, prominent among them being Maurice Vellmorin and Incomparablis Beauty. In the classes for 12 narcissi Edginton Bros, and Lennie and Sons scored the honours with someup-: to-date, well-conditioned, varieties, the competition being very keen. There were three entries for the collection cf dnffoklils, stageki for cllect,; and the competition was ail exceedingly interesting one. It is considered at Home that thjs class of competition is being carried, too. far, but one cannot help that the three, collections shown , f onn_ a valuable and interesting part of the show. Miss Macdonald/ who was awarded first prize, arranged' some fine blooms, the most prominent being Ba_*ri Conspicuous, on a mossy bank, an arrangement -nihich struck one as being most artistic and pleasing. Mr C. S. Longuet's exhibit •was second— some * fine blooms shojwing above the " Snow bank." His varieties included the colebrated Madame de Graf,, the daffodil which is the desire of every horticulturists, and is known as ''the queen of white daffodils." No -other daffodil has had its popularity, and only now is its position being threatened by the " Peter Barr," is being' offered at Heme at 50 guineas a txulb. Bdgintoni Bros. showed a /picturesque ; model hou» ' and. garden, but i__iortunately the flowers -wore slightly battered, and' there was no variety 'of particular note included. The collections <of pot plants ; and out blooms were pntered for by Messrs W. Sampson; who had two exhibits, and F. A: Steans. The moj*"* noticeable of Mr Sampson's collection were his cyclamens and azaleas, the latter particularly* being fine, varieties. On Mr! Stean's table cinerarias *were pleasingly prominent.; The same exhibitor showed a nice arrangement of, flowers aud pot plants on!, a small stand— a class of px- v hibit which 'should' bo encouraged. Among the amateurs there was a ; "good collection of up-to-date varieties, but condition was lacking. Mir J. Findlay was the only exhibitor who, showed really advanced varieties, among his blooms being Madame do Graf, Vesuvius, Stella Supeiiba, P. R. Barr, and Beauty. The exhibits! ol groups bf four pot plants brought out fair competition, the most noticeable plant probably being the Gape Cowslip shown by Mr F. A. Stearis. fThe basket competitions were, as usual, very popu-* lar, and most of the blooms were in good condition. ■' The nurserymen's class brought out three fine tables from) Lennie and Sons, Edginton Bros., and B. Cleave. Lennie and Sons, wjhb were adjudged the winners of the silver medal, made their table very attractive -with daffodils and shrubs, conspicuous among the latter being Japanese maples. There, was a nice, blending- . of spring flowers, and . the narcissi shown included all the leading and. .'most noticeable varieties, some of them, comparatively new. _od'ginton Bros, also showed some _. up-to-date .varieties, in clean condition, and set . off by a number of blooms and decorative plants. Among the cut blooms were some fair camellias and hyacinths. MrCleaves table showed Barri Conspicuous' as the imtost prominent daffodil,.'., also Grande Monarque, one of the best of the polyanthus; variety. There was -an ex.6l-, lent display of cajmellias, in considerable' variety. The exhibit from the • public' Gardens, put in by Mr Edginton, attracted considerable attention, and no. doubt it was noted with much pleasnro ; by those who take an interest? in the (gardens. The general collection of plants was classed as good, special mention being made of the cineraria (some being ot exceptional . size), and the beautiful centrepiece, Auricaria Excelsis. Following is the prize-listl : — Collection of narcissi (including! polyanthus)—J. Lennie and Sons. 24 narcissi, '3 of each variety, (including polyanthus)— "Lennie and Sons, Edginton Bros. 18 do. : do.— Lennie and Sons. 12 do., &' of each variety— Edginton Bros., R. Meredith. *12 do. medium or shorter owned, & ot eacjh— Lennie and Sons, Edginton Bros. 6 do., do.— *li. A.^ Anderson. v . 0 narcissi; 3of eafch variety— B. Meredith, Edginton Bros. 3 do., do.— R. W. Porter R. Meredith. 6- Nkrcissi/ trumpet varieties, 3 ol each— Lennie and Sons, Edginton Bros. • 3 do., do.— Neill Porter, R. Meredith. 3 do;, double varieties, 3of each— R. VtSfffper. ■■'• i' . 'Collection '* of polyanthus narcissi— .J. Findlay. 12 hyacinths— F. C. Smith, J. Neill, ft do— J.: Neill 1 and 2, F. 0. Smith. 3 do— J. Neill 1 and 3, F. C. Smith. Hand bouquet— Miss. Macdonald, Miss Sampson, Mrs B. Edginton. Hand (daffodils)— Miss MlacdonalH, Mrs AB. EdgintonDress spray— Miss Macdonald, Miss S. Sampson, , Miss .Sampson.-* 3-, buttonhole bouquets— Mrs 0. S. Longuet, Miss Mac'donaJd, Miss R. _3dginton. '.' * '.--"""^v -' *--■'•■■'■ ■■'.-, '.--'*. Oollection of daffodils, staged for ' effect ; 10 varieties ; not more than 10 oi eaoh variety— Miss Macdonald, C. S. XiOnguet, Edginton Fros. . Basket of. daffodils with foliage— Mrs C. S. Longuet, Mrs W. D. McCarthy. Baskjet of spring flowers, excluding daffodils—Mrs W. D. McCarthy, W. J. Cooper, Miss Ina PorterRoses— W. Sampson. Basket or vase of anemones— J. Neill. | Collection of spring flowers in separate fr]a_tses— Mrs Howolls: Collection of pot plants . and cut blooms, staged— W. Sampson 1 and 3, F. A. Steans. 6 pots bulbous) flowering plants— W. Sampson, 4 pot plants any sort— W. Sampson 1 and 3, F. A. Steans* . Best arrangement of flowers '((with or without plants) on tablo or stand— F. A. Steans. • :■■ .'*; ■'*'■* Nurserjiian^s table— Lennie and Sons. * f . AMATEURS. "i'zZ'. Collection .of narcissi, not mprcr than 3 of any variety— J. Findlay, R. *Wi > Porter, R. Ross. 12 narcissi, 2 of each variety— W. V. j McCarthy, R. A. Anderson, R ; W. Porter. 6 do., do— W. p. McCarthy,' R. A. An- 1 derson, RJ W. Porter. Basket of daffodils, from children under J 4r-Arinie Home, Oreti Neill, E. McKay. Decorated dinner table— Mrs C. S. Longuet (table 2), Miss Macdonald (table 1). Mrs Stock ftable 3). Mrs Lctaguet's majority was 70 votes. /" In the evening Norris' string band was in attendance, and discoursed .pleasant mhsic. . * ■■;*'* ..■ .' ' ' . . i *.**:-.

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