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Southland Hussars. — 'faking advantage of tbe balf-boliday on Thursday the town members of the Southland Hussars will turn out for equitation drill . - Grateful. — We have been requested to rpturn tV.a-r.lra <->n hoViolf of iVT*o HoMobin end family, Bluff, to the numerous friends who gave and offered kind assistance dnriDg her recent bereavement, and to tender her grate- I ful acknowledgments for the receipt of the sum of £46 *s ; being the amount of donations and proceeds of a concert at the Bluff. No Delay. — The B rind is i mail was on board the Botomahsna, but tin mishap to that vessel will not retard its arrival in Great Britair, 'he Government has decided to forward the letters, kc , by the San Franoisco route, so that they will reach their de tioation just as soon (about the 24th September) as if i hey had proceeded uninterruptedly on their journey. Compensation. — Persons having claims against the Government for land taken in connection with the Mokorera contract of the K.dendale-Toi Tolb railway, are instructed to send in tbe same to the Public Works office, Invercargill. in animation to that tffect, over the signature of the Minister of Public Works, will be found in our advertising columns, Water Supply.— The following notice of motion has been given by Councillor Moirfor the nexb meeting of the Municipal Council : — That in view of the. petition re water supply presented to thia Council at last meet- j ing, the Engineer be directed to prepare a report Blowing progress made, rate of supply and analysis of water in the new Government well at the i ail way station, 'BLiCK Mail ob Daily Mail. '—Under this hearting a correspondent of the Like Wakatip Mail says — Onr so-called daily mail setms a one- sided ammg .-ment, as far as we Airow folks -aro concerned. For example, we can be bombarded with bills from Invercargill six days in the week, but no doubt we can retaliate us often, but onr opportunities for doiDg so are crowded into three days Theie a*e two coache runnng daily, but black mail is levied by the drivers if we send letteis on alternate days. It is an imper inent question t^> a k— Why should sneb things be? Can we not get a real dai'y mail ? Big Furniture Sale.— Tbe announcement made by Messrs Moir, Johnson, and Cr, that they would hold an extensive sdeof furuiture ori Friday next, has aiti acted a number of visitors to the uppgr storey, ot Messrs Trew and Hall's premises, weeps tbe goods are now on view, and where taey w.ll be disposed of on the day named. " The collection is a very large one, and includes articles to suit every requirement and every taste. The greater pemon of the furniture ii of modern de ign, but there are also several substantial apd handsome suites in the -Old English style. Whatever way be the want? of householders, or those about to household) they can be supplied at ihe sale on Fjl !aj. An ADVEK'ruBB. — A. Sydney telegram to ih? Age says:- 1 ' The John Wesley arrived on Saturday from the South Sea Island. Captain Lancaster repoit* that on loth June, in 15 Jeg. south, and 179-sOdeg. west, he sighted a sm'ill T)oat standing northeast. The boat tacked, and bore down to tbe brig, when ft was found +hat i-ha contained styen Tongan natives, four men and thren worn n. They e^idtbat thef left Payao, one of the friendly isles, for Haabai a * {.<- --tance of 70 miles, andby sime mischanca.or. another they never reached their destination. They had been at sea 'three weeks without sighting land, and were much exhausted. They had oh'y One yam in the boat, and not any water. 'Hi y would certainly have perished had ttiey not fillen in with the brig. They were * aken on board, and landed on the is.'aad.of Cbicobia." ..._• 1.0.G.T. — There was a 'arge attendance at the quarterly meeti ;g b£ the Southern io'dge in the Temneranre Halt on Monday eveninz. Th«! reports o£ the of^cerg showed that the I o \ge was in a good position^ ■num«ricai/y,' and financially Rtrong. ■ For ihe ensu'ns quaiter the fallowing oftlcers were installed by Bro L Oheync, Lodtfe Deputy, assisted by Bro Sitad, G. i , nod B:6"WHroi■ton, G M .'^— P; W.C- I', Bi o Blairmaidr W;c,T , Bjp Josi>ih^Kp^is| WiV.'r.v ßister Cooper;:'" sm>: ;., W;^., JJro" D drni-h ; W.P.S., Bro W ] iliOclfbarcp WJ 1 ;, Bro J U McKay ; W.O, I JBjra AMc^nw/ *i^i,-groA ; W. i.G.| ylira H Her ; W.O.I(&yBro Cooper j Bro" Aitken 5 W.DSf;, Sifter Coopsr, jun x W.R.H.S., Fister M^Ke: zie ; Wit.H 8 , Bistier / Aitken. A social tei meeting was afterwa'rdßheld.; vAddresße? were . delivered, and songs ' gung by several of the members, and alto*- -] getlier bad " a good fciirie-" I

Still Doubtful. — The Auckland correspondent of the O. D. Times telegraph? that nothiLg further has been ascertained as to the fate of Andrew M. Allen, of Dunedin. and IfrvercargUl, who has been missing tinea Saturday night, July 28. His bedroom mate at the boarding-house, Robert Mitchell, who had known him for 12 months, publishes a ' letter stating that he gave a ring on the night .of his disappearance to the girl with whom it is believed he was kenping company. Mitchell .says Allen .has not. taken all his clothes, and expresses the belief that Allenhas drowned himself . He also declares bis. belief ■ that' Allen'B doing so did not arise through anything he had done in the "North 1 Island, but that He had been despondent for ■ sometime. '; Thr Big Match.— The Secretary ©E the; Southland Champion Ploughing Association informs us that if the weather keeps good, \ there is nothing to fear about haying a firstclass turn-out on Thursday. There are already 34 entries in all clashes, and may be that a stray entry has miscarried and may turn up. The paddock- is to be laid oft today, and several of the knowing ones in : ploughing express an opinion that the land' will " just cut like cheese." We have a halfholiday in town, and Mr Loring has already promised to run a special train to suit. The prize list is the be3t ever off red, and includes a silver medal f torn the President for the best ; ploughed lot in the field in any class ; and any quantity of other specials, including a : silver medal fiom Mr Kohn, to be added to the first prize in the swins: plough class, the medal having been specially manufactured bj his firm in Wellington. Suioii)E AT., Sjea.— bhortlv after £he. steamer Coonanbara left 'Newcastle on,' a recent night' for Sydney, one of the -passengers inmped overboard. A boat.. Was lowered and everything was done to find the man, but Without success. A passenger states ■>. that he saw the man jump overboard from the upper deck just in front of the paddle I ■wheel, which must have struck him, and left, Very little hopes of picking him up. A; j prayer book was picked up near the rail where he fell containing his address and a mem"., which leave no doubt of the un- , fortunate man's intention. Following are • the address and memo, in .the prayer book:— " M. J. Murphy, two doors from ihe Rose of Denmark Hote 1 , Pitt street, Waterloo. Deai I Louie,— T will die with yoir name on my lips. I am no good *o you, and i cannot live with6vt you.— Yours in death, M. J. Murphy." Lost Tbbasure — According to a statement in one of the Home papers, Egypt onght to be a veiitable gold mine. At least" it is calculated that a fabulous quantity of gold has gone into the country which bas never come out again, and cannot be traced. Tie calculation begins with the statement tbat £40,000,000 in bullion has from time to time b^en imported into the country. About £6,000,000 of this is in circulation; and it has recently transpired that duriDg tae viceroyalty of Ismail Pasha £6,000,000 was secretiy transported to Constantinople. This leaves £9-8,000,000 unaccounted for, and this Mim must either have been absorbed in the gold ornaments of the country, or hidden away. With a '.ood Government, bi ing ng peace and security, a considerable sum of this will return into circulation, and assist in the development of the country. Aft Immeasurable Quantity— The anxiety oE the town^residing A»Btra'ian squatter about the rainfall on hi« station is well known and very natural, Now the osvner of a large sh^ep property in tha Deniliquin dis'rict thus i istructed oy letter his manager, a thrifty Scot ; — " 1 hear of rain having fallen in our neighborhood. When any falls on our place woith a telegram — be sure to send me one," The manager* at a loss to f iithfully carry out these instructions, called to his aid one of chose youthful searchers after bush knowledge known as "a colonial experience," and asked him, " Jamee, how muckle do ye" reckon is twa shillings' worth 6' rain?' James was unab'e to s>lve-ihe rr.aDagerial conundrum, and asked why Mr McAlpin in- . quired. ." Well, yo.u see, I've just got a letter tiom Mr , and he tells me whenever the rain'a worth a telegram to send him one. Now, a telegram costs twa shillings, and I thecht as ye'd bten at college ye would ken bow muokle rain it takes to make twa shillingn. I'm ship, if ye dinnn. lc«n, nfiit.her do I." "Set that man could make a good bargain for sheep. - • Abuestiug Cholera. — An-offer has been, -made by Mr Bosisto to place a hundred- • weight of eucalyptus oil in the hands of the Government for transmission to Egypt, wiih a view to its being used in the treatment of the cholera patients. In the Lancet of June 2rfd particulars are given of the experiments j made by a medical committee at L^ons as to ! the possibility of treating the bacteiial poison of zymotio diseases. The committee find, it 6«em3, that i% thymol and o 1 <->f eu alyptus are capable of attenuating the virus in 48 [ hourp," and the Lancet remarks tbat this discovery is o? importance, as it has hitherto been supposed that the power of destroyiog bacteria by attenuation or annihilation was '• bejond our ken" Mr Bosisto was anxious tbat the oil should be tried on a large scale lin connection with thecholeia virus. Mr Service accepted the offer, but, on communicating wi h thfl Peninsular and Oriental Company he was informed that under preseDt circumstances cargo cannot be lanced in Egypt. another "Old Colonial on II 'S Travels." — MacSawnej, in the most Scottish part of a Scotch New Zealand province, used in the old time (writes " iEgle. c ," in the Australasian) to rua a newspaper and an almanac. It was his pride and boast that ho could travel the p'Oince cama-ssin? and collecting at- less <x>st than any other living man. His plan wan detected by a jealous rival. MacS. started with a capital of six peuce worth of lollies in his po:ke% and about roosiiog-time would •' hapuea on rl a farmhouse. The good foik wo ,1J put Ms hoise np, and so soon as he had achieved adm ttance t ) the house aiked for " the ba'ras. " jr there were any (as was generally the case) he produced bis swtetstur?, and affec:ed so deep an interest in the little ones that he was invited to partake of pot-luck and to stay the ni^br. In the morning, from the good wife it wap, " Jeannie, hurry the, as Mr MacS. wants to start early." " Jock, you polish the gentleman's boots, and give them a good shiar." Imagine this repeated ad lib. And all this economy by the jidicious application of six bawbees' worth of toffee I Wyndham Town BoA'B.— A lengthy •meeiing of the Wyndhara Town Board was lnj.d on Monday evening, at which were prasept 'Messrs' Tpnjple^pn, Wai key. aud Raymead. Plane and s pedtjeafions. qf ditching ia Inkerman and Cardigan streets were submitted and approved, and' tenders were ordered tofc be called for Monday next, when a special meeting will be held for their consideration. It was decided that the County Council* be written to asking that a box drain be-jaicj down gn the east side of Balaclava street, and also that the dnun qn the \yest side of t^e'same street be continued ii a southeily direction to the town boundary. It was pointed out (hit these drains were absolutely necessary as many of the vacant, frontages were cover d with waler.and this iv nnuy cases had become stagnant and threatened disease, ,'A mild hint was administered to the ranger of the town that a more assiduous atttenlion lo hi* duties would nut meet with disapproval. It was al3o agreed to strike a ratu of f d in the & on the capita} yalue of all rateab/le property in the •town district. The engineer was instructed to ascertain the probable-cost of a reliable mip'-'of the township, and' the meeting tbertupon aajourned. The Destruction of F^e^sts.— We are not alone in our indifference to the destruction of forests, as Victoria and many of the ' American spates are aa Bhor •sighted as the authori: ies here. Forests are being destroyed at a rapia r.Ue in many parts of the world, so that it is:;gcatirying to'Jearn that Canada., i « setting a good example. The Times of tbe 22nd May says : — lt would appear that the process of defQresfcipg Qntar|o has not yet mads any consid rable prorress. Out of a total of 130,000,000 acres of timber laud in the province, only 10,000,000 have been ev^n partially cleared. A bill is now before Parliament for the encouragement of tree : planting', offering a boaus:not to ex ped ?5 cents. for each tree of "-certain named species, which shall be p!:ht-da!tng a "highway or farm bound.irv line, or within si* feet of such line. Trees planted along highways \are to" be.'the prqperfy of thp ownere.;of adjacent landsj bnt^tbe i trees are hot io be." cut'dq^n witbbnt permission of thie authorities, Tre*ss planted on a. farm bjua l«ry are to he the ioiat. property of the owners of the two armj, '

Thb Gazette, — The latest Gazette notifies that the Mayor of Win f on, Mr C. D. Moore has been created a J.P., and that Messrs T. ■J. Thompson and W.JJ. Willcoeks have been elected to the Bluff Harbor Board. Mr John Bell gives notice of his intention to construct a wat^r-face &t I^ngwpod r between Sloan's Gaily and'Cookson's Greek, " - r - "• \ ; % Something in a NAME.--There= is a /worthy ; old settler in the^neighborhppd of. Wanganui who has i-'-'a brother '--in Scotland, with whom he had held no communication for - m any long years past . -It came into his head a few months ago that he would remind his JjrQther ,-of iiis, existence , by sending , him a, weekly newspaper , which he accordingly did. ; By a recent mail he received \ a letter from his brother in Scotland, which f was calculated to make each particular - hair \ "on bis head to stand bolt upright. jThe : writer, while expressing* his satisfaction that = his brother was still in the flesh in New Zea- \ land, went on to lftment; that, "'notwithstand- \ ing ythjs early pious training lithe land pf i cakes; he should have cbme dpjvfc to "such a j ]6w pitch, and concluded by entreating the lost sheep to' go in v for spiritual- counsel and amendment, if such ... were obtainable in a ; heathen land lik« New Zealand. His horror \ . and surprise at receiving this letter (says the '\ Wanganui Chronicle) may be imagined, for, although not an elder of the kirk, he is one ; ■ . of our most respected and respectable citizens. It occurred to him that the hideous '• nightmare was the result of the newpaper he had sent Home, and, on bi-s procuring another copy, he was mortified to find that it contained a Police Court report in wliicha 1 namesake had been fined for- drunkenness 1 The mystery was now cleared up, but the ; _ 'victim is too much disgusted to write. Home ' to his .brother, to • explain. \ There is a. coolness be'cw'een the parties which will; require a lot of bridging over. '■> ' .. -"" ' . - ; ! Trouble if Fur.-r-The H.M.S. Nelßbn>: Commodore Krskine, arrived at Levuka onj ; July-9i.h. la the evening the electric lights wee displayed from the vessel, and the " isle ! was frightened from its propriety "' by thn unearthly, the almost demoniacal shrieks, yells, groans, and waiiings of the steam syren, or fog-signal apparatus, with which the vessel • is furnished. The Fiji Times says :— " As the first unearthly skirl rose on the night air aud reverberatedamongst the hills, tbe native inhabitants of Waitovu scrambled from their sleeping places in terror and nongreeated pn the beach Their first impression was that Lucifer himself was let loose amongst them and was celebrating his release from the nether world, and as the idea was hurriedly . canvassed the whole community became abjectly demoralised with fear. Then the man of the syren roused her up again, and wh'le the crowd stood terror stricken some one suggested that it was the spirit of I ousiaaa, a young girl whom they had recently buried near the town, come back to vex them . That was enough ; the Turaga ni Koro gathered up his tapa, and lit out for Levuka ; the tea"hercame second ; the ablebodied men kept well up with the pair, ffhile the screaming women and children brought up the rear. Not a soul was left ia the. town, but away they streamed due south, and each successive howl from the infernal machine lent wings to their feet and fresh? energy to iheir shrieks of terror. At Vagadace, the chief, fairly out of breath, was met by other Fijtana who had learnt the cause of the racket, and when the matter was explained he sat down on the ground with a grunt, expressive of supreme disgust. He had learnt a little English, and he gave tbe Nelson the benefit oC it, blu-ting out in gasps of intermingled Fijian and English all r.he imprecations he couli master, and denouncing the • whole ship's company from the commodore to the smallest powder monkey." VEiiY Special.— Fancy Dress materials re duced from la to 3d ; Colored Estasrines reduced from Js 4d to 7£d j all Wool Beiges reduced from Is 3d to 7£d. Children's Jackets and Ulsters beginning at 18. Ladies' Jackets reduced from 30s to 7s 66. Ladies' Cloth Jackets from 3s, ac Thomson and Beattie'e Dissolution Sale. The demand for the great American remedy, Hop Bitters, in this part of the world has become so great that .tiie Hop Bitters Co., whose headquarters are at Rochestei-, New York, U.S.A.. "have been compelled to open a laboratory in Melb >urne. It will be in charge of Mr M. H. Van Berg, a gentleman of several years' experience with this company, and the trade may be assured of receiving goods equal to the parent house, and the most courteous treatment. The H. B. Co. have. establishments at London, Paris, Antwerp, Belgium, Breda, Holland, and Torouto, and their bitters are probably the best known medicine in the world. _. How to Get Well. ~- Which is answered in three words — Take. Hop Bitters ! Read.

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Southland Times, Southland Times, Issue 4707, 8 August 1883

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Southland Times Southland Times, Issue 4707, 8 August 1883

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