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The annual general meeting of -tlie Poverty Bay Dog Trial Club will be held at Ormond on. March 13, when the question of holding this year's trials will s be. considered. Upon the necessary procedure being gone through yesterday afternoon,- after the inquest concerning an infant's death at Te Arai, was concluded, Constance McDonnell, was charged with alleged concealment of birth and remanded until Friday, bail being allowed. The tramway returns for the fortnight ending February 22nd are as under : — Passengers carried 13,058, mileage 1700, car hours 280 j revenue, £81 12s. 7d. Power expenses £16 lis 4d, wages, live men £34 lis 3d, wages, track, etc.. £2 3s; £53 5s 7d. "Well 1 believe I did overbalance myself,'/ said an elderly man. Patrick OTvano, 'when, asked at the Police Court this morning, to plead to a charge of drunkenness. "I think this man has had some liquor this "morning," observed Mr W. A. Barton, S.M. Sehioiv Sergeant . Hutton remarked that it. appeared so, accused having been. on bail since 8.30 a.m. A fine of 10s and costs 2s, m default 48 hours' hard labor, was imposed. ' / Cr. Hill's motion, introducing a discussion upon the cost of living, was set down for consideration at last evening's meeting of the Borough Council, but on his application was further adjournad till next meeting, on the understanding that the^ subject would (then be proceeded with.- The mover was subjected to a little friendly banter respecting his "election" efforts, but he assured councillors he was still waiting information from Australia before proceeding with the subject. Messrs 'Of. Wildish, 'W. Fraser, J. Weston, J. Griffin, r.iid W. Wildish, members of the Gisborne Fire Brigade, who been attending the annual conference and competitions at Timaru, returned home this ' morning. The other members are taking a holiday, and will return later. The firemen h"ad a good time at Timaru, and although unsuccessful m any of the competitions, they gained experience from an instructional point of view. The next conference is to be held at Westport. An enjoyable outing should be provided on Wednesday, March 17, when a sports gathering is to be held at Ngatapa under the auspices ox the Ngatapa Sports Club. The programme consists of foot races, and chopping and sawing competitions. Entries close next Saturday night with the secretary (Ngatana), Messrs C. Neenan (Ormond); and A.* G. Elliott (Gisborne). In addition to the' above there will be other attractions, and no effort is being spared to provide for the pleasure and entertainment of the patrons. Mr H. E. "Hill, Returning Officer for the Gisborne Licensing District, -advised the Borough Council last evening he had been appointed the controlling authority, and that all costs of the election of the Licensing Committee were to be paid "by* the Council. He estimated the taking of the election would cost £250. The Mayor said he, was m hopes that there would be no election, as )t would mean so much less available for the roads. Cr Hill explained that seven candidates had been nominated. The' Mayor added that he .was trying to arrange that there should be no election, and he did not see why that course' should not be adopted. Nearly twelve months have elapsed since a laregly-signed petition Mas submitted to the Hawke's Bay Land Board, requesting the dispdsal of certain sections at the Mahia township. Despite' further representations the' matter appears to have been hung up on account of the necessity for the .re-survey of the township. In November last the Commissioner t of, Crown .Lands promised that the work would be done shortly, but apparently the summer is being allowed to pass without the work being any further ahead. Meanwhile local residents who have evinced no little interest m the disposal of the township ■aro still patiently Avaiting. A man named Michael' Kelly was brought down from -Matawai yesterday by Constable Sleath, and charged helore Mr R. S. Floiance, S.M., with drunkenness 'and' using obscene language on" tho main road, Matawai. Being his first conviction for drunkenness he was fined 5s and costs 2s, m default 24 hours' imprisonment, and on the other charge he was fined'- £2 and costs 7s, m default seven, days' hard --labor. "Was the language used without provocation," asked the magistrate during the hearing of the case. "Well, your Worship," replied Constable Sleath, "he was hung up m a barb wire fence, and when the boardinghouse proprietress told him to go away he used the language, and he used it again when I spoko to him." ■At the Magistrate's Court at Te Karaka yesterday Mr W. A. Barton, . S.M., was engaged practically all day m hearing a civil action iv connection with a sawmilling claim. Edward Bai (Mr Blair) claimed from Frank Sloan (Mr Burnard) £37 17s for cutting timber under agreement with defendant at the rate or 3s per 100 ft, and £150 for damages for breach of contract. .Plain-' tiff claimed that defendant had wrongfully terminated his cutting contract, and that the money he had expended m erecting plant aiid buildings m preparation for this contract had been lost. Evidence m support of the claim was given by H. Richardson, J. Rutter, A. Jarlov, and plaintiff. Defendant's case was that the timber had been overcharged, and that the agreement had been terminated by the default of John Sloan and defendant. The Court then proceeded with the hearing of a counter-claim by defendant for £37 6s 6d m respect of repairs necessitated to defendant's machinery, defendant claiming that they were to have bden kept m good order and condition by plaintiff. After practically an all-day sitting f his Worship reserved judgment.

A meeting of St. Patrick's Sports Club will be held at the Royal Hotel this evening. Father O^Malley, of Ponsunby, is to replace Father Carran, of Ormond, who ■ leaves on Wednesday next for Cambridge. During the past fortnight the Borough Council issued seven building permits,! having a stated value of £4692, including, dwellings £875, additions £294, hostel £3523. Mr R. B. Miller, representative of the .Jubilee Institute for the Blind, is paying his annual visit to Gisborne, and will be pleased to meet persons .desirous, of benefitting by the institution. He returns to Auckland on Saturday. A charge of 6s made by the Electrical Department for the installing of am extra meter for heating and cooking; was the subject of a letter of protest placed before the Borough Council last, eveningl The matter was referred to the Electrical Committee. , With a view to inaugurating aii an v nual social gathering. , the combined churches of Matawhero charge . are organising for a: fete to be. held at the Patutahi Domain oh Thursday, March 18, at which athletic and gymkhana events will be arranged. The Rev. Chas. Fox, who 'has been m Gisboftie for the past few days, left for Auckland' by to-day's steamer en route for England, where" he spends sey-. eral months on furlough, having bean m indifferent health. Ho subsequently ; returns via Japan to resume his labors: m. the Melanesian Mission. The dredge Maui, returned to Gi|"V borne this morning, at 11.40 o'clock^ and moored m the stream 'below the? Kaiti bridge. Captain Be»tpnj who brought the dredge from Auckland, re--. ; ports that a fine trip was ' experiencedThere was a fairly heavy sea running .. off the Coast, but the dredge made tho •trip to Gisborne m about 43 hours. " The annual encampment of the local . squadron of Frontiersmen will be held at Mr G. . Reynolds' property at Ormprid, at the end of the month. About thirty or forty Frontiersmen are expected to be under canvas for about nine days'. . .The fortnightly parade of the squadron • will be held on Saturday, when Lieut. Slipper will take charge of the drill. The Fire, Brigade last evening received a call, to Dr Porter's residence ■:■. m Childers Toad, where the ignition of the fumes of benzine from- a motor car' caused, a' blaze. . . The outbreak was quickly extinguisheol before, .much damage was done, and the services of the ' > Brigade, who arrived promptly, were* . not required. '.''"' Mr Fred Holford, of Gisborne, wlio left Gisborne with the first draft for the expeditionary force m August last, returned to New Zealand from Egypt a few days ago. Mr Holford was- an ol*-" jector to the inoculation precautions, apd on obtaining his discharge at Wellington booked his passage and left for London with the intention of joining a force A at Homo and proceeding to the front. As indicated by the Mayor' hist evening, an effort is being made to avoid - the expense of the pending licensing election on the 9th inst., m, order to conserve the Borough funds, but :Mr H. E. Hill," returning officer, points out that the amending legislation precludes the withdrawal of -the candidates' names, after the date of nominations has closed. . . '■.-'....";' Referring to the, recent incipient fire at -the back of Mr C Eerguson's pre- ' inises, Gladstone^ rqad, Or Miller enquired at last evenings meeting of the ; Borough Council if a permit had been ' issued for the erection of the The Mayor, said a permit . Imd'iidt beeri . , issued for the addition, and iusti-uctipns i had been issued for its removal. Se . was inspecting . the. premises jper_©ri""JiJy. It was explained that a ''permit fcaa ■ been issued for a roof, but -walls .bad , been added. ..„.„ A statement- was -presented to. ; tbo - Borough Council last evening, showing that 86 dwellings m the town area,. 3» m Whataupoko, 39 m Kaiti; and 148 ,'iij : ' west end were still unconnected with;' tlm sewerage system. The" statement, which enumerated the- names of <ther owners and occupiers "'■ of the premises, also showed that 41 buildings it, Kaiti, 26 dwellings m the town area, and 148 dwellings m West End cannot be connected owing to their being below -the sewer level. The New Zealand Times on Tuesday states : "Mr. George Innes, who has been acting as manager of. the Auckland branch of the Bank of New ZeSland during ""'the absence of Mr ; H. Buckleton, has been appointed manager at Gisborne." With reference to the above we understand that- Mr Vincent Pyke, the present local manager, does not retire until the 31st iiist: ' when- he ■ severs his connection with the institu- "•• tion after 35 years as manager of various branches of the baiik throughout New Zealand. .. . .; - ; . When passing through Wellington, on: -his way back to Gisborne from tW Fire Brigade competitions, ■; Mr G.; Wildis_ visited the Trentham camp. . Ho saw as many of the Gisborne men, as. 'He coukl, and they all spoke, very highly' of the- camp, and of course they were anxious to get to the fi'6'nt. "I ne'jei*' saw. our boys look so well and happy,'' - stated Mr Wildisli, "and they seeih well satisfied.' ' He said he also spoke to some:.: of the officers, who expressed, their satisfaction of the general conduct of the, men. At .the outset of the war a. remarkably generous ofter.was made to the local -Patriotic Committee by Miss Gilinoui*, specialist m ladies' and children's clothing, jfeel street, m i&Q 4ruio*in,<-e- , ment tnat she would donate her tweivte-' : montlia' profits to the patriotic tunp\ i'or the nrst six months Miss'Gilmpur has 'handed .over, two- cheques of i/IQO each to the Coipmittee, and'shb is now jssuing an appeal to her -customers -tjQ."._ make the amount £400 lor the next six months, and thus assist the , Jtselgian distress. ' .-.:., A meeting of the Poverty Bay branch of the Victoria _eague' was held on -\lonaay last, to consider a suggestionlrom viie central committee or the' .League m London, a& to fne'prdvidihg of Kit-uags for wounded soldiers, it .was . decided that all members should be asked to collect a certain sum for this purpose, m view of the risk of, the goods v not l'caclnng England under, present cozl**' ;_ etitious, the meeting decided that the, 0 " money should be sent to Miss Talbot, 1 tlie London secretary,' of the Victoria League, with a request that she will ,use it lor tho purpose intended.- ■; ,' Tlie sports meetings being held oil the Wancaiuie beach- . to-morrow after,, noon, m aid' of funds 'to build a nieu's. . bathing shed, promise to provide sometning new for Gi£bor"*e. m the, way of beacn sports. The organising committee have gone out of their way to,obtain hovel, as well as interesting, ijjoms for the programme, . which should- g-ive much fun to the large crowd that' it -is hoped will attend aiid ih' some \yajfi as* sist to make improvements m conneic- -. tiou with the splendid beach and its/iisQ, for bathing purposes. ' . ' '. **^:, i The following telegram - recentiy, ; .~'ap'«. peared m the Sydney Daily , Telegraph with, respect, lo a seripus outbreak- o£ smallpox at Kurri Kurri, New "SbuKft Wales :~"The outbreak of smaUpox£i_j. spreading alarmingly. Five more cases' reported yesterday, and the .con"! tacts now number about 100. In one otf the; recent cases reported at Sawyer's Gully, both the parents and "an infanf[ who had been, vaccina ted escaped, while two other children were attacked,*', *XljeV ' hospital, which has ah isolation ward "to* acoommodate four patients, is ' quita'Jehj}. ' able to cope with; the outbreak . v^orW men are erecting calico structures: which are being occupied as "fast as- tks are completed. Dr Bodth-Clarkson, of the Board of Health, . retui*ne"dT yestert day, and has f6rWarded a .supply of New Zealand lymph sufficient to treaV ■■. 500 people. The doctors began vaccihSii£ ing to-day. The Shiro Council has ©pern ed a, vaccination depot at Westoxr,. D? Heupt, the Government medical oificer, who first reported "the disease, reported that m at least five cases J the- patienti will bo permanently pit*Le4:'V'T •**<" ■\ , :v( Messrs Samson Bros, announce tbV last two days of Mr A. A. Fromm'ft (tire sale, which will positively finish ori •Saturday next.

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