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ARRIVALS. Sept. .28— Talaroa,, 5.5.,, Peterson, from T'maru. Union Company,- agenty. ' Passengerg-Mni.Hamil^on- ' 'and 2 'children, Mrs 'and Miss'Udnes, Messrs Conden, Forrest, O. Dodson, lluhro, 'HaU, Hislpp, and 6 steerage. ,' ; ' Express, s.s., 136 tons', Christian, from the Bluff; H. Houghton and Co:, j agents, j ,, Passengers — Mrs Bell. Miss Collins, Messrs Durham^' Clark, " Coventry ( . (2J. Fraser,.and 17 steerage,. ,,.-,/, i i 1 Ladybird, s.s. , 286 tons, AndiW,'trom Ly ttelton and the North. Onion Company, agents. Passengers — ' Captain Esaon, Meisr* AVymond, Cameron, Stoddart, and 9 steerage. „ , , , Sept. 29— Jessie, ketch, Lyd6ra,i from Wfttkoualti. Master, agent. Putin. Bnag, i.B , 31 tons. -Wing, from Shag Point. „.MarsnandtWa,tson, agents.,, v x ,r - ,- . ■(•» j ' Mabel Jane, schooner, 38 tons, Graham, from Haye■■■!l6ck;"'Kelttf'Kam«iy, agent. ' ' "1M |! ' "" • ! ' ' ißeaiTiti{nlStar,3.s., liO ton*, Stewart, from the Bluff: 1 1 'Union Company < agents. „ , .• ; lS iw't'' <•■ i' ' C . i JEhomasib*, M'Lellan, ship, 178A f tqnB, .Qibb, f rem • London Jime'Brd) Rio Jauiero August 'l2th. Lango ' and Thonem&ii, agents. ' Passengers— Messrs Cockburn, King, Oliver, St.. ilohn, >Latchford. -2nd .Cabin and , SteerAße— Mr and, Mrs, Moynhan and. 6 children, Mr , 4 and lhtWhp\t an 4 3 children, Mr and Mrs Connor, 1 'Messife Herbert,' Oxley, ' Small;' -Cari&ie, 'Cohrtm, 1> ; CrioltetU Barmaldj Hyde, Mitchell, 'Lynn; • Hicks, "lia,i' ham, ;RUey,, La.Barte, Malqolnnon,, Glythe,- Kan», M'Kenhi, Green, Davy, Crawford, Robertson, „ 1 Samson, p.»., 12* ton*, Eilie, from Oam'a'raJ XTnton Company, agents. -Paßtengera— Mesdames Gardner, O'Raw, Reid,- Larg.^ddpll^Dansey and family (2), Misi'es Hinton,' I*ins, vMeMra Mark', P'etter and son, Welsh, Gramess, Gardner, O'Raw, Lain?. Reid, Richmond, .pawson^Rey'AfineYi', Mes^w yf hits, Toohey, Hedley.r Brojrn,,'M < AuBlandi, Robertson, Waddell, - Ocf>l"— > l^ia'roa, 1 ».»., 228 tons, 1 ' P?ttwoh," from I Timaru. Union Co , agents. „• ■ j < - • , m I ' Vanjanui, 8.8., 179 tons, Eraser, from the Bluff. H. Hoiiirhton and Civ, agents. Passengers— Messrs Braid, Swaid, De Beer, Rhodes, Patterson, M'Reig, Meab, Holmes, and ,7 steerage. „ ■ ;■ < - Wakatipti, .s.s.', 1158' tons, Cameron, from Sydney ' September 22nd, via Wellington.' Union Company, agents. Passengers : From bydney— rMr and Mrs Taylor, Messrs D. Marks, Harker, Master Cameron (2), and 7 steerage. From Wellington— Mr and Mrs Cargill, !,Mrs Bro\vn, Mesara Bastings,-. M.H.R., Gillies, Pell, Simpson. ' , Ringarooma, s.s., 623 tons, M'Lean, from Ly ttelton. DqJgetyV'lUchGls," and .Co:; £gohts. Passengers—Mesdaines Bickers, Neilson, Miss E. Lamb, Messrs Crossman, Beissel, Goved, Revans, Stead, Melville, Walters, Ore, and 2 steerage. . ; Oct. S— Shag, s.s., Wing 1 , fiom Shag Point and Moeraki. Martin, and Watson, agents. Passengers : Mr and Mrs Wilson, Mr and Mrs M'latosh and child., Waitaki, s.s., 229 tons, Thomson, from Glasgow July 7th, Hobart Town September 275h. J. Mills, agent. '' Passengers : Messrs Came and Harris. Oct. 4— Albion, b.s., Clark? from Melbourne September 27, via Hobart Totfn September 29, and Bluff. Dalgety, Nichols, and_ Co, agents. Passengers : Mr and Mr* Dampier md f »mily (2), Mr and Mrs MackinJej', Mr and His Yeend, Mrs Smith and ron, MissssGlbbs, Goldinj, Messrs Welsh, Hindmarjh, M'Naughton, Smith 1 , Jones, Masters, Hume, Nathan ; and 15 Steerage. , Tftupo, g.s., 461 ton*, Worsp, frjm Ly ttelton and ihe North. '.Union Company, agents. Passengers: Mr* Baker, Miss Reynolds, Messrs Schaff, Jack«s, Fergutson, 'Taylor, Trifldell,' Buxoy,' Morton, Taiaroa, Bridge, Ttirner, Weir, Ayson ; ,and six steerage. Mataura. ship, 853 tons, Gorh, from London June SOU. * 'New Zealand Shipping Co., agents. Passengers : Mrs Davidson,,. Mems, Ackroyd, Secretan, Lloyd, Rankin, Vaughaii. ' Socond Cabin and Stcerajjo— Mr and Mrs Reid and four children, Mr and Mrs Fitzroy aad four , children, Mr and Mrs Blackett and chilil/ MrsDaviafefan iind 'child, ' Mr an«i Mrs' Wriimsbum, Mr aad Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs Bliss, Mr and Mrs Wright, ' 'Mr and' Mrs G. Smith, Mr and Mrs' Taylor, Muses '■ - Stephen; ! .'Anderson,' Mesirs Arnold, Buokrill (2), Wrißht, Fitzgerald, Shand, Power, Saunders, M'AlHster: ''*»• Samson, p.s., 124 tons, Edie, from Oamaru. J. Mills, agent. , Passenger* : Mesdames Hunt, Ferguson, Rev. Mr Donovan, Captain Rpbertson, iiosirs Stoven- ., son, Wales, Hay, Bee, Prico, Johnson, Stevens ; 10 steerage.

<"' ' DKriRTURKS. . Sept. 28— Emma, brig, Jesselsen, for Timaru. Keith Rtmiay,, agent. ' Sept. 29— Samson, p.s ', Edic, for Oamaru. Union Company, agents. „ ( Taiaroa, s.s., 228 ton«, Peterson, for Timaru. Union Company, agents. Hopo, barge, 24 tons, Julier, for Waikouaiti. Mister, agent. ' Sept. 30— Alpha, ketch, Xoys, for Catlin's River. Bouraan, Macandrew, and Co., a<rent». Rodunck Dhu, brigautine, IG3 tons, M'Kon/ie, for Oitnaru. Guthrifi and Larnach, agents. Ethel, brigantinc, 180 tons, M'Leod, for Oamaru. Guthrie and L&rnach, agents. Express, s.s., 136 tons, Christian, for the Bluff. .H. Houghton and Co., agents. ,- Oot. I—Mary1 — Mary Campbell, 14i tons, Carr, f.>r Kaipara. Neill and Co., agent". Jessie Niccol, schooner, 93 tons, Peterson, for Oamaru. Bouman, Macandrow, and Co., agents. Huon Bell, ketch, 42 tons, Currie, for Catlin's River. H. Guthrie, agent. Oct. 2— Good Templar, ketch, Currie, for Catlin'a River. , ,H. Guthrie, agont. Lady Bird, s.s , tons, Andrew, for LyWelton and the North. Union Company, agents. Passengers : Bor Lyttelton— Mrs Jackson, MUi Ramsay, Messrs Haatie, Hide, Livian. For Wellington -Mr R. Stout, M.H.R For Napier- Mr Stcnnock. For New Plymouth—Miss Pardie For Manukau— Miss Hooper. For Hokitika— Messrs Coody, Howard. For Greymouth — Messrs M'Millau, West, and 75 steerage for all ports. RingarbomaV b 5.,. 623' tons, M'Lean, for Melbourne (yia Bluff). , Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., agen+u. Passengers': For ''Bluff— 3 ateerage. For Melbourne—

Mrs Jones' and 4'childron', • Misseß Hinne, Livingstone, Irwin (2), Rev Mr Agnew, and 2 steerage. ! Oct. a— Samson; ;p.s.i Edie, for Oamaru. Union Company, agents. i Taiaroa, a s., 228 tons, Peterson, for Timaifu. Union Company, agents] , India, barque, 202 tons, Greffg, for Hobart Town. Gibbs and Clayton, agents. ■• ' ■ '' t Oct. 4— Wakatipu, s.s , Cameron, for Sj'dney via Coast Ports. Union Company, agents. Passengers : For Lvttelton— Messrs Maul, Spence, Simpson, Makoijr ; and 12 steerage. For Wellington— Misses Harrison, M'Co.:nichie. For Hokitika— Messrs Brown, Hill ; and 160 steerage. For £ydnoy-r-Mr and Mrs Forrostor, Mr Mehdeishausen, Charlos, Horning. i Albion, s.s., 040 tons, Clark, for Sydnej', yi* Coast Ports. Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., agents. Passengers : For Wellington— Rev. Mr and Mrs Coffey. For Sydney— Mr M'Gregor ; one steerage. For Lyttelton—One steerage. For Hokitika— sl steerage. Pioneer, schooner, 25 tons, Matheson, for New Rivpr. Keith Ramsay, agent. ' Beautiful Star, s.s., 140 tons, Stewart, for Kakanui.- Union Company, agents. Jane Hannah, schooner, 62 tons, Holloway, for CAtlin's River. H. Guthrie, agent. SHIPPING TELEGRAMS. Wbstport, September 28th. Last night's gale again' stranded the s.s. Matau, previously afloat, knocking her about considerably. The insurance .representatives are expected steamer Murray, and then it will be 'decided whether to abandon her or not. ' j Ciiarlbbtos, September 28th. A letter from Karamea, dated 20th inst., states ttiat • wreckage has been washed ashore— timber, sp&rs, compass, candles, brandy, rum, and vinegrar ; ship's boat, and a lifo buoy marked " La.Hojud, from London," Auckland, October 3rd. The schooner Strathnavor, owned at Lyttelton, was wrecked while entering Kaipara Harbour.' ' She capsized suddenly, • drovo ashore, and became a total wreck. The mate was drowned. She w&i intured in the Nev. Zealand office for £700. • • . . ' • ARRIVAL OF THE JESSIE READMAIT. . As a good average passage-maker, the Albion Company's ship Jessie 'Readman • is not' excelled' by any vessel which tradogj to the .Port; and although her performance this tune is not to be classed amongst clipping runs, she has yet acquitted herself very creditably in making the passage from port to port in 92 days. That so much imy be conceded in her favour will be admitted when we state that in consequence of head winds, she was no further ahead than Cape Finistorre on the nirth day after leaving, and did not cross the Equator until the thlity-sixth day, and made very poor further projjre-s until the fortyeighth day, when the westerlies found her in lat. 26.3 South. The Readman is commanded this voyage by Ciptain Kennedy, a Btrangei to the Port. Sho has arrived, in tip-top condition alow and aloft, her appearance being suggestive rather of a lengthy stay' in port than the termination of a long and, towards the finish, stoimy sea passage, which is exceedingly creditable to her j captain and officers. Captain Kennedy appears to be the right man in the right 'place.' ohe passengers by tho Readman ,speak in the highest terms of his uniform kindness ,to them and cloae attention to tho duties of his position. The arrival of ihe good ship created more than usual stir at the Port, for, contrary to'ordinary custom, she did not anchor in 'the' stream, but was brought right to the Railway Pier, and moored in a discharging berth astern of the Invercargill. Quite a crowd was there to receive her, including truny friends of the passengers, amongst who r m was/ Mr G;. K. Turton, returned from his visit to Britain^ , \. • . > _ , .' . , Concerning the passage out, the log-book states that the ship left London, on June 26t'a with a light easterly breeze, which, hpwever, heid only until Beachy Head was passed— next .day. Then ,it hauled to the southward'and westward, and held 'there psrnwnently until July sth.' The ship took Her departure from the Start on the 29th>Juno,.and on the above date fell in wiih, a N.W. breeze.i which, veering to N. and N.E., merged li^to the N.E. Trade on July 16th— lat. 28.42. It blew a' moderate breeze, and gave out on' July 24th, in lat. 11.21 N. Then, instead of the steady S.W;. monsoon which had been looked for, the wind came out of south, hauling to S.B.K— -at times . light 'at that. Hence the ship did not cross the JEquator until August 3rd, and. owing to. tha set of the wind ,'far to the westward, iv long. 30.' On the previous dpy she_,met the flrst-ot, the.- (3.X. Trade 'in 1.40 N. It proved a miserable wind, but for all that she kept clear of the fyrazui'n'ri Coast, and was no loser when the Trad* left her, Augmt 6th, lat. 14 S., long. 34.1 W. Eourdaya.of light variable ;winds fallowed, aijd 'then sh'e came within the influence'of the " Brave we»t winds." Light at first; they gradually increased, and the Headman; bowling iaAong urider.ipress of nil, passed within sight of j'fristaniD'Acunha qn the 22nd,' crosiedthe meridian b( Ureaawich Hext day, and 'tnat 6f the Cape 'on thei2Bth, in lat/ 43.54 a.' From Greenwich she carried strong breezes, .chiefly, from north and south, the' wind ve«-rimj and hauling between the ,two quarters, but holding .very ' little] wetting 'at; any time, 18 days she made excellent running, • averaging .281 miles ■ per' day. Early on September Bth the, only spell , of really baa weather mot with commenced. • • The wind freshened to a gaje from. N.W.,, then shifted' suddenly to W.S.W.. with a rising barometer. It then backed to N.W., blowing' furiously, and tho glass fell from 29.60 t to 28.80. Again the wind shifted, going round to N.E, with heavy 6iiow squalls ; held there an hour or two, anu then c*me out of due e*st, tho barometer falling to 28.30.-As the last shift took place, the ship was hove-to under lower maintopsail, tho wind having increased to , hurricane violence, w hilst' a heavy cross sea ran. ■ She kept by the wind unt-1 tho morning of the 9th, and the wind then going round to W.S.W., ,she bore away and made sail. Passed the meridian 'of the Leuwin on tho 15th, and with fresh westerly breezes, varied by one sharp blow from the southward, she rattled off the balance of her ousting, and passed the Snares on the.night of the 25th, but not in sight, .and on the following morning made' her firnt lsndfall'at the Nuggets. .There the wind came out of N.E., and against it she worked to the Heads', arriving yesterday forenoon. Tne Jessie Readman ha 3 brought about 1400 tons of cargo, weight and measurement, aiid some live stock. At London she shipped two Clydesdale entires, and two mares of the same breed, four short-homed cows and one bull, and eight Leicester rams. ' We regret to say that the larger animals suffered during the voyage— one entire, one mare, and the bull died. Thoy wore fairly worn out by tho rolling of the, ship, and so succumbed. The rams the passage very well indeed; and havo arrived in good condition. Thp stock is owned by the Hon. Mr Holmos and Dr Webstor. The Jossie Readman ran her longitude down between the 45th and 47fch parallels. No ice was sighted and no vessels communicated with during the passage.

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PORT CHALMERS., Otago Witness, Issue 1297, 7 October 1876

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PORT CHALMERS. Otago Witness, Issue 1297, 7 October 1876

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