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-I ' (Fiou Oca Sfxcul Cobbuvokdihi.)

v MAJESTIC PICTURES. . • A double fare is billed for the week-end at the Majestic Theatre, the first feature - picture being " Undertow,” starring Mary Nolan, 'called, the most exotic beauty on the "screen. There is a unique lighthouse .setting, and the exteriors and seascapes gave wide scope for photographic beauties, of which the greatest advantage has been - taken. The dramatic situations/ of the film are presented in full dialogue, and the natural effects accompanying it, such as'the storm, were photographed in - full sound, adding the fullest realism. Mary ‘ Nolan reveals great powers as an emotional star, and Johnny Mack Brown is 1 - leading man, with Robert Ellis in a supporting role. f The other feature is “ Vali- , ant,** a gripping stage drama which Hol- ■ worthy Hall wrote in collaboration with Robert Middlemasa. There is nothing of , the underworld in ‘ the story j although much of the atmosphere is that of a State penitentiary: Paul Muni, and Marguerite Churchill • are' in the leading roles. Muni : depicts a youth who. though a .confessed murderer, is high-minded and firm in adherence to principle. Other favourites carrying the. principal coles are ■ John Mack Brown,- Ue ’Witt Jennings Richard Carlyle. Edith Yorke. and George Pearce: - That Paul Muni awakens and .'bolds the sympathy of audiences though ' bis hands-are bloodstained, is taken as .a tribute to; his artistry and to the dramatic'Strength of the story and dialogue. OAMARU TROTTING CLUB. * . . ‘ , - - s ... •• t At a meeting of the committee of the -Oamaru Trotting Club, -Mr M. J. Han- . non .pr esided over-a good attendance. The programme of the October, meeting (Lab- - our Day) • was" decided upon,- and the stakes are-to be,the same as for that day last year, namely, 12225. RUGBY FOOTBALL , - - Th«» following, will represent the Old Soys*;, senior team against Awakino to- - morrowirrTaylor, Webb, .Sumpter; Kent: • - Ross, -Gaffaney, - M'Donald.Ballantyne. -M'Callmn, ’W. - Cameron, R. Cameron, Sconlar J. B, Spear, E. Martin, I. Wal- ! ton; emergenbiesT-forwards, 6. Ny, D. Blyth; backs-rl. Cameron, J. Kinder. MINIATURE RIFLE SHOOTING. ' .This following are the results of the weekly shoot of. the Glenavy Club:—A. Gihisori79.W. A. Anderson 70, H. Ellery ‘7B, S.*.OdeQ 77, G. Frater. 77. A. Anderson 77, A. Ytilll, sen., 77. T. Allan 77, ; J. Allanv7fi, R. -8ean,76,. W. Allan 75, - ./AngurilM'Nau&tdn' 75, ‘W, Yuill 75, Wit- / Mnsori?74,'W. Gibson. 74, J. MWeigh ‘73, • % Glbson\73, G/YuiH 72, Allan M’Nanj*ton 73, A. Ludeinsn 72, R. Joiner 71,-N, '■ Allan 70. ’” . ” - • \ s ‘■ ‘ . -- At ;the weekly shoot -of the .Duntroon ■ Club fO. Msnieywon the A, Grade rifle; button and A - Coppell-the handicap button, while R;'C6x. won the'B Grade .rifle .; arid handicap bnttons. v. The' following are the reeultsi-LQ.T Manley* J 8 (4). 80; J. Grant. 77 (6*; Coppell. 75 (6), 80; B. Knight: 75 (8) . 80; B. Peterson, 76 ■ (8), 80; R. Cox. 71 .(14), 80; H. M'Ctdfy,' 75 (4), 79; Wi Sharp'74- (5),* . 79; H. Wilson; 78 (6), 79; li. Peterson, : 73: (5), 78itW: Rutherford, 75 ’ i (2)i^77; ; vR- O’Connor; 72 (5), .77; R. Chalmers, 73 ~ (3),..75;,Q,. Francis,' 70. (6). 76. v The /following team won , the .. fern Jeaf badges;-—J: Grant/A. Coppell,-W. Sharp, yß..Chalmers, and G. Francis, with a total if. score of 370;'- - . ” ' MUSIC EXAMINATIONS. Tba following are the marks gained by ,- the pupils , of,'the - Dominican College,. Teschemakefs, at the harmonyexamination.held ‘ in v June- last, by the; Trinity :'■ College of Music;' London Senior ,divi* 1 - sion—Margaret Crawford 95 . (hon.), ; Griffin 91 (hon.); intermediate divi* sion—r-Marie Muilin 87.' (hon.), Dorothy ' Cuddbn-Large 81/ (hon,); Junior- division ; ■ —Kathleen Mdwat 94 (hon.). Mavourneen • O’Leary '92. (hod.). Evelyn > (XLeary 89 (hon.) - , Sadie 7 Wellwood 89 (hon.); pre.partory division —Mary Foley 87, Audrey Dwyer 85;* Colnmb 80, Isobel ' O’Driscoll 77 v ; Thsy following are the results in the theory of music examination in. connec-


tion with the Trinity College, London, held at Rosary Convent, Oamaru, in June:—Higher local grade. May Meekle 78; junior division—Margaret Murphy 94 (non.), Leo Dunn 93 (hon.), Dick Dwyer 80 (hon.) t Tom Murphy 82 (bon); preparatory division--Fairlie' Curry 95 (hon.), Frank Marshall 84 (hon), Mary Robertson 78, Helen Griffin 77, Desmond Clements 77, Louis Nottingham 70. Elion Woods 67. -■ LAWN TENNIS. A meeting of the various country lawn tennis clubs was held at Maheno on Wednesday evening to consider forming a country lawn tennis sub*association Delegates were present from the Enfield, Five Forks, Weston. Totata. and Maheno clubs. Messrs’ P. Mulligan. H M’Dowell. and G, Meikle. delegates of the North Otago Lawn Tennis Association, were also present. It was finally decided to form a subassociation, to be named the Southern Lawn Tennis Sub-association. A committee was then set up. comprising the following officers: —President, Mr Thorby; vice-president, Mr P, Croft; secretary and treasurer. Mr A. Clark Management Committee —Messrs D. Hollow. Watson, D. Elliott, Heron, and H Stephenson. The president and vice-president were appointed as delegates _to the North-Otago Lawn Tennis Association. . It was decided to make application for affiliation with the North Otago Lawn Tennis Association. „ , Mr Brown, one of the Five Forks delegates present, kindly presented the sub-association with a challenge cup for ■ competition. PERSONAL Mr J. W. Sewell, of the Post Ofiil 6 staff at Gore, has received notice of his transfer to the -Chief Post Office, Oamaru. The increase in the volume of postal and telegraph business transacted at Waitaki Hydro has rendered necessary a further addition to the staff there,. and Mr L. Clark, of Waimate. is being traps-1 ferred to the staff of the Waitaki Hydro Poet Office. , , T : The marriage took place at Invercar gill of Miss K. MTndoe, daughter of the late Mr MTndoe, chemist, and the Rev, A. Brian Kilroy. of Oamaru. The Rev Ji Lawson Robinson (St. -Andrews, Christchurch), assisted by the Rev. R. M. Rybura (Youth Director), offloiated. Queen’s Hptel.—Mr_-J. T. Martin, Mr S. P. Roxburgh (Wellington ),Mrfl. R. Williams, Mr K. Yeadon, Mr W. W. Buckley (Christchurdi), Mr R. White (Tlmartt), Mr R. Paterson (Dunedhi), the Rev. F., and Mr* Jl'Dpnald (Kaitangata), Mr and Mrs fi. Webb (Inver- •< mtdcrliaae; V. Sungstrum, Miss E. HaUlday, Mr E. Bnngstrum Mr S. M. Brown, Mr X. Brooks (Chrlsteburch), Mr A. A. Carrick. Mr J. A- Bingham (Wefiffigton), Mr and Mrs D. A. Stewart. Miss Mi Stewart (Gore),:Mr and Mrs J. Cole (Invercargill). GOLF. The following is ihe A for the. bogey match to-morrow:—Mathieson v. Rivers, Donaldson -v. Cnthbertoon, Hedges v. Fowler, K. Familton V. Nichols. Reid v. Ireland, Holmes, v. Imne, Ewart v. Marshall, E. P. Familton v.. M’Beath, Kilpatrick v. MTJonald, 'Armstrong v.- K. Sumpter, Humphries v.'Grave, Hunter v. M'Kenzie, Orbell v. Pollock, Roll v. Hewat, Woodward v. Douglas, L. Sumpter v. L. Wright, Scott ▼. Roxby, Wilson v. Barr, Banto v. Mulligan,-Uttley v. G. Sumpter.. . The B and, 0 Grade members who are not playing. off weir match games may arrange their own partners, MAHENO -LODGE BALL ; A large gathering attended the annual ball of the Maheno -Ledge, when the lodges in Oamaru and Ngapara were represented. The music was provided by Ashton’s Orchestra, and Messrs J. Stewart and J. MTieod carried out the duties of M.G. RAINFALL The rainfall registered for the 24 hours ended at 9 o'clock yesterday, morning amounted to 20 points, ■ / MEN’S HOCKEY. The following "will represent the Oamaru team against Rovers at King Georges Park at 3 pan. to-morrow: —Shirkey, Brown, Tonkin, Arnott, Brook, M'Gillivray, Webb, Blair, Willetts, Stanford, and Beswick. COLERIDGE ELECTRIC SUPPLY. The report of the shortage of water supply at Lake Coleridge is occasioning some concern to the electrical supply authorities as this district is dependent on that source Of supply to meet the normal maximum demand. It is reported that, owing to the low level of the lake, it ie only a matter of a few weeks, it no relief is experienced, before full power from Coleridge will not be available. To avoid this, the Public Works, Department has asked the supply authorities to request consumers to economise as much as possible, especially in regard to heaters ana radiators, to relieve the situation until such time as the Waitaki works are completed. The department la putting in hand -immediately the diversion of tbs river Acherdn to supplement the water supply to Lake Coleridge. At present the Harper River feeding the lake is very low indeed. In fact, the present position constitutes a new record for a minimum flow. . The Waitaki Electric Power Board is asking consumers to exercise economy, not with a view to scaring them, but on the ‘ principle that every economy will help to overcome any shortage experienced. Up to date 6.88 inches'of rain have been recorded at Coleridge since March, compared- with 26.7 inches for the correspondingjpreriod last year. The Waitaki Board plant, which’ is the largest outside plant connected with the Coleridge system, has already been used for peak production purposes, but not so far for relieving the water shortage. Between 400 and 500 h.p. are available from both water set and oil engine set. . In this district, there are several large consumers, the largest being the Waitaki Hydro Electric Works, power for which cannot be curtailed. In reply to the Public Works Department, the board has signified its willingness to use the plant but, of course, wants compensation for its use. During the period when the Coleridge supply was cut off from this district owing to the collapse of a transmission tower in the Waitaki River, the plant was run at full pressure until the borough water supply was depleted, when it was found ueces-' sary to cut off street lighting and country districts and to ration the power to the best advantage. The power available then was only one-third of the normal maximum demand, since when the load has grown Considerably. For example, yeeterd&y the plant was working at full pressure in order to keep down the peak demand from Coleridge owing to the phenomenal local demand.

OAMARU BOROUGH COUNCIL. ' The fortnightly meeting of the Oamaru Borough Council was held last evening, when there were present the Mayor (Mr F. Crawshaw), Crs J. M'Diarmid, J. M Forrester, N. H. Colquhoun, J. T. Calder, K. Familton, 6. A. Mitchell, W. H. Frith, John Fraser, M. F. Cooney, W. Wright, W. S. Crombie. and H. J. Jenkins. The terms of an agreement for the supply of gas to the Railways Depart* ment by the Gas Department was approved. , „ . . , The Waitaki Boys’ High School forwarded £lO 17s for the Unemployment Relief Fund, being the net proceeds of the third night of the school’s annua) concert. . The S.P.C.A. drew attention to the number of stray dogs now about the town and to the damage they were causing to sheep in the neighbourhood, and asked the council to bring about the destruction of all unregistered dogs.—The matter was referred to the inspector for a report. Cr M'Diarmid commented on the nuisance caused in the town by. the large number pf stray dogs, which sometimes overran the town, and suggested making an increase in the registration fees, working dogs being exempt. Mr G. Cuthbertson wrote submitting terms for the transfer of portion of his land for widening Ayr street. —Cr Wright reported that an agreement had been reached to round on the corners, and a resolution was carried accordingly. The .Oamaru Municipal Band was granted permission to hold a concert in the gardens on Sunday afternoon. The North Otago Rugby Union applied for the use of the Opera House on October 18 for the final performance oi “Our Mias Gibbs.” adding that arrangements were in hand for broadcasting the performance, together with a talk on Oamaru ” by a prominent citizen.—The request was granted, Mr L. H. Tempera wrote requesting that the rubbish tipped in Greta street should be covered over as soon* as possible,—The matter was referred to the engineer. Mr J. A. Macpherson - MJ*., advised that the borough would receive 5J per cent, on the sixpence petrol tax until next March, and thereafter at 8 per cent. —Received.

The commodore cmnmanding the New Zealand station advised that other committments prevented a longer visit of the H.M.S. Dunedin to Oamaru.—Received.

The Finance Committee reported the following balances:—District fund account, dr. £9707 19s lOd; loan account, cr. £s4 7a lOd; loan account Post Office Savings Bank, cr, £4OO. The general accounts:totalling £1221 2s 8d and loan account £3O 9s Bd, were passed for payment, i

Messrs Hialop, Creagh, and Main wrote in connection with a by-law for the control of traffic in Thames street and the By-laws Committee agreed that the three recently-defined enclosures should be in-, eluded as safety zones and that the proposal to insist on traffic keeping a« close to the herb as -possible be confined to the area between Itchen and Dee streets.

It was decided to affix “ Panic ” Bolts to the circule doors in the Opera House. Seven residents of Ain street requested that the footpath fronting their properties be asphalted. It was decided to cqrry out the work, one-third of the cost to be charged to the respective owners. It was decided to invite tenders for a 300-gallon bitumen boiler and a 2£ horsepower engine. 1 It was decided that A. F. Bremner should be placed on the permanent gardens staff,.

In reply to a request, the Reserves Committee reported that it could not see its way to release the trustee in the estate of the late Mr W. M'Gregor for the unexpired period of the lease of lot 4, reserve A. / It was decided to invite tenders for painting and renovations at the gardener's residence.

A complaint was received from Mrs,E. H. Forbes concerning gaa fittings installed by the department. After receiving , the gas manager’s report it was decided that Mrs Forbes should be informed that the agreement to purchase could not be can* celled,. And that the manager had been instructed to have the meter.tasted. The present drains being reported, defective by Inspector' Fischer, it was agreed that the Customs Department'be informed that a connection With the sanitary system must be made. Permission was granted for the erection of a'second storey to Messrs Lowe Bro.’s Shop. At. the Borough Council meeting last night Cr Forrester referred to the position that .had arisen at Coleridge, and ‘suggested that the council might assist by cutting down the street lighting after midnight.;—The matter Was referred to the Lighting Committee for attention. THE' GARDENS* FERNERY. The Reserves Committee recommended to the Borough Council last night that the balance of the gardens’ improvement fund be used for- the removal and' reerection of the fernery. Cr Frith commented that it seemed to lot of money to spend and, as a layman, he thought it better to make a new building. It seemed to him a waste of energy and doney. Cr Jenkins reported that the curator told him that Mr M'Kenzie, under, whose supervision the fernery was erected, was in favour of the fernery remaining where it was. He thought Mr M'Kenzie’s sugCr Frith commented that it seemed a modelled and the soil reconditioned should be acted upon. Or M'Diarmid and the Mayor supported Cr Frith’s contention, and the clause was deleted- from the report. BOROUGH WATER SUPPLY. The borough engineer submitted a comprehensive report on the proposals for a water supply to the Pukeuri freezing works at an estimated cost of £2600, £4160, and £6500 respectively. The Waterworks Committee recommended that it was impossible for the council to undertake laying a water main to the works except by raising a loan, and suggesting that the company lay the main itself or approach the County Council for a supply, the Borough Council in either case being prepared to sell sufficient water. Cr Familton moved an amendment to the clause—" That a special committee, consisting of the Mayor and Crs Forrester and Wright, should investigate fully the proposals." x Councillors were against the proposal on the policy that they should not lay mains outside the borough. They had 10 heads of. water, the council using three and seven being wasted. He would oppose the proposal if it did not prove a paying and business proposition. Greater progress, however, would be made on the north road, and the proposal should be gone into seriously in a year or two. They .were certain to have a falling off in rates, and the proposal would be a paying one, and would eventually reduce the rates of the town. If the proposal, at the present time, would pay interest and sinking fund on a loan, he would be keen on it. If they put a business proposition before the ratepayers, very few would turn it down. Cr Wright seconded the amendment. Cr Frith said he was anxious to give the works a water supply, but the recommendation was the safest and soundest propoeition at the present time. The financial position of the county did not warrent applying for a loan. It would be cheaper for the county to lay the pipes and pay the council for the water than under its present system. Cr Crombie supported Cr Familton, but Cr Forrester urged that they would make a big mistake to borrow money to supply water. It would be better to encourage people to live in town. Or Colder' also maintained that Or Familton was idealistic and to estimate profits on unknown costs was foolishness. Cr M’Diarmid submitted that the attitude of Cr Forrester was untenable. They should not take a parochial view when half the Water supply was going to waste. They should not paralyse the country’s energies and there was plenty of money available for legitimate enterprise. After Cr Familton had replied a division was taken, the amendment being lost by one vote, the voting being for Crs M'Diarmid, Familton, Fraser, Cooney, Wright, Crombie; against—Crs Forrester, Colquhoun. Calder, Mitchell, Frith, Jenkins, and the Mayor, The danse was adopted.

TREE PLANTING. The curator of the gardens (Mr J. Tait) submitted to the Borough Council last night a comprehensive report on the proposed tree planting schemes in various reserves for the relief-of unemployment. The Oamaru Beautifying Society, which offered 50 for tree planting, was granted permission to plant trees on the footS" i of Towey, Mersey, Teviot, and streets, this being additional work for the benefit of the unemployed. Cr Cooney questioned the advisability of planting native shrubs in the Warren street reserve and that portion of the curator’s report was referred back to the Reserves Committee. FRIENDLY BAY SOCIETY. The annual meeting of the Friendly Bay . Society was held last evening Mr M. J. Hanley presiding. Speaking to the annual report, Mr Hanley. stated that a considerable amount of work had been done on the bay. The chief item of expenditure during the year was the completion of the lawn tennis courts, and, with a subsidy of £145, the year aas closed with a fair credit balance. Thanks were returned to Mrs Green for the gift of a turntable for children; Messrs U.' Crawshaw and J. A. Macpherson, for seats; Messrs E. 6. Lane, W. Naylor, N Colquhoun, and Mrs King, for contributions; Messrs Sings and T Garstang, for plants and seats: and to the Municipal, Regimental, and Pipe Bands, the Borough Council, and the Oamaru Harbour Board. The financial statement disclosed a good credit balance after, the heavy expenses had been met. - The report and balance sheet were adopted. The election of officers resulted as follows: —Patron, Mr E. G, Lane; president, Mr ■D. Campbell; vice-president, Mr E. Coker; engineer. Mr B. T. W. Owen; solicitor, Mr H. Grater; auditor, Mr H Robertson; secretary, Mr A. N. Ny; treasurer, Mr T. W.- Jacobs; Management and Works Committee —Messrs D. Campbell. E. Coker. Q. W. Todd, T. Jacobs, M. J Hanley, and the secretary: trustees— Messrs Hanley. Coker, and Todd. A minute was recorded expressing apErcciation of the valued services rendered y Mr Hanley during his term of office over a long period of years, and Mr Hanley returned thanks to the members of the committee for their loyal support. It was decided to’- call tenders for the privileges of the refreshment rooms and lawn tennis courts for the season.

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NORTH OTAGO., Otago Daily Times, Issue 21117, 29 August 1930

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NORTH OTAGO. Otago Daily Times, Issue 21117, 29 August 1930

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