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WAIKOUAITI RACES. YESTERDAY’S MEETING. The annual meeting of the Waikouailt Racing Club, which is one of the principal New Year Day attractions in Dunedin and its district., was a thorough success once more yesterday. The morning did not promise the best of days, and that no doubt affected the attendance, which showed a slight falling off as compared with Inst year. But the clay was not marred by rain, despite the appearance of its earlier part, and those who attended had , every opportunity of making a thorough picnic of the meeting. 'The racing was marked by fairly good fields, and several close and exciting contests, and it was marred by only one regrettable incident, this occurring towards tho close of tho day. when 11. Kady fell from Rothschild .Tunior in tho Dominion Trot, suffering injuries to his head and back. On arrival at Dunedin Inst night ho was able to proceed to his home. Considering tiie amount of rain that has fallen lately, tho track was in good order The tolalisator receipts amounted to £17,931, as compared with £18,559 last year. Mention should be made of tho efficient manner in which the hon. secretary (Mr R. Templeton) and the other officials carried out their duties, but, especially in regard to facilities for seeing the events, more attention to tho requirements of the press would not be altogether amiss. Following are the results:— TRIAL PLATE. Of llOsovs: second horse 22sovs and the third horse Usovs from tho stake. Six furlongs. 1— Mr .1. A. Holmes's 1> m Gay T.ife, by Clarenceux—Hilarity. 4yrs, 8.10 carried 8.103 (.1. Beale) .'. 1 4—Mrs J. Ellis's, jun,, hlk m Bonnie Olive, by Adjudge —Bonnie Ouida, 4yrs, carried B.IOJ (R. Ellis) 2' 6—Mr W. Doyle’s b m Dollarpicoe. by Masterpiece—Adreal, 8.10, carried 8.6 (E. Shaw) 3 Also started: 2 Barricon 8.3 J (C. Fraser). 8 Donizot 8.32 (Keeper). 7 Hurdy Gurdy B.loi (VV. Lloyd), 5 Krosnoi 8.10 (M’Donald), 5 Palencia 8.10 (F. M'Kay), 9 Rondeau 8.10 (W. Bush). From a good start Hurdy Gurdy and Bonnie Olive jumped to tho front, with the favourite showing, though behind, third. Approaching the turn Gay Life joined the leaders, and drew away with Bonnie Olive, Hurdy Gurdy falling back. Coming up the straight tho favourite passed Bonnie Olive to win by half a length. Dollarpieco, which finished well, was a length away third. Then camo Hurdy Gurdy. Time, Imin 17sec. WAIKOUAITI CUP, Of 300sovs. First horse to receive 210sovs and silver cup valued at 20sovs; second horse 50sovs and third horse 20sovs. One mile and a-quarter. 6—Mr T. Quirk’s b m Nunerrant, by Quin Abbey—Pitch and Toss, aged, 7.0 (L. Keeper) 1 2 Mr R. C. King’s b m Red Gown, by Ail Red—Heather Dew. aged, 9.0, carried 8.12 A (Wormwald) 2 1 Mr D. 11. Roberts's b g Castellan, by Glonapp—Eoarte, 6yrs, 8.12 (J. Beale) 3 Also started: 3 Battle Scene (incurred ilb penalty) 8.5| (E. Shaw), 4 Miss Camouflage 7.7, carried 7.8 i (J. Cotton), 5 Lomagmidi 7.5 (F. J. M’Kay), The start was a good one. Battle Scone and Lomagundi were tho first to show out, with Castellan, Nunerrant. and Miss Camouflage in that order. BaliTe Scene led into the back turn, and Castellan moved up to second place. Going along the back Battle Scene still led Castellan by half a length, with Lomagundi and Rod Gown lying next. liirnincr out of the back Castellan closed up to Battle Scene, the two drawing away from the field. Turning into the straight they lost this pace, and' Nunerrant, coming up with a great run, drew level to break through. Battle Scene fell right back. Red Gown put in a great run over the Inst haiffurlong, but failed by half a head to catch Nunerrant. Castellan was a length and ahalf avvay. Then came Miss Camouflage, Battle Scene, and Lomagundi. Time, 2rhin lOsec. NEW YEAR TROT. In harness, of 140sovs; second horse to receive 28sovs, and the third horse 14sovs. One mile and a-half. 6 ( M. Quirk’s Kenny Lou. by El Carbine—Jessie Lou, scr (Owner) ... 1 7 Mr a. M’Kendry’s ch m Princess Locanda, by Brent Locanda—Prince Imperial mare (J. M’Kewen) 2 2 Mrs T. L. Morrison’s Forbury. by Rothschild Junior—Craigio Moore scr (C. Rolls) ’ 3 Also started: 4 Royal Hope scr (O Jones) 5 Snider scr (J. Challh). 12 Kelpie scr (11. Eady), 10 Wallace Dillon sc r (F Farquhurson). 11 Prestissimo scr (D. p! Wilson). 16 Junior Girl scr (E. Cannon), 1 Pointalona scr (A. Smith), 14 Charming Belle scr (F. Legg). 15 .Sunny Vue scr (R. Allen), 3 Ventura 24yds bhd (O. Aitchison). 15 Raymius 24yds bhd (T. Gearv). 9 St. Alwyn 36yds bhd (R. Penny), 8 Van Director 108yds bhd (W. Lidatone). There was a ragged start, several horses failing to strike the gait. Passing the stand Princess Locanda led from Kenny Lou, with Sunny A ne, Royal Hope, and Forbury in that order. There war. little alteration in the positions to the far turn, when there was some trouble, Charming Belle falling. This interfered with one or two others. Princess Locanda kept her lead, and a great race ensued up the straight. Kenny Lou got up just in time to win by half a length. Forbury was three lengths away. Time, 3min 44sec. The stewards held an inquiry regarding Charming Belle’s fall, it being decided to take no action. BRAY MEMORIAL. Uf 160sovsj tho second horse 32sovs, and the third 16sovs. 1— Mr Then. Russell's br g Bosker Boy, by Mnrkhope—Princess Moscn, 3 rs. 8(133 (E. Shawl " ... 1 2 Mr D. P. Wilson jun. ’3 b g Palamon, by Pallas—Shawnee, aged. 8.11-J (£. Fraser) 2 4 —Mr R. Green's ch m Buena, by Solferino—Ruenalf’s Daughter, syrs, 7.63 (L. Keeper) 3 Also started: 5 Thestius 8.113 (J. Cotter). The field made a fairly good start, Palamon showing out in front, with Ruena last. Racing round the back, Palamon led from Thestius and Bosker Boy in a handy position. Once into the straight Bosker Boy put in a great run to boat Palamon by three lengths, Buena two and a-half lengths back. Time, Imin 16soo. WELTER HANDICAP. Of 150sovs; second horse JOsovs, third horse ISsovs. One mile. 1— Mr J. Christie’s b g Mirza. by Masterpiece—Mclita, aged, 9.123 (Wormwald) 1 4—Mr Theo. Russell’s b g Bandy, by Sarto —Tourmaline, aged, 8.13 J (E. Shaw) 2 2 Air 1.. Keleher’s h g Sherlock, by Eentlock—Vantage, 6yrs, B.Bi (W. Bush) 3 Also started: 5 Belgian King 9.11 J U. Beale', o Pitch Dark B.l .'ik (R. Ruthvon), 6 Cnrinie Jack 8.73 (C. Fraser), 7 Getaway 8.53 (J. Cotter). The favourite and Sherlock had all the best of a bad start, and when a quarter of the distance was covered Mirza was in behind Sherlock, with Randy and Belgian King next six lengths behind. Rounding the far turn Bandy challenged and came up on even terms, but when the field entered tho straight it was headed by Mirza, which won by a couple of lengths. Bandy, finishing well, was two lengths ahead if Sherlock, then camo Pitch Dark well back. Time, Imin 44sec. HAWKSBURY HACK HANDICAP, Of 125sovs; second horse 25sovs and tho third horse 12isovs. Six furlongs. 1 — Mr Jj. C. Hazlett’s ch m Ravenna, by Solfcrino —Droski. 4yrs, 8.103 (F. .1. M‘Kny) 1 8 — Mrs J. Ellis’s hlk m Bonnie Olive, by Adjudge—Bonnie Ouida, 4yrs, 7.103 (R. 'Thomson) 2 4-Mr R. Burnett’s Ferino, Syrs, B.4jt (J. Beale) 3 Also started: 4 Dancing Days 8.63 (E. Shaw), 6 Reality 8.23, 9 Paddy’s Hope 8.7 i (Lloyd), 5 Rex S.vlva 8.4 A (G. Gourley), 7 King Sol 7.23 (H. Burns), 10 Dollarpieco 7.73 (J. Cotter), 2 Pickaninny 7.7 J (L. Keeper). From a good start Ravenna led the field, followed bv Dancing Days and Paddy’s Hope. Going along the back Pickaninny joined tho leaders, but lost the position in the straight. When the field appeared Ravenna was in the lead, followed hv Bonnie Olive, with Ferino handy. Pickaninny had fallen into fourth place. Won comfortably by two lengths, with a length between second and third. Time, Imin 16sec. DOMAIN TROT. Of 140sovs; second horse 28sovs. and tho third horse 14sovs. One mile. 2 Mr E. Forbes’s b g Poimolena. by Logan Pointer—Franzalena, syr*, scr’lG. Aitcheson) 1 10-Mr R. D. Allan’s br g Sunny Vue. by Bellevue—Young WKinnoy mare, aged- f'v (Robinson) 2

4 Air J. M'Kondry’s ch m Princess Locanda, by Brent Locanda—Prince Imperial mare, syrs, scr (J. M’Kowen) 3 Also started: 17 Tahirc Kapu Kapu scr (J. O’Connell), 1 Forbury scr (C. Rolls), 7 Gold Chimes scr (H. J. Trotter), 3 Orcti Chimes scr (S. Al‘Donald), 16 Last Note scr. (G. Perry), 9 Reel Chequer scr (R. Gordon). 8 Leith Chimes scr (E. Buddioom). 14 Charming Belle scr (J. Lake), 6 Char; scr (R. C. Olsen), 5 Raymius 12yds bhd (R. G. Geary), 6 Liberty Loan 12yds bhd (Henderson), 12 Irish Whispers 24yds bhd (Twomoy), 13 St. Alwyn 24yds bhd (T. Moir). 15 Red Prince 60yda bhd (Romald), 16 Rothschild Junior 84yds bhd (Eady) Forbury led off, followed by Princess Locanda and Sunny Vue, several of those behind breaking. Going up tho back Forbury continued to lead, and Rothschild Junior fell. In the straight Pointalena made a fine dash forward, snatching victory from Sunny Vue by a nose. Princess Locanda was a length away, then came Red Chequer and Orcti Chimes. Time, 2inin 28sec. ORBELL STAKES, Of IfiOsovs: second horse 32sovs, and the third horse 16sovs. Seven furlongs. I—Air Theo. Russell’s hr g Bosker Boy, by Mnrkhope—Princess Morea, 3yrs, 9.6 (E. Shaw) 1 5 Air R. Green’s ch in Rnena, by Solferino—Ruenalf's Daughter, Syrs, (Burns) ... ... 2 3 —Air W. Parsons’s b g Kilbrin, by Kilbroney—Alartigues, 4yrs, (L. Keeper) 3 Also started: Lomagundi 8.11 (F. J. APKay). 2 Nunerrant 8.10 (J. Beale), 6 Cannio Jack 8.5 (J. M'Donald). Tho start was only a medium one, and Bosker Bay had the best of it, ho loading from Lomagundi and Cannio Jack. At half way Lomagundi began to fall back, taking fourth place. At tho turn into tho straight Kilbrin began to move up from the ruck. A good finish saw Bosker Boy win by half a length. Kilbrin a little more behind Ruena. Then came Cannie Jack and Nunerrant. Time, Imin 30soc. WYNDHAM RACES. SILVER PEAK WINS THE CUP. (From Dub Special RepobtkbJ INVERCARGILL, January 1. The Wyndhom meeting opened in fair weather, but heavy rain- set in during the late afternoon. There was a large attendance, and the track provided fast going until tho rain arrived. The winner of I he Cup put up a Southland record for the distance, and won nicely at the finish. Corn Rigs was ridden differently to what is usually the case, and kept in behind the leaders until turning for home, but the mare boat her well at tho end. General Advance looked to have a chance two furlongs from home, but lost ground through going round on the outside at tho homo turn. _ Songbird won well in the President’s in which Francaiso had to give away about three lengths at the start. Bella Lake would have been much closer up, but she appeared to strike trouble after going two furlongs, when she was running along with her head in tho air. Mr A. APlvor did good work at the barrier. During the day £19.736 10» went through the machine, as against last year’s total of £21,719. Results:— NEW YEAR HURDLE HANDICAP, Of 200sovs. Thirteen furlongs. I—W.1 —W. T. Hazlett’s big g Alnzama, by King's Guest—Eland, aged, 11.0 (T. J. Humphries) 1 3 Rogers’s Red Pal. 9.0 I W. APMullen) 2 4 Christie’s St, Easel, 11.4 (G. Feilding) 3 Also started: 2 Londonderry 10.13, 5 Grange 10.5, 6 Calma 9.2. 7 Hollow Log 9.0. 8 Rapid River 9.0, 9 Wild Shot 9.0, 10 Strowana car. 9.3. Strowana and Red Pal were in charge at the stand hurdle, where Grange fell, and the former was afterwards pulled up. Rapid River fell at the next hurdle, where Londonderry lost ground through running down tho jump. Red Pal led Mazarna along ihe back with St. Easel, who had corno from a long way back, King next. Ma-zama took charge two furlongs from home, and won comfortably by four lengths from Red Pal. who finished throe lengths in front of St. Easel. Londonderry was next. St. Easel and Hollow Log pulled up lame, and Wild Shot did not complete the course. Time, 3min 4 4-ssec. TRIAL PLATE HANDICAP, Of 123sovs. Five furlongs. I—Mrs R. B. Stiven’s ch g Baldowa, by Balboa—Rcdowa, Syrs, 8.12 (E. Ludlow) 1 8— Walker’s Bloom. 8.5 (R. APLellan) 2 10 Waite’s Herbert, 8.11 (J. Anderton) 3 Also started: 2 Boughloon Dhonn 9.0. 3 Solfa 8.9, 4 Balasor car. 8.7, 5 Solvency car. 8.2, 6 Border Knigiu 8.5. 7 Grand Fleet 8.10. 9 Rigel car. 7.12, 11 Gold Alark 8.5. 12 Warglon 8.5, 13 Gay Gauntlet 8.6. ’4 Bruce Hope 8.5, 15 Saturday car. 8.11. Baldowa at once drew out. and led Boughleen Dhoun, Solfa, and Bloom. Towards tho straight Baldowa camo clean away and won by eight lengths from Bloom, who beat Herbert by a length. Boughlccn Dhoun and Solfa were next. Time, Imin 1 4-ssec. VICTORY TROT HANDICAP. Of 200sovs. Thirteen furlongs. 1 -A. SL Tamblyn’s Golden Nut, by Betel Nut. 24yds (Owner) 1 9 Lawlor’s First Toll, 144yds (N. S. Lawlor) 2 4 -Green's Miss O’Neill, 12yds (T. Wallis) 3 Also started: 2 Vitalis 24, 3 Petervillo 60, 5 Bonnie Boy 34. 6 Hylas 48, 7 Fashion Plate 24, 8 Wee Spark limit. Golden Nut made a one-horse race of it, and won by oyer 100 yards from Miss O’Neill, who beat First Toll by a length. Harold’s Treasure was next. Times, 3min 53sec, 3min 53sec, 4min 4sec. A complaint was lodged by N. S. Lawlor, driver of First Toll, against, T. Wallis for boring. The stewards fined T. Wallis £5. and reversed the plaeings of the second and third horses WYNDHAM CUP, Of 550sovs. Ten frulongs. 3—W. Stone’s b m Silver Peak, by Adjudge—Oblong, aged, B.iz (G. Young) 1 I—Gardiner’s Corn Rigs 7.12. (Wilson) 2 5 Kain’s Silent King, 8.0 (Emmerson) 3 Also started; 2 General Advance 9.0, 4 Twinkle car .8.13 i, 6 Tin Soldier car. 7.0, 7 Vico Grand 7.3, 8 Etta 7.0,‘ 9 Calibration car. 6.10. Vice Grand. Twinkle, Corn Rigs, and Silent King piloted the way past the stand, and they were still in charge of a oloserunning field ns they travelled the back stretch, where Silver Peak and General Advance moved up. Corn Rigs was in charge at the home turn, but Silver Peak wore him down and won by a neck. Silent King was two lengths away, followed by General Advance, Twinkle, and Tin Soldier. Time, 2min 6sec. MIMIHAU HACK HANDICAP, Of 160sovs. 7 W. T. Hozletl’s Moulin Rouge, by Kilbroney—Diroctoire, Syrs, car. 7.5 (W. Fisher) 1 s—Miller’s5 —Miller’s Morso Signal, car. 7.13 (H. Anderton) 2 8 — Campbell’s Clothilde, car. 8.7 (P. M. Connor) 3 Also started: 1 Uleaborg 9.4, 2 Avispado 9.2, 3 Salerno 8.12, 4 Winsome Lady 8.12, 6. Sunlit 7.5, 9 Canton 7.9. Morse Signal and Canton got badly away. Clothilde took up the running from Sunlit and Winsome Lady. Morse Signal made up arid was handy to tho loaders. Before reaching tho straight she took charge, but Moulin Rouge got up and bent her by a nock. Clothilde was two lengths away, followed by Avispado, Winsome Lady and .•Sunlit, Time, Imin 16 2-sseo. PRESIDENTS HANDICAP, Of 230sovs. Six furlongs--I—W. Cousor’s b c Songbird, by Kilbroney—Grey Linnet, 3yrs, 9.12 (J. M'Chesney) 1 5 Hazlett’s Francaiso, 7.8 (P. Keene) ... 2 3—Stone s In tho Pink, car. 8.1o;< (G. Fisher) 3 Also started: 2 Mantua 8.0, 4 Bella car. 6.11, 0 Miss Muriel 7.3, 7 Glonsponso car. 6.8. Francaiso caused delay at the post, and sfio began behind the others. Della Lake was tho first to show out from Mantua and Songbird. Della Lake was steadied, and rrancaiso took charge, and led Songbird into tho straight. A good finish .saw Songbird beat Francaiso by a short neck. In the Pink was a length and a-half away, followed by Bella Lake and Mantua. Bella Lake was not placed by tho judge. Time, Imin 15sec. DIGGERS’ TROT HANDICAP, Of 157sovs. 3 A. S. Tamblyn’s Welcome Knight, by Rothschild Junior, 36 (T. G. Pollock) 1 4 A. Mathcson’s Lou Thorpe, scr (Owner) 2 6 Dawson’s Bricklayer, scr (I. Welsh) ... 3 Also started: 1 Red Admiral 24, 2 Ivy Rothschild scr, 6 Dolly Houi 48, 7 Moonglow 60, 8 Little Rain scr, 9 Quo Vadis 60, -0 Eva Wallace scr, 11 Oscar Chimes. Bricklayer led for close on half a mile irom Lou Thorpe, Red Admiral fell when handy to the leaders before going half a mile. Leu Thorpe led Bricklayer and Welcome Knight along ths back stretch, and tho last-named camo on to win by five lengths, n length between second and third. Quo Vadis and Dolly Houi were next. Times, 3miu 42see, smm 45 2-sseo, 3mm 45 3-saec.

VISITORS’ HACK HANDICAP, Of ISOsovs. One mile. 2—D. Kilkclly’s h g Warhaven, by Kilbroney—Rosyth, 3yrs, 9.0 (G. Young) 1 7 —Sims’ San Salvador, 8.10 (R. M’Lollau) 2 4—Timpnny’s Naomi, ear. 7.11£ (Eirunorson) 3 Also started: 1 Osterman car. 8.6, 3 Frenchman 8.2. 5 Raconteur car. 8.3, 6 Janus car. 7.11, 7 Clothilde car. 8.5, 8 Rugby car. 7.3, 9 Coastguard car. 7.1, 1 0 Martial Dance car. 7.1. Osterman and Frenchman made the early running from Warhaven. Warhaven camo on in the straight and won by over ft length from San Salvador, who camo with a late run and beat Naomi by two lengths for second place. Frenchman was fourth. Time, Imin 45sec. AUCKLAND TROTS. (Per Unit".:,) Press, Association.! AUCKLAND, December 30. The Auckland Trotting Clubs’ summer meeting concluded to-day in fine weather. There was a veify large attendance. The course was in good order, and there was excellent racing. The totalisator handled £63,107 10s, compared with £74,011 for the corresponding day lust year. R-sults : TAMAKI HANDICAP (Harness). Trotters only. Class 3 52. One mile and a half. — Beta Huon, 36 yards behind (J. T. Paul), 1; Wimmera King. 144, 2; Bon Bon. 72, 3. Also ran: Golden G-ato 12, Fiat 12, Wilton Wilkes 12, Lord Roberts 12, Fairbairn 24, I’inecliild 24. Salesman 36. Rose Bingen 36, Huia Girl 84, Wild Nut 96. Won by one length and a. half each way. Fairbairn passed the post second, but was disqualified for galloping. Time, 3nvin 47 3-s«ce. PARK HANDICAP (Harness). Class 3.38, One mile and a-half.—Pani, 12yds behind (Julian), I; Boycott, limit, 2; Glonoc, 12, 3. Also ran: Golden Park limit, Logan Rothschild limit, La Sonnetto limit, Guinea limit, Silver Lining limit, Irish Bell limit, Goldflake 12 Togo's Promise 24, Reliance 48, Bingen Wilkes 48, General Advance 36, Rose Pointer 12, Red Star 60. De Why 36. Won comfortably by one length and a-ha!f; a head between second and third. Time, 3min 37 2-sscc. PRESIDENT’S. HANDICAP. (Harness), Class 4.36. Two miles. Nita 8011, 48yds behind (Patan) .. .. 1 Man o’ War, 120 9 Grand Voyage, 36 Blue Mountain King, 24 4 Also started: Pitaroa limit, First Carbine 24. Steel Bill 36, Dean Dillon 36, Great Hope 48. Ciarrio Daly 48. Moneymaker 48. Globe Derby 48, Comedy Chief 60. A great finish. Man o’ War was in front at tho distance. Nita Bell getting up with a late run won by a length; one length and a-half between second and third. Stall Bell, Pitaxoa and Ciarrio Daly fell. Time, 4min 35sec. NEW YEAR HANDICAP (Harness). Unhoppled horses. C.ass 4 53. Two miles. — Buz Buz (J. W. Kenney), 1; Wimmera King. 36yds behind, 2; Normica Heir, 48, 3. Also Tan:' Gineta limit, Baundaberg 60, Nipper 12. Dillon S 12, Appeal 36, Haricot 96, First Fashion 168. Huia Girl 163. Won comfortably' by a length; two lengths between second and third. Time, 4min 53 2-ssec TELEGRAPH HANDICAP (Saddle). Class’2 22. One mile. —Dick Dillon, 24yds behind (M'Millan) 1; Bingen Wilkes, limit. 2: Breadalbane, 43, 3. Also started; Dillon Shine, limit, Belova limit, Laewood limit, Peter Scott limit, Prince Poole limit, General Advance limit, Reveille limit, Temple 24, Albert Patch 24, Mount Albert 24, Nila Wood 24. Enid 24, Jimmy Richmond 24, Derby Dillon 24, Medway 36, Inclement 36, Bronze Patch 48, Weaver GO. Dick Dillon went to the front on entering the straight and won by a length and a-half; tho third horse being the same distance away. Prince Poole was fourth. Time, 2miu 19 2-ssec. ONSLOW HANDICAP (Harness). Class 2.-17. One mile. —Sul Pointer, 12yds behind (Julian), 1; Lady Dunmorc, limit, 2; Pedro Pronto, 12. 3. Also started; Nelson Derby limit, Rothclilfe limit, Kewpie limit, Strategy 24, Alto Chimes 21, Argus 48, Prize Pearl 48. Gold Girl 48, Ail Bell 48, Man o’ War 60, William lire First 36. A good race between the placed horses. Won by a neck; threo-quaitcrs of a length Iretweon second and third. All Bell was fourth. Time, 2min 15 2-3scc. ASSOCIATION HANDICAP (Harness). Trotters only. Class 4.50. Two miles. — Normica Heir, 21yds behind (J. T. Paul), 1; Nikoru, 36, 2; Bluewood, 12, 3. Also started: Dillon S limit, Mutu 21, Pyramus 86, Hint 48, Delvillc Wood 84 Stormy Voyage 96. Speculator 108, A 1 Mack 182, Wild Lad 141 Won comfortably by two lengths; half a length between second and third. Stormy Voyago was fourth. Tune. 4min 44 3-sacc. PREMIER HANDICAP (Harness). Class 2.56. One mile and a-quartor.—Sheik, 12yds behind (Riddle), 1; Duke Whips. 24, 2; Bonny Logan, 24, 3. Also ran: Rockaway limit, Lengle.n limit, Reliance limit, Taneatua limit. Mint Bod limit Tiny Locanda limit, Van Cap limit, Our Patch limit, Prince Poole limit, Conscript 12, Coal Light 12, Harold Junior 24, Hipo 24, Queen Chimes 24, Groat Britain 21, Mintson 36, Huon Gratton 48, Don "Wild 72, Great Bingen. Won comfortably by two lengths; two lengths and a-half between second and third. Time, 2rain 51 3-ssec. G REYMO UTH TROTS. (Pkb United Press Association.) GREYMOUTH, December 30. There was beautiful weather and a large attendance for tho first day of tho Groymoutli Trotting Chib’s meeting. The totalisator handled £11,806 10s, compared with £14,911 10s Inst year. Results: GUINNESS HANDICAP. One mile and a-half.—Evolution, scr (He), 1 ; Lady Freda, 36, 2; Tydol, scr, 3. Also ran: Plywood scr, Nellie Audubon scr, Wild Bird scr, Will Appear scr, Jimmy Chimes scr, Sweet Colo scr, Silveretta 72, Norwood 84. AVOII by five lengths, four lengths between second and third. Time, 3rain 42sec. SUMMER HANDICAP. Two miles.-- Red Oak, 00 (Ferguson), 1; Rapid Wind, scr, 2; Rita Mac, scr, 3. Also strated; L.R. 36. Inquisitive 30, Emerald Green 36, Wakefield 60, Rothmoor 180, Gray Lady scr. Won by 12 lengths, six lengths between second and third. Time, srain 6sec. DOMINION HANDICAP. One mile and a-half.—Harold Curwood, scr (Wilson), 1 ; Delia 24,2; Dandy Rose, 24, 3. Also started: Colo Drift, 48, Lord Lytton 72. Won by five lengths, six lengths between second and third. Time. Smin 34scc. UNHOPPLED HANDICAP. ’ One mile and a-half.—Wild Hebe, 120 (Owen), 1 ; Proud Ala, 96, 2; Micky Lincoln, scr, 3. Also started; Forest Ranger scr. Red Oak 21, Evolution scr. Won by half a length, 40 yards between second and third. Time, 3min 43sec. GREY VALLEY HANDICAP. One mile and n-quartor.—Edith Chimes, scr (Waslcy), 1; Rita Rye, 36, 2; Oco, scr, 3. Also started: Miss Marion, Not, Out, Bob Dillon scr. Captain Woodburn 24, Avenue 12, Bill Brown 72 Won by four lengths, six lengths between second and third. Time, 3min 2-re. EXPRESS HANDICAP. One mile.— Wakefield, 21 (Coburn), 1; Beta Mac, scr, 2; Silver King, scr, 3. Also started; Marcello scr.Taipnnui scr, Rapid Wind scr, L.R. 12, Never Whisper acr, Micky Lincoln scr, Hose Tracey scr,Wild Hebe 96, Eruption 96. Won by half a length, six lengths between second and third. Time, 2min 32 3-saec. DASH HANDICAP. One mile.—Della, 24, (Gaskill), 1; Dandy Rose. 24, 2: Harcwood, scr, 3. Also started: Bello Logan 21, Lord Lytton 48, Princess Zoo 60 (did not leave tho mark). Won by a-quartcr of a length, a head between second and third. Time, 2min 24sec. ELECTRIC HANDICAP. One mile.— Young Ivy, 24 (Pass), I; Bob Dillon, 36, 2; Bower Dillon, 24, 3. Also started; Ailcal scr, Revolia scr, Bush King ecr, Tydol scr, General Pershing 12, Not Out 12, Oco scr, Pctrex 36, Bill Brown 9C. Won by three lengths each way. Time, 2min 22 4-sscc. Following are tho acceptances for Tucsday’s events; Westland Handicap (saddle). One mile.— Meryle Pointer, Elicol, Galindo Rose, Will Appear, Harina, Sweet Colo limit, Revolia. Prince Mao 12yds behind. Bush King 21, Lady Freda, Sir Logan, Silveretta, Not Out 36, Evolution 48, Edith Chimes 72, Young Ivy 96. Railway Handicap. One mile and aquarter. —Bob Dillon, Flora Golding, Rita Rye, Petrex, Harcwood limit, Fancy Boy 12 yds behind, Belle Logan 21, Della 36. Dunollio Handicap. One mile and aquarter. —Forest Ranger, Silver King, Micky Lincoln, Ritg. Mac, Rapid Wind limit, L.R. 12yds behind. Rose Tracey 24. Audominion 36, Wakefield 60, Eruption 108. Grc.ymouth Trotting Cup Handicap. Two m ilea.— Norwood, Progress, Avenue, Fancy Boy limit. Dandy Rose 12yds behind, Cole Drift, Delta 36, Harold Burwood 72, Princess Zoo 120. , , ~ Park Handicap. fine mile and a-nalf. - Will Appear, Wakefield limit, Red Oak 24 yds behind, Roth mo re 48, Proud Ata 72, Wild Hebe 108. Panama Handicap. One, mile.-Belle Bogan, Fancy Boy. Dandy Rose. Never V\ ill scr, Colo Drift, Delta 12yds behind, Harold Burwood, Lord Lytton 21. _ , , County Handicap. Two miles -Wakefield scr Grey Lady 24yds behind, Led Oak .16, Pete Peter 18, Osier 48, Rothmoor 72, Proud Ata 96. Wild Hebe 132. ■ President’s Handicap. One niile.- Ldith Chimes, Blue Drift, Avenue, flora Golding. Rita Rye, Petrex. Bob Dillon, Harcwood scr Progress 12yds behind, Bill Brown 36, Lord Lytton 48.

RACING IN AUSTRALIA. TATTERSALL’S MEETING. Press Association—By Telegraph—Copyright SYDNEY, December 31. At TattcrsaU’s meeting the Hurdles re suited: All Aboard 1, Wes Paddington 2, Mervolia 3. Six started. Won by six lengths. Time-, 3rnin IGJsoe. DENMAN HANDICAP—Radiant Light 1, Kikumon 2, Duke Napoli 3. Nine started. Won b- a length and a-qnarter. Time, 2min GJseo. ' •I S 0 CARRINGTON STAKES- —Brachcad 1, Duke Isinglass 2, Hopetoun 3. Eighteen started. Won by half a length. Time, Imin ‘lscc. SOUTHLAND RACING CLUB ACCEPTANCES. (Per United I’sw Association.) INVERCARGILL, December 30. The following acceptances have been received for the Southland Racing Club’s summer meeting: Avcnal Hurdle Race. One mil© and ahalf.—St. Easel 11.13, Mazama 12,2 (me. 7lb penalty), Londonderry 11.2. Claverhouae 10.11, Grange 9.10. Rod Admiral 98. Glcnshino 0.5, Innisfallcn 9.1, Red Pal 9.0, Hollow Log 9.0 Rapid River 9.0, Herbert 9.0, Wild Shot 9.0. Makarowa Saddlo Trot. Ono nulo and ahalf.—Mother Machrco scr. Prince Swithin scr, Sundridgo scr, Slratlilova scr, Yitaas scr, Tinder 12yds behind, Perfect Pointer IQ. La France 24, Quick Match 21, llibbon Maid 24, Siesa 24, Bell Trix 3ti, Dolly Honi 3G, Eppio Adair 48, YJalroon HO, Gladio.a 60, Moor Chimes 84, First Toll 108. Plying Handicap. Six furlongs—Listening Post 9.2, Sunny Loch 8.7, Mantua 7.12, Kerb 741, Prancaise 7.3, Etta 7.0, In the Pink 7.0, Bella Lake 0.13, Uleaborg 0.0, Lovosign 0.9, Glcnsponsc 0.7. New Year Handicap. Six furlongs.—Bcughleen Dhoun 8.10, Grand Pleet 8.10, Balanor 8.8, Baldowa 9.4 (inc. 111 b penalty), Solvency 8.0, Solfa 8.0, Janus 8.0, Border Knight 7.13, Naomi 7.10, Coastguard 7.9, Martial Banco 7.7, Gold Mark 7.7, Bloom 7.7, Green Isle 7.7, Maytime 7.7, Rigel 7.7, Slavish 7.7, AVar Glen 7.7. Invercargill Cup. One mile and a-quartcr. —General Advance 8.11, Rosoday 8.10, Silver Peak 9.0 (inc. 141 b penalty), Sunny Loch 8.4. Corn Rigs 8.0. Bon Spec 7.10, Silent King 7.10, Mantua 7.9, Miss Muriel 7.1, Tin Soldier 0.10, Twinkle 0.7, Calibration 0.7. Orcti Harness Trot. One mile and a-half. —Adon err, Brickie scr, Cocoa ecr, Enoch Arden scr, Erin Chimes scr, Jean Mac scr, Miss Adonis scr, Tcpekn scr, AVce Spark err, Bayardo scr, Landlady scr, Ivy Rothschild scr, Shiela Plectivood scr, Miss Hector scr. Dixie Dillon 12yds behind, Away 00, AVclcome Knight (118yds, inc. 48yds penalty), Bonny Boy 60, Moonglow 72, Hylaa 72, Petcrvill© 108, Roving Don 108, Don side 141. AVaikiwi , Handicap. Seven furlongs.— Eleus 10.7, Pranoaieo 9.0, Avispado 8.8, Marching Order 8.6, Sartolito 8.6, Osterman 8.4, Mors© Signal 8.4, Sweet Water 8.1, Clothilda 8.3, Prison Mail 7.10, Janus 7.9. AVaihopai Handicap. One mile.—Lady Blissful 8.7, Ardour 8.4, Etta 8.3, Calibration 7.13, Loughrea 7.10, Twinkle 7.9, Osierman 7.7, San Salvador 7.1, Raconteur 7.4. CROMWELL JOCKEY CLUB. The following nominations have been received for the Cromwell Jockey Club's meeting:— First Day. Goldfields Hack. Six furlongs.—Bonny Lock, Bean, Cartoon, Cairnmuir, Once Mere, Pride o’ Martian, Rod Shot, Silver Lining, The Boss, Topmark, AVinnipcg, Triumpliator— Casaella gilding. Cromwell Hack. Six furlongs.—Barricon, Canton, Cannio Jack, Dancing Days, King Sol, Kawatiri, Lady Rupee, Lomagundi, Palladium, Prooeeder, Hucna, Sartoplane. Lowburn Hack. Six furlongs.—Bean, King Sol, Onco More, Palladium, Pride o’ Martian, Rigs o’ Barley, Rucna, Markhope—Bon Maid filly, Triumpkator—Cassell a, gelding. Hack Scurry. Five furlongs.—Brilliant Hope, Bonny Olivo, Bonny Loch, Dancing Days, Gay Gauntlet, Hurdy Gurdy, Kawatiri, Lomagundi, Marwick Head, Sartoplane, Silver Lining, The Boss, Markhope—Bon Maid filly, Solferino —Bendoun gelding. Quecnsberry Hack. One mile.—Adjustor, Barricon, Cartoon, Canine Jack, Canton, Lomagundi, Lady Rupee, Proceeder, Red Shot, Winnipeg, Triumpliator—Casaella gelding. Upper Clutha Trot (saddle). Two miles, — Benmoro, Bonny Boy, Canute, Coliard, Don Massey, Purtradcr, Gold Chimes, Good Nature, Jessie M’Kinncy, Kilmarnock, Madrono, Margo, Oreti Chimes, Rialto, Sir Douglas, Wallace Grove, King Tuxedo gelding. Kawarau Trot (harness). One mile and aquartor.—Billy Houi, Garrick, Chiming Child, Daphne A’ale, Daphne Bird, Edward Hanvin, Gay Girl, John Patchen, Kilmarnock, Mountain AVood, Miss Grant, Maile, Oreti Chimes, Peter the Painter, Rialto. Second DayBendigo Hack. One mile and a-quartcr.— Adjutor, Barricon, Cannio Jack, Canton, Lomagundi, Lady Rupee, Proceeder, Palladium, AA'innipeg, Triumpliator--Cassclla. gelding. Central Hack. Six furlongs—Bean, Bonny Loch, Cartoon, Cairnmuir, Kawatiri, Once More, Pride o’ Martian, Red Shot, Silver Lining, The Boss, Topmark, Winnipeg, Triumphator—Cassclla gelding. Jockey Club Handicap. Six furlongs.— Bonny Olive, Gay Gauntlet, King Sol, Lomagundi, Onco More, Palladium, Ruena, Rigs o’ Barley, Silver Lining, Sartoplane, Markhope—Bon Maid filly, Triumpliator— Cassclla gelding. Grandstand Hack. Six furlongs.—Adjutor, Bean, Barricon, Brilliant Hope, Cartoon, Cannio Jack, Dancing Days, Lady Rupee. Pride o’ Martian, Red Shot, Ruena,, AViunipeg. Farewell Hack. Five furlongs.—Bonny Lock, Bonny Olive, Brilliant Hope, Dancing Days, Gay Gauntlet. Hurdy Gnrdv, King Sol, Kawatiri, Lomagundi, Marwick Head, Palladium, Rigs o’ Barley, Ruena, Sartoplane, Silver Lining, Topmark, The Boss, Solferino— Bendoun gelding, Markhope—-Bon Maid filly. Bengorburn Trot (harness). One milo and five-eighths.—Bonny Boy, Chiming Child, Canute, Coliard, Don Massey, Daphne Bird, Gay Girl, Kilmarnock, Margo, Oreti Chimes, Rita Corcna, Sunnyvale, Wallace Drove, AATeo Daphne, Gold Chimes. Tanas Trot (saddle). One mile.—Abee, Arbress, Billy Houi, Bobby A'anclcve, Carrick, Edward Ilarwin, Furlrader, Gold Chillies, Good Nature, Houi Jim, John Patchen, Kilmarnock, Lucalonn, Margo, Maile, Mountain AYood, Madrona, Oreti Chimes, Peter the Painter, Rialto, Sir Douglas, Wee Daphne. THE BOXING RING. CONTESTS IN AUSTRALIA. Press Association- -By Telegraph—Copyright SYDNEY', December 31. At the Stadium Menzics (fly-weight champion of Auslraia) beat A T ic. King. The winner punished his opponent so severely that the referee intervened in the 14th round and declared him victor. MELBOURNE, Doimher 31. Riatuccia heat Gordon on jxiints in a good 20 rounds’ bout.

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SPORTING., Otago Daily Times, Issue 18750, 2 January 1923

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SPORTING. Otago Daily Times, Issue 18750, 2 January 1923

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