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Yesterday was -"Babies' Day," and the response to the call for garments for tho little ones was most gratifying. Two big stands were required at the Early Settlers' I Hall to accommodate ,the magnificent array of articles—mostly brand new. The wearing apparel was of a most useful qualitywoollen . . socks and bonnets, flannelette dresses—and there were also dolls, small picturc books, and toys of every description. It did one's heart good tb see the noble response made by the women of Otago to the cry of the little ones in Britain and Belgium. There were two "exhibits"—one composed of goods sents in; and the other the result; of one week's work by the Otago Early Settlers' Ladies' Guild. The information in the possession of the association indicates that there will be plenty of demand for all the babies' garments sent in, and for any others which may come to hand. One of the gifts was a toy motor boat, whjch was accompanied by a picture post card of the troopship Hawke's Bay, bearing the following message:—"Dear little Belgian boy,—l am sending you a motor boat for Christmas, and I have two brothers' coming to help fight for your beloved country., This is a picture of the boat they are coming in. So be brave.—Eric Fountain, aged eight years, Kaikorai School, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand." Miss Findlay organised a guild of work in the D.S.A., with tho result j that a large parcel of beautiful babies', clothes was brought to the hall yesterday morinng by some of the girls of the establishment. The association yesterday received a largo number of sums off money, and these are to be devoted to the purchase of milk and other foods for the starving babies of Britain and Belgium. Tho money will bo sent to tho New Zealand, Committee in London ' (of which Miss Helen Mackenzie is the secretary). One member of the Dunedin Association has learned from relatives at Homo that many poor babies are dying there for wane of milk. The lady cites a case of a woman whose husband went to the war, and the wife, with three children, had nothing but what sho realised from the sale of her husband's clothing, and when the ex-Dunedin people discovered them' no food was in the house. It 'is needless to add that the unfortunate family are now tinder the care of those kindly Dunedmites. This case is mentioned to point out the necessity for prompt and generous help. The association wishes it to bo known that all the cases that go .from the Women's Patriotic Association at tho Early Settlers' Hall bear a card: "From tho Women of Otago, New Zealand," and are shipped to the following address"Lord Plutaket, Now Zealand Patriotic Association, London." The women's executive of this London association has undertaken to distribute the goods in ths right quarters. Cakes, sweets, and buttonholes will be gratefuly received .at the Earlv Settlers' .Hall up till 12 o'clock to-day. These wiil be dispensed by the ladies of the association at the High School Sports, to be held this afternoon, and the money received devoted to the work of tho association. The Clinton Public School has sent in three beautiful pairs of blankets. Babies' Day.—Donations of goods have been received from tho following—Mesdames L. Thompson, Keith Ramsay, King, Lir.dley, Allen, Forder, Mackenzie, Taylor. Cargill, Reynolds (Musselburgh), Jackson, Holford, Gairdner, Rittenberg, Penrose, Kettle. Rutherford, Gore, W. G. Robertson, Lear Cross, Ross, Du Croz, Harry Guthrie, Souter, J. W. Seurr, Albert Fountain, Broadfoot. Dawc. C. A. Thompson, E. B. Cowan, Walter Ilislop. Mornan, Prospect House staffs Walker, Holmes, D. Hudson, T. P. . Stewart, Simper (Ranfurly) Connell (Ranfurly), H. L. Tapley. 11. Isaacs, Mallard, Lavender, Bowling, Bell, Smith, Barlrngham. Mirams. Gibbs. Moss, Matthewson, Kerr, Hobson, R. L. Gibbs, J. B. Callan, jun., Allen, A. R. Thompson, Sprosen, Ayson (Warepa) J. 11. Matheson, K. S. Ramsay. Ftheridge, Loe, Prictor, J. Cook, Tuckwell, 11. K. Wilkinson, H. Mitchell, Lovo, Milne, Richards (Alexandra), Forrester, Knight (Waipori). D.S.A., Phylais, Cccil M'Gregor. Black, Millar, Purves (Kaka Point),- Anderson, Henton, Eudey, Ridley. Murray, Simons (Akaloa), T. C. Ross, F. Clapperton, Bremncr, W. Clark, George Gray, John Bishop (Highcliff), R. B. Denniston, Gray, W. Broadfoot, W. R. G&wn, John R"bert.s, •John Davie, Dunstan, Scurr, S. W. Gedd'es, B. Otto, Campbell, Williamson, Petre, Petrie, Moodio, Ibbotson, Havward, Donholni. Thomson, Hunt, Lake, Moen, Misses M'Kav, Petre, Hooper, Rossbotiiam, J. Stewart. Freda and Rita Hamel. Navey Lindjey, Miss Wallace, Nancy and Alex. Ma/ijkenzie (North-East Valievl, Oswald Dvkes, Ella and Annie Smith, Taylor, "Two l Sympathisers" (Momona). Misses Little, T.orna Thompson. C.M.8.. L.G., Miss Dowling. Miss Watson Shcnnan. Isabel Gore, Domrlas Foster, Church of Christ (Roslvn), "Nameless," Misses L-atta. Miss Etheridge. Ashliurn Hall (per Mrs Sutherland). Orompton, Holmes, N. Stewart, R&ss, Women of Mornineton (per Miss Geerin), Marjorie and Frcdd'o B!omfield, Trinity Sunday School T/aining Class, Miss Mary Paterson, Keetlv and Harry Litoff.."A Familv," Nursing staff (Dunedin Hospital), Miss ICelsey, Peggy Mandono, Mafhow Allan, "Abbotsford Mother,"

J.A.F., Miss Allen, Miss Fawkes, "E.T.," Miss Burton, Little Kathie, Florence and Doris Smith, "8.F." (St. Leonards), Max and Pruo Davis, Dorccn Latimer, "Wellwisher," Caversliam Baptist Church, *' Do All Yon Can" (Warepa), James Dey, Sawyers' Bav School, " Widow's Mite," "Roslyn Ladv," "West Harbour," Miss Melville, North Taieri P.W.M.U., Colin and Athol Echvards, A. J. Portman, Then Harraway. Women of Waikouaiti, jMiss Knox, '"Anon," "Busy," Eddie and Margaret 'M'Ara, Miss Weldon, Women of Mosgiel, "Friend," "Sympathiser," Miss Nicholson.

The following sums of money have been received, to be devoted to the purchase of milk and other foods for tho babies of Britain and Belgium :— Mrs Gray, ss; Mrs Harraway, 2s 6d; Katrcna Bardsley, 10s; Winifred Burdslev, 10s; Eddie and Margaret ' M'Ara> 7s fed; Mrs M'lntyre, 2s 6d; Miss Smith. 2s 6d; Miss J. Burton. 2s; Miss O. Burton. 2s 6d; Binks, 2s; B. F. (St. Leonards), 2s 6d; Sympathiser, 2s 6d; Baby Day, ss; Sadie, £1; Neville Dawe, 2s 6d;' Miss Johnstone, ss; Captain N. Fnlla, £1; Fairplav Club, £1; M. D. P., 10s 6d; Miss Joachim. 2s; Mies D. Wimpens, ss; Mrs Joachim, 2s 6d: Mr Albert Fountain. 10s; Mrs Smith, £1; Mrs Gordon, £1; Friend, 3s; Mrs Harry Guthrie. 10s; Mrs Robert Wilson, 2s 6d: Petrgy M'Farlane, 2s od; The Corner, £1: No Name. 2s 6d; Friend, ss; May. I'd; Bessie, 3d; Girl. 6d. Lady Liverpool Fund.—Goods: Mrs White, Ladies of Queenstown. Mrs Gow, Mrs Miller (Kaka Point), Mrs Dunstan, Mrs Parker, Friend, Prosnoct House Staff, Miss Ross. Miss Joachim. Mrs Hunt. Staff of St. Helens, Mrs Renfree, Mrs A. H. Fisher, Mrs M'Farlane. St. Hilda's College. Money: Miss Slmitb, 4s; Mrs Smith, 10s.

Belgian and British.—Goods: Mrs Like. The Women's Committee at Balclutha has forwarded £?3 Ids. Of this 6s is for the Queen Mary Fund and 12s for the Red Cross Fund, the balance heing for tho Beglian and British Relief Funds.

OVERSEAS CLUB. Despite the fact thai tho Ladies', Committee lias been receiving donations for weeks past towards tho Relief Fund for British ajricl Belgian Poor the supply is still keeping up, and moro cases aro being filled. Nor is there any diminution in the quality of the contributions, many of which are arrayed round tho club-room,' giving one the idea pf comfort and plpnty. Among the donations are 'some line heavy coats, the material of which appears to have been lacaliy manufactured, and will, no doubt, be greatly admired and apprecitaed at Home. The appeal for donations in aid fo Red Cross Day has been fully answered, and the Ladies' Committee returns thanks to all donors for* their liberality. Donations :—F. and M. W. 15s, N. li., Mrs W. Shand £1; M'George Bros.'s No. 2 claim— T. Gillespie £1, J. Montgomery ss, G. Miller ss, G. H. Duffcll ss, R. Preseott ss, W. M'Cord ,ss, G. S. Rees 5s; —total £2 10s. M'George Bros.'s No. 1 claim—J. Grey 15s, F. Day ss, S. Browning ss, T. Jones ss, F. Browning ss, D. Maslin ss, A. Rennie ss, j. Moffat 5s; —total, £2 10s; Frammie 2s, the girls of packing room. Roslyn Milis (per Miss Shannon) £1 6s, Rita Brown 5s lor Christmas box, Mrs -Campbell 2s (Baby Fund). Goods: Mr Mason, George street, Noel and Bruco Young,. Mrs H. K. Wilkinson, M. Young (Frederick street), material; Anon, Two Little Girls (Broad Bay), Mrs Holdavtay, Mrs. W. Shand (fourth donation), Mrs L. E. Bamett, D. Philips (Royal terrace), M. C. Duncan, Mrs A. 11. Burton (Kaikorai), 1 Mrs Campbell, A Friend, F.A. (for tho children), Miss Noel M'George, red-riding hoods, Mrs Pinfold (Roslyn), case clothing, the Misses Cooper (per Miss three large collections clothing; A Friend, Red Cross and clothing; Mrs H. Mitchell, new flannelette and for Red Cross; G. 8,. Mrs Woods (City Hotel), Graeie Peart, Arthur J. Murray, Miss Grater, Mrs Park, Miss B. (sweets), Mrs Hitchcock (per Miss Lawrence), new pillow-cases and hand-knitted socks, Mrs Carey (foodstuff). The Caversham branch is still working vigorously and receiving donations:—Mrs Chalmers (St. Clair), 10s. Goods: Miss M'Pherson, Mrs T. R. Smith (fourth donation), Miss M. Smith, Mrs Hftrnby (second donation to Red Cross.and clothing), Molly and Ruby Andrews (Christmas gifts), Mrs F. P. Stephenson (furs and clothing), Mrs S. Paterson, Anon (clothing and shirts), Miss M'Carthy, Mrs and Mis# We they, anon (large basket). KAIKORAI WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION. At ),he beginning of the war, when the Kaikorai women were working feverishly for tho Expeditionary Force outfits, Mrs , Sutherland and Mrs Pinfold thought it would be wise if. tho women of New Zealand were kept busy as a sort of vent for for the mental strain induced by the war conditions. An appeal for clothing for distressed British and Belgian's all over New Zealand resulted in such an overwhelmingly generous response that the association has been kept busy. Members have packed and sent away some thousands of garments, blankets, and bedspreads, and are now calling a for a very necessary rest. When doing so, Mrs Pinfold desires to thank (donors, who in eome cases have sent pathetic messages accompanied by contents of very sacred wardrobes, in others whole outfits for 6ome of our boys who have gone to the front, and such a ring of kindly sympathy through the whole of the messages, that- otherwise uninteresting work has been made pleasant'. Some letters have thanked the association for finding employment to relieve overstrained nervous women. Special thanks are due to Air Stychc- and the staff of the Shaw,-Savill Shipping Company for their uniform courtesy and kindness in their busiest times, also to Mr H. J. Malcolm and staff in the Kaikorai, who have cheerfully 'carried parcels; Mr Morton for the same kindness; Mcssra M'Creary, H. Sewell, and the editor of the Otago Daily Times. The Kaikorai Women's Association will be ready again ,as soon as called upon. "BABY" DAY AT MORNINGTON. "Baby" Day at the Mornington Council Chambers was a great success. Goods ,of all kinds kept coming in from 10 until 6 o'clock, and all were in splendid condition. Most of the babies' clothes were new and woollen goods. Twenty-seven largo parcels were made ready to be sent to the Early Settlers' Hall, and as many more are waiting to bo sorted out and packed. The following have sent goods:—Mr and Mis J. M'lnnes, Mesdamee Aikrnan, Currie, O'Shea, Nicolson, Patton, Umbers, Jones 1 , Chambers, I. W. Hunter, Frapwell, M'Donald, Fairbairn, jun, Litolff, Tombs, Henderson, Walsh, Hensley, Provo," Nimmo, Guthrie, Bagrio, G. Lamb, Tennet, J, Russell, Binnie, Haymes, Geerin, Growden, Richards, H. Williams, Dickson, Brewer, Greensladc, C. 11. Statbam, Bolt, Ford, Monson, S. S. Martin, Milburn, M'Kenzio, T. Burton, Collet, Rico, Wilson, Misses Campbell (2), Rattray (2), Mollison, Galloway, and King. "Christmas Boxes " for the Belgians have been sent by Mrs Moneon, Miss Monson, Master Patton, and little Keettly and Harry Litclff. Money by Mrs Aikman (10s for'" Babies"), Me alamos Ford (10s) and Currie (5s for tho Belgium Relief Fund). A number of parcels have also boon received from anonymous donors. : ' FOR THE FRONT. A pleasant 'function, tinged though it may have been with- a little sadness, took place at tho head office ot tho Union Steam Sh;p Company yesterday alternoon, when the heads ot departments and senior officers mot to say au revoir to Captain Falla, who is leaving for tho front 1 with tho first reinforcements for tho New Zealand army as captain in' the howitzer battery. Mr Aiken, the general manager, made the presentation —which consisted of <i purse of sovereigns with which tflc recipient might purchase some articlc which would be uselul when he was at the front—and. in doing so, referred to the close interest Captain Falla had always shown in dcfence matters, lie having risen from a gunner in the B Battery to captain. Mr Aiken continued that when tho appeal was made for in^n—and especially experienced men—Captain Falla heard the call, and volunteered. They all wished him the best of good luck and a safe return. —(Applause.) Mr Bond, general' traffic manager, also spoke. Ho said that Mr Falla had been closely associated with him for tho past five years as assistant general traffic manager, in which position ho had proved a very valuablo officer to tho company. The departing soldier's health was then drunk with musical honours. Captain Falla shortly replied, thanking the speakers for their appreciative remarks, and his fellow employees for their kirftlly gift, and also his employers for the consideration which had enabled him to volunteer. Ho will leave for Wellington by the second express on Monday morning.

An enthusiastic meeting of ladies was held in Outram on Thursday afternoon, when it was resolved to begin systematically tho work of collecting clothing for the British and Belgian poor. Meetings are to bo held every Wednesday afternoon in tho Societies' Hall (which has been kindly' lent for the purpose), and parcels may be left there on Wednesday afternoon, or else at Mr Lawson's on any other day. Reference was made to the- kindly help of Mr Noill, who has already done much in the collecting and despatching of parcels. Friends are asked to send in warm clothing:, blankets, boots, old linen, etc., as soon as possible, so that tho gifts may be despatched in time to reach Home before tho winter is over.

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DUNEDIN WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION., Otago Daily Times, Issue 16213, 24 October 1914

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DUNEDIN WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION. Otago Daily Times, Issue 16213, 24 October 1914

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