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An. assembly of some of the early settlers of Otago and their descendants took place in the Agricultural Hall on November 24, under the auspices and in accordance with anv.ngements made by the executive of the Early Sellers' Association. Formality was banished as far as possible, and the keynote to the very harmonious proceedings was struck in the "opening remarks, of the chairman. The personal elemont m these meetings being of soeeial interest, we may hero mention that the officebearers of the association for the year 1F99----1900 are as follows:—President, Mr John Reid; vice-presidents, Rev. W. Bannerman. Messrs Jamci Kldor Brown, R. Chisholml John Duncan, Jolin R. Monson, and Johil aider; committee-Mr D. Reid. jun. (chairman), Dr Fulton M K?I3 R. N. Adams, Peter Duncan, F. A. Joseph, Hcclor Mercer. V J ..ionson, James Richardson, T. K. Sid^v W G. Somervilie, John Wood; treasurer. Sir G U I-rouc.foot: secretary. Mr L. Lan<*lands; programme committee, Messrs Richardsor, Adams, TWI, and Langlaads; recording committee, Messrs Duncan, Reid, and Joseph! lhere was not so large an attendance as was expected, not more than 200 beW present. Refreshments were provided, and wero set out cm small tables, at which people gathered in small knots; but a frequent interchange of seats took place during the cven- ««?„' 3U P5 allowed for conversation The Prcsioent (Mr John Reid)," m opening the proceedings, announced that apologies for had been received from the followSloddart (nf Manaui), John M-'JLay (Mooltan), 1\T S 1 ?V Uw l%,(MooKan)i Mr Mac Gibbon (Mooltan W R Perkins (Mooltan), A. Eoyd (MooUan), Mrs Johnston, nea f klw-i,P looltf? l)l James Elder B ™™, -ml "William Aiteh.son (Mooltan). ' TJie President then said: Ladies and -entlemen, the Otago Early Settlors' Association o.ter you a very hearty welcome this evening Personally, I hope you will all enjoy yourselves, and carry home many pleasant rdhirifcoenccs. Alter the lapse -of half a century ll; ls. Pleasant, indeed, to find so many as 86 of the ardent warriors " from the Larkins, Cornwall, Kelso, i>ekm, and Movjltan are still l°J}i a !°™> and h°w gratifying to them to contrast, then and now," each recalling the Severn parts they have played in bringinabout tho truly wonderful change. But ] must not moralise, feeling sure that most of you would rather occupy the time at our disP°f, "] looki »X ™«™1 the hall for .•> crack with oid shipmates, neighbours, and acquaintances. I shall therefore not detain you, but now prociaim the meeting opened, and apuin express the hope that ycu will one and all eiiioy yourselves.—(Applause.) . The next announcement the Chairman made was in tho foilowmg words: I will be very g!ad i. you would not confine yourselves to the particular tables at which you have sat clown If you get a squint: of somebody you would like to get a crack wi\ if they do not snow you introduce yourself. And if you think you. ought to know them and don't, just speer wha' it is.—(Applause.) Ihe suggoslion from the chair was acted upon, and from time to time during the evening short addresses were given and musical icems contributed.

Wo publish a full list of the surviving passengers, and also of descendants! and the secretary will bs glad to be notinecl oi any errors or omissions, so as to have correct entries in the annals of the association:—

Larkins, September 11,- 1849. Suryivors.-Mrs Salmond, Tokomairiro; Joseph Bower, Hillend; Mrs Mathew ■ Marsriali (uiuia Bowsr), Hillend; Charles Brotherstoix JJunedin; Mrs Wm. Grey (Jane Brotherv™i yIU ¥ rs Lewis 'Edwards (Margaret Duff) N.E. Harbour; Charles Grey,\ Milton; Mrs Robertson.(Mary M'Master), Anne M'Master.Fassifern; Mrs Thompson (Mary Miller); Dunedm; Mr and Mrs Kicolson, Maheno; James Robertson, Melrose; William Robertson, Maori Hill; Mrs Hut-cheson (Jessie Robertson) ; Mrs Mathieson (Margaret Robertson), Dnaedm; Peter Smith, Clutha; Mrs Robt M\h.enzie (Agnes Smith), Dunedm; Miss Taylor, Danedin; John Stevenson, Henley; Mrs James Erown, Dunedin. Total ''I Descendants—Late John . Bain, Halfway Bush—John, Halfway Bush; James, St L-o----nar(,s; William, Dunedm; Andrew, South JJunodin;. George, Dunedm; Mrs John Muir (Kate;, Hokitika; Mrs Wm.-Nicol (Helen), Dunedm; Airs Trivas (Marion), North Island.Joseph Bower, Hillend—five sons and three daughters. Late. Hugh Bovver, BalciuthaMathew, John, and Francis, Balciutha; Hugh Chnstchurch; Mrs Ramage (Julia), Balciutha; Mrs Manly ;(Agnes), Dunedin.—Mrs William Grey (Jane Brotherston), Waihola and Roslyn— Mrs Jas. Mollison, Mrs Walter Gow, Mrs Gibb Miss Grey.-Late Donald Cameron, Halfway Bush—Hugh and Donald, Halfway Bush; Mrs Campbell (Jessie), Taranaki.—Late Thomas ta-rainger, Anderson's Bay—Mrs Donald Edwards (Jane); Mrs Isabella- Duckworth, HWi- ?, llIf; t£°™ s> Anderson's'.Bay; James .Broad Lay; William, Kelso; Edward, Tapanui; Mrs Walker (Margaret), Anderson's Bay.—Late V.' alter Miller, Roxburgh-Andrew, Diuton; John Cargill, Oaniaru: Mrs Thompson '(Mary), Dunedin; Walter, Hawke's Bay; William Hope, Dunedin.—Late William Smith, Clutha m i!L S Anderson and two sons.—Peter-Smith, Clutha—family, six.—John Stevenson, Hejiley —two sons.—Mrs Higgins (Jessie Duff), Dmcdm.—William Robertson, Maori Hill—five sons, three daughters.—Late James Brown Uunedm—numerous descendants.

Cornwall, September 23, 1849. Survivors.—John Borton. Oamaru; -Francis G. Laing, Dunedin; Mrs M'Donald (Catherine Short), INorth Island; Mrs Thos. Anderson (Margaret Short), Kurow; Mrs Mcc (Janet bliort), Uaheno; John Walter Stoddart Manaia; David Muir, Palmerston; Mrs M'Leod (Margaret Cornwall Muir), Palmerston; Mrs Mary Hepburn (Marshall), Roslyn ; „ William Mathieson, Robert Murray, Clarksville; James btram. Mary Ann Strain, and Mrs Finch (El-"-i----beth Strain), N.E Valley. Mrs.Hance Strain (aged 81-years) died at N.E. Valley on 90th IWcmber four days before the re-union was Held.) J.otg.l, I'i.

Descendants.—Late J. R, Johnston, .Dunedin —■Henry Augustus, London; Alfred Bruce, L-imedm; Mrs Helen Saunders, Christchurch; Misses Annie Rose and Catherine Cargill Dun-edm.-Francis G. Laing, Dunedin-Percy, Cnarles, Mrs Jeffreys,., Misses Nellie, Flossie and \\ mnic, Du ? edm.-Late Peter Proudfoot--5, co- C- P^ioot, Dunedm.-Lato Robert .Short, Is.E. Valley .and Maheno-Mrs -'Catherine M-Donald, North Island; Mrs Margaret AncoKoii; Ivurow; Mrs Janet Mcc and Annie bhort, Maaeno; Jars Isabella Short, N E Valley; Mrs Agnes Black, Christchurch; Mra Jemima- White, River.sdale-Late William Sanl7?f Anderson's Bay-Mrs Helen Stewart i Ahx- M-Donald. Tomahawk; John and William, Highdiff; Misses Elizabeth and Jane. South Dunedin.-Late John Muir Kai-korai-David and Mrs C. M'Leod. PalmerstonMrs Mary Matheson, John and William, Sha" Valley-Late James Marshall, Halfway BurhMrs Mary Hepburn.. Lewis Irvine Mar*h<dl Ros.yn.-William Mathiescn, ClartevilleAgnes, Fanny, and Walter—Robert Murray— Jolm and Catherine, Clarksville.

Kelso, November 20, 1843 Survivors Robert Shanks, Gisbornei James Snanks, Mataura. -Total, 7. (James Smith, -Lunedii!, passenger, died 20th October 18"3 ) Descendants.—Late -James Smith. Waka-i— .Tames Park Smith Mrs Elizabeth Calffll, and Srritlf °wT Sm TUl> Duncdln.-Late Margaret ZXSr- J°Saphj and MrS A =nes A"d«"

Pekin, Hay 12, 1849. : Descendants.-Hrs. Tliomas Brookes, Mil--O"SOns"Sons I^*" daughters; Mrs Edward Martin (Annie Held), Milton; Mrs Moore, Miltoa (daughter s ; x Mns and "four daughters. Mooltnn, December 2G 18d9 Suivivors Jsffiea M. Todcl, Oamaruj.Mrs Alexander Shamt (Jessie Todd); William lodd and Mrs Dr M'Caw (Jane MAdam Todd), Taien; Mrs MacG-ibbon. sen (83); Mrs J, S Shanks (Je-sie Mac Gibbon); Thomas and John (of Mac Gibbon and Sons), Mataura and Gore; John M'Lay. Hawksbury; Mrs James Stevenson (Ann M'lndoe), Limestone Plains: 1,-S?" llar (Georgina Sinclair)' and Mrs y,illmm Millar (Grace Sinclair), Invercargill; \V R. Perkins, Invercargitt; James Perkms, West Coast; Mrs J. C. M'Gregor (Charlotte Pei-lnns), Mataura; Mrs George ■Jiincai) Melbourne; Mrs James Pollock (Agnes Duncan), Dunedin; John Duncan Corner Bush, Morton;- John Kirkland, Gisbcrne; Vilham (son), Elmgrovp. Taieri; Mrs ±>r Purdie, Waiwera; William M.; Tauranga-; Henry M Chriatchurch; Mrs Gibson (Jane Purdie A\aiwera; David R. Purdie, AVe'li'ixrton; Mrs Johnston (Jessie Jones Blackie), Ouuedin; Joseph and Edward Harrison, Pukerau; Peterser.-Mrs Clemkon (Mary) Sawyers' Bay; Mrs Walter (Rosanna), Berwick; Jessie; Mrs Grny (Florence), and Edward Love Peterson, MorniiWon • Peter Person. Ahuriri; William Aitcliiaon, Kaitan»aK-"-\Vilham and Agnes Bissett, Oainaru; °Al!.r--Boyd, North Taieri; James Curie, Movniu--ton; Henry Duncan, North-East Valley; Jar. Gebbie, sen., Dunedin; James Gcbbie' jnn" Oa-maru; John Obbie. Greymouth; James and John M'NoiJ, Balclulha; James M'Neil Caversham. Total, 46; and 88 survivors in all. ' ..

Descendants.—Late Alexander Todd, Taieri— Mrs Alexander fehand (Jessie), foiir sons, three daughters; Mrs Dr M'Caw (Jane MAdam), three sous two daughters.—Lats John MacGibbon, Macaur.-.—Kbenczer of (Mac Gibbon Bros. jUataura and Gore); Archibald Alexander (manager National Mortgage Company); and Colin MacOribbon (manager Bank of New South V/ales), Gore.—Alexander' Smith. Taieri—Mrs Low and Mrs Falconer, Mos-iel (cnughters)-.-.Lato James Wright, BalcluthaJohn, Nortu Island; Sinclair, James, and Simon, Balclutha; William and Mrs George Anderson (Henrietta). Stirling; Mrs Geor|e Vtilean (Csuhemie), Milton.—Late George Duncan (died at lan Francisco. January 13. 1879)— Mrs Elspeth Duncan (wife); James W. and Georga S., Melbourne; Peter (solicitor) and Mrs Isabella S. Shand, Dunediii; Mrs Mary JJ. Hume, San Francisco; Mrs Priscilla 13. &m:t!i, Greenfield; Mrs Emma A. Dudvit, Alfred J. and Edv.-m H., Victoria; arid Arthur L. Duucan, San Francisco.—John Duncan,

Corner Bush—James,' Palmerston; Mrs Margaret Shand, Keith Hr.ll; Mrs Mary Jeffries Flag Swamp; -Charles, Alexandra: ?nd Graham, Dimedin.—Mrs l 3cl!ock (Ague's Duncan), Dnnedin—James, Mr 3 Thorn, an<? William, Mornington; Mrs Mary Kerr, Itoslyn; Geoige and Andrew, Bunedin.—William Kirkland, Eimgrove (three sons and five daughters) Late' Dr Purdie, surgeuii o£ Mooltor—Airs' Purdie (wife). Waiv/era; Henry, Christch-.r-h (one acn four rV.ughters); Mrs Gibson (Jane) AVaiwera (three sons and one daughter); David X., Wellington (one son. one dau<»hte*) • ifr« F. W. Isitt (Ma^y C), Christehureh (one *on two daughters).—Late Captain William Blackie. Caveisham—Late Mra John AU-n Bellfield (two soils, three daughters)- Mrs Johnston (Jessie Jones Blackie).. Dimedin; Mrs VViUougnby (Sarah Johnston), AusklandMrs Mumo (Louise Ethel Johnston) Dureiln;. William James Johnston, TaranakfIsabella Johnston. Dunedin: -Walter. B!?ckie' Taieri (five sons, three daughters).—Late' Peter M'GiH, Milton—Allan, Donald, John Duncan Neil Duncan, John M'Donald. Mrs -M'TnWli (Mary), Mrs Chisholm (Katherine), and Jes-'e —James M'Neil, Balclutha.—James, jun " Caversham; Alexander. Balclufto •' V.K79' Stuart, Wellington; Duncan, Mclbonrne C drew, Dunodm: Mrs Guthrie (Aanio), Palmerpton; Robert. Balclutha; Mrs H B y (Jessie Cualmers), Hawera; Mr?/ rJcv.-'niau (JTarv Christina), Clinton: Thomas Chalmers D " Jo£n' Douglas, Korth Mand.Ljolm M'lveil Balcluth,".-James. England;- John, Jun-.-.^lclutha; .Peter, Wairarana; Ann-'e Fei ding; -Margaret, London; Miis ' Dou-laa' Wellington;. Duncan. Oamani: ' M"r\":" Bal clutha.; Jessie, Chrisoclmrch.-M-s' Cross (Jane Petersen), Morningtoii—Mis<=es L M and '.Florence Cross, Mornington.—Mrs L?m•bert. Kensington--(Diincan;; Henry Duncan, North-Easr; \aHey; Jicnry John. Dimedin; Mrs M. J. Smith, CaversUam; Mrs W G Lumlcy, Dunedin. .

•Cholera was prevalent in Greeaock. from wuich port the Mooltan sailed on lQth Sovjlu™l^'. Ic i9', an, d " broke ont on >«>«d on ™. 9^ st. September, and- continued until tie 15th. Qcvooer. If was brought on-board mi the bedding of r. passer.trcr. There were about' "0 cases altogether, of which' nino died (Dr Hocfcen). On arrival at Port Chalmers on 2Gth December, Mr L. Langlands, then boardiii-' officer at-Port Chalmers, had the yellow ip-« hoisted and the ship isolated until Dr Ma.i£ ning, health officer, was coniniunicat»d with On consultation witk I>r Purdie,' and" finding tlicre_ had been no deaths for 'over two months" Dr-.banning'decided there'was no occasion to her in quarantine, and- the-.."passer.gers were allowed at once.

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OTAGO EARLY SETTLERS' ASSOCIATION., Otago Daily Times, Issue 11611, 20 December 1899

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OTAGO EARLY SETTLERS' ASSOCIATION. Otago Daily Times, Issue 11611, 20 December 1899

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