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LUV JL/XJ.XJU A —- .«--"-— —— — J Late Advertisements. ORDER Shag Point Coal Company's Coal. This company are supplying very superioi Coal from new seam. . . SHAG Point Coal, 22j 6d per ton (delivered). Office : Vogel street, Diihedin. Telephone 602. , , ._ . . . . '.-■ •■'■• ' 29al] WANTED • KNOWN—D. Bethune, jun., King street, sells prime Beef, Mutton, Small Goods at lowe3t prices. 2^ac MADAME HELLER, Genuine Physiognomist, York place (three doors. abov« Filleul street); copied by all, equalled by ndne. TO CYCLISTS travelling'to.-Waitahuna and Lawrence.—First-class accommodation at lhe • . .. HAVELOCK HOTEL: Beds and meals, Is: good billiard table and piano; a trial : solicited.—J. Thomas, proprietor. 29aii WANTED. 20 Second - hand CART SADDLED and BREECHINGS sharp : highest price. — Wilson, saddler, King street north. ■" ... HIGHEST PRICE Given any quantity Secondhand Harness or Saddles any description.— Wilson, saddler, King street north. . 29au HAVE your CYCLE put in THOROUGH REPAIR for the Opening, of .'the Season. Send along to th? "Speedwell Works for reenamelling, overhauling, and mbde equal to hew.— W. A Scott, George street. . - 29au ALEX. BROWN, 206 Princes street, south. Watches Cleaned, ss; Mainsprings, <s.6d; Brooch Pins, Joints, and Catches, from 3d. 29au MRS A. SMITH, Florist,. Royal Arcade and High street, importer of new Vegetable and Flower Seeds, '. .■ : " . ,;. BOUQUETS, Wreaths, Crosses, and any Floral Design made at reasonable prices. . S9au RAILWAY . OFFICIALS, ; Tram Drivers, aud others see—just landed: new "Nickel Keyless "Lever", Watch; warranted reliable timekeeper ; ' .: . ~ ...,.,■:. STRONG .Cases; Marvellous Value.. English Watches, London Prices,—London .Watch nud Optical Company, 128 George street. 29au THE Cheapest and Best Variety of Bruit and . Lollies , 4n. Gaorge street- at Mrs Mitchell's., ;.'..... ■ . y , nX .-,, MRS MITCHELL, Florist,, George street, has a choice variety, of Violets, Hand Bonqunts, and other Flowers.*' ; ."■'■:'.■'■■■' : g9au IT'S an Established Fact:—For Good Value Hosiery, Haberdashery,' Fancy Goods, visit .W. Taylor, 169 Gaorge "/street." ■ ." " , 29au X AING & WALES, Octagon, Dunedin: FOR SALE—First-class 10 horse-power ■ Horizontal Steam Engine (con_ple.te),"with Superheater ; good as-new:-■' ' ; .-. : : - '■~ '~.. :.. ONE four horse-power .Upright Steam "Engine and, Boiler. (Marshall), 70lb pressure; suit- , able for dairy factory. '-./■'. ~_P' -.-.. .-.. .■:,■■■ SAWMILL PLANT "4- Planing, Moulding, Mortising, Tenoning, Deal Frames;-.' Circular Saw Benchen ; new and second-hand, .y ' ENGINEERS' Screw-cuttiDgLathes Boring, Punching;' ahd Shearing Machines; Engine Oils Asbento",. Packing, Ac, ifec -.. ■' LARGE STOCK1 of New and Second-hand Tools and: : Machinery always' on hand.'— LAtNG AWAIJES, Octagon.■', '-.'',. ~~'» . 29au GARTER'S COLOSSAL SALE nOw started:: Wholesale stock Linen" Dbyleys clearing at 2Jd, 3Jd, and 4Jd ; over 20U lovely Linen Tray Clnths, ridiculous prices,, from BJd (Note—Every one greatly reduced),; Stair Carpets Clearing at 4|d-yard; Pink Roll Lining, usually,6d—now 3jd"; Imitation Welsh Flannel, B}d—now, -4|d. '■ :■■ ->~ TO THbIbLECTORS OF THI3 CITY OF • ' . -.'■DUNEDIN:'* .7Yp-'2, 'i'y'; SEVEN OF THE REASONS^WHY: 1 ' CLAIM YOUR SUPPORT AT THE "' • ' COMING-ELECTION: " .';' iB;:''• 1. Because I am ah opponent of the present ) 7 •Government.' ..-': •■'■;■;■■,'•■'•■'."■. -''.;' ■'-'P.';-2. 2. Becauseour financialconditiOndemaiid_,the. strictest economy,-which'economy Jam ' .-, prepared to insist upon, beginning with'a sensible "reduction in the honorarium of' members. . ,'-.;-, >....' ■'■sim-'.: 7' ' 3. Because lam opposed to confiscation in any;- ---'. 'form; :'■-...'• ...;'...-.■• ,- - 4. Because I am antagonistic "to interference with the liberty of the subject, and can never, although for 17 . years a : total . abstainer, agree to prohibition. ;". ; B. Because, asa'tirue 'friend of the working •■~ ■ classes, lam imbued with the belief that' - the interests of .capital and .labour are' .(■,' '.. .identica1.".,..;.....,-...'-.' . ~-,'. ■/%•(..■..■■, 6.' Because I consider that women are in every respect worthy of the franchise,,.. . j/y / 7.. Bscause I am in, v favour of stihe" religious educatipn:Of oiir children^ on the basis-of the New South Wales system..,, .... 1 „ i .,: ,29au v,. XX'2'-2' ■'■■ MURRAY ASTON.''--'-', X*TISIT THE LEAPING BOOT HOUSE. ..'. , •'••■•:••'••'■;> ': GOODS ;.^NEW. ■'/''- '*';'■"' 2i' ih ■_ i OUR FIRST/SPRING SHIPMENT ,*';>-'/"' ■ :XX2'x*' '--NSW GOfog'XyXXn'Y. .S % ■-.-. ;;",.;' Aee'.Now;.Opened,',-, ; ,'_;J, '-;_._.■;■•;).■■_ :,7 REALLY BEAIUTIFUL' STYLES. :■{ ,'*'. '..Call and See Them.; C'O-NTIN E NTA^L^B O'O;T .DtPO T, Princes' street (opposite Chief.'-'Post Offibe). ■■ rpwO JBeIuTIFUL MAGAZIIiEJS. I. ... . ' sTHE:LUBG^E.XX': ''y7:X i. . Contents fob. Jum ,1896. .:. ,-.--., BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (on back,of frontispiece). -~•,' -. ,«h. - THE HOME COUNTIES: Il^-SUSSEX (fron- ' tiKpiece). ■"■'■ '" ';. '■<'■;■-- ■ ■•,•."-, CAPTAIN JACOBUS: By L. Cope CornfOrd. Illustrated, by Enoch Ward. ,; i' LOWEST LONDON. Illustrated..' ',[ :RECOLLECTIONS OF • A-FaMILY LAWYER: THIC HEIR OF LUNGLANuS. WrittehKy Nathaniei.' D*WSON.■-. Illustrated by J. Barnard Davis. MR FRANKLIN M'LEAY AS NERO, IN "THE SIGN OF THE CROSS." GENERATION TO GENERATION: THE DUKE OF BEDFORD. ' ', ■■'-■■ THE SONGS OF THE PEOPLE. Illustrated, s THHJ- MEMOIRS' OF, WILLIAM . SYKE3, JUNIOR. Illustrated.^ -P.P. ,y, SOME EXPERIENCES OF LORD SYFRET: 11.-IN A TERRIBLE GRIP. By Arabella Kenkaly. Illustrated'by R. Savage.. THE "LirDGATE" PRIZHi COMPETITIONS. STATE TRIALS FOR WITCHCRAFT. Written ' by Francis Watt; Illustrated by B. P. Gribble. THE ROMANCE OF POISONS: DR MOWBRAY'S PATIENT. Written by . R., Cromie and T. S. Wilson. . Illustrated by, John' H., Bacon. ■■••'.• .. .., ■■, . TABLETED . HOUSES. Written by Ma^y Howarth. Illustrated by.Harold Macfarlabe. THE NEW PAUL PRY:" TOILERS OF 'THE ■■ THAMES. Illustrated by, W.: W.,Rainey..;,•..... SPAIN'S PREMIER MATADORS. Written by S. L. Bensusan/.lllustrated. -. THE, WOMAN THAT-WAITED- Written' by MY FIRST APPEARANCE1; 11.-MRS BEERBOHM. TREE. Written by P. C. Standing. Illustrated. • THE SPAWN OF FORTUNE. Written by Angus Evan Abbott. Illustrated by A.;J. Goodman. ~ . ■■•." THE .DEAD GEISHA. Written ,by Nora Hoppkii. ..-■,.'■ y PARIS STATUES, ■ ' TH K LITTLE JUGGLER. RELICS.-OF THlfi PAST. Written by Muriel . Babbington Bright. , TIIE FASHIQNS OF THE MONTH. Illustrated. The photographs illustrating the article "Lowest London", were taken by Fred Marsh, Henley-on-Thames. ; > a- '• Post free any part of the colony, 8s i_d; delivered, 6s 6d. ' . - ~ '" THE ENQLIsWILLUSTBATED ■ MAGAZINE. "'■■" .2 Edited by Clement K. Shorter..'_. , 1., Contents for July 189 C. HIS EXCELLENCY . LI-HUNG-CHANG ■ (frontispiece), i, LI-HUNG-OHANG': HIS PLACE AND PART, IN MODERN CHINESE PROGRESS. By. Chester Holcombe. JULIET. Illustration from Photograph. THE ANNUNCIATION. Illustration. THE LITTLE GREEN DOOR. By Mary E.: . Wilkins. Illustrations by Arthur Jule Good-, - man. ' WITH A STEEL MIRROR (poem).' By Ric-; cardo Stephens. ,'■ i;H-E-' INTERMARRIAGES OF ENGLAND. AND DENMARK. By J.. D. Symon. With illustrations. ■ •: • THE MAKER OF MOONS. By R. W. Chambers. Illustrations by Laimcelot Speed. LADY GREENSLEEVES.. Illustrations by. Graham Robertson'. .! rHEKE IS A LADY SWEET AND KIND. ! Illustrations by Robert Sauber. '' HOW THE OTHER, HALF/ LIVES : THE ENGINE DRIVER. By Wilfred WemleV.. Illustrations by Louis'Gunnis.* . „\ - A SKETCH (poem). By Agnes. Grozier Herbertson. ON THE HILLSIDE. By Nora Hopper. Illustrations by Tom Kelly. SONG OF SLEK-.P: TO SUNALINI (poem). By SaROJINI ChXTTOPADHYAY. OONSTANUY. By John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. 'Illustration by Gilbert James. 3RF.AT MEN LN LITTLE WORLDS : lII.— THK FIREBRAND, By George Gissing, Illustrations by Gunning King SUMMER. Illustrations by Constance Foxley. JAPANESE MATOH-BOX LABELS. With illustrations. ' ■ ' _. REMARKABLE NIDIFICATION.. By James ' Buckland. With illustrations. QUAINT; MARKEN. By Charles.S. PelhamClinton: AVith illustrations from photographs. rHK PAINTERS' JORDAN. By Grant Allen. With.illustratibns. . ■ ' . * ■ Sf early euliscriptioh to any part of the colony, • 8s 6d,' post free ; dalivered, 6s 6d. Annual subscriptions may be commenced at my time. Cheques and .Post Office Orders to be'! nade payable to i " PIUOTOK.-& CO., -STAFFORD ST. ':

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