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Booia. XSSABIdau&D, JDXCBMBK&, 1861, | WILLIAM HAY, ! Sole Proprietor of tlie Celebrated NEW 23 A LAND WHOLBBALB AND KETAIL BOOK, STaTI HJBEy, *n> ■ ■ ' WBWS ACrBNOY ESTABLISH MB NT. Bkiokavs BDTtKinaa, Faißcsa tmaaa, And " D*Hy Titne»" Brant* Office, Comer of JM&n» tttent, opposite the Post O£see, T> ESPECTPtJLLT inferno* tbe poMIo of -*■*' Ofaigo, Cantcrboiy, and SontliUad, that bin Bt«k of rasanjftwntfy bound Bibles, Cbnrob i*cnr!<*s and Prayer Book*, sa wall «w Work a ia every Bepartjneui ol Literature by the bent authors, pawt and present, atsrpaweii, in extent sod vane 17, an'? collection of bockiiever before off-;red for tale fn New Zealand. The subjoined liat comprise A few of tbc many thousand volume* now in ttock :—■ Alice, or The Mysteries, 3 vole American Notes, 2 vols All tho Year • onnd, 6 tola A Life far a Lif*. 3 vole Adam (interne. 3 *o!s Agony Point, 2 votg A dele. S vots Atk Mamrn*, 3 role Anindel. 3 vole Altan, 3 vola Aapen Genrf, 3 vols Adv niurea of & Gold Finder, 3 Tola Auctraii'Q I ife. 2 vols A Woman's Thought* nbout Women, 1 rol American* at Hume. 1 vol Almon a Qeroi 0. 3 vols A hUn Mtrujaie, 3 voLj Atrmb« In Madrid, 1 vol Alfieri and Coldorn, 1 vni Autobi g-apbv oi Misa Knight Arthur U'l«f-ary, 2 voli A ntJJtiinu, S vols AvillioD, 3 vols Agnes of -orento, 2 vols Adam Bede 3 vots Ar'lii(?ton, 8 vo.'a ARnm»r Wind and Tide. 3 vote Ann Kberwoo 1, 3 vols A Woman* Story, 3 vols A Month at Constantinople, 1 v«l Amehrtr. a Story of the North, 1 vol Autobiography of Wra. Jordan, 4 vo!a All Hound the World, 1 vol Adventures of Phillips, 3 vols A Gentleman's <*fory, 1 vol Autobiography ot Mrs Piazzi, 2 Tola Autobiography of Sir J. M'Gregor, 1 vol Anchorite of Montserra, 3 rolg A«!ain Blnir, 1 vot Bl.ak Hew, 8 vots Braccbridge Hall, 1 vol Barnabj" Id America, 3 vols Berwick Kvebn, 3 vols Bianco Caprello, 3 vols Unbind the Scenes ia Paris, 2 role Brbiod the fesnes. 1 rol BaJrd's West Indies, &c, 2 rols Bonelli'it Travels in Bolivia, 2 vola Baxter's Impressions of Central and Southern Europe, 1 vol BfidclicßtoM Peerage, 3 Tola Benoui's Nineveh, 1 vol Bealfth, 1 vol Cbri-tinwi Boakc, 1 vol Cncliton, 2 vols Ghsrie* O'Malley, 4 rola Charles O'M alley, 2 Tola Charles O'Malley, 2 vols C-.stle iiichmood, 3 vols Comba Abbey, t rol * Christianity in Ceylon, 1 vol Canterbury Paper*, 1 vol Gnrlyle's Life of Jean Stelling, 1 vol Christian Treasury, 1 vol Carlyle's Lectures on Heroes, 1 vol Christopher Worth, 2 vols Court of Queen X izabetb, 1 roi Court 01 Jam** the First, 1 vol Coming 3 vols Car*tone t*ectorv, 3vol» City and Suburb, 3 vol» Chateau Tiissac. 1 vol Castk-fu'i Cane. 3 volt Castle nnd tho Cottage in Spain, 2 vols Cuulincourt. 2 vols Corvorda Ahbey, 1 vol Carr of nrrlvou, 1 vol Cleve Hall, 2 vnla Charles Chest* rfield, 3 rols Caleb Stuekely, 1 vol ConinEßby, 3 vols Cinq Mnra, 1 vol Cliartnione, 2 vola Comptoa Merival<>, 1 rol Coaut of Monte Cbriato, 2tols Circumnaviitationof the Globe, 1 voli Carl j Id's latter Day Pamphlets, 1 rol Chamber's Journal, 1 vol Cornwall's Fauorama of the New World, 2 vola Castle Avon. 1 vol Cottage (ianlener'n Diiltfonaxy, 'I 'rol Corn wall* Two Journeys to Japan, !2 vola Cort hilt Maeazina, 4 vola Crow'a Nei«t Farm. I vol Castle Eiebraootl, 3 vola Can Wrong be Hiubt, 2 vols Crul»e of tbe -t. George, 1 vol Cnume, 1 vol Criminal Trials in Scotland, 2 volft Cotton httii, 1 toI Voat of a Coronet, 1 vol Country Hociety, 3 vok Charity, 3 vols Dereteux. 1 vol Dombey *nd Bon. 3 vols ] Davenport Dunn, 2 rob D-xld Fnraily, 2 rols Dred, 2 volti Dathes of Life, 3 roll DynowiH 'i en-am, 2 vola Debyiah'a Diiry, 1 rol ■ Damf-neph's Mi»i(inafy, Adventures in Texas nnd Mexico, 1 rol Dondoualii'o Autobiography of a Seaman, 2 vols Darltn, or the Merehnnt Priace, 3 vote Dißoiplhie "f Life, 3 vola Doinb«y und fon* (2nd copy), 3 tols Dead Secret, 2 vok. Daisy Barns, "A rota Diana Wynynrd, 3 vois I/inry of a late 11 yuloian, 1 vol Bcrerell, 3 vola Dacontah, 1 rol Diary of M. B. Ballol, 1 vol Day* Five Years' iletidonoe In the Wt«t Indko. 2 vols Da Chitllia'a Kquatorial Africa, 2 n>h Dr. Doran'a Works, com|tlet<s,lo TC'ls Drayaon'n BportfnK Scenes, 1 rol Dastree at Life, 3 rola Digby Grand, I vo' Eugene Aram, 1 vol Embroidered Banner, 1 rot Bdinbargb Tale-, 3 voia Kxcursions ia Xew foath Wales, 2 rols BllisV Lock to the KniJ. 2 vols Eothe&V Tracks and. Travels from the 2m*» 1 rol Every Day Life, 2 vo!s Episonfsot Prendi History? 3 vote Excursions in Switzerland, 3 vola Knfclish Hnmomts, 1 rol Edward O^arne, 1 vol Earnest Malt raven), 8 rols Kdwarrt She Black Prince, 2 vols Kxcumon in Mormandy, 2 yob Eresiniiß in the Pyrenees, 1 rol Ktiays and Eeviewn, 1 rot" ; Beenings at Beft, 1 rot „ ifast Lynae, 3 volsj j

Public Compaaiftt. P»HAJ*OB 1W THB NAMB OP THE \j I.IVSRP* oji and umwm Fiat- * Mli 1.1 XX ISSa.THAKCK t-OMPASY.—By riftiin of aji Act of ikts iinpensl PeHiunenf, eutitW Th« lirertMl t&4 Loncoa ond CJJobe iMUritwe Conjp»r.j'» AC, 1804 an ai»aJ(SWn»iM>n hie takca ptwe between The Li^erpoot and Lundon P»re and Lifo ln*ur>inc<: Company, ami '' he GlotM) Jotuiaucc Company, uaa the sane of T<« Lirrrfool nnil Ltn,nou Fjm» and Lif# lu«n!T«oc« C rapasy tiss been cbanueJ to tlwt of Tns Liynnron h ah» Low3l AitD Gvosr. IstfOBA»OE O*jii>Aßy, in *hi'h o*a»« *U '*«« Uißiae-» of tbc Compajiy will bereafHr Jw fty order of Ibo UoarJ, A, STANGJtEH LKATHES, Kesidoßt Secretory. Sydnty, 1865. THK LIYUKPOOL Alii* LONDOtt AND (iLOBB INBUHAKCR COMPANY. FOS FIIUK, Lua. AWD ABBCITIjeS. Cipital irnbiflrirx;*] £2,000,000, JatrK tzi> i'Daca. Capita! paid tip ~ £300 000 X t*«ve Burp!u«s fund l,0O(),(KKi Life JJepaitw^at reserve 1,400,000 Ualance of undivMetl profits ...... 200.U00 (Three million and fifty thousand pounds) £3,050,000 Fire premiums £530 000 Life premium* 000 Interest on investment*..... 100,000 (Nine hncdred and fifty thousand pound*) £950,000 Medical Referec—l>»< NRumn. All Claims ore settled In tue Colony. Tables of Rates for Fire and Life Insorsate in all ita Branches, and every information, am be obtained from GSO. 8. EROWftICa, 1, ilerwr'n BalldlsK% Princes-street. Agent for the Company. KOYAL INarjBAIVCK COMPASY. FJRK AX© LIVE. Cafitai—Two MiLLioHd Hiuuna. Ft'WPS IH iIAHD SXOBKD £1,000,000. PlttU. irKSURANCKS on al descriptions of good. Jl,. and bnildic^a in town and country o£ecto< at current rate-. Losses wettlod here promptly, without the del*< tocidetital to a reference to Australia or to Etj rope. LIFE. Lar{?e Life Bonuses declared 1355 and 1860 L 2 per cent per annum ; tho largest bonus Oven continuous!) declared by any company. Almanac*, eoutainitii; tables oi premiums ant other particular;', to be hnd on apphcatioa. Medical Kxaiuwcr: Dr. Hoc V.en. MOEISON, LAW, and CO, Ageais. Dunodia and Invercarcill. NEW BOUTH WALES MARINK ASSOBANCK COMPANY. Head Office—George street, Sydney. Incorporated by Act of Council, 1861. (Unlimited Liability.) TUH Undersigned having- been appointed tbe a%em» of tlie above Company at tbis Port fire now prepared to i?an« Policies oa Marine hinks tit the current rates of Premium, the pordculara ol which may l>cobtaißoci on application Policies on Guo<isand Gold to Groat ilritain, £>srcd in duplicate, payable) ia London, in case of Jots, by Mwura Atkins nnd Co., t?t Helen* Place, the Company's agv&ts. CARtMLL and CO. Dunedin, Bth Aug., 1804 NOETH BRITISH AND MBBOAKT'LK rNSUHANCE COMPANY OF LONDON AND EDINBURGH. — H»tablished 1609. Capital, £2,000,009. AccumcJatef! i *nd InTMtod Fund*, £1,374,000. , i The undersigned have been appointed th< \ Company's Accntß, and are authorised to lnsur» apaiuht toas by (iro opon the most iavorabl' terms. LotiseH promptly settled. CAEQiLL and CO., Agents, \ Princfca-atreet south, Duisedia. j OTAGO FIRE AND MA.till*B IKSU- I RANGE COMPANY. TECSTBEB :— K. B. Caehih., K*q., m.o.a. TxiniiAß Dica Km., m.p.c. Fbdjebiok J. ftloaa. Ksq, Chairman. Agents iii London : — Mewm Eobert Uuchanon, and Co., Bastcheap. This Oompatiy U preparei ti accept Fire and Marine ri*ka at lowest current rnXett Jnourancc on Wool and Gu'd to Great Britain on Ihe came terms and at the narao rates as London OttiCfcS. Ijo-iie* payable at the option of the assured, at tbe head oth'cs ia Otuiro. or i*t any of the Agencies of the Company, iv Great Britain or tbe Colonies. - HBNftY HOU9HTON, Manßßtr. VICTOftIA FIEE A^?D MARINF INsaRANCE COMPANY. Capital—£2oo,ooo. Also VICTOEIA LIFK AND GJIN KAL INBURANCP. COMPANY. Capital L 2,000,000. Head Office : 62 Collins titrcct east, Molbourno Chairaiac : Hon. Heary Miller, M.L.C Fire, Life, and Marine Insurances effected ai the lowest current rates of premium. Medical Ecferee: A. Koclea, K*kj., P.R.C.S. Agents for Dunedin: WM. WATSON and SONS, High street, mi£B AOSTE4.LABiAN FIKK, LIFK, AND X MAKINK INSURANCE CO. Heud t.ffioc: Halt of Commerce, Melbourne. DIRECTORS. H on. A lux. fRJuSKH, M.L.C, Cbairuinn, Jamsa (jHAHAM, Kbq., Vice Chairman. Iviward Colten, Ji.sq., M.L.A., Hon. W. J. T. Clarke, M.L.C, Jotii'pk Uritfiths, Ksq., E, P. <*. ti'.urt, tixq.. P.M. K. A. Aiontetiure, ksq., Secretary. Fire, Life and Marine iiisk« taken at lowest cm rent rates. W. and G. TURNBULL and CO., Agents for Dunedin. PACIFIC FIRK AND MARINE INSURANCK COMPANY. CAPITAL £600,000 LIAEILIXX UfUMIIKS. Head Oftit-c, Pitt street, Sydney. Directors:— J, L. Mo&tefiore, Keq,,Chairman; James Byrnes, Esq , Heury Prince, Eaq., A., fi. Smith, Bsq , J. H. young, E*q. The andtrsigKed having been appoicted agients for the Marine Branch of tbu Company, are aow : prepaed to accept risks at lie lowest current j rates of premium. j h'j&nen mtty be made payable ia Melbourne, | Sydney, or London. BUIGET, BEOS. AND CO., Ag«nls.

Boofai. Oveo<i*an Gr*i g« Svolo Cna of Them, 2 vol« Old Court fiubarb, 2 volt Our Oiled*, I vol O»»ai»'» TmeS* in Si'>erifl, 2vola Old CoMl« of Pr&ncr, 1 vol, Old Faces and New Masks, t voi Oath of All gUnoe, 3 vois Otit of the Debt*, 1 vo] Font Ciillird, 3 vols P^lhatn. S vola Philip Angu-tw, 3 vot* Faeba of Many Tateft, 3 vo!)I Pilfti age* in Paris, 1 vol Paul Terrol, 1 vol Po«ni» t I toI Percy MidJorv, 1 vat Fulprave of %camnrft, 3 vols Frcifiot'ji &ign tf FetdSnaiad and leabellti, 3 voS* Pilgrims of th» Rhiiw, 2 vols I'cj^t>i!ln. 3 vot« Pci cy Effinshatn. 2 vols Phillip Hollo. 2 vofc Prt'srrean and Prw'«jari|oe, 3 vol* Pttifentcr Anstcd'«j"oießce and Art, I to! Parjihea, a Potm. 1 vol Pickwick Papers 3 vols Permian Amiqaitlea, 1 vol Paul-i-n, tb« Adventurer, 1 vol Kiitrifi, 3 vols Be venae, 3 vota , Koo^tvtiod, 2 vis }<<)bv KfltOtr, 3 vola £ath 1 vol Bc»s'« Goner t, 1 vol Hjrl&rui'a Meroo'r*, 1 vol | Ktii-td to the Puctafti, 3 vols Hc«e at d the Ein^, 1 vol Blohard Arbour, 2 vols Kuib BajHiinr* siory, 1 vel B«4 Rove-, 3 volii R»ttin the Keefer, 3 vols Roland Ci^hcl. 3 rol.i Eight at I.a»t. 1 voi H iiuanco of the Harem, 3 vols Rumbles in Norway, 1 vol Bory 0' Voro, 3 vol Robert Mornay, 1 vol KeminU'viice* of b Veteran, 3 vols R< collections of n, Fox Utiuter, 1 vol SSranKe Blt>ry, 2 vol» Pea Lions, 3 v»ls Sl* Jnmes, or the Court of Qaeen Aniut, 3 vola Bijltnta and Paincs. 2 vols Stndien from Lifti, 1 vol Shte.-n Yo«ra«fan Life, 2 voh Story of a Pearlier, 1 vol f?tvea Sons of Maromon. 3 vols Six Ycam of n Traveller's life in Western Africa. 2 vol Hhred* and Patcheo, 1 vol Bword and nown, 1 vol fiha Imv and Bub»taoce, 1 vol St John's «anible» In Germany, 1 vol Bberirfan Knowles' Draniatio Works, 1 vol Pwcetlieai ts and Wire*, 3 vola Saturday Sterne, 3 vols Skeleton in the Cupboard, 2 vola Some Years AfUir, 1 vol fcib&ving of Shiffpat 1 vol Fir 1 brodore [Jroughton, 3 vola Sitans'o-. 2 vols Slcro"d Lnve, 3 yob* Slbirley. 3 vo!» Sybil, 3 vols Still Waterß. 2 vola St Gile* and 8t James, 1 vol SccncH of 0 triait Life, 2 vola Milai Marner. 2 vols Silver Cord, 3 vols Stanley Thome, 1 vol School Days <if Kminent Men, 1 vol Bevf>n Years After, 3 vols Shining after Hsia, 2 vola Bummer in Northern Europe, 2 vols Story of an Arc) 83 >loßist, 2 vols Swainstone'e New Zealand, 1 vol Say and Seal. 1 vol. ißc^tch Li c and Character, 1 voli Side Win-Is, 1 vol ißoon <%ver. 1 vol Sponge's Sporting Tonr, 2 vols Tom Brown's School Day?, 1 vol The Hoirei.iof Uaughton, 3 vols The Enigma. 1 yol Tbe Slave Captain, 1 vol Tremnme,« role The Casflemonte, 2 vols The ADBBjrii. 2 vols Travels in Nivr Zealand, 2 vols The Godk, I voi Thornton's History of India, 1 vol Tobk Talk, 1 vol The Cixtons, 1 vol The Library of Fiotion, 2 vols The Bertru"iß, 3 vols Travels in Bolivia, 2 vols The Cost of a Coronet, 3 vols Teuton fJhrintophCT, 1 vol Tales of the West Highlands, vols The Veteran, 2 Wa Taieeof Flemish L'fe. 1 vol Tbe Knglithwornan in Italy, 2 vuU Tom Burke of Ou»», 2 tola The Moui'ins 3 vola The World's Verdict. 3 vola Trnnfformation, 1 vol The Scottish Chieftain, l.vol The Monk. 11 voi Tristram Shandy, 1 vol The Life of Toususaint, ljrol The Highlands of Oreadis, 1 vol Tiie Cruise of itie Pearl, 1 vol TnwJitions of New Zealand,* vol Temple Har, 6 vols Twickenham Tales. 2 vol Tho White Rose, 3 vols The Dead Secret, 2 vols The Hunchback's Chest, 1 vol Th(? Game of Hrnjf, 2 vols T*o UosinO'', 2 vols The Wattle Bank Dairy, 3 vols Two Years Ago, » vol* The First Born, or a.Motfter's Trial, 3 vote The Pentateuch, 2 vols Three Vicite to Mad&gatcar, 1 vo! Temple Bar, 1863, 1 vol The JDitowned, 4 vola The Porßery, 3 vola The False Heir, 8 vola The Heideninaner, 3 vols The "oliicans, 3 vols The Wattrwiieh, 3 vols Tbe Phantom Ship, 8 vote Tale of the Two Cities, 1 vot The Virginian*, 2 vota Two Lives, 1 vol The fpendtbnit, 2 vols The Tower of London, 2 vols The Constable of tbe Tower, 3 tolb The Quadroon, 3 vote Ths Knielit of Gwynoe, 3 yob Tom Burke, 3 vols The Profe-sor, 2 volb The Broad Arrow, 2 vols Th<» Athelinga, 3 yols The Privateer, 1 vol The I'aleoner*. 3 voln , Torn Oringie'a Lojaf, 1 vol The Coatratt, 3 v»!« The Little Beauty, 3 vols Thornley Hall, 1 vol The Two Prim a Donnas, 1 vol ' The H. Family, i v»ls, . ; Th«) Tin Bo*, 1 vol ' Tops-il J*heet BkKsks. 3 volsj The Midttbipmas, 3 vols Tales of tbe Highlands, 3 vols The Kincears, 3 vols The Beeaiiory M«n, 3 vols ; TiooDficrog-i, 3 volt , The Woofftoan, 3 vo's i The Pathfinder, 3 vote j The Beer-layer, 3 vote j The Be Hunter. 3 vols The Yog Fifed,!) vols The Newcomer, 2 vofs The Fear Georges, 1 vcl 'f he Miser's Daughter, 2 vols The Star Chamber, 2 vola the Lancashire Witebea, 3 vols•JPhe Wild Hnntrav, 3 voto Tales of the Craiaders, 4 vols Tbe Daitoss, 2 volh The Attractive Mao, 9 vols The Life tf Ch»fJoit« Bronte, S^vois

Sookfl. I Trl»l* of Love. 2 wo!« i Tbe Batth- ol Waterloo, I vol , ! Tom I'owilair, 8 »4» " ; Tbe Mill on the Flo**, 3 Tola Tm Tbooßand-a-Xear, 2 vola 1 Tbe VeoiJij H n«baa(), 9 volt Tbe Cloister nod Hearth, 4 roto j ■ Tales, Itl : ' The Honifl. 2to1« ; The Two %[id*ti<Dmcn. 3 vots The Wife nad Ward. 1 yd i Thoniley Hall, I *ol The *lhamHra. 2vol« The Poor Helatton. 3 vols Tbe Pquandcru ofCa«tie fmtander, 2 roU Dphniu's Life of General wathing^ion, 2 to!? Un<!« current*, 3vol« Vici»situ''i s of a Life, 3 T«b Vilette, 3 vo's Vateotio* Vox, 1 vol Vicar of Wrexba'l. Svnla VoH¥M tlic Dani% 2 yoU Viletie, 8 vtil# Wn«t wIU be do ti itli it 1 4 to!» WVroan in Whim. 3 vols Wnrie""» MiiT«ll»ny, 1 veil West Indies, 1 rot Who Breaks, Par?, 2 vol» Wiik«tkM'« Adventures in New Zealand, 'i yoU > Wandcrlntrs in thn Land of Ham. 1 to? Wnlpole'* Fjur Yenr» lo iLlie Pacittc, 2 yoU WitaoiiV f mhjs, 4 fots Whch is Which ? 2 voia White Wwln, 8 vols Walter L-titiley,3 volb Womrn of England, I toI Waftr <-t Antcdotd, 4 to!j Walter Fentnti, 3 tola Wbito Li-n. 3 veh WanJ Lsiebton, 3 uolu j Why Paul Fern 1 KilM bin Wife, Wni_kin'« Ant Tqul>ie*. 7 »ol» Anci'-nt Psypi, 1 vol William's Fiji. 2 to!» Wan'itrincs by i.cclirt and Streams, lvo! W- loinie Uutit, 2 to!« Windsor GmVe, 2 yola Wnman'c Trcaotatiou, 3 vols Will dwnit. 1 rol Yellow Flutli, 2 vol! Year nttc- Year, 1 rol Ztnoni, 1 voi Zllfah, a Tale of the Ho!y Land,}, vol

'' ' ■'■'■ -''^Bwikd. ■■' '-] ■'■' _ ': . Bna iicnribg'tmt, 8 voj»;• - : .■ fcsmoudi, 3 vot» . ~: . . BdrlUli f utiunl*in, 3 vote Edtaouijdain 1 to* : Fortune* of Gtenewe, 8 voln Fr&m'ty Ptusonwge, 3 vote Friend* in Bottcuiiii, 2 »ofi» For and' Against, 9 voia . Five Y*»j» in tbo W«rt Indies, 1 vet J*our Qaotgut, 1 fol Portntilne l*g*nd|a, 1 vol Fasbit>nßb*« Life :io Pom sad London, Ito Female J^uits a tivoad, 1 vol Florewei! Tempi fft, 1 Tot Family »>«tctw», I vot Frig*lo ar.d the 1 ia;ger< 3 vdls Fattier itnit augbiei", 1 vol Fortune of a Coloabi, I vol 6odo>ntiin 3 voJs ©ay F iwkfß. 2 rota Garncy SI irriod, 3 tote OnsHt Highway, 3 vola Qoidoat)'. Weacairn. 2 viflta Governor 1* Ysebi Voytere in the Mediterranean, 2 vein Galop to ific Antipodes, 1 TOl Getting Ou. *2 mis Gmr'n<ie M»lto», 1 to! Gsm*1 of Brna 2 vols Gooi For NotWnjr, 3 wJ» Gran ■ mother's Money, 3 Vttfa Gabi-Hlo, 3 »ot» Gi!ix>rt Garney, 3 yoU Grc>% W. W» and Western Australia, 2 vo)» G D. IKilioi's JoumaJ, 1 Tot Geriawriy, 1 rul On'jit Ihx; ccuiions, 3 Toll Georgie Burring'on, 9 rols Gmlercourt, 2 vols G. Cfreron, 1 vol - Homeward Bound, 3 win Hirrv Lorroqntir, 2 vols Highlander* of tften ora, 1 vol Holms Pork. 1 to I Harry CorerrialeV; Courtship, I vol Hotoeii of the New World, 3 vola Holmby Souse, 2 vola Helen auii Offf*, I vol Harley'a Mass icr&» in Svrla, 1 vol HaU'a Tr»Ttla, & vole Higtu»n>i Js nnu Islands of the Adriatic, 2 vols Hamilton* Wetnoirj of James Wfcsan, 1 vol HoditnoaV Residence is Japan. 1 vol Hide »nd .-e< k, 1 vo! Hard 'Tin>en. 1 vol Hi-loty of n Clever Woman, 9 tola Bonte: tin tbe Moor, 8 TolaHituw and Thither, I vol i'lypatix. 1 n>l H«ctor MMn waring, 1 vol H»ir» of Black bridge Manor, 3 vote *■ Hlmoryof ChsirJea the Fifth, 3 Tola Hardy's Sporting Adventures in tbe New World, 2 voii Hill'a Travel*, 1 toI Hog/'sTateft, 6 vols Hooidens. 3 volt Herb' rt'a Chatio&ry, 3 Tola Hnnchbfick'a Cheat. 1 to! HccUr O'Malktran, 1 yol Immortfileii, 1 vol Intellectual Observer, 1 vot Johns ion's Notes oa North America, 2 Tola Jack Q'lantcrn. 3 Tola Ja'-k H nton, 2 vote Julian Home, 1 vol J. A. Mt Johns. 8 voli Jack Ashore, 3 "o\» Jacob F.iithfal, 3 voli Japbtit iv Search of a Father, 3 vote Jesay PhMipp*, S vole Jack Sb.pp.inl, 2 v Js John Halifax, Gentleman, 1 vol Ku'liio BUo'ie. 3 vols KinK»l«y'B Mf.'ceHany, 2 tols Kathe>-jn«> »ntl her Sisters, 3 vols Katberino, 3 vn>s Kin«» «'wd, 3 vols Kafins of Natal and Zulu, 1 toI Leila, 2 vols Laat Days of Pompeii, 1 rol Lie of beery I.lie Kourth. 3 vols LoTtil, the Widower, 1 vol Lntnfirtine's ijenevieve, 1 voj Life of Charlotte Bronte, 1 voL Life of a Sol tier, 2 votx Life of Oliver Cromwell, 1 vol London tooioty, 1 vol Leonora, 8 vola Libeirty Hall, 3 tolb Jjiuce-> of Lyaw.j»d, 1 vol Life of a Pant Younc Lady, 3 Tola Life aud Works of Louie Napoleon, 2 vols Life in Bombay, 1 vol s Lucretia, 3 tolh Leon;or» h'Oroo, 3 voLj Little Dorrit, 3 irols Lite «<f J. J. Whitlaw, 3 vols Lizzie L«f£li, 1 vol Liliietleaf, I vol Li'eof n Plirt, 3 vols Life of Daniel, 1 vol Land, L tftor and Gold. 2 vole Last of the Caraiitira, 3 vola Laird of WorUw, 3 vok Ls»'i;r ATi-iley'^ tfe«*r«t, 8 vola Leila Mar'toa 2 voli Lavinia, 3 vol My Novel, 4 vols Mercedi a, 3 vola Meivyn (Jlitheroe, 2 vols 1M ra Moo>lie'B Life in tlw Clearings, 2 vols Mr and Mrs Aahston, 3 vo!s Wati of the World, 1 vot Man of Fortune, 1 vol Miriam Mny, 1 vot Memoirs yt na'"hci. 2 vola MiKittnl&.'a History, 5 void Mncauioy'R Writine^, 2vo!« MeiDoirs of a'j Unttiown Life, 1 vol Mar«oa,iffi, Ivjl Mm Moodie'a Roughing It in tbe Bnafa, 1 vol Mr w>d La<ty Lutllow, 1 voi Memoirs of G B, Tliorneyoroft, 'J. vot Mother's Trials, 3 'cola Mary Barcon, 2 vola Manha Brown, 1 vol Memoirs of Prince Charles Stuart, 3 volb MoiiMcur Violet, 3 vola Ma-tins of Cro Martin,s vol« Mni Matb«w». 'A voin Moiinstona'M Housekeeper, 3 vols Men of Character. 3 vols M&ry Barto?-, 2 vols Merkland, 3 vola Ma;tnel Pireira, 1 vol MeiDaoirs of Prince Palatine, 1 vol MomwcaUier'e Diarj of a Clergyman in Australia, 1 vol Memoirs at New Zealand Life, 1 vol Mftdaa. of Bt, James, 3 vola MtaCfilautis, 3 voln My Viiiajre Nelshbour», 1 vol Macmillan'ii Magaiiuc, 5 vobi Man of Fortune, 1 vo! Madam Ootistanca, 2 vols Mrrednn, 3 vola Maiden Thorpe, 2 vola Market liarborougb. 1 vol M) Diary in Jndla, % vola Ned Myers, S vbis Notes from the North, 1 vol Nutvand TheD, 1 vol Worth and South, 2 votat New Zea'aml Qiifstiou, 1 vol ticttb ami Queiiea, 4 vola New Zealai.d m 4 Britain of the South, 1 rol Ni;hoias Nickkby. 2 volfl Noinnan SicoUir, 3 vola Newton Poratey, 3 vol* nothing New, 2 vol» Never too Late to Mend, 3 vols Nun DarreH, 3 vol* Nc><:te* Ainbroiiauftj 3rola N«iw Zealaail i-'ctticrs and Soidiere, 1 vol Noll Gwyft 1 vol Nigbt and Morning, 3 yoLt OJm Dominion, 8 v-ls Old at. Paul's, 2 vola Old London Bridge, 2 vols O'Doaimghue, 1 vol Our Antlpo •««, 3 ids ■ Oiborne'a Cni*c in Japanese .Wat»ra,fl Tolj One* a Wtxk, 2 vols Old Manor's Heir, 1 vol O'riadean Grauce, 1 vol, Old yauxfaatl, 8 tol* One in a Thousand, 3 rote

COBB AMD CO.'S TBLEGBAPH WHE OF JELOYAL MAIL COATS Bt*. OOnVT'.VIVfJ P*n*o«nfrs soil Pwwb to all \j tmstM of tlw Prtrinrc, l*s»« the Bo«>kbg Office. «n»rof f'tolJ'jnJ tmet, rfaSly BxtwCo-cli tn Trjlcowwiriro, 3 p.n., |«MnnK Itaoovh n!( **>y ft*s^'i»*. Helor«ij)' ; i?- from Tokoni.nij-iTo at fj am, Fwe ISv, TO THE HATATiSA DIOCINOS AStii IKTBBCAHOHI HKiy Woodsy, and Thur«Ja.T Mornicir!" at fIJO, *rrjviOK at Juvercarijilt early the Meorul rlsy. Fait; to Mataura , ...£A y«re to Infereargilf 5 WEDNESDAY COACH TO IMfXSTAN VIA WAIEOOAITJ. EVKBORN, AND HILL'S CKIiEK, At tin HSDUCKD FAHP. OF £i. Or via WF9T TAIKKr, UPPKB TiIP.BJ, AND .M'"HEKBO?i'B, £3, HEHEY HOYT an-j CO. ProprieU'ra. W. 8.. MITCH BI.L, Manager. Educational. PIANOFUKTK AND SING^G. TyriSS BBLL, pupil of C. E. Horaley, Mel- ■"-■- boa-tic,) wli! give Inntrooiom on tbe J?i&uolorte and in hingitig to a limited number i>f pupiLß. Uckrencc, at Mr. Belfa, CutKbir!atid'Stre«t; or, Office of thit paper. U JAMM T. MAlf, Profescor of ftluslo, ('u).il ot Knlk'.tciner nn I Mot!h<jlie>, it, nrepared to r«ctiye Fuptlt for the Pisuofotte, Blaj;i.BK, &«. For card of l»rnn nnd addrcm, apply to Mr Cieorgo K. Wirtt, Pinnoforle and Musio Wart'iMuxß, Prince* flreeU P"~~K Ki>Ts"Al;"nrY""7cbo"i>rT^'"liovs ' "boko street, Water of Lcltli. Mm Waymouth faai now s vnc&icv for on" Uoiirrier. Board and Residence. ■ft/r k s . as o I c BBIM'OIU) HOUBB, BKLt. HlLt. i3«pcriar Uonrd and HcaicJcace for I's.ffiilics cci. <)entlntnnn. KXKTER fiOfJ.-K. MACLAIJiAN BTHKST BOAHI* nnd Jieaidcnce, or apartra«nts fur Dialled to JU-r, without board. Terms mod rthtft. Stabling, &c. ftOYAL OBORUE HORBB BAZaAH, XIViCEY, BAIT. AND LHTTIKG STABLES, Ueorgo stn-ftf, TfiTE above han'lrome and comvsodtoaN promi>cn have been ro opened under a ii«w management, and the proprietors, in isolicitinj; the patronage of tin* pabllo, hope, by carefn!ne*s avid tittefili jij to tjusiatiJ?, to always merit their sup~ part. Quiet saddle nrwl luirncsa hones aad vehicles of sIJ t:iml» o;i hi;-;. fi*-ery-7«. <JJ. per night. Hay, oats, cbnff, and bran., ou sale. JLiOOCJLAH and MUIKKKAD, Propriolorn. "Or OHTOU AND M BYHB'B QUK«N'3 LIVERY AND BAIT STABLES, GKBAT KfBO OTKKI, lictwern St, Andrew street and Moray Piacs,) DiINXDI IV, <Jood bsddle Hor-ts, Bujtgiif, and Exprefs W'aES"ri3 on hire. Hay, Oato, Bran, ancS Ohaff oa sale Cbarpe* to m<"et tho time*. Fablio Compaiues. BUITIBU AND KOitKKiiN MAIUNH INSURANCB COMPAiV¥, CAPITAL XI.WJO.OOO. jyfARIHE INSJBANOE3 BFFUCTHD on all description* of Merchandise and Freight, at. the lowust ewxent rates. Agents for Dunedin: LANGLHY, HAYWARD&Oo^ Telegraph Utiam&ers, otufford-isi.. ■fkTKW ZEALAND PIBK AND MAKING 13l IjNdUJIiA.>.CK COMPANY. Capital, £250,000. Dunedin Office : ! Telegraph Chambers Stafford street. : F I UK: Insurances rnfty be effected in this Cfiicc xtpoo Vamx Bui!(linK*< and tMoe>, Mills, Breweries, &c. ; L*welltn^-houses, Wurehousea, Shops, Sl>ooks-bi-irsiie, kc, lie,. M A it X N S This Offioi! insures Wool and Gold to England at London ratf.n; also, takes ricks either on Ships or {.iotid-s for voynuo or time at current rates, for counting or fureign vojages. K. CHALMKH, a Rent, Telegraph Chambers, Staflord street. —q^YkaIjIAN MDTEJaE PKOVI JL» ijiv-j Jti. (LII'K AHSUJiANCK) BOCIBTY. Incorporated by Act of Parliament, New Sontl Wales, 185?, with peculiar privileges. i KO EXTRA I'KEMIUM FOR VOLUH'IJiEKS. Medical rt-rerenc« for Otago: HY. KELSON, Ksq., M.D Astent for tiio Province: <> KDMUNU SMITH, Bond sitrpfit. HaUIKK. THEBOOTHKRN INSUHANCK COMPANY (Limited.) THK Unuereistied bsving beau appointed Agfitta in Uunedln for the above Company, arc now prepared So acwpi Marine KLsks at current rates. DALQBTY, EATTBAI and CO. Bond s if

STANDARD LIBRARY: A Seiie* of the best English a»i<l Foreign Authors, printed in a new and'eletruni f"rre, equally a'iapu-d to the Library and the Fire»W<", nt iin extremely low price The t*crsea ii publi-hni in volumes of nbout 508 pa^e*each, elegantly prinwd on fine paper, in post Bvo, bound lv cloth Bacon*K K'uayc, Aponhtbegm, Wisdom of )he Ancent*. New Atlantis, and Henry Vli, introduction, notes end portrait Beaumont and Flt-teher, a popular selection bj Leit;b Huut Bt'ckajiitni'a History of Inventions, Discoveries, 2 vol« Bremrr'* (Miw) Works, translated by Mary Howitt 4 vo's BulJ.r'a Analogy or Uelififou, and s-'itmons, Portrait Carafe (the) of Maddaloni Carrel's Hi-tory oi the Chanter llovciullon in Hi Rtnml Cellini (Jjenvenut^) Memoir* of, Portrait Coiide'ii UUlorv of the Dominion of the Arab) in Spain. 8 veils Cowper'd Complete Worku, edited by Southcy, Svols Coie'n Memoirs of the Duke of Harllwrcngh, 3 vots Goxe'* History of the Hoti'fl of Au'trin, 4 tolj I)e L')line nn the Constitution of Kugltind Fo»tcr'H(iohi>) Life and Cane»pnnd<mci>, 2 rols Fo»tPl's (Inllri) I.':CIUTLU, dfitVOlCd Sit IlroadlDCftd Chipel, 2 yoU Foster's tJolia) Oritica! ERtaya, contributed to the Kck'etic Hevicw, 2 vote Pontcr'B 'John) Rpnays ou Decision of Ciwacter Foster* (John) Essays on the Kvils i)f Popular Jpnoranre Foster's (John) Posterlaua: Thoughts, Rcflfc tions. «nd (JrilicUma of the t ute John JlM>«ter.7<6l Feller's (indrew) Ptinoipal Works, with raemoir and Goethe'n Wnrkst, 6 irols (irtKory'c (D ) Letters on the Jlvidence*, Doetriiies, »nd Unties of the Christian iieligioa, . ilih tilitlou, improved : GnitifA Hisniry ot HpprcnentaUTe Qnvernmer.t Gaisoi'H Bi^itory of the English devolution of l>4o Gauai's History of CWHiition, frotu the fall of the huuj.-ii). Uoifjire, 3 vo> Hall's (Scv itobcrt) Mlac«:ibneoas Works, Portrait Heine* Poems, Complete, tramsin.ted from the Ueriuiui HuDKiwy "• it* History »nd Revolution*, Portrait of Ko»uth Hatchirwm iColonel) M«m.oSn of the Life of, 2 vo!s Jamtß'a (G. P. R.) Hiutory of the Life of SicharJ t'oear ieLinn Jamo^'B ( i. P B ) History ef tbo Li:feof Loam XlV,iu2vo!« Janiuß'o Lettar*1, with thi> notso of WooiSfall « Edition, and important odditou'i; ;t'so. an j Kfsay (Jisi- cnn« the Aathoirahip, and an elaborate Index, 2 vclk Lniaartino'e HisUry of lliß Qiiondintji, 3 wN Laiuartiue's Bi«toryoltho ikstormtiua of Monarchy in PraiiCe, 4 veils Lamsrtines HUtory of tiia Ftonch Revolution of IBIS Lanzi's Hißtory of Painting, 8 vein Locks'* Fhi!o*ophleal Worlii, Contaiainß- E^ag on the Hmnnn OndW'indina, &c, the conduct of th» OmJersuiutlicg, lea., with Preilmimtrr Ditooun*, Bind ooteii by J. A. St. John, Kwj., 2 tols, with Portjrail; Mil Index Locke'* Life and Letters, with extracts from hits | Common-Place JEk»ok«, by Lord King-, new cdtfo'i, with n general llidex LnUiei'a Ti.Cle Talk Mschiavelli'* History of Florence,, ]?rincc, and other worka Meniei'n Hiitory of Qenaauy, 3 vols, Porlarait of tihnrtemague Micbdet'uijfeor Lather, translatisd by William HuiVnt Miehelet'a History of the Roman Bopublic, by William Haztitt MiobeletV History t>f the French Iteroiutlon Mlgnet** History of the French Kwolatioß from 1789 to 1814 with Portrait of INiapDlefla as I First Consul ! Miltoß'n Prom Wot k». Bvnla I Mitford'* (Vlwa) • nr Village, 2 rols ! Weander'a < hurch Watery, translated troin the I Oerman, 10 vote tfeanderti Life of Ohri«if, twuaslatel from the German, , Nesntler'a first Planting of Christianity, ana Antign«*tikua ( 2 to!h Neander'a flistory of Ohmtian Do^wt, 2 n>U Neander** Memorials of Ohriatian Lite m the Xarly Agea OoW«y'» Hi«tory of dia SiH-acens Banke'a History of the Pope*. 3 vote, Portraits Raoke's Hiitory of Serrio, and th* Servsan Kerol ution , .. , _ . Beynold* (Sir J.whna) Ut^mrj t Y ol*p i™ h, Bosooe'» Ufa and PonUfi«»te of L>» X, 2 ?oi« Koecoe'a Life of Lorenzo De Medici, called tne Moaniflcent, 2 rota , Bnsaia, flißtoiy of, from tbei[eßrhe«t pcziod, I TOIS SchDler'* Worlts, 4 note . Schlegera Lestarei on tto Philosophy of I.«« aid the Philosophy of Language, translated by A. J. W. Morri*«i , , ~ Sehlefd'i Lecture* od the Bfoorr o! literatßre Schiefisl's Leotaro on the Phltowphy of History gohJegel'a Lt-crurM do Pranwjto Literature Schleeel'a > ecture* on Moderni Ulrt«ry Sheridan* Oramatw Work* anil lafe. With BiMnonaTa History of the jiitentnre of the South of Karope »«•■•« .. Smith* (Adam) The»ry f o? Moral Jtealim


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Page 8 Advertisements Column 1, Otago Daily Times, Issue 1016, 22 March 1865

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Page 8 Advertisements Column 1 Otago Daily Times, Issue 1016, 22 March 1865

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