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o-;.. ••'■ September 23-Nil; v." ;;X- . : '; ■; . OUTWARDS. ;^r September 28—Kil." -;; ■ .• ; ■il INWAJVps—OOASTWISB, , >——^^Eepfceaiber 2i—iklbion, 453 tons, M'liachlan, fiom'BJuff, with cargo and passengers. ~: , ~ : f -September: 28 - Alpliai 39 tons, Teare, from : . Waikava, with cargo. 'ih-.~. OaTWABD3—GOitSTVfTSB. '-'V' September 28 -City r.f. Dunedin, 327 tons. r:-'... Boyrt, for T'imarn, Lytteltm, Picton, '.tec. with fi% '■.:: eaigo and passengers. Johu Jonas and Go, i-':'" agents.- .' ; '• •■• :•'.- '■ '■■■ >• •■•• ' A '".. :. ' . FXPORTS. •-. ,: , ;- : : Per City cf Bunedin, for Lvttelton, Sea.— l 'qr-ca'sk'rum;-Franek and Co; 38 bags sugar, 1 :?■.■■• qr-cask rutn, Dalgetv, Katfray and Coj 2do , : whisky, 2do port wine, Laage and Thonemari; .2 do brandy, 1 <"ase tobacSo, Cleve and Co. Traasljipped nnder bond, ex Hty of -Hobart— 1 case, X B Marliii and Col i Free and Duty paid. ■"-, For Timaru 1 box effacts, W H Mumford; 3 r Ibagsinalt, S. B Mactia and Co ;2 bales paper, 1 :; : case axes, M Lavfry; 1 cask zinc. 1 furnace I •'■'■:' -boiler, Ai Briaco? ; 2i bundles wire,. 30 cases aie, '['.'-.' Dalgetr, Battray and Co; 1 c*se cheese, Turn:V bull and'Co ; I'case kefosene'.'oil; 7 keg 3, 1 case ■:■ nails, A Friscoe and Co; 2 bun« i d les : .bedsteads, 1; dp reins, 1 do tubs, ; A Briscoe and Co; 1 parcel, P Hayman; /: ; 1 bundle spades, 1: do; box, 3 boxes, 2 ■vrood r: blocks, 1 keg nails, 1 grindstone, A Briscoe and ' Co; 1 ca«e cheesy W and: G Tnrabnl!; 16 bagra VS..:. sugar^: 1 base'■maleiies, 10 cases .porter,: 20 bags ? floor, Lange ;and I'hbneuian; .1 case drapery, N V; -;" Siiiis and Co; 1 ease tinware. 1 d rz tin buckets, 4 ' do pannikins. Jj-Coyeisfcry; 1 casaxlrapery, Alcorn Sj Brothers j Ido do W'ateon and Sons; 10 casks is %-; ale, W and G Turhbul!; 1 ease drapery, Sargood ':■& iandCo; 2 cases geneva, 2 do sherry, 7 bags Wv' f sugar,^s cases ■wine,: 5 caska ale, 6 boxes tea, 2' -X.'. cases wine; 1 dooysters. 1 do.salmonj 2 dppiC' tf' iles.'i keg apples, ; 1 cask currants, 3 cas(33 oil:?:'l men's stores, 4do jams, 1 qr-tierceltobacco.,. Mi lange arid Thoneniau; 1 paper parcel, A Briscoe -_! and Co: 1 case.forßitura, .1 bale mattasses,

Wallach Brothers;: I box glass, vl bale paperhangings, H '■.. Brooks; 1: c^se, Mendelsohn, '■■■•% casks, 1- ease, 1 bundle, H Brooks; j, 2 bales, 6 half-barrels tar, Dalgety, Katfray and Co. For Akaroa^l lialf-ehest tea, 1 bag sugar, and Co : 6 empty crates, E B SSartin .and Co; l^patcel, G P Parqubar ; 1 parcal, Ross and Glendinning. For Ly:telton r 4 cases glass,. ;y 2 bales-paper,l!ca-k colors, 1 T square, 1 bale, .#. H Brooks;' 4 cases drapery, Bing-, Harris and 2 Co; 2 cases/1 barrel, 2 half-rbarrels, 12 firkins, .":; 1 paper-parcel, Service, Gibson and Co; 1 parcel,. v ' Baiues and Oliver;.-12 stoves. 1 crate tinware, f Stanford and Co: -2 cases-glass, 1 bale, 1 case ■■■/. beDzole, H Brp-ks; 1 box, llobinson and Lilly; :: 1 case, 3 bundles'spouting, 8 chimney pots, A •'-" Bri3Co3 and Co; lease varnisb, 2 casks colors, 1 ::"; case do, 1 bale paper, H Brooks; 1 parcel gold leaf, 2' bundles spouting, ; 2 kegs screws, '-2 bags nail:, 1 c^ve ■: ridging, 2 bunv: dies, do,; 1" cask, 1 keg nails, 6 kegs

S" apikes, 2 bdle3 handles, 1 ca>e do,. 3 doz brooms, 1 coke;l' cas9,v ii- Briscoe and Co; 10 half S r'chests;tea, Currie and Smith; 1. waggon and i'" 1 fittiags complete, M Holmes; 1 trnnk, D.Mufison and Go; 1 case chimneys, A Brisoe and 9': > Co; 4 pkg* bedsteads^2 bdles, 2 boxes, 3 cases, 1 chest, 1 trunk luggage, T Ancell; 1 case, R B i ; Martin and Co;lbalenaper hangings. H Brooks; I 1 case, W H.Mumford. For Piaton: 1 case ;■;■ drapery, Service, Gibson and Co; 2 cases, 10 t ;casks drugs,; 10 half-boxes snap, 5 boxes do, .1 Youngman and Co ; 13 c-ises jims, X, B Martin ; and Co; 2 bdles sashes, Ido doora, 10 doors, 3 /'•■■.'. bdles moulding?, 4 ke^s naiis, 1 do ironmongery, 6 sash weights J Grey; 1 box, J Lucas; boards, .& B Martin and Co;. 2 casks white' lead, v- 7 -kegs nails, 1 case, -10 cases champagne, ? 10 casks stout, .1 do. ale, 2 do fruits, * Turabull and Co; 2 cases iron, 1 keg nails, 1 ■ parcel, 1 bundle ridg'ug, Baines and Oliver; 2 ■■*:'; packages hoots, Matthews and Co; 1 case glass, :H S Fish and Son; 2 bales stationery, Turubull ■and JCo ; 1 "paokasre,;4 empty;kegs, J Fargie; 4 ■>■'~ boses luggage. A, Roe; 3 cases drapery, Sargood i; arid Co; 2 bags walouta, 1 caße jams, Fisher "Brothers. For flavelock: 20 bags oats, 10 half J, chests tea, 2 case 3 saero, i do drug 3, 1 cask do, i;:. 10 empty kegs, 10 tubs buttftr, Younsmari and |rCo; 15 cases stout, 10 do ale, 1 quarter-cask f : brandy, 1 dp port, 2 cases bitters, 3dpcham- = ;pagne, 10 do geneva, i do cigars, Pole, Dods, i; and Co; 105 bags flour, F Cook; 4 cases '*?: drug3ji Toungman. and Co; 1 box printing " ; : materials, J Blundell; 10 boxes candles, " : 10 cases porter, Laage and Thoneman; 1 :* ca3e, Thompson . Brothers; 1 case drapery, !. J andJH Harr ;15 casks beer, H and J Hart; -2 cases, 1 bundle leai pipe, 2 doz tin buckets, .!> j-: Drake; 2 cases bacon, 2 pockets hops, 3 cases hf- vriae, ; 1 quarter-tierce tobacco, - Cleve and Co ; ;"j 10 casgs lob>ters, 10 do jams, 1 do vestas,. Carrie ~. and Smith; 10 boxes candles, 2 do soap, 2do i tobacco, 1 case, 24 cases stout, Currie and ~-Smith; 25 cases porter, Cleve and Go; 1 trunk,' t LDe Leon; 12 esses apples, 2 do eggs, 1 do 6 bags carrots, C Cooper and Co; 2 bars steel, 13 do iron, 2 bundles, D Drake; 7 ; bags, 5 mats sugar, 8 casks bntter, 9 boxes : tobacco; 3 half chfsts tea, 1 case pickles, 2 do vinegar, 18 boxes candles, 1 bale paper bags, 2 cases bacon, 1 do hams, 1 box blue, 4 boxes tea,

1 case coffee, 3 cases pipes, Pole, Dods, and Co; 1 p^per parcel, KB Martin and Co; 3 cases [< pine?, U kegs butter, Sieve and Co. - . : Per Otego, for Lyitelton.;. Ex warehouse under bond, for Nelson: 2 hhds brandy, M'Gullum,- Neil and Go. For Lyfteltoni duty paid :snd free : I'paper parcel, H Houghton; 1 parcel, 4 cases glacs, 3 bales paperhangings. 1 cask colors, 1 caski 1 drum oil, a Brooks ; 1 case knife machine, ;Bfdncs-and Oliver; 7 casks ipaint, 10 drums oi), 4 tins paint, 1 ca?e varnish, H Brooks. For ■ Nelson : 12 firkins herrings, 20 bsxes candles, 1 cas^jams, Service Gibson & Co; 2 pkgs boot?, Mathews and Tallerman; 2 case^ drapery, Turnbull and Co.; 1 paper parcel, Watson and Sons; 1 express waggon W Smith; 25 boxes candles, lease matches, 5 eases oilmen's stores, 2 boxes tea, 3 do soap. 6 do candles,. 1 case pickles, 2 cares salmon/ 3 hhds ale,* 1 cask sugar, Tumbull and Co. :

A meeting of the Board of Health was field to-day.; present—Mr Mansford, R.M.; Mr Logic. Ca'pfc Thomson, and Dr Niyen—when it was Wreed by.'the majority that the -vessel should he .•niinitte.'! to pratique,rand that the passengers thould be allowed to leave the quarantine station. The majority consisted of : Mr. : &sa.nsford, Mr Lojde.: and Captain. Thomson. ■ Dr. Niven dis ■• stnted from the resolution cfj the Board- and. protested. Immediately on tlie Board coming to this decision the Clearing Officer cleared the ship, and members of the .Board conveyed intimation of their rf' the island, who Jwill1! proceed to town by steamer in the morning. A few have already been mat; by their friends; and have 1 rided in Port Chalmers; It is riaht to notice in reference to the delay which has arisen in. the clearing of this ship and her passengers, that it wss unmistakeably incumbent upon the ; 'Clearing Officer to withhold the clearance until an examination should be made by -the Health .officer, and that without acting directly: in the face of that officer's opinion, tha Board could scarcely- have done otherwise then place the vess.l in' quarantine. : The fault, as the membets of the Board themselves readily admit, lies in its peculiar constitution, by which the majority of the members are unprofessional, and have to depend upon one professional opinion, which may, as in this case,, be formed without a personal examination of the ship'or,passengers. A Health Officer, a Board more professional in its character,' and a Quarantine Board of non-professional officials, whose duty' it may Be "tosee^to the execution of quarantice regulations; are-1 he srrangementi which are suggested as serving tie eniii in view, better than the' Health Board; .as a'ti. present constituted. , The s.s:- William?MKkin was the ouly-arrival to-day, arriving in the afternoon, and proceeding direct to town/ -The City of Duaeciin sailed for the North at noonv; Both vessels had a considerable number of passengers. - On Tuesday evening the steamer Bruce made an extra trip, ,co as to afford inhabitants of Port Chalmers, and those connected with shipping, an opportunity-of a; ten-Jin* the Opera. The same facility is to be afforded on Friday and Saturday evenings—an attention on the part of the agent which is likely to be well appreciated by the public. A serious accident occurred to the; Settler ss. yesterday morning, on her passage to; Brisbane. She left the wharf about nine o'clock, and had gone ss,far as the dredge," near Mortimer street,: when she struck upon a piece of- loose rock, which drove a-hole Ihrough her bottom on the starboard Bide "of tbe. boiler.: As soon as the concussion was felt, ■ Captain Jackson went below, and found that the vessel was making water. - took her down the river to the lower neck of the .basin, the water rUing rapidly all the time, and then rah her, into shoal water on the right ;bank. An examination was made of theleak, and thecaptaiu discovered that three of her planks had been: smashed in. The pnnips were set to work,'..but -tbe water gained rapidly on them,, and. seeing tbe uselessness of attempting to -stop the leak, the'captain determined to. wait.nntil next low water, when steps would be taken to temporarily fill up the hole, in order that shemig'it be taken to Brisbane to be "repaired. Yesterday evening, at high tide, .her-deck was only a few* inches above water. Fortunately, there was no cargo on board. Captain fJackson says be has sailed over the same spot-safely many times heavily laden. It is believed, that the piece of rock has - been removed from, the edge to ihe middle of the' channel during the dredging operations; at any rate, no one before knew of its existence. : Yesterday evening it was expected that, when the^.water had 'receded to the depth of a foot or ■ so' in the hold, the hole would be stopped up, and the steamer got off (he bank. It wilL however, be 'several .days.,.before•"'.-she- can >resume traflSq.— Queensland ( fpswich) Times. "', .-r -'.'..,■.:.",- ■ . THB~NivAi.IiESErvVK —-It has at length been determined; to concede the blue ensign to me cchant vessels'haviog the specified number of men Mongicg1 to the reserve* and: commanded^ by officers of il tie-force; and not only -so, it has been decidedio appropriate the blce:ensign absolutely to the Naval the white ensign to the Royal navy, and the red ensign to the merchant service. The three divisions of "the flag listnamely, red, white, and blue are to be abolished, and flag officers of the navy will henceforth, be styled Admirals, Vice-Ail inirals, and EearAdmirals. We confess we hardly expected to find ''my Lords" of tbe Admiralty so far abandon their ancient ways and prejudices as to assent to these arrangements, and we heartily congratulate both services, acd the country at large, on the adopti'm of changes which v/ill have the effect of bringing those services into closer proximity Bnd alliance, thereby preparing the way for that more complete fusion, on which our system oi 'maritime defence, 'to ber thoroughly effective, must eventually... depend.— MitchelVs Steam Register, Ist July. - : ~'■ . ' H. M. gunboat Bastard, commander Tucker, has arrived, having picked up some ten of the crew of the brig Susan Douglas, reported some time ago as lost on the Island of Samasama, east coast of Formosa. Jn consequence of infoimation received from Consul Swiohoe, the commander of the Bastard procseded to:search along the east coast of that island, and discovered the missing portion of the crew in^Black Reck Bay, on board a small fishing junk, where they- had been for several weeks, and were found in a halfstarved condition, and very much prostrated — excepting four Manila men, who were in good health, and. were quite reconciled to their fate — these were not-brought over to Amoy .—-Friend of China, July 11. By private advices from Hongkong we learn that H.M.S. Ringdove,: commander Brown, R.N., went ashore on the Bombay Shoal, when on her way to Hongkong. It was found necessary to throw the guns overboard in order to get her off.—Friend of China, July 11.

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CUSTOMS ENTRIES, Otago Daily Times, Issue 865, 29 September 1864

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CUSTOMS ENTRIES Otago Daily Times, Issue 865, 29 September 1864

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