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Does"Smoking Produce Insanity?- X such-a source of insanity existed, as is supposed, it would show itself immediately and broadly in the difference of numberabetween the insane oi'the different sexes; the proportion of insane male patients would naturally be increased in proportion to the sexes of males who smoke, over both insane males.and.females who dp not smoke. But no such a rule is even approached;, no special asylumn has shown such a. rule; do country, through its asylums altogether has shown sucharule. But, apart from this general argument and stati tical inference,, we have corroborative evidence in individual experience. If tobacco smoking led to insanity, the fact could not hava been overlooked, as it must hive been, forages by the members of the medical fraternity; yet l}ow many of these, of unbiassed tura could be "brought forward who, excluding all other causes could trace a single instance of any form of insanity back to indulgence in tobacco as the first and only cause 1 Independently of other agencies, I believe that tobacco is utterly incapable of giving rise to insanity; and common observation will endorse, I doubt not, this statement. Still, it may be asked does smoking nab urge oa any predisposition to insanity ? I tried to examine 'this question fairly, and if I can arrive at any safe conduit is that the damages committed by tobacco, in the examples under consideration, are fully and even more than met by the advantages which occasionally follow. Certainly, in insanity attended with extferne excitement and induced by over-exertion, I have seen a gentle and soothing influence produced by'a pipe which outbade all narcotics, and acted as a valuable and safe remedy. Nay. even in melancholic conditions, when the nvnd wanders so rapidly from one thought and one determination to another that no impression is retained, and every act, from prayer to suicide, is done under such terrible impulse that it is, - as it' were, performed together with the thought that prompted it—here, too, I have seen the soothing influence of tobacco exert, in a, marked degree, a good effect. That it may be carrieJ too far, is easily and: wisely admitted ; that it may depress by undue indulgence, and make matters worse.than before, is a!so admitted; but any objection raised on this last named fact ouaht, in fairness, to be allowed to extend to every act. however simple' that may be performed, by the sufferer—to the exercise he lakes/and the food l'e eats ; for these, all potent to cure, are all, powerful to de-troy if unduly spp'ied.— Dr. Richardson in the Social Science Revieiv. t Advantages op Cold Water. — Dr. J. C. Warren says :—" The effect- of cold water as a tonic is well kcowii. . The • refreshing' influence of water applied >to the face; neck, hands, and arms, is a matter of general experience. The operation of cold I water, applied to the whole body, produces an agreeal ble and refreshing sensation. This is followed by a glow more or less considerable, depending partly upon the difference between the temperature of the, water and that iof the body, and partly upon the stata of the body itself to which the application is made Immersion of the hand, or any other part of the body, in cold weather ia tepid water, is iollowed by. i a sense of dullness, while immersion of the same I part, for a limited time, in iced water, is followed by a sensation of positive heat. Immersion of a part, or the whole part of the body in cold water, causes anincrease of vigour. This is particularly obvious in hot water. When one, who is exhausted with heat w and fatigue, plunges into cold water or receives the effjsion of it over the whole service of the body, the languid frame is immediately invigorated and prepared for new. labors. All those who have been in the habit of using cold water know that an catarrhal affection often disappears on its judicious application to the surface of the body. The disease is a congestion of the blood in the vessels of the membrane lining, the nostrils, trachea, and lungs arising, in this instance, from the application of cold air to the surface of the body. When cold water is applied to the skin it produces increased circulation -in this part, and the blood is thus diverted from the internal organs.- A similar train of concurrences takes place in the germination of many diseases. The effect of the judicious application of cold water to the surface of the body is, therefore, to relieve temporary languor, remove incipient disease, and .give permanent tone to the animal system." ' The Revolxttion at Madagascar.—The news from Madagascar, which has reached England by telegraph,'dashes to the ground in a moment all the fair hopes which had been formed for that interesting country. Two months ago the brightened prosp«cts_ of the island, with its five millions of people, were the theme at the anniversary meetings of most of the great religious societies. After years of cruel oppression, the nation was just rising iato new and vigorous life. The noble-minced and Ch istian King had ascended the throne in peace, had received embassies from England and France, and was zealous in his enleavours to advance his country and people, and cultivate a close acquaintance with Europe. The interest felt " for the Malagasey in -this coun*ry_ was increased 'by the fact that during the_ third years' reign of the cruel Queen, and while the European missionaries were still forbidden to reside on the island, Christianity had flourished in the fase' of martyrdom, so that on the re-opening ot the island there were found Jlmore native .Christians there than when the Queen ex pelled all the European teachers. Radama 11. and his Ministers have fallen" victims to a conspiracy. The King was generous to a fault. : ,He could not suspect, and he was unwilling to punish. Perhaps this inability, has. been, his. ruin., Those who now hold power have put forward his widow as QueenRegnant, but of course she can be no more'than a tool in their hands. The late reign has also been declared null, in order to get rid at a stroke of the King's entire policy. ,It is further stated that- "the treaties with European Powers have b en suspended;" and also that Lam Vert's concession was the cmse of tLe revolution. For years the restleFs and audacious intrigues of this Frenchman have bpen feared as full of danger to the best'interests'of Madagascar. His success with the good-natured King appears to have> called forth a storm of national passion, in which everthing whioh.gave promise of prcperiy to Madagascar has been swept away. Such has been the history of Madagascar ever-since" it .attracted the notice of Europeans, extreme darkness and stagna-, tiim alternating with' light and progress. — Daily Nexos. s " Scandal at Ltjcknow.—The Calcutta English- I mam tells the following story: —" During the late j visit of the MaLarajah Scindiah to Lucknow-where, by the way, he was received with full Royal honors— his Highness invited the English society of Lucknow , to a large arid sumptuous dinner party, which was given in the Ch utter Mubzil and. at which a large ! number of military officers were present. It appears 1 that towards the termination of the entertainment two of these officers, young subalterns in her Majesty's British regiments., possibly elated with Spindiah's wine, and grateful for his generous hospitality, tl.ought that'they would make his Highness some return by favoring him with an exhibition of "the manners andcustoios of thaEnglish at,dinner in the nineteenth century ; and they seem to have imagined that a display of athletic sports would, in all probability, be the most acceptable to the Maharaj ih, as iiu accompaniment to the banquet. Accordingly, to the surprise of all present, his Highness included, they suddenly commenced then- performance with what the "French called le boxe, and went at it with a will; but it appears that le sport was not appreciated by the company, and least of all by the senior officers present, for they were at once placed in le arrest and removed, and will be tried by le court-martial, and probably dismissed from le service of her Majesty. ff the scene was as related to us, it is utterly disgraceful to the two officers concerned; but, unfortunately, its evil effects extend farther, and give the natives but a poor impression of our social manners. It is customary for native kin°;s, and others of high rank, to exhibit combats of wild beasts as part of their entertainment and festivities; but this is -the first time that we have ever heard of one having had an opportunity of boasting • that a pugilistic encounter between two.''British, officers', had. been .included in the evening bill of fare and list of amusements provided for the guests. Brown v. Kennedy.—-Judgment.—On July '81, the Master of the llolls gave judgment in this case, the facts of which have so often been fully reported. In doingso he elaborately stated all the circumstances incident to the def-iiidant's relation to the plaintiff as her counsel, and confidential adviser. : The deed of , May, 1859.' whereby the plaintiff conveyed the reversion of the-Swibfen estate to the defendant, and which it was now sought to set aside, his honor thought had-been obtained by undue influence! and though the plaintiff was' perfectly well aware of its tenor arid effect," yet that circumstance could have no weight with the court in the face of the fact that the plaintiff was completely in the hands, of the defendant when .the instrument was executed. 'As regards the consideration of ■ there being a contract, his honor adopted the'judgment of the Common Pleas that the 'consideration alleged (of professional services) was altogether unknown either in law or equity. Neither was the plaintiff under any moral obligation to do what she had done. After commenting upon the now well known circumstances of this case, and observing at great length upon some of the evidence adduced by Mr Kennedy, which his honor said it had grieved him to read and consider, he concluded 'a judgment exhaustive of the law and facts of it by ftW t l"** M*; ICe'mqdy must deliver up the deed to be cancelled, must execute' a reconveyance of, the estate and must pay all the costs of the snit.l^tfl^B^SJr *^ Pi-tiffs; the,

LIST of LETTERS in the -Chiej.. Post Office, Dunedin, on the 31st October, 1863:-—' A Aagaurcl, J 0 Appleby, E A°bot, C ■ Anderson, William Abbett, James ' Anderson, Geo T Adamson, Mrs E . Anderson, Patrick Adamson, Mrs Anderson, Alex J .Adams, Henry Anderson, Gerard Aitkm, Alex . , - Anderson. John Amsworth, Thos ' Anderson, Robert Alderson, Thos F .Anderson, Miss Cathe- I Alexander, John . rine ' AMrid, Capt James Anderson, Miss Janot . Allison, Robert . Arren, T C Albon, Fred Armstrong, Miss Margt Alves, H N Archer, Richard Allan, Miss Arlidge, JP Allan, John Asbworth, Daniell Allen, James Ash, George C Allan, Hervey Asquith, MaryJ Andrew, John Aastiu, Miss Mary Ann Andrews, Matilda Austen, Thomas. B Ballardie, Wm Syme, 2 Bisset, "William Banett, J R Blake, Robert Bandolfi, Gerolamo Blake, Alfred Badger, Richard Blake, John Bannatyne, Robt W Blackott, Joseph A Baele, Charles Blackwell, Mrs Wm Baker, Mrs Elizabeth Blacklock George Baker; Thos Pursell Blackmore, Miss Bailie, John .." Black, Jonathan Baine, John Bleasby, George Bailey, WA L - Blvth, Win Bailie, John M Boland, H Baird, Andrew ■ Bolwell, Fredrick Baird, James S. Boniface, Walter Baird, Saml Booth, Henry Bartlett, Wm Bowman, Alex Barty, David Bosnell, A Barwick, Thos Box, Predk Bamett, Frances Boyce, James Barnett, William Brabazon, J Barnett, Thomas Bratherton, Mr Bartram, William " Bradley, Thomas Barrett, J R - > Braiigh, James Barry, Wm R Breese, Thos .Barker, Thomas Brecn, Joseph Bartlett, H Breen, Joseph Barker, W J Brierley, John, 3 Bartle, Henry Bruce, E ' Barton, W Bruce, David Barondaw, J Brooke, John Barnes,'Louisa Brooks, John Thos , Barnes, Mrs'H Brodie, Patrick ' , Barclay, Adam -Broadfoot, J H -' ; Bauer; Francois Brothers,-Recommandirt Battins, A ; Tes Bates, Joseph Brough, James, (2) Baylis, Lvaac Broam, George Beet, Miss Jane Brookman, B, (2) Beet, William Brodie, Wm R Beattie, Miss Helen - Brookman, J . Beatfcy, Joseph • ■ ■ Brotherton, E Beattie, M H ■ Browne, Thos Beck, Richard Brown, Thos, (2) Begg, W ' Brown, Nicol Bell, Adam S " Brown, Alex " Bell, William ' Brown, Alex EG Bell, George R . Brown, James Bell, John Brown, Geo Warburton Belmer, Charles Bulstrode, John ■ Bellamy, G Bulloch, John Bembridge, Henry Bundt, Harry Bermett, James Burn, John-J Beunett, Mrs, Jenny Burch,- Mr Benson, Henry Burgess, Willianv Bergeson, S A Burt, John Beregin, Philip Burgess, John ' • Berens, S Burnham, Robert Betty, John Burns, E Betty, J G . . Buch, C E Beynon, Thomas Butler;-T Birtles, Peter Buxton, Mrs A Birch, John • Byrne, .Michael Bird, Mr Byles,' James H. Bishop, H, ""''".' C .' .""".'"" Cahil, John Cohoun, Miss Jane Cain, Patrick Cock, John Cairns, Mrs Cockroft, Saml Cain, James, (2) ■ Coshrane, John S Cameron, Thomas " Cockburn, Eli (2) Cameron, James Collett, H C Cameron, Alex Collier, James Campbell, Archibald Collier, Mr Campbell, Mrs Isabella Col'ister, Thos Campbell, Donald Colyer, James • * Campbell, Ben - Collins, John Campbell, JohnT Collins, J W Cam, Miss Kate ' Collins, Mrs Lydia " Cann, Edwin " Cbllings, Wm G' Cantieiii, Domaing Compton, Mr Canway, John Comer; Charles Calder, Peter Connell, James Caldwell, John Connor, John Callanan, Patrick Connoley, James Calverfc, Mrs Cook, Charles Cale, Mrs John . Cooper, James Carey, William ' Cooper, Fredk Smith Carrethy, Wm Cooper, James Cartlidge, Thomas Coupsr, James Carrie, Robert Corcoran, Michael Carr, John Cornish, E Casey, William Corran, Wm Cassidy, Hugh , Cotton, Daniel' Cass, Henry Cotterill, F Casey, Christopher Coppiri, Catherine Chambers, William Couvenel, Henri Chappel, Charles Coughlan, Mrs Thos Chancy, Stephen Coulaffe, John W Chapman, Eredk Coveney, Miss H A • Chtyne, John, (2) " Cowan, John (2) Chess was, GP . Ccx, Elizabeth Chisholm, John, (2) ■ Cox, Robert ' | Chiswell, Robert Craige, John i Christenssen, N C Craig, James X Christie, \Ym Craner, Mrs Lewis Chinleaw, Monsieur Crans, Alex Churches, Joseph Crawford, George Clapham, Jas Henry Crawford, Miss Janet Chipperton, H % Qriedy, Miss Ellen Clarke, Charles Crighton, Fvedk and Clark, Robt R o ht (2) Clarke, Robt _ Crighton, Fredk Clemwson, John - Cullen, Patrick Clifford, John Mangan Cullen, R Clothier, Henry Culliford, John (2) Clunie, Robert Cumming, Alex Coats, James Cumming Neil Coatsworth, Wm Curtis, Gersham Coak, James Curtis, John Cobb, Wm Currie, John Cogan, John Cuttrep D Dames, John Diguan, Mrs John Daguid, Miss Mary Diggens, James ' Dalton, Henry . Dignum, Martin Daniher, John Dike, C Davey, James Dods, John Davidson, James Dodd, Mrs Saml Davies, Henry - Docherty, Robert (2) Davies, Benjamin Docharty, Michael Davis, "Thomas Dolan, Patrick Davis, C Donald, Peter Davies, David Homes Donaldson, John " Davies, David Thos . Donnelly, Thomas Davies, Benjamin C .Donohue, Patrick Dawson. Arthur . Doile, Mr Dean, James (2) Douglas, John (2) Dehaven, Henery Douglas, Jaaies Delunie, W Joseph (2) Douglas, Charles Delunie, Guyeppe Dougherty, John Dennustow, Thomas Downiey James Denny, John- Doyle, Simon Denslow, Mrs J W Drevar,-Alfred .Derungs, John Duff, James i ■De, Satour Duke, John Marshall Devine, Christ , Durham, Thomas Dick, William' Dunn, John Dick, Alex F . Duuaan, Charles R Pickie, Roht Dunolly,Bros Dickson, Charles (2) Dunphy, Wm Dikon, Thomas Dwyer, John Dickinson, Wm (2) Dysertti, Thomas Jones Dixon, Thomas " ; B Eames, "W; (2) . Elder, Mrs Amelia ■ ■ Easdon, James Ellis, S Eastman, James R Elliot, Henry Eager, Josc-ph - E,lUot, Robert Earp, Franois, , ■ Else,. James " . , ' ' E,d:no,n.d.s, M Emory, Francis { jjddin'gjton, Alexander Erasmeson, Charles { Edmonds, Adam ' Emslie, John 5 Edmonson., Thomas Ereleigh, Mrs Joh.t\ I Edwards, John (2)' Evans, WE. ' ' ' l * Edwards, Edward . . Eja.ns, R. J[ E ■

Edward, Henry J Evans, Grace ' Edwards, Carlo Evans, Joseph Edwards, Richard (2) Evans, Eliza Egan, James Evans, Mrs Mary Egger, Emiel ' Everard, Joseph Egeitz, Mis' - < Fair, Miss M Flanigau, P' Falconer, James Flattley, Chas Farmer, Mrs Jessie Fleming, Mathew Fargair, Alexander Forbes, Robert Farsleyj James Forbes, James ■ Farris, James Fordy, Thomas Fazer, James Fraser, Donald (2) Feiry, Patrick Forrester, Thomas (2) ' Fentori,G A Forester, Josiah Pennell, John Foster, Jonathan Fendcll. Rev H (2) Fox, Michael Ferris, Daniel Fox, James Ferguson, Betsey Frank, Edward Ferguson, Peter Fred, Edward Fiddian, St Freshwater, JamesE Fiddian, M Fudge, W A and John Fielding, D Funge. Ernest • Fife, John Fuller,' W W (2) ■ Filbrick, Edwin Fuller, Mrs Walter Fish;' Alfred Fulestou, B- ' Fitch, Allen Fulton, William Fitt, Frediick Furiung, William Fitzelles, Peter Gaben, John Glore. Fredrick Ef Gaffin, Wm Goodwin, Mrs Galbraith, James Reid Goodfello.w, Thomas Galbraith, Christopher Goonan, ilenry Gale, Richard Gortenback, G Gallic, John Gorer, S (3^ Gannon, Mr ' - Gorden, Mr (3) Gan, James Gordon, Thomas Gane, Emma ' Gosset, Edward Gartshore, Robert Gourley, George , , Garlenard, James ■ Gowrie, Mr Gardner, Alexander Gow, Mr . • • Gasken, E W ■ Grahame, Alex. Gattley, Mrs Mary Grahame, Thomas D Gay, Moses Grahame, James ' . \ Gayzard, George Grahame, James Edwin . Geyan, G Grant Mr . , Gennings, John E Grace, Mr Gennin, Wm R Gray, Henry D Gentleman, Wm Grey, Miss M "•- < Gentleman, George Green, Ralph ' . • , George, Edwin Green,. James A. '. " George, Mrs A G eensden, Wm ' ' '*' Geo'gs, Joseph (2) Greenshields, John ** - Geoige, William (2) Greenwood, Joshua Garrety, Anne Greer, Thomas Gerekins, Claus Grice, Muir, and CoGibbons, Ray, and Co Grieve, Thomas Gibson, David Wilson Griffin, S. S. Gibson, Miss Elizabeth Grindlay, John jf. Gibbon, Mrs W Grimmond, John (2) / " Gilligan and Co, Messrs Groves, Flora, Miss"-; " ' Gilmore, Michael Grumile, William " • Glascott, Thomas T Guilding, John Glen, Mary Qunson, William Glennie, Cornilous Guen, Mr H. Hailey, Robert Hellier, Joseph Hall, Hugh (2) Hemsley, Annie Button Hall, George Hemsley, James , Halhy Patt Henderson,.Mathew Halliday, E Henderson, Jno Hal by, Patt Henery, James Halliday, Mr Henby, William Hallisau, J Hennelly Michael (2) Hamilton, Hy Herens, John Hamilton, Mr Heydon, William Hamilton, Wm Hill, Janet. -. , Hankin, Wm Hill, William Hannan, John B Hill, Henry Wm ' * Hafferon, Thomas Higgenett, Henry Haie, James Hoare, George Harley, Charles Hockins, James i Haiper, Robert Hodgkinson, John Harrop, George Hodgkins, W M - Hanod, Wm Hogg, William B Harris, Thos C Hogan.-Philip , , Harris, B T Hood, John Harris, John C Hooper. Mr Harrison, Mr Hooper, Edwin Mrs (2) Harris, Walter Hosking, Henry Harrison, Jane Hoskins Geo ' ' * Harrison, Wm Horns, .Joseph Harwood, J. S. Howare, Robert Mrs Hassell, George Howard, Robert' ' '' Hastings, James Howie, Robert Hast, Sophia L Hubburd, Clias Joseph Hawkin, Mr Hughes, Bridget Hawkins, Thomas H W. Hughes, Joseph Hawley, Alice Miss Hughes, Edwin' Hayden, Andrew . Hughes, Alice Miss Hay, Hendry Hughes, George Hayman, M Hughes, Mrs Hawley, Annie Miss Hulbert, Charles (2) Hazen, Alfred - Hunt, Henry (2) Healy, James Hunt, David i Healy, T Hunter, James 1 Heape, Jemima Hunter, George (3) Heape, John Hunter, Robert » Heapes, J W Hunter, Peter L Heath, James Huntley, JEL Hickson, Miss. . , t Hull, Joseph (2) Heidilberg, George Husband, Thomas" ! Hi'zarty, Thomas F Hynchman, George W. Heizen, Joseph ' v I- _ — ! Irvine, Hugh , Inglis, Robert , ' Irvine, Arthur Innes, Andrew Irwin, Fred Henry Inglis, John Inness, Thos . Imrie, John J Jackson, Joseph Johnstone, R Jackson, John Johnstone, G Jackson, Capt P M Johnstone, J R Jackson, N. B. (D) Johnston, John Jamieson, Alex Jonas, George ' ' Jardine, James , Jolley, William Jarrold, Catherine J Jones, John B Jar vis, William Jones, Thomas Jarvis, J Jones, J " Jearit, James Jones, A Z Jeffrey and Co Jones,D. Jenkins, Mr Jones, Cornelius Jerrey, Henry Jones, John W Jermyn, Daniel Jones, Gilbert J Jonas, Miss ' Jones, John E Johnston, H T Jones, Lewis Robert Johnstone, Mrs L Jones, TW Johnstone, Jas G G Jones, Thomas Johnstone, Andrew Jones, Edward Severn Jonssou, MRJP Jones, A M Johnston, Thomas Juliun, H. Johnston Alex X Kaighin, Wm Kidd, Charles Kaser, Peter Kilpatrick, Mrs Elizbth Kane, Mark King, Martin Karnbach, Wm King, Wm Kasie, Js Games Kingsford, E Kedzley, Mr Kirk,. Alexander S Keen, M L Kitchingham, A Keer, John Kitchin, James Kelly, Mrs Kittleby, Mrs Wm Kelly, Patrick Kinnell, Emma - Kelly, Peter B „ Knight, James Kempihorne, Mrs Pilla Knowls, Joseph Kenny, Mary Koghan, P Kennedy, Wm . : Koop.mann, Johann Keown, Richard Kramer, Christopher Kerr, A M Kynoch, Alexander Kerr, John (2) Kyne, John Kerr gain, John L Lacey, Mrs J Lewson, George - • ' • Lakeman, Stepn Thos Lewis, James Langlands, Laughlin • Lewis, J X j . Land, Henry Hewlett1 Lewan, Thomas>Langdon, H J Lewton, James Langworthy, Richd Lexton, Francis . ■ Langridg*, M _ Lightholder^ Wm ' Langton, W Lightfoot, Daniel " Lawers. George Lightfoot, James Laurie, Isack Livingstone, Wm , ' Lawlor, X Lock, Robert Lawlor, Patt - ' • Lockie, Thomas Leary, James Lodd, John , L?ason, X J E Logan, David Alexuder Leary, Thomas J • ( Longhead, Wm R Leask.'Wm "' " Lounon, George Lee, Mrs Susan Lord, John Leech, Samuel . Lor'retorich, Antonio Logerton, P ' . Lowson. Mr ' ' Leitch,Donald;- Lowson, George Lanin, Helena Luch or Leech, Patrick Leslie, Peter (2) - Luck, F • Leslie, Capt Wm (2) - Lynch, Wm • Levy, Is^ftQ

Macks, Mrs Millwood, James •MadsemtPeter (2) _ -Millicliamp/Wm -_- - - Made, Wm Mill, Richai d Vivian" ,Mahoney,M J '' Miller, Mr (2) Terancft ■ Millar,' John , Main, James ' Millie, J W (2) Maley, M; A Minns,' Edward Mann, Alexander ' l Mitchell, Peter Manson, Andrew Mitchell, Samuel Mariders, W Moar, D aniel Wm (2) Moffatt, J It G (9) .'.Matter,. CJ ' Moore, Alfred, (2) Matassovich, Matteo Moore, Edward Marotte, Luis Moore, James Marotte, Maria Moorhend, James Marino, Peter Carstulo Molloy, Mr vieh - Montgomery, Alex Marsh, WJ . .Moncueff, Christopher Martin, Edward D , Monteith, J W Martin, Richard (2) Monteagresti, M Martin, Wm Bishop . Moran, John (2) Mason, David Moran, Patrick , Mason, G Moigan, C II , iMason, George Wright Morgan, WI? Masson, Robei t Morrat h, Louis Mason, Robert • Morris son, James Mattingley, Albert Morris, George W , Matzen, Andrew Morris, James Matthews, P P and Co Morris, John Matthews, R Morris, W B Matters, W Morrell, E J May, Thomas ; Morton, John " ' Meukin, J Morton, Wm N Meehen, Joseph Muir, Thomas Medwin, W L Mukepiaug, Jacob alehan, Thomas Muldoou, Christopher Mihhv, Jolm Mulholland, John (2) Menarry, Thomas Mulholland, W James Mennice, P W (2) Mullny, James Menzies,WmD , Muller, Louis Meritt, John Munro, James Merrirnan, W A -< • Murchison, Finlay Merrifield.W . Murdoch, M Metal, Cornilus > Murison, Jemima Middleton, Edward (3) Murphy, JamesMilburn, Adam. Hamil- Murphy, Joha i™n ,/*' '" - Murray, Thomas -, Million, Margaret Murray, Fraud* M'Alister, James (2) M'Gurk, Edward ' M'Alister, John . M'Harg, James , , M'Arthur, Charles *, M'llwrick, Thomas (2) , M'Arthur, Peter G ' M'lndoe, Andrew M'Ateer, Mathew (2) MJuerney, John (2) MAuley, Dancan M',Lnnes, Mr ift'Auley, James M-Intosh, Alexander M'Bride, Robert, . , . M'lntosh, Daniel (3) M'Bride, William . M'lntosh; Dqnald ,or ' ' .M'J3rown, Miss Anna-1' .-, Daniel' :M rCaill, Henry, JVI ':V ,M'lniosh, James . ."M'Callum, Williaui ' M'lntosh, Peter M'Candlish, Alexander M'lntosh, Wm McCarthy, Alexander (2)M'lutyie, Duncan "' M'Caw, George .... M'lntyre, II G M'Ciymont John M'intyre, P^tiicfe M'Coll) Arcliihald M'lntney, Jfamps , , M'Conichay, William MaoKajr, Donald, M'Connal, Alexander -M'Kay, N M'Culloch, J M'Keal, James M'Cuaig, William i M'Kcan, John M'Cunn, Donald M-Kenzie Alexander ('A M'Cuidy, John M'Kenaie, Mrs, E M'Divit, James ~ M'Kenzie, James M'Donell, Alexander M'Lain, J.tmes' M'Donald, Mr « . JJ'Lay,. Edward ' M'Donald, MisL , * M.Lay, James \ M'Donald, Miss Annie M'Laughlin Alex? M'Donald, DT M'Laughlia, Seton , M'Donald, James - ~ M Lear, Eliza MrsMcDonald, Hugh . M'Lean, Wra M-Donald, Murdoch M'Leesi Miss Jane M'Donald, Malcolm M'Lslland, William I M'Donald, Wm V 2> M'Lennan, J |,M'Donald, W M'Leod, Chailes H 'M'Donnel, John M'Lernan, Joha " M'Dermid, Hugh M'Lindin, Bernard McDowell, John M'Martin, Peter (o) M'Eneany, Hugh M'Millan, J A M-Fie, Christina Miss M'Millan, Wm MTinlay, James' M'Nair, Miss Jane . M'Earlane, John M Neilly, Jameb :M'Earlane, John R ' ' M'Neale, Stepn Lou M-Fadden, Ned hn ' P v M'Ghee, William M'Neill, Charles ; M'Gill, Thomas ' M'Neil, Neil M'Ginnis, Angus ' M'Phail, Edwaid M'Grath, Jeremiah ' TM'Quilkin, Chailes'L M'Gregor, Ann M' Quilkm, John :M'Gregor, Mrs David M'Quicn, John M'Goffin, David M'Taggart, Chailes M'Guire, James ■ . •; NNardenion, Miss M Nicholson, William v Nash, Charles Nickoles, Mr Neale, J TSicol^ John Needara, Fredeiick Nicol, liobert Neilan, Miss Maigaret Nicolhon, William (2) Nelson, Mrs Nioolson. Robei t B Nelson, Charles R Nielsen, Gabriel .Nelson, William Niman, Mr ' ' Nelsbnj William R " Nippard, David' ' '" Nettly, F Noakes, Clvarles N Neville, Miss Emma Noble, Joseph Newat, Richard . Nolim, John , < Newman, James ■> Noorae, C Newton, Heniy Norman, John Nichol, Joseph Noi-ris, vTbomas (2) Nichol, William Not therer, James Nicholson, John G Nown, William O'Brien, Michael O'Farrell, Wilh"am (2) O'Brien, Patiick O'Hearn, John O'Brieij, Charles > O'Leary, Patiick, O'Brien, William . O'Rourke, Patiick ■ O'Brien, James ,o'Roley, John O'Connell, J C O Sullivan, John ;Q'Corinell, Ellen Odkey, Mis Alfred i O'Couor, E T Obiary, A ,v O'Connor, Junes Orford, G R & O'Connor, Patrick . Messrs George Orr and O'Donnell, John . Co. . Padkin, James Phillips, Thomas Palmer, Robert Phillips, Francis v , Pklmer, Thomas Piers, R X (2) Palmer,, W J Pinkertou, D J Parker, Charles (2) Pitcher, Miss E Parker, G II (2) • Polly, Jooeph, Parker, John Pope, Ileiny Parker, Jessie Poiter; Akxr M'Gre?o»«' Parish, Richard J W Potter, Mi s Pateman, William Potter, Ed win (2)"' Paterson, James (2) Powell, Thom,is Patterson, William Powell, William i{ Patton, Robert S > Powell Patrick Patten, Robert Power, Patrick, Pead, W Power, E Pearce, James Prentice, Mrs Pearce, Thomas Price, George Pearson, Thomas Pugh, James , Pearson, Geoige Pull, Thomas Pearson, B II Pullin, Jeremiah Peebles, John Pulycer, E ' * " . Pellow, John T Purdie J T Pengelly, HJ Puives, James Perruscel, Miss Fanny Pye, William R Petterson, Lavs s ■i Q. , Quig, Andrew (2) James Quelter,.George Quiuhvan, Thomas • Qninlan, Michael , Ramsay, James Kobson, R P • Ramsay, Walter llobertson, William Ramsdale, Joseph Robertson, Charles ' ' ' Rankin, James P (2) Robertson,'Maiy "•• Charles "Rooerrson/Magnus' "' ' • Rawdon, Charles Robertson, Thomas (2) • Rawlings, Alfred Robertson,1 T D W ' Read, J P Robinson, 'John J Re^d, George Roaney,'Mrs ' f- 1 .' Reiider, J r Rourke,1 Aithur c, ; Redfern, James Rod da; Joseph B Reeves, H C Rodger. William ' '• .Re'id, Andrew (3) - • Roe, Phillip ' - . > Reid, A R Kojei4, doovge Reid, George Rogers, L H % ■Rsunie, Alexander ' t-ltojtjW, lJ Jji1' ' Rennie, David Rose; Richard ' • •■' • Ren wick, M Rose, Mrs ' ' ReiUy, Andrew Rose, T ' l " Reichett, W Ross, John . ' Rsscosie, G Ross, Keith ' - i -ii .Reynolds, Robert lto&s, Thomas-' Risdon, Fiederick Rourke; Michael'1 '■ ■• R-xard, G Rourke, Wilham ' JBtige,Joha "' Rouvray,Mv J > .» . >

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MISCELLANEOUS EXTRACTS., Otago Daily Times, Issue 586, 3 November 1863, Supplement

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MISCELLANEOUS EXTRACTS. Otago Daily Times, Issue 586, 3 November 1863, Supplement

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