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Shipping Intelligence.

- »...-.... De«zaber 24~Emma Prescott, 14& tons, James Btanton, from Hoban Town. A. G, frisher, agent.' t)XriWAB»3. Decembers* -Torrent, 074'^ons, R. Qarlton, for Newcastle, in ballast. J. L. andr O, Burke, a?e»ls. INWASDB—COABTWIBE. December 24—Nil. OOTWABDS—COASTWISE, December 24-Queen, 177 tons,-Pole, for Northern Torts. A. L. Thomson and Co, agents. December 24-Kemark, 207 tons, Duncan, for Wellington, in ballast. Wright, Robertson, and Co, agents. - December 24- Airedale, 28G tons, Kennedy, for Lyttleion. (i; S. HroJriek, aj,enb. December 24 - Clarendon, 30 tons, A. G. Swan, for Taien. 11. Houghton, agent. IMPORTS. .Per Emma Preecolt, irom Hobart Town ; 15,000 feet Umber, 0.000 palings,-^,OOO. shingles, §,000 laths, and 40 horses. A. G. Fisher, agent. . - EXPORTS. : ,'■::,. Per Queen, for Wellington- VI case, his Honor the Supeiiurfciident; 2 casks seed, W. M. Parrameter 1 case dothin^, Miss M'Uregor j 1 do, Deviua and £ i ?i"' f ucklatld : 80 cases :;xe 3 , Mackay and Co : 1 do, Wigley; 1 do, J. Stewart. . ' Per Glnreiidon, for Taieri : iS case 3 bottled beer, 1 Keg tobacco, 4 eases galvanised iron, 41 baas sugar 16 cast>B porte.-, 1,000 paliugs, 2 tons iron. Whitehead and co; Ocahks bottled beer, 1 qr..cask wine, M. Tonason; 50 bags sugar/order. PORT CHALMKUS, Becember 24. Wind, at noon. N.E., fine breeze ; weather, fine. High water on the 25th instant at Port Chalmers, OJ2 a.m., and 6.35 p.m.; at Dunedin nn hour AKRIVAI3. Emma Prescofct, brig, 148 tons, Staunton, from Hobart I own, horses, 7 passengers. A. Gr. Fisher and Co, agents. Louisa, ftlucca, from Newcastle, N.S.W., with conl. A. M' Kinuon, ageut, Matilda Hayes, ketch, from Oamaru. 40 t bags lime.. J. A. and It. Band, agents. BE PA UT ORES. . . . » Titania, 5.8., Jarvey, for InvercargilJ, goods and passengers, llobinsou and Lilly, agents. Vibiiia, schooner, 127 tons, lor JMewcastie, in ballast, Campbell and Co, agents. PIIOJECTJEI) DEPARTURES. 4 Aldin^a, s.s., Melbourne, 31st inst. Ivor-Wester, for Melbourne, 26tli inst. • Wueen, s.s., for Auckland, &c, this daj'. Witch of. the Tees, for London, 15th January, 1863. Chile, lor London, 20th January, 1883 ; Mary Jane, for the Molyneux, 26th inst. Planet, for the Mo yneux, 27th iust. Alhamoin, for Melbourne, early. Prompt, for Invercargill' early.' Courier, for River ton, early. Airedale, lor Sydney and Ports, this VESSELS IN PORT. Aboukir, ship, from Glasgow. Cincinnati, barque, from Newcastle. Surprise, schooner, from Auckland. Fawn, schooner, from Lyttleton.j Chile, ship, from London. Scoresby, ship, from London. Metaris, barque, from Newcastle. Mary Thomson, schooner, from Waikawa. Duncdin, schooner, froiu Stewart's Island. Eliza (ioddard, brig, from Melbourne Queen, s.s., from North. Nor' Wester, ship, from Melbourne. Manposa, schooner, from Launceston. Pree Trader, barque, from Port Albert. Prompt, schooner,.from Stewart's island. Stoim Cloud, ship, from Glasgow. Torrent, ship, from Melbourne. . Corio, s.s., from Port' Albert. Hemark, brig, from Wellington. Airedale, s s., from Sydney. Emma Prcseott,. brig, from Hobart Town. Louisa, felucca, from" Newcastle. • Matilda Hayes, ketch, from Oamaru. The brig Emma Prescott, from Hobart Town, arrived m Port in the morning with a cargooosfs timber and horses, the horses iv Hue condition, and' with the loss of only one among fie number. 'Sjes left ..Hobart lown on tbe 15th instant, ami bavingi brought Hobart Town papers containing the usual telegraphic summary of the English mail, ) as tbusi anticipated the anival of the mail in ordinary course from Melbourne. . . The steamer Titania, after coaling and takin* in. cargo at the Port, sailed for Inveieanrili at ll n.m on Tuesday. r The thice-nia«.ted schooner Louwa, with a cargo of coal for Captain M•Kinuon, for the supply of the Melbourne htramera, reached the anchorage late this: evening bhe wan followed by a fore-and-att schooner ! which has not yet tailed up'the channel. The Kestrel, i epoitud as having sailed on Tuesday has not jet got out, Jf The barque Cincinnati, which arrived here some' time ago, coal-laden from Newcastle, having reached the port in a very leaky condition through stress of weather and taking the ground on the bar, was recently surveyed, aud was certified as beiug unfit for sea, ! nd incapable of being made so except at a cost' considerably exceeding her worth. The report of the result of this survey having been- forwarded to Sydney by Captain Hyde, paster and agent of the vessel, he lias since >eceived instructions Irani his owners and the- underwriters to the effect that she ship should be sold for the benefit of whom it nay concern, and we ndeihtand it is the intention to expose her for sa'e accordingly, at an early date. At present she is moored close to the hulk VViliiam Hyde, accessible to inspection previous to sale. Mr Scott, U. E., has had another sad mishap "at Wickditte Bay. The scheme of floating the Victory having come to an unfortunate termination at the very moment he had mcceccied in overcoming all the engineering difnculti'S. the vessel was abandoned by the company formed fur the purpose of recovering her, and along with some others, was bought by Mr Scott. Having subsequently visited the scene of the wreck of the Flying Mist, acd resolved upon an attempt to float her. he proceeded on Monday morning to YvicKdiffe with the barge or small schooner named the Favourite, and, having taken her into the lagoon proceeded to load her with a small euuiue belonging to the Victory, and a number of other appliances, the value of which could r,ot be less than L6OO. Haying received her cargo, the Favourite was being pulled out over the bar on Tuesday afternoon, -when most unfortunately, one of the men on the port side slipped his oar; the vessel fell off in the seaway ; and before she could lie brought up, she was among the breakers, and was soon driven on the beach. Mr Scott, who was on board, and the hands employed, had necessarily a narrow escape of their lives—getting ashore only with difficulty, and the htfele vess!'l has been totally wrecked, while every--thing in her has been lost—so far as can at present be ascertained. On the same evening, half of her hull oarae ashore ; and the property on board, being all heavy materia', it will likely soon be concealed in the sand. The cargo of the vessel consisted of 2 kedge anchors, 1 two-inch cylinder fore-winch, 43 iron locks, 5 fenders, 2 patent ruduer screws, 2 life-buoys, .. 2 dead lights, 2 valves, 5 pairs hose, 5 brass canisters, 5 brass rails, 4 bundles brass rails, 4 large lamps 5 Mam tint's Signals, and sundry other articles. Mr Scott has, in tbe meantime, returned to Tort Chalmers naturally somewhat disheartened by.this second misfortune, and its consequent interruption- to the project of floating the Fiying Mist; bur.: he has left his hands in competent Wiekeliffe, and will at once resume the woik of. disrunntline the vessel and otherwise retrieve his- loss as much as possible*

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Otago Daily Times, Otago Daily Times, Issue 317, 25 December 1862

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Shipping Intelligence. Otago Daily Times, Issue 317, 25 December 1862