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On the occasion of attaining his sixty-ninth birthday, the Rip Van Winkle of the House, Mr. James/ Colvin, MJ?. for Buller, was enters tamed by a number of members of Parliament at BellasnyX receatly 4 It was a time for t3j© sinking of party differences, and those present included several memibers of the Government party. Appreciative and complimentary speeches were diversified by an enjoyable programme of song and story. Mr. Colvin received many congratulktory telegrams from friends on the Coast and elsewhere. The Hon. member, with his "venerable beard, reminiscent 61 the iUsr> nurjations m old church missiles, should prove a pictures<jue and 'most attractive exhstfit at the forthcoming West Coast Jubilee m. January "And the places that knew; hW shall know him no more,* old friend, George Peck, has, jem account of ilHiealtJi, been obliged to retire from the post of assistant'bailiff In the Wellington Magistrate's Court, after an experience extending over thirty-seven years. What a vast fund of interesting information on the inner workings of the \Wndy, capital city must be stowed away m that small cranium of his ! 4 The duties of a bailiff, at the bept of times, are not of the most plflj^aont kind. By a rare amount of tact, however, George has succeeded Mn Performing- those duties m such a way that even the receiving of a summons from him was taken by the unfortunate debtor as a kind of compliment. "Cheer up, old man/* little George would say. **There v are many worse oft than you." ifefendant usually left him vitfe a brighter outlook on life. < * - . •■ • * '[■■ ■■■ •' i , In the "roaring" dayß of the. West Coast goldfields— South Island, New fiflsaland— Dr. Giles was a most popular aad capable Warden and aiafjistrato— grave, dignified, ■ yet« withal, a right good follow. Tha Reef ton field had been m full swing for some time, and the authorities found it necessary Lo make arrange^ roents for court sittings there. The Doctor was tohl off to open proceedings. On arrival, he found a largo number of cases awaitijtg his adjudication. The now court house could nut accommodate one half the plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses, lawyers and mining advocates m attendance Consequently, large numbers grouped themselves outside, xvhere they passed .the time m playing cards— the favorite game m those days being "forty-fives." A group of Irishmen was seated directly under the Doctor's window, most intent on the game. Presently the court orderly appeared and. shouted "Patrick Flanevpu* »! " No response. Pat .-was one of tho group under the window. " Patrick Flanagan V OAxne ngam from the limta of Uie law. Pat's neighbor nudged him. "Pntv you're wonted," said he. "Who tho dlvir wants me> ?" retorted Pat. "Why. his Worship, inside. You haver to give evidence." "Oh ! tell the ould beggar to wait till I'vo finished this game of forty-fives." In after years the old Doctor used to tell this story with great glee. Little "Jack" Hutehlnaon, Wellington secretary of the lloot and Shoo Operatives Union of Workers, has been elected secretary of tho WeUinprton branch of tho Social Democratic party, .lack is a .genial fellow, who has bis mind made up an to tho policy Labor ought to adopt on the political field, and is not ona who con be driven Jiithor and thither with ovcry wind of doctrine. He has hitherto been numbered among tho groat body of "unattached-" »ho» though having definite coUocUvist convictions, uildiato themselves neither with the Ltvbor party nor the Socialist party. Further, he has never been 'mixed up m any qf tho personal bickering that havo for so long been the roproach of L^bor m the Empire City. Jack can bo depended on to make a merry mill of tho fight for political ascendency of tho working elaas, «o far as on© man \ eon do »o. He h*n no narrow "pro- ! judices to overcome, and takes a brond outlook on Ufa m grtwral. Wo believe tho Social Hemocrnttc party ! will prosper under hi* guidance, and ! tho Wellington members are t« bo ! consJratulated on their luappy choice. I Jack Head, who was .lack Huichinj son's ronner-up for tha position, al- ! though an ex-member of the United Labor Forty, is «l»o on<? of the clean Labor men U S« a plwttre to | meet. John has bwn for some | years wcro-lury to the Kngine I>riv- | ers* Union, »»ml, although not clcct- | ed to an QflleUl position In the new j party, "Truth" it* convinced ho, i nevertheless, will do all on« can to hs& that the foundations of th« ;S.l>.l\ are well and truly- In W. i- „ - * . . • • ■ During tho Stout-Vogel Adinittiatruiiuii m -New Zealand, the , lute Hon. W. J. M. Laronch. uf Duiu«iin, wa» Minister of Mint«. Ho iuiUatoU Uw School of vUJae« s.vuusui, where»)y ovury goldiicld wan to havt> the «d* vantftfje uf v »tm'miUc «><l»ioiaioii m cJhe.fnisi.ry , utcittllurgy ami mlner«logy. Dr. J. <i. lUack, i'rufttMtor *>f Chwulntry >» Uitt Ot«go lmlvt»ririty # \va« uppointud <lirecl«» h of iho axperimemt. Ha uuulf it «. nth; to tour itw (Jtftthcih nn'itiully, Iccuiring nn<i fming 10 iho intoj-cnut of the various nchoolfl. H«i \\un nlwn.\M nccomptutied by M» nHjji.Ht^uit, Wullt* (ioodlci. Jo the y«^rH he h«<l lw*n with Uut utd liocior. Wullic had Imnitid lo UiJttat«« not only the nmmnerisia h»« chivt, l»ui even the ton<Mi of hi» Voiro and hia brond gcoUiotettift. The n*eno wim« .Stafford, on the good old \W*t Con«t of the Bouijb island, nnd the cut^wioa Dr. Itljjick'j) annuwl vMi. Th«* Jo^al hall wnj* rtliwi w-Hh luiimrii, waiting to be*r ihtt K-ciur*. 'For »«oni« r«ui«st)« the l><^tor had littdn cleuunril ili Kutnrtra. Wullia w-iw dodging about U»<^ tilatform «wm«j<in>; npj^.>ttt«n n«d m'ui»it ihat «v,>ryth;njj ! win* Uj uorkinß ortl^r. J*.r«<i c^ne, I RiKt «tUI no ■J«utr<u'. A vole« |r«m \Alut U#£\ jMiid, "t»o on youritoW, \\ulUe; Mivvcf »nmJ the Doctor." Wullia irmk ih« hint and ninrt**! of!. Ill* imitation of Ins "hn;«»" i*a# jxirfecu «)no only h»d to hhui tmm'n i<ytm to imas?lftt» thuj old uu\.n hJnwclf wn* nt work. Aiio»t n\m o'clock, the J>octor arrival, #fti\ stood at th« ba/dk of the hall wni.cb.lni; th« perform»«c« of his und«n<tt»ty. At a pm*m m the prof«c<tmß«, the weilknown tone* run« through tbo foon*. *'W«*l d«a#, WuUif; thAt.'«s erna* miahiii't %UapJW of Wullie,

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