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Dated at Auckland this 27th day of September. 1928. Filed with the Registrar of Companies Auckland ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS OF A Public Company, incorporated under "The Companies Act, 1908. CAPITAL - £50,000 DIVIDED INTO 50,000 SHARES OF £1 EAC"', . Of these 2250 nre being allotted as bcins fully paid to the Vendor as part consideration of the sale by the Vendor to the Company as hereinafter mentioned and to the Promoter. 10,000 Shares arc to be held in reserve for future issue, and 37.75U Shares are now being offered to the public for subscription on the follow ing terms: — 2/- per Share on application.. . 2/- per Share on allotment, and the balance in calls as required, but not exceeding . r 2/- per Share at intervals of not less than I months. Board of Directors: TAMES EDWARD DAY KEMP, 31, Hamilton Road, Ponsonby, Settler. WILLIAM ALEXANDER BISHOP, Titirongi, Store Manager. GIDEON LUND. Calliope Road. Devonport, Hote Manager. JOHN EDWARD ELLIS, Avondale Road, Avondale, Gentleman. Bankers: _ , . , THE NATIONAL BANK. OF NEW ZEALAND, LIMITED, Auckland. Solicitor: , . , W. R. P. MOODY, 102, Victoria Arcade, Queen Street, Aucklan . W. S. R. BLOOMFIELD, Yorkshire House, Shortland Street, Auckland. MESSRS. CHAMBERS, WORTH. & CHAMBERS, Sko.ll.nd St.oct, Auckland. Interim Secretary* a 14 i 1 J R. N. S. uc on. .....oKcfr r si™« ss"" tho block or land described in a later 1 iea(Ung . T o tills end an option culars of which also appear under a Vrustco ror tho CornHan been secured in the name or Ml - ,l 1 v •; ' s convenient arter lncorporag?' 'STSStifSStSS,%tmm .. .UC omc. „r tlic Yorkshire House, and need no 11l . 0ll " 1 1 , whnll completed, togetlior with pectivo view or the bui d ~R ?s r » "prospectus, various portions ol tho l>i- '■ a juq POSITION. Tho general locality of the site is well show! by T'wK presents In a striking manner 11i 10 .,/'"tlils nol'nt consequcJitly a largo volume or noticed that all roads com ugoattl l& P Ol^ 0 sfr £ um during tho week, must holiday and week-end rart c. aa us a .mauu h | TlU^ tk , nMn Park . Hula, CornsliSJ s \ffiSoJi'E,;Kr^;?c"s«as ! b S c^ o M K inson. (Jolt 1 Links urn within i: '"'{ljf . ol V, I ,!ned°"lcmVrom a'higher road to a lower, Tho actual piece ol land xc mc mtu .topi.. . Tlljs ls a feature or which is parallel. Thus there ~, 'i e inner ro d wlll bring vehicles to the which great urtvant ago cai be 1 ? Vv,U provide access to tho largo garago main door ol the lluu.l, wlult the 10 \u■ . tint tiic quests will liiivo most conspace beneath the V u - \ iviiiistracleU terrace will extend over the veil lent accommodation | ^l,l tn 'clary and will afford an Ideal position l"as. Tlic terrao/ will connnand almost limitless views over tho Manukuu and the adjoining Ijil^ CCESSIBILITY . concreted, tun road ha» now been takui o\i>y in inent as to the concretiiiK' ol 'J lb | . l ' l ,P (1 ( - ilv anf i t | lo trip should occupj then he a per cct road rem, e" ol" tl.ia cannot bo exaggerated. It little more . n >0 miln .. , C! „. wm i, n town as quickly as the o^narv ll ««bu?ban"ns that the Hotel will bo able to claim to combine all the'advantages of town and COUn yj£YVS . 1 c «»r» the view extends over the Manukau Harbour to the Heads «. .0«»VH : : Svss,^;.tsNßt «fis&ws —sass want montones. .Vv nn, 1 > -ov t a-a clrvo or walk ttne(|u illed by any other within a congol'fu„rmce'o \'ucklind Looki g rurther to the West tho eye follows ror Vl M l ' '"t, I 1 S 1 ill .Nortliern snore of the Harbour, up past Cornwallls to »T&SF S2&Z SB wsnutaaa. beyotid°it are 'the three peaks or Uangitoio. and in the far distance tho blue hills of Coromandel. OTHER ATTRACTIONS. link<i _\s already stated, these are within easy walking distance and easily accessible bv' road: they are so well known to most golfers that no rurther spend a good ho 11 ndmirln„ ftia ri Ueciinens of native wood, and every Pl!0t etv or ka ii l gum lroln the crudest fossil state to the most oxqulSurtv ili ishcd work or art. This inuseuui alone is attracting an increasing num- °/., tC walks an d'P! cn i csll'' iP's"r C A tfsay' that "one" coulTgo'out for 8 >ood em"less C variety 'froin' a' rSnlbhl^lo^'tl^Kwro'to to'The hills °and 1)USl1 */ t \ Pnatino and Fiahinq. There are several beaches whore excellent . M (d> Bathing. Boat . "A- ®.f ( . on mient need be tnado on the boating facilities. KSsSs ?fwu-ws was-wws js.'ss»ars»« xa'*!** *»*, *> »»»• ,ot "" THE HOTEL. The Vendor has on numerous neras'oi.s others for accommodation, hut none has 1 ithe to n .iva able at Tit 1 a.^gi as? s& £, per day K —SUMMARY. Estimated Capital Expenditure.—The capital expenditure Tor the first year Is estimated as follows: — f . non 0 n Purchase Price or Land and Business v'-'nno 0 0 Cost or IHilldlng and Lay Out, complete .. .. -i-j.oo" " Architects' lees . • • ■ • • • • * ""'"thi 0 0 Legal and Preliminary Expenses .. •• •• " Itrokerage on :tr,7:.0 Shares at 7 5 per cent S,s3« o u Hotel and Kiosk I'urnishmgs. complete .. •• " Hote and Kiosk rurnismin;s, i-uiui>iui,u •• • - Hotel and Kiosk Table Service, Crockery, etc., complete 0 0 Promoters' Shares, Extras, say .• •• •• 51, s5 0 r> o Less Amount or Mortgage 1.-1 •• 15,000 0 0 £36,050 5 0 The authorised capital wn bo sr>o 000 NOTES ON THE ABOVE. (n) Cost of Building.—This is the maximum llgure as estimated by tho —These are based on the usual rate or 0} per cent, oil tlic estimated contract J CO p re|iminaryi _ Tllesc arc made up as rollows: Costs of incorporat'on, including* preliminary contracts, » '":««»■ ... eluding procuration I per cent. -if Cost of prospectus, printing, etc. .. .. •• •• 1 1,11 t'TOl) IfW Rrokoraqe The first Issue will be -10,000 Shares; of these 2050 are being a 1101 eel as men 11 on ed above to the Vendor in part Payment or purchase money, and this will leave 137,750 Shares on which brokerage will be paid. (c) rurnishinns, Tablo Service, Crockery, etc.—The estimate for the. e is ba. Ed on rpmter by leading dt.v tlrms. The .motes may be seen during business Hours at the office of the Interim Secretary. (i, Fu ' ly "P a 'g.gsj.jJsj^ TED ANNUAL RECEIPTS. (For details sec below). . Hold TarifT, per annum 0 •> 1 Casual Meals, per .•miium .. .. .-•! • Jl - 1U Less Estimated Expeiulit'irc, as below ..: >. 1l1 ' 107 0 0 ■i,:!75 10 0 Net Profit per annum from tearooms .. .. l.jjoo J» '[ Net Prollt per annum from store ■ H,,u Suit Drink bar. Store 011 beach, Hot Watei, Ite Cream, Confectionery, etc. .. .. •• ; ' uu u " 7,175 10 0 Less tn-'.rjio Tax, at 3/11 approx 1 - in "' 11 £5.770 -i 1 This show • . net return on paid capital of £io,ooo of i i.73 per cent. GENERAL SUMMARY. In considering this proposition the investor should bear in mind tho following points. nest attempt to establish near Auckland a luxurious hotel 011 the lines ol the houses in the lilue Mountains of INew South Wales, and fb) 'n!t* 2 'sac'son 1 rn'l Is the most suitable one within reach or Auckland, c Tie hotel will have a universal appeal to tourists, to Auckland people wishing to take a week-end In the hills, and to business men who wish m ho iwinriv to the citv. and to many others. (d) The biggest tlnanclal ohstaele In the way or establishing' most hotels, namely, an expensive block of city land, does not appear In the present names' addresses and descriptions of directors are alreadv set forth herein. MINIMUM SUBSCRIPTION. The minimum subscription on which the Directors may pioceed to allotment is 12,500 shares. pR ELIM! NARY EXPENSES. is £7Oo o |iicffnniT'and m'""to'TlH! 'incoi'poration'of "the"' company!" ind is" to'beTiorno 1)y the £s ISSU£D OTHER THAN FOR CASH . The only shares to be issued oy the Company as fully paid up. otherwise than « tMrcaA"" The onlv material contracts aifeclhig the Conipatij itie. , naQ .. The Agreemeiit to Purchase, dated the - Jist day of September, 10&S, and madu between' William Alexander bishop, of J lll , 1 ': 1 ' 1 *, 1 ' ''Li nn ( ! l ieln!r"'oi' the Comnanv Noel Sedman Chisholm, of Auckland, as trustee lot and on bui.Hl ol tht Company U conies l oS )a tli'«i said Contracts and of the Memorandum and Articles of Association may L inspected at the olllce of the Company or or tho Company's bollcltor at any time during business horns EROKERAGL* The fomDanv mav pav brokerage not exceeding , per cent. 011 tlie account of shares =ubscrlhofl. but no hrokcrajre will be paid upon shares allOttW to tho Vendor in part cons'derat'on or the purchase, price. DIRECTORS' INTERESTS IN COMPANY. Mr. W. A Bishop is Interested In the promotion of tho Company to the oxlent of his interest as Vendor to the Company. no other Director has any •Interest In the promotion ot the Company or the property to bo'acquired by It, except his interest as a contributory shareholder In 1,10 Comp " ,,y ' HOW TO APPLY FOR SHARES. Muilication for shares should be made on the rorm necompunylng Ihe Prospectus and it mav be lodged with the Secretary of the Company and must be accompanied with the amount, payablejmjjJ;£Nriitlon. <M< : Socretarv. ! : HOTEL TITIRANGI. LIMITED, : : 95-93. Yorkshire House, : : Shortland Stroot, AUCKLAND. • ! pjease send me, without obligation, .Prospectus, Full Information, and 5 I Form of Application for Shares. !

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Page 19 Advertisements Column 3 New Zealand Herald, Volume LXV, Issue 20082, 20 October 1928