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CLANSMAN, s.s., 655. E. McLeod, from Russell end Opus, Passengers: Mesdamcs BoguaH and child, Mackeretlu Dver and three children, Misses Tarborougb, Gallagher, Knudson, Ringrosc, a. Wood, Messrs. H. Dickson, 11. S. Kits. Burton, F. K. Howard, Klworth, E. M. Tabuteau. A. O. Button, K. BovaK T. Kemaw, -Hcwson, Hudson, the Revs. W. H. Edgell and H. Northern S.S. Co.. (igcnfs. '" '" ' . • '*'.' v ACPOTJBI, S.S., 465,'- T. Hanltain,-. from* Taurangs. Passengers: Misses Hutchison. Hardy, Washer, Cawlrwell. Garten, Mesdames Nicholson, Foxcrofty Robins, Hardy, k Faulkner. - Messrs. MeStay, Davison, Friend, Faulkner.— Sort-hera ;■ B.S. Co.. agents. ' SQUALL, s.s.. 369. Morrison, from Gisborne, via Tolago and Hicks'* Bays.—Union S.S. Co., agents. W4IOTAHI, s.s.. 278, C. Hopkins, from Mercury Bar and Kuootnnu. Passensrers: Misses Egrau and Hedsre, Mesdames Brown. Sarah, Hodge. Taylor, Helen. Messrs. Co'ich. Carrie, Hodge, Dans, Wtison, Woodcock. Peterson. Constable Brown.—' Northern &S. Co., agents. ;..-: ; - - ,-'*:" GLEXELG. sj;.. 388. Jonas, , from Whangarei.— Jas. Smith and Co.. Limited. a~ents. KANIERI, s.s., 203, T. .Meyers, from Whargarci. —Northern S.S. ' Co., agents. ~,»,,,,, ... B \DEX-KrsVELL. s.s.. 176. H. Petersen, from Whsngarei.- Northern Coal Co., agents. , BEE, scow-. 52, T. Donovan, from Xgunguru.— Adam Emira!:, agent. v .v- -'.. " ." " CHELMSFOBD, s.s.. 121, E. H. Gocrtx. from Port Charles and Whangapoua Northern S.S. Co., agents. P / ,-

- f ■■->-. - . DEPARTURES. ;■ *" s " :;; -- NGAPUHI, s.s., 69R E. Stephenson, for Whangaarei. - :.■:■--</-■ >. ■ '■■■• -: ■ ' - CLANSMAN, s.s.. 635, E. McLeod, for Russell, Whengaroa, and Mangonui. . ■. NGATIAWA, sls., 463. W. Bark, for Tauranga, Oniwa, 3jml Opotiki. > WAIGTAHI, s.s., 278, C. Hopkins, for the Great Barrier. ■>. TASMAN, s.s., 171, C. Faulkner, for Whakatane. MAY HOWARD, auxiliary schooner, 64, Jones, for Mahurangi. , THREE CHEERS, -stow, 97, Rogers, .for V*"haEgarei. \- '-. • ENDEAVOUR, aux. ketch, 84, C. Johnson, for .. WhaxtgxrsL x. - -:. • - • : ...;-.' ■' % HERALD., scow, 65, Jacobsen," for Ngungum. EXPECTED ARRIVALS—OVERSEA. IjOsdos'. — Niwaru, s-.5., sailed September--6,. ■ due ...about. November 6: Paparoa, s.s., sailed September 20;- due about November 12 Marere, s.s.,' sailed October 6, due about November 28; Star of Canada,-m.-.- sail; Delphic, s.s., to fail Otaki, s.s., to sail. . ? , . . Liverpool.—Nerefeana, s.s., sailed.September 5, -« dm ? about - October 25; J Ayrshire, -*.!.. sailed September 2, due about October 2/; Opaws, s.s., ; sailed September 30, due about November 17; - ■ Moravahirc, s.s., sailed Octo- . ber 7,. ■ due - about •: - December 7; , Zeaiandic, ■ ■ ■.«.",' to - sail; Waimaria, 5.5., " to sail; Drayton Grange,,s.s., ta.^sail;. Surrey,. its., to sail; Devon, «.s.", to sail; Somerset, s.B.', to sail . « .-••- - \a New York»—Cranley, s.s., sailed August 27, due about October 31; Den of Airlie, s.s., sailed September" 23, due about" December 10; Falls of Orchr. ■** to sail Queen Elisabeth, ship, ~to sail: Star of Australia s.s., !to sail; Morientels, , • ».s.. t*> sail:, to.Mil;. Star of Scotland, sis., to sail; Terrier, sis./to sail. - . : -" : " MABS^IiW—I-ustralia. Kaftan, ship, mailed April 8, -via Wellington (sailed from. Wellington >■' October 5). , ":'-■.-' .

MosmtSAi^—Wha%;aiane,. s.s., sailed August 22, due about- October 30; Kimiara. s.s., sailed October 10,, due about December 13; Tokomaru, s.s., to «ul;;RaXaia, s.s., to saU. - .'-■ ■' «.- '--• Bttsbtbt.— Clan Boas,*s.s., sailed October 15, : due about .October 29; -Clan Ogilvy, a.s., to soil. Melboubxe.—lhumata, s.s., sailed October 7> due about ; to-day. s , . - ■ ;'Sas Ebaxcisco.—Qneen Amelia, ; s.s., sailed September 30, due about October 23; Strathardle, 8.E., to sail October 27; Purley, s.s., to sail; Aymferici a.s., to sail; Hercules, s.s., to sail. , . VAycotrvEß.— 8J1.5., October 24; Zea-' •■ " landia, 'B.M-&i'* November 21. :'; ■:..':; ; ,; _. Stdkzt. — Maieno, as., Sunday; Marama, 8.M.5., October 27; Atua-, s.s., November 2. Newcastle^—Joseph .Ctraiff, barque, -■;■. sailed October r^-33;*>;: Aloebaran, " barque," to sail; Casablanca, barque, to saiL - " Coos AST) Society ; lsi<A»xt3.— 5.5.,, due t ■:■.-::.. , , ■ '. '' NokFOtK Islaitd.—Southern Cresa, ij., to sail, t due L about November 25 - • • - ,i - FBrEXDLY Ist^asds. — , s.s., November 2; YsabeL schooner, due early. -' ■"■■" ; . Nrus.—Kereruj- ketch, early. Fiji.—-Atua, s.s., Noventfcer 2; Korcmiko, s-s., sailed October J 14, due about to-morrow. • * r EXPECTED ' ARRIVALS.—COASTAL. This Day : ; Monowai, from Southern ports; Navua, from Westport; Ngapuhi, from Whangarei; Waiotahi, from the Great Barrier; Koutunui, . from Tokomaru. Bay; Kahu, .from Napier. . . "; * PROJECTED DEPARTURES—OVERSEA;

Lostjojt.—Kia Ora. S.S., via the South, about •November 4;rßimutaka,' «-s., via the South, about " November 5; Athenic, : K.M.S., ; via the South, about November 24. ... „„„ . n _ ""J-* ,■■'■■- ■■■' yASCOtrvEß.—Marama, 8.M.5., October . 27; ~ '-Makura; R. M.S., November 24 ; Zealandia, R.M.S., December 22 : ....-,-:,< :';-'- ■■■■':■:■■ "• * *'. Sydsey.—Mafaeno, , s.s., ; October ; 23; - Makurai ■'" 8.M.5.," October 24; Atua, s.s., November -7; Northern Chief,'barque, to sail.... • .3/ v ' .-.";fM COOK ASD FBIESDLY.iJ ISLA3TD3.— 1 ' 6.5., October 24. : '■''■■'■■ :' "' .'■'..';:'/"";"" ;: - ■-'■■■■■;-■■. '....' South Sea Islands.—Atua, s.s., November 7. Fui.—Navua, , b.s., October 25; Atua, . e.g., November 7. V; _ .;' t PROJECTED I)EPAETCEES-COASTAL, This Day:' Squall,- for 1 Tolago Bay and Gis- _ borne; i Kaaieri,•> for Whangarei; Ngahere, for Greymouth; Aupouri, for Tauranga. . -.' '■ .' ':■ :- ■ '■■. ■' VESSELS IN HABBOCB. ■ _~-. : - Jrif,. cable steamer, :in stream.* .. - ; "Waihora, s.s., at Chelsea. -'• Lord Lonsdale,: s.s., at Queen-street Wharf. : . Ngabere, s.s., at -Chelsea. ■, - ;,-. ; ■ "- 4 Melbourne, s.s., at Railway Wharf. ■ - Squall, 53., at Queen-street Wharf. ,' Lindstol, barquentine, at Raibroy Wharf. / Northern Chief, barque, in stream. Louisa Craig, barque, at'Hobson-street Wharf. Jessie, Craig, barque, at Hobson-Btrecf, Extension. Greyhound, auxiliary schooner, at Queen-street ■-:-■ -*- Wharf.. '.'■---: '■:' '"..'■:.; :■•;■'•■ Waiapu, auxiliary schooner, at Hobson-rtreet Extension. :/-;.. ■ ■■ • ■

The- Government training-ship Amokura wag relaunched from the Wellington patent Blip on Monday afternoon. :".*"' • ' The Wairnate arrived at Adelaide on October 12 from Port Pine to continue he loading for ?> London,';'"' - : - : -:; :';'<:, 'J.-:.,tJ. : ' The Waihora, having been, delayed in the dis--J charge -of her cargo of sugar at Chelsea is not *i -.expected to'get-away - lor Westnort until Tuesday .next-. ;,../;. s . ........ . . ~ ~,'... . , ~...'.. ... " Owing to bad weather still' prevailing on the -coast, the,Haupiri is sheltering at■ Hicks's' BayShe is not expected until Saturday at the earliest. The Atiia arrived" at Suva from Sydney at 7. a.m. on Tuesday. She is to leave Levuka tomorrow for Samoa, Tonga, and Auckland, : and is due here on' November 2. " "'-■" " .■ The Rimutaka--is to leave Port Chalmers on November 1 for Wellington, where she will coal. She then comes on to -Auckland to commence loading for London. Her other loading ports are Tokomaru Bay,."'GJßborne, Napier, and Wellington. She is to leave the latter port finally "About November 23. ,-'.,"" »• ■ , The mail steamer Malta-;, is scheduled to sail from Wellington to-morrow afternoon for San Francisco, via way ports. < To-morrow morning the mail steamer Maknra is due at Suva'-from -Vancouver and.'Honolulu, and after a stay at the Island port of ; a few • hours resumes her voyage to Auckland. The s - - Makura is due here on Tuesday morning next. ' .. The Shaw,. Savill and Albion Company's -liner Corinthio left London on Friday for - New Zealand, .via Capetown and Hobart." She. is due at Wellington about the first week in December. -. The French barque Marechal de Gontaut was ; towed to eea from Port Chalmers on Saturday afternoon, and Failed for Newcastle, where she ; •will complete the discharge ot her Oregon timber. - : : - The Jlaoriland Company's steamer Ennerda',e ; . arrived at el bourne,.,- at- mid-day on Saturday . from Hobart. The vessel is to proceed subsequently : to Newcastle to load for Melbourne. 'The New Zealand Snipping Company's steamer* . ■■. rirrakina will probably dock at Tort Clialmers *" About November 8 -for cleaning and- painting. ■'.'-'- ■ The Shaw, Saviil and Albion liner Kia Ora, -* "after' docking ' at Port Chalmers, will load for 3'■' London at the BlufT r whence she will go to Wel»lington to coal in the stream, and then continue - loading at' Auckland; Gisborne, Napier, Wellington and Lyttelton, From:Lyttelton- she is to sail for ■j/ : London : about November 25. ; ; ;,.--. : -.- -.--' •";. The Talune is due at Auckland today froni ,' *ha Cook and. Society Islands*

The Tarawcra left Lyttelton .lwt evening ft for Wellington and Northern ports. She is duo at. Auckland on Sunday morninff. ".-:., . Mr., Flood, second officer of the Maori. Joined the Rosamond as chief en Monday, ant *.^v,'„„* rick, late of the Arahura, signed on the Maori as second. Mr. .Thyme, who has been at Wcl lington awaiting orders, « to join the Te Anna as third officer, in place of Mr McUllan, who is going South. Mr. T. R. Wallace, chief engineer of the KoromikO, who has been <TOoM«* secretary to the Institute of Marine tngtiwen, is now on his way from Suva to Aucklandu am* Mr. Bernech, late of the Amokura, is acting in his stead until his arrival at Wellington.

THE MOXOWAI. The Monowai sailed from Gisborne at 11 a.m. yesterday for Auckland, via. Tokomaru Bay ana 'is due hero about ,10 a.m. to-day. She-hat l-.w<-tons of cargo to discharge The Monowai berths at tho new Queen-street Wharf on arrival. KOROMIKO I/EAVES SUVA. The Union Company's turret steamer Koronuko left Suva at 3 p.m. on Saturday, for Auckland. She is loaded with 3400 tone of raw sugar and uO tons of molasses for the Colonial Sugar Company's Chelsea refinery. The Koroiniko I* due here to-morrow evening 'or early on 'Saturday morning. ,-. - ';,';. SQUALL ARRIVES. After being nearly sis days out from Gisborne to Auckland, the Union Company's coastal steamer Squall arrived in port at 3 p.m. yesterday, inc. vessel left Gisborne at midnight on Thursday last and worked Tolago Bay the. following day. She cleared the bav at midnight on Friday and rounded the East Cape at c a.m. on Saturday. Owing' to the heavy seas running she put into Hicks'* Bav for shelter, where she remained until 7 a.m. on Tucsd.iv, when, the weather having, moderated,- she resumed her voyage, Strong westerly winds, with heavy .head seas, were met throughout the trip. The Squall sails at 4 p.m. to-day • for Tolago Bay and Gisborne. AYRSHIRE AT SYDNEY. The. Fcderal-Houlder-Shiro liner Ayrshire arrived at Svdncv from Liverpool, via _ ports, on Tuesday, the vessel has nearly 400 immigrants on board for Australian and New Zealand ports, the majority being for Brisbane. The Ayrshire next proceeds to the Queensland port, and then comes on to Auckland, and is due here about tomorrow week. ' Her New Zealand passengers number 59. 12 being for Auckland, 31 for Wellington, seven for Lvttelton, and nine for Dunedin. sue. has 3000 tons of cargo to discharge at this port.

THE TTSEK LINK. Teh local agents for the Tyser Line. (Messrs. Heather. Robert on and Co.) ace in receipt of advice that the. steamer Marere sailed from London for Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland. Napier, ana Wellington'on-October I—not September 28. as previously announced. -She is. therefore, not due at, Auckland until alout November 28. It. was.-reported that the Star of Canada left London on September 23 for the porta mentioned above, hut it now transpires that this vessel did not get away on the dato mentioned,, She was expected to "leave London yesterday, and should put in an appearance. here, about the middle oi December. . . • . ~ THE SCALES LINE. • 'The Scales liner Clan Boss left Banbury at 5 o'clock last Sunday morning with a load of jarralv for Auckland. She is to coal at Vert Kembla en route; tind is due at Auckland about next Sunday weeS. The vessel . will load wool in New Zealand for the London January sales. The Clan o«tw. according-to a, cable message. received at Wellington on Monday, is to leaveBunburv t<y-dav for Wellington, Napier,, and Opoua. ' She will call at. Port Kembla for bunkering, and is due at Wellington about Kovcmber I.

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PORT OF AUCKLAND., New Zealand Herald, Volume XLVIII, Issue 14815, 19 October 1911

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PORT OF AUCKLAND. New Zealand Herald, Volume XLVIII, Issue 14815, 19 October 1911

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