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SALE OF TAKAPUNA LANDS. FROM £2 10s TO £6 IBs 6d PER FOOT. ;. Misses. Wheat-let, Raven, and Co., at their salerooms, Darby's Buildings, yester- ; day offered by auction the Ocean View 'Estate, Lake Takapunai There was a crowded attendance, and bidding was brisk. Tho following lots were disposed of:—Lots .2. 4, 5, 6, £2 10s per foot; lot 7, £5 per foot; lots 8. 9, 10, 31, 32, and 33, with house, £2000; lots 11 and 12, £4 10s per "foot: lots 13 and 14, £3 2s 6d per foot; lots 15 and 16, £2 10s per foot; lot 17, 6405; lot 18, £4 per foot; lot 23, £6 10s per foot; lots 25 and 26, £3 7s 6d per foot; . tots 27 and 28, £3 4s 6d per foot; lots 29 and W, £5 per foot: lot 54, £5 -or foot; lots 55 and 36. £2 12s 6d per fool: Jots 37 and 33, £2 10s per foot; lots 42, 43. 44, 45, and (6. £3 per foot; lot 47, £3 .10s; lot 48, £3 10s; lot 50. £3 ss; lot 51, £3 per foot; lot 52. £3 per foot; lot 53, £3 10s per foot; tot 54, £4 per foot; lot 56, £f; 10s per foot. . The following lots did not quite reach the reserve, and were passed in at the prices ■ quoted:—Lots 1 and 2 at £3 ss, lot 19 at • £6 IBs 6d, lots 20 and 21 at £6 ss, lot 24 at £6 17s 6d. lots 39 and 40 at £3 ss. The total sales amounted to £10,630 10s. NORTHERN COAL COMPANY. ANNUAL REPORT. The annual meeting of the Northorn Coal Company, Limited, will be held at 11 a.m. on Wednesday next. The annual report to be presented states mat the profit and 10-nJ account shows a .■ profit of £5633, which, with tho sum of •£2628 17s lid brought forward from last year, makes a total of £8311 17s lid. An interim dividend for the half-year ended March 21, 1911, absorbed £1735 2s, and depreciations totalling £1462 had been written Dft, leaving an available balance of £5114 - 15s lid for appropriation. A dividend of * 6d per share for the halt-year ended September 30, 1911, is recommended. The total output of coal for the year from both mines mounted to 77,880 tons, as against 92,651 tons for the previous year. Mr. E. W.,

Alison and Mr. E. R. Russell retire by rotation from tho board of directors, but offer themselves for re-election. Mr. O. A, Churton, the auditor, offers himself for reappointment.

LONDON MARKETS. By Telegraph.— Association.— London. October 17. SILVER. Silver is quoted at 2s o|d. (Received October 18, 9.50 p.m.) London, October 18. WHEAT. Wheat: Ten thousand quarters of Australian per sailer, October shipment, sold at 56s 9d. .-.- NEW ZEALAND SHIPPING COMPANY. By Telegraph.—Prew Association.—-Copyright. deceived October 18, 9.50 p.m.) London, October 18. The New Zealand Shipping Company has declared a dividend of 10s and a bonus of 2s 6d. : . - - •.■■ ■-.-.. HOPS AT £10 PER CWT. A London paper of September 2 ■ says:— " A considerable number of ' pockets' of the finest Mid-Kent hops have been sold this week from £9 to £10 per cwt. The majority of the growers, however, are no*:- selling at present in order to get higher trices later. It is expected that in the course of the next two or three months the best hops will be (telling at from £11 to £12 per owt." ;,.;;; STOCK SALES.

.MESSRS. ALFRED BUCKLAND AND *' • , •; SONS. - v, : :; ' _ On Wednesday, October 18, at our weekly \ Westfield fat stock market, fat cattle were • penned to the number of 365 head, including many lines of really prima cattle. Competition was steady throughout, and in , some instances last week's values were improved on, Choice ox sold to £1 lis; ordinary, £1 6s to £1 8s 6d; cow and heifer, ■"■ r • £1 3s to £1 6s. Steers ranged in price from >: £7 to £14 17s 6d; cows and heifers, £4 5s to £9 15s. A full supply of fat and young calves sold at prices which were scarcely ■ up to late rates. Heavy calves, £2 10s to : £3 9s; choice suckers, £1 15s to £2 19s; small and fresh dropped, 3s to £1 ss. <81 sold.) The sheep pens were well filled with a good class of mutton. There was a fair demand, % •at values which were on a par with those Quoted last week. Heavy woolly wethers, £1 23 6d to £1 5s 9d; medium, 19s to £1 2s; unfinished, 15s 9d to 18s 6d; heavy shorn . wethers, 18s 6d to £1; lighter, 14s to 16s 6d; prime heavy woolly ewes, 19a 6d to £1 Is 9d; others, 14s to JBs 6d. (1682 sold.) The .'133 lambs penned were insufficient for requirements, and sold at high figures. Beat brought fi'om 19s to £1 2s 9d; others, 12s 6d : *to 18s. The entry of pigs was below the . average, and values remain in favour of the vendor. Baconers, £2 12s to £3 ss; large poikers, £2 2s to £2 10s; lighter, £1 8s to £1 18a 6d; slips, 13s to 13s; weaners, 5s to 12s 6d. (93 sold.) At Westfield on Thursday, October 12.- we yarded and disposed of a fair number of dairy and store stock. Best dairy cows -,'. brought from £7 15s to £10 15s; others, £3 10s to £7; fresh empty cows, £3 15a to £4 17s; store cows, £3 to £4; yearling to two-year-old dairy heifers, £3 to £5 10s; year- . ling steers, £2 lis to £2 18s; calves, £1 5s to £1 18a; young bulls, £6 to £12; ewes with ' lambs, 19s to £1 0s 6d. The Pokeno yards, on Monday, October 16, were well filled with stock of all classes. ! There was a large attendance, and a good clearance was effected, although values were a little easier than late sales. Dairy "it. cows made from £4 10s to £8 103; empty y cows, £2 18s to £4 03; fat cows. £5 6a to £7 ■~ 8s; two to three-year-old steers, £4 10s to £6 9s; yearling to 18-month steers, £2 15s to £3 15s; 18-month dairy heifers. £3 15s to £4 15s; calves, £1 153 to £2 6s; small, £1 to £1 lis; small pigs, 10s each. On Tuesday, October 17, at the Bunciman Fards, we again had a heavy yarding, , every pen at the yards being utilised. As it Pokeno the day previous, values were . Inclined to be easier. Dairy cows and r*; heifers realised from £4 to £9 15s, according to quality; very fresh three to earold steers, £6 10s to £7 10s; two to three- • year-olds, £4 103 to £6 ss; yearling to 18- - month steers, £2 15s to £4; empty cows, £3 . 5s to £4 15s; fat cows, £5 to £7 2s 6d; 15- » months to two-year-old heifers, .£3 10s to £5 -. 69; calves, £1 10s to £2 ss; weedy. 15a to £1 , 6s; young bulls, £5 5s to £10 ss.

LOAN AND MERCANTILE AGENCY : ; CO. At Westfield on Thursday last dairy and store cattle came forward in average num- ; bers, and sold at late quotations. Dairy cows and heifers close to profit sold at from £7 to £9 ss: others. £3 10s to £6; empty cows, £3 to £4 ss; calves, 37s to £2 ss; bulls, £4 5s to £8 Bs. At Albert Yards on Friday horses came forward in average numbers, and sold at late rates. Draught horses, £25 to £33 12s; spring :art sorts, £18 to £24; light harness horses and hacks, £8 10s to £14; ponies, £3 10s to £7; spring cart, £14 10s. At Westfield Yards on Wednesday fat cattle were yarded in good numbers and sold at last week's quotations. For first quality the market showed firmer tone, oxen selling to 303 per 1001b for the best, others 25s to 275; cows and heifers, 23s to 255. Steers sold at £7 17s 6d to 12s 6d; cows and heifers. £5 to £8 15s. Calves in full supply, and sold freely at late rates. No heavy vealers varded; medium weight, £2 Is to £2 15s: others, £1 to 38s; smaller sorts and fresh-dropped, 3s to 15s. The sheep pens were filled. Woolly sheen declined in prices, and shorn sheep sold at late values. Best wethers sold at from 22s to 255; others, 18s to 21s. Ewes sold to 23s '3d; best shorn wethers. 15s to 20s 3d; others. 13s to 15s; ewes. 13s to 17s 9d; hoggets, 14s to 15s 9d. Lambs in good supply, and sold at higher rates. Best quality, 17s to 23s 3d; others. 13s 6d to 16s. Pig 3 in full supply, and sold at late rates.

WESTFIELD FAT STOCK MARKET. Messrs. Dalgetv and Co.. Ltd., report having held their usual weekly fat stock sale at R'estfield on "Wednesday. October 18. as under:— -Beef: An average yarding. The demand ■was good at last week's rates. Choice pens of prime ox sold at equal to from 26s to 28s. extra to 30s per 1001b; ordinary prime, ; 24s to 255; cow and heifer beef sold at equal to from 23s to 26s per 1001b, according to quality. -■'' ~ : Veal: An average yarding, which sold at last week's rates. Heavy sold from £3 to ;£4 2s: choke suckers, 30s to 465; others, 3s to 18s. ■■'.-'■ ; : Mutton: A large entry. The demand was rather better than last week, and shorn ; sheep sold at slightly higher rates. Woolly -sheep sold at last week's rates. Heavy ."voouy wethera sold at 218 fid to 245; heavy

!SSS * W 2 B ■* 198I 98 6d to 225: shorn wethers, o?inKVJj& mad «, 19a to 21s 3d; medium quality ditto, 16s 6d to 17a 9dj inferior, 14s to Ijs : fat ewes, shorn. 12a 6d to 15a. fci»w?^"" : . A moderate entry, which sold at «L « 5*45* -£ eßt weighty lambs fetched SUfi 18 § 8 tS d i 3«, 80od lamhs ' 158 to 17s: ■ A x-, sm „ all « nt ry. Choppers sold at

ADDINGTON. [BY TELEGRArH.—PRESS ASSOCIATION.] CHEISTCHUSCH, Wednesday. t^L the Addington live bioc* market to-day mere were moderate entries oi siock, ana a n^ 0 £ 4 alt «n a ance. Fat cattle recovered in &«£? L tto extent ot about la 6U per 1001b; . p Bho ! eU no change, and tat lambs ?E? i«. s ecp 6llow an advance, especially „ n l* u » r ; i' lgs also sold well. There was rf™ '® le tor store and dairy cattle, most ot , *hicn were interior. shi?n re,ras a fairly large yarding of store n? *& ma<l 3 up ot abou * eo - ua l proportions SLt*t? a . na iiuu6s ant * hoggets, and a tew S? ?h2 , shora and ""shorn wethers. Most nUii,?,,. lmes .F han gen hands at about the aS2^!i7 eek v 8 pnc€B and a few lot « of ,li a 7 iambs that were passed were disn£r™ ? .TC 1 1 *- Medium wethers made lit K d m to ,, d ', and a few of a better class hS^Sr., V and low conditions 13s lid: ewe mfi S V l3s 10d t0 «s lid; wethers and lambi .?if S ' "a ¥to 15i lid; ewes and t^lh a io<L counted), lour « six, and eighttooth 108 2d .to Us 10d. lair mouths 9s 6d to a^/l5« aged > lnd inferior 6s to 8s 3d. A °,„: J*?* of tour and six-tooth down cross 12* s i J" 11 lam made 13s; young dry ewes. torw.: to . 13b 9d = aged ewes. 7s 6d; shorn t« id A our and six-tooth wethers, lis 6d IZtl <L°J ,hers ,. list ' 12s ; eao "i wether hoggets, 9s Ad; shorn ewe hogged, lis 5d to lis

m?.u?, u was an entr 5" of 174 fat lambs, the ri^,,l J i beius: , er - V ' ood - There was a keen uemjincl. and this, coupled, with the size and ;™,?, '? n of the lambs, caused an improveSS* mi Prices, especially for the larger *° r ?f- h he general run of prices was 14s 6d to 19s ?' extra good 58 ' and a few small 10s. *at sheep formed a small yarding, and "ere again largely made up of good Southland lines, and a mixed entry of local sheep, including some pens of shorn sheep and merinos. There was keen competition, and prices advanced several shillings per head, tne general advaco was about Is 6d to 2s> per bead. The range of prices was: Extra ?« f iL 1 ? •% 6d - Prime 23s to 28s 3d, others 18s 7d to. 22s 6d; shorn wethers, 16a Id to 19s; memo wethers, 16s to 20s 3d; extra 16s m od e t VeS I9? li S ' Prime 2QB to 25s M ' others 16s lOd to 19s 6d. The yarding of fat cattle totalled only 146 Uead, or little, more than half the number enered last week. There was a good proportion of prime animals in the yards, most of which came f rom the North Island. There was brisker competition on account of the snorj. supply, and values advanced about Is 6d per 1001b. Steers made £8 to £11 10s, ***** *° £5 : lifers £7 2s 6d to £8, extra to £11 15s; and cows £5 15s to £10 ss, equal to 27s 6d to 33s 6d for prime, extra to 38s 6d. a cow and inferior to 25s per 1001b. Veal calves made 4s 6d to 525, and one extra large £4 ss. A line of Wairarapa steers made £13 to £15 ss. A small yarding of store cattle consisted ol young sorts in low condition. Yearlings made 255; 15 to 18-months. £3 8s to £2 13s; two-year heifers. £3 Is; dry cows, 27s to £4 2s 4d. The small number of dairy cows on offer were mostly inferior sorts. Prices ranged from £3 10 3 to £9 2s 6d. • Fat pigs were offered in large numbers, but good proportion were unfinished. Ttae pest finished sorts sold well. Choppers made 62s to 86s; large baconers 60s to 78s, lighter 60s to 57s 6d. equal to 6d per lb; large porkers 37s 6d to 47s 6d. lighter 30s to 355, equal to 6d to 6Jd per lb. A. medium entry pr store pigs was also in active demand, large sorts making 27s to 31s sd, smaller 16s t0.255: weaners. 7s 6d to 17s 6d; the latter price being for an exceptionally good line.

' BURNSIDE. [81 TELEGRAM.— PRESS ASSOCIATION.] Duxedet, Wednesday. At Eumside to-day 230 fat cattle were yarded. These were of pood quality, taken all round. At the beginning of the sale prices were a little easier than the previous week, but they gradually firmed and closed on a par with the rates ruling a week ago. Best bullocks made £12 to £13 12s 6d: extra to £15. medium £10 to £11, unfinished £8 to £9: best cows and heifers £8 to £9 10s, medium £6 10s to £7 10s. inferior £5 to £6. Fat Sheep: 2057 were yarded, constituting a medium entry. Prices were much the same as the previous week's rates. Best wethers made 22s to 245. extra to 29s 3d, medium 19s 6d to 21s 6d, unfinished 17s 6d to 19s; best ewes 18s 6d to 20s. ettra to 27s 9d, medium 16s to 17s. inferior 13s to 14s.

MARKET REPORT. ! The New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Limited, supply the following report:— Oats: Sales firm. Market rising; 3s 7d and 3s 8d ex store. Wheat: In good demand at 4s 5d ex store. Bran: Selling readily at £6 12s 6d ex store. Pollard: Ready sales at £6 10s ex stare. Chaff: Southern. £7 5s ex store; Australian, £6-17s 6d ex store.- • Butter: Choice, lljd; first-grade, lid; sec-ond-grade, 10id; poorer Qualities, lOd. lOld. *; Eggs: Selling readily at 9* per dozen. HIDES, SKINS, AND TALLOW. The New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company. Limited, report as follows:— We submitted and sold large catalogues of hides, skins, and tallow on Tuesday all lines being gold at late rates. Hides: Market firm. Wo quote: Extra stout ox 7d to 7Jd. stout 6Jd to 61d, medium 6id to 6|d, light 6d to 6gd; cows, beat lines 6id to 6gd, good 6d to 6Jd, inferior 5d to 5Jd; stags. 4£d to sd; calfskins, best, to Bid; good, 63d to 7Jd, cut and damaged 3Jd to 6id, damaged hides 3d to 4Jd. Sheepskins: Market brisk.' Best butchers* skins, picked to 6s 6d, good lines 5a 4d to 5s lOd, medium 4s to 4s sd. small 3s to 3s 8d; country, dry and woolly skins, large to 7s, medium 4s 3d to 4s 9d, small Is to 2s 9d. Tallow: Market firm. Best mixed in shipment casks 28s 6d to 31s, good 263 to 28s, inferior 20s to 24s 9d. rough fat lid to 2d per lb. ' Bones, £4 17s 6d. Cowtails. Is 8d per dozen. Horsehair, Is 3d to Is 91d.

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COMMERCIAL., New Zealand Herald, Volume XLVIII, Issue 14815, 19 October 1911

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COMMERCIAL. New Zealand Herald, Volume XLVIII, Issue 14815, 19 October 1911

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