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SUMMARY. SINCE publication of last Summary, three weeks ago, gold' returns from the mines of the Auckland district have come to hand to the total value of £58,321 2s 2d, an increase of £6631 on the returns for the corresponding period of last year. The principal feature of the returns of this period is the splendid result of the Waihi Gold Mining Company's crushing, which gave a total of £41,090, the best return that has yet come to hand from this wonderful mine. The Waitekauri Gold Mining Company and the New Zealand Crown Mines have also produced satisfactory yields, and the total from the Ohinemuri district is £52,385 6s Bd, as compared with £53,913 for the previous three weeks, the decrease being due to the absence of the Talisman return, which is due in a few days. The Thames returns total £4129 17s 6d, and the Coromandel returns £1805 18s.

The - Waihi Gold Mining Company are converting their 90-stamp Waihi mill from dry to wet crushing, Part of the equipment will be 26 Union vanners, to treat an increasing proportion of sulphide ore, which is naturally appearing at .the lower levels of the mine. The company are also calling tenders to connect the Union Waihi battery with the Waihi-Waikiuo tramway. Instructions have been cabled out to the local office of the Woodstock Cold Mining Company to start driving at No. 6 level. It will be remembered that when work was suspended this level had been driven 20ft, after the striking of the Maria lode in the shaft. It is evident that the instructions to proceed mean that reconstruction of the company has been definitely completed. Work was resumed in the mine about a fortnight ago. The Thames Drainage Board had again the matter of the Hauraki Company's contributions under discussion at last meeting. The last resolution on the subject was that the Board would wait till February 28 and no longer for the overdue contributions, but when the Board met early in March a letter was read from Mr. J. A. Miller, solicitor, Thames, stating that the reconstruction of the Standard Exploration Company had reached a very forward stage, that a call was to be made on shareholders and arrangements made by which the call would be guaranteed. Mr. Miller asked the Board not to press their claim against the Thames Hauraki meantime. The chairman, in the circumstances,, moved, " That the resolution of January 23, to wait till February 28 and no longer fop the Thames Hauraki Company's contribution, be rescinded, and that consideration of Mr. Miller's letter be deferred for a month." This was agreed to, although one member protested, and urged that the Board should at once realise on its judgment debt.

The decision of the Warden in the appeal of the Waiotahi Gold Mining Company has also given the Board some trouble. '.'.he success of the Waiotahi's appeal led the Kuranui Company to apply for a reduction of the assessment levied on them. This tie Board had to decline, although several members expressed the opinion that the Kuranui had more claim for a reduction than the Waiotahi. The whole question of the difficulty of realising the assessments as fixed by the Board raised the question of the probable necessity of having to close down the pump, and it was decided, That the contributing bodies bo asked to supply the Board at next meeting with information r-s to how many wages men and tributers on each level would be thrown out of work by the stoppage of the pump ; also, how the stoppage of the pump would affect the various workings." Following are reports from our goldfieldV correspondents: — KARANGAHAKE. Since the last Summary was published the management of the Woodstock Company received instructions to resume development work in the mine, and the old staff of miners have been got together and operations resumed. The news was received with a great degree of satisfaction, as the resumption of work not only affords a good deal of work to the miners, bv,t it will enable the lowlevel development to proceed again. It will be remembered that when work was suspended the £o. 6 level had been driven 20ft after striking the Maria lode in the shaft, and now, according to instructions, the advancement of that level is to be proceeded with, though before that work could be undertaken it was necessary to pump the water out of the shaft. All the works about the mine will be vigorously prosecuted with the exception of crushing operations, the resumption of which will be delayed until there is sufficient water power available from the river to keep the mill and the compressors running without stoppages.

The New Zealand Crown Mines Company are pushing ahead the exploitation of the reef system below the Waitawheta tunnel, and very good results are being obtained. The reef maintains a fair width for the length opened up, and its character is proved by the quantity of stone produced. At the reduction works the erection of the new steam plant is proceeding expeditiously, and when completed it will prove of great benefit during the dry season pf the year when the water in the river is very low. The return for the past month shows that 2560 tons of ore were treated for a return of bullion valued at £0388. WAITEKAURI. The Waitekauri Gold Mining Company's works, though limited, are being conducted on a sound basis, and Mr. Williams, the new manager, is doing his utmost to keep expenses down below the revenue so that the mine will prove remunerative to those who have invested their capital in it. In this effort he is succeeding, and it is anticipated that the Waitekauri Company's property will under his management, assume a good position among the ranks of the dividend-payers. The last return of bullion shows an improvement on the former one, 2062 tons having been treated for £3689. At the New Alpha Gold Mining Company's mine rising on the main reef above No. 4 level is proceeding, but the lode in the working is of smaller dimensions than hitherto. It now measures 2ft, and shows a little gold in the south end of the rise, but northward the ore is not so promising in appearance. KOMATA. The Komata Reefs Gold Mining Company have now acquired the Te-Ao-Marama, or Komata section of the Waitekauri Company's property, and this valuable mine has now been included in the Komata Reefs boundaries. The addition of this mine should enhance the value of the Komata Reefs considerably, and there is no doubt it could be more advantageously and better worked from Komata than it could from the Waitekauri side of the range as originally intended. MAROTOTO. The Hikutaia Gold Syndicate has, since the commencement of the new five-head stamper battery, been profitably carrying on operations at Marototo, and returns from ore crushed are now likely to be regular. During the month of February the mill worked 21 days, and crushed 450 tons of ore, for a yield of bullion valued at £281 6s 8d ; 112 tons of slimes, valued at 15s per ton, remaining untreated. The whole of this ore has been taken from the stopes at the lack of No. 4 level. The leading stope has been carried 30ft north of No. 1 winze, and the level secured with durable timbers. The value of the ore mined from this stope is satisfactory, and for January the cost of mining, milling, and treating with cyanide, did not exceed lis 4d per ton. The Maratoto Gold Mining Company are advancing their crosscut on wages, but the country being penetrated is of a hard nature. WAIHI. The Waihi Gold Mining Company have for some time past been making fresh records in bullion production. When they will reach their zenith it is difficult to say, as every return seems to be better than its predecessors. When £38,000 and £39,000 was reached the yield was considered to be exceptionally good, but the past month's crushing period, from February 1 to March 1, has furnished the highest return yet obtained from the mine, £41,090 having been extracted from 12,939 tons of ore. The company's output will be still greater, » 3

\.-,j are now converting their 90-stamp mill J iwpi dry to wet crashing, and by this ! nethod more ore can be crashed than under j tlj» dry process. The mill is also to be fitted up with 26 Union winners, to treat an j increasing proportion of sulphide ore, which | naturally appearing at the lower levels of the mine. The work of the past month at ! No. 6 level has included further extension | of, north-western crosscut, last 30ft through J free andesite country, showing no further indications of quartz, and in consequence I driving has been stopped for the present. I The footwall of Martha lode was reached at 353 ft in crosscut, thus proving the lode to be ,80ft wide from wall to wall, partly mineralised all the way. The first 10ft on south or ! bahgingwall side is heavily mineralised, and j the ore first-class. Next 30ft rubbly oxi- : dised ore of low grade, last 40ft on northern ; side densely mineralised ore of first-class ; quality. Extension of the level eastward ' was commenced on the first lOi't, and has j since been extended 72ft to opposite Bull's : winze, but the ore does not show so much i mineral as at the point where first cut. On I the magazine lode the level has been ad- ! vanced 145 ft, lode about 6ft wide, composed j of friable ore, mixed with black oxide of j manganese. Two-thirds of the body of mine > water is issuing from this level, although it ; is comparatively dry overhead ; the water ! is rising from bottom to face, and flowing : out one foot deep all over the level. Some ! portions of the ore are payable, chiefly ! where the lode is firm, otherwise it is low | grade. On Welcome lode, driven 71ft, lode 10ft wide, •of payable ore. Empire lode eastern end is 1641t in, lode very tough and hard to break, but of payable qusity. Western end of level has been extended 117 ft, making total of 125 ft from south - east crosscut. At 80ft . west the lode split in two sections, south part about 3ft wide, north about sft. The north section being strongest was followed up to present face, where it is somewhat disturbed by a. channel of broken country ; but is now making stronger in face, about 3ft wide, ore o'f good quality. Work at No. 5 level includes Martha lode, eastern end advanced total of 733 ft from No. 1 shaft, north-west crosscut. At 729 ft the lode is 34ft wide, of which 29ft is mineralised ore of good quality, balance oxidised rubbly ore. North or footwall sec- I tion of Martha lode driven west of No. 1 shaft, north-west crosscut, total of 120 ft; ore partly mineralised, and payable. Northwestern crosscut from No. 2 shaft, extended total of 326 ft. At 311£ ft a wall of country was met with which at first was taken for north wall of Martha lode, but on driving 3£ft through this sulphide ore came to hand, which proved good quality for 2£ft, then changed to conglomerate mineralised coun,try, and quartz up to present face with no - defined wall as yet. Operations were commenced a short time ago on a lode cut in south-eastern crosscut from No. 2 shaft, at 468 ft from shaft situated between Empire and Princess lodes. The level here has been extended west 40ft on course of reef, wide at face, composed of ore of fairly good quality. Eastern end has also been advanced from south-east crosscut, 61ft; oro of good quality, and varies in thickness from 9ft to 4ft at eastern cud, the variation being due to a series of branches striking off and junctioning again. The works at No. 4 level 'include sinking of winze 49ft east of Juno pass to locate Martha lode, which was successful, and putting in of crosscut near No. ,12 pass, which has been ran in 115 ft ' .through virgin country, the object in view ■being to pick up the south section of Welcome lode. Stoping work is in progress at Nos. 3 and 2 levels.

The Grand Junction are continuing their works, both at the Grand Junction and the Waihi West section. Boring has also been resumed at the Waihi Consols. THAMES. , Mining matters in this district are in much the same state as they have been for some time past, and as .yet there are no indications of an improvement setting in. The present state of affairs is much to be regretted, but still there is hope that sooner or later a change for the better will take place, for as long as work is continued in the mines that are at present being developed, either by wages men or tributers, there is "always the prospect that a good run of gold will be met with which will help to stimulate the industry and cause renewed operations being undertaken in other mining properties.

The tributers in the May Queen Hauraki Company's mine won gold to the value of, £707 5s 9d during the four-week period ended on February 21, for which retina they crashed 183 tons of general ore and 181b of picked stone. On February 25 a tribute block upon the Cardigan Nos. 1 and 2 reefs, situated between Nos. 4 and 6 levels, adjacent to what is termed the seaward slide, was let to Ellis and party on the condition that they pay the company 47£ per cent, of the value of the gold they may win from the block. The block in question had been applied for by numerout tribute parties, owing to its proximity to other blocks that had turned out well, and this induced the company's representatives to invite applications for it. The result was that 56 different parties applied for it, and the percentage offered ranged from 17£ to over 50 per cent., but all the applications at and above the last-named figure were thrown out, and one at 47£ per cent, was accepted. The period' for which the block is let is six months, and not less than four and not more than six men are to be employed by the tribute party during that period.

The New Moanataiari Gold Mining Company's tributes secured gold to the value of £710 9s 6d during the four weeks ending on February -21, for which they, crushed 130£ tons of general ore and 1041b of picked stone. No other work than that being performed by tributers is in progress in the company's mine.

The Waiotahi Company's return for February month was 1330z of gold from 100 tons of ore, valued approximately at £360. It will thus be seen that this company is keeping up its average yield of gold, and as a proof that its operations are of a remunerative character, the company has just paid a dividend of Is per share on its subscribed stock. The tributers' yield of gold in the Kuranui-Cale-donian Company's property has dropped off considerably of lute, which is no doubt a sign that the upper blocks in the mine are becoming somewhat exhausted. During February the tributers, of which there are still numerous parties, only banked 38oz 14dwt of gold between them, valued at £106 2s 3d, which, was the product of 39£ loads of general ore and of picked stone.

Owing to the non-success which has attended its operations for some time past, the Ethel Reef Gold Mining Company, whose property is situated in the Hape Creek district, has decided to discontinue all further work, and to throw up all its interests in its Thames property. The first step towards disposing of its property was taken on February 24 last, when there was submitted to public auction a considerable quantity of miscellaneous mining requisites, comprising iron rails, trucks, tools, timber, etc., together with three small buildings erected on the mine, which had been used respectively as a change-house, blacksmith's shop, and office. The whole realised a total sum of about £107. The company is also taking steps towards disposing of its mine.

What was formerly known as the Waitangi special claim, situated up the Shellback Creek, but which is now known as the New Discovery, is at the present time receiving considerable attention at the hands of a local syndicate. For the last six months they have had a staff of miners at work cleaning out and renewing old workings, with the object of further opening up and testing two well-defined lodes that exist in the property. Assays which have been made from samples taken from the lodes have shown a value of from 30s up to £20 per ton, but as the ore is of a highly mineralised character it is difficult to treat in bulk. However, a parcel' of 20 tons is now undergoing treatment at the Moanataiari Company's battery, where the ore is being crushed and concentrated with a view to shipping the concentrates to Dapto (New South Wales) for further treatment. Should the result prove satisfactory, the syndicate intends to initiate a complete scheme of development operations in order to. systematically open up their property..

There is no return of gold to chronicle on this occasion from the Eclipse Company mine, at Upper Tararu, but the usual remunerative works are proceeding and crushing is continuously being carried on. Development works are also proceeding in the Thames Talisman, May Queen Extended, New Alburnia, Tararu, Kuranui, and other properties. WAIOMO.

At Waiomo, the Monowai Gold Mining Company's operations are being pushed forward with great energy, there now being a large staff of miners employed in the mine under the supervision of Mr. 6. S. Clark, who assumed that position on the Ist inst. The prospects in the mine continue of a most promising character, and the supply of ore coming to hand from the workings upon the main lode, both at and above No. 3 level, is large and of a highly remunerative class. The extension of the low level and other development works in connection with the property is proceeding most satisfactorily. A shipment of 35 tons of concentrates was forwarded to the Dapto smelting works (New South Wales) about a fortnight ago. Operations are also proceeding in the Broken Hill, Victory, and Lord Nelson claims in the same district.

TAIRUA. In this district mining operations are assuming a very favourable aspect owing to the success which is attending the operations that are being carried on in two or three of the properties that are under course of development. The Tairua Broken Hills Gold Mining Company banked their first return of gold for the present year a few days ago, after crushing 400 tons of ore. the value of the yield therefrom being £1920, which is a very satisfactory result. The prospects in the mine are stated to be of a most hopeful character, and as the property is now being well and systematically opened up, there is every probability of regular monthly returns of bullion being henceforth forthcoming. Operations in the Chelmsford Gold Mining Company's property are at present chiefly confined to the development of No. 1 reef, the ore from which has lately shown an improvement in value. The output of ore is simply sufficient to keep the company's mill fully employed. The return just to hand shows that 226 tons of ore were treated for bullion valued at £326 18s 2d. Development works are proceeding in the Tauiwha Gold Mining Company's property, and very encouraging prospects are being met with. COROMANDEL. Since last Summary the most important work in Coromandel has been the opening of the Mermaid Seabeach claim, situated on the foreshore of the Coromandel Harbour. It is intended to sink shafts to prove the quality and depth of silt, preliminary to the erection of a plant to treat the stuff. The scheme of treatment includes sluicing and crushing, and if the gold can be extracted at moderate cost, there is every prospect of the property proving a good investment. The existence of gold has already been demonstrated. A trial crushing of a bulk parcel by ordinary battery process some time back gave a return of 15dwts per ton, and a selected parcel yielded 2oz per ton. The Royal Oak- of Hauraki is again to the fore with a satisfactory crushing, notwithstanding the want of water. During the month the battery only ran 14 hours on general ore. Last week we had a good fall of rain, which will fill the creeks and waterraces, and enable the manager to put through more general ore this month. Eight tons of ore and 6061b of specimen gave a yield of 480oz 2dwt gold, valued at £1233 0s Id. At the Kathleen Crown mine development work is being pushed on, and the ground systematically prospected. At the West Tokatea gold mine, in the upper workings the lode is being driven on with satisfactory results. While breaking down last week a good haul of 1001b of picked stone was obtained. The. contractors 1 are making good progress extending the low level, and it is expected that the lode will be intersected with 50ft driving. The mine is looking well, and the prospects for obtaining payable gold never looked better in this mine than at the present time. It is expected that a number of miners will be put on at an early date.

In the Hauraki gold mine gold has been seen in all the faces being worked. The mine is being worked- with a limited staff at present. The tributers are rising upon the cross-leader above the No. 2 level; occasionally blotches of gold are seen. The leader keeps small. A quantity of picked stone is on hand.

The Nil Desperandum mine (Mahakirau) put through a small parcel of stone, weighing 121b, at the. local branch of the Bank of New Zealand, for the satisfactory return of 6oz 7dwt melted gold. The manager expects very shortly to put through the Mahakirau battery a parcel of general ore, from which satisfactory returns are expected. I

In the Hauraki No. 2 gold mine the prospects are looking very encouraging, the country being all that could be desired for gold-bearing. The centre leader has junctioned with the footwall leader, and gave good prospects 'of coarse gold about the junction. The footwall leader is about Ift thick, and the hangingwall leader from 6in to Bin thick. Both are prospecting well.

In the Progress-Cattle Rock mine good work is being done, and a quantity of ore is on hand. The reef is looking remarkably well, and showing gold at each breakingdown. KUAOTUNU. , , The Waitaia gold mine continues to give satisfactory fortnightly returns, 60 tons of tailings by cyanide treatment have yielded gold valued at £127 15s 2d, and 25 tons of ore by battery treatment gave a yield of 270z 13dwt, valued at £85 9s Bd. The mine is looking well, payable ore coming to hand from the stopes. In the Irene gold mine, White and party, tributers, have just completed a crushing of 110 tons of ore for a return of £338 2s Bd, or equal to £3 Is 6d per ton. The party are now at work getting out another crushing.

THE GOLD RETURNS. TOTAL FOR THREE WEEKS, £58,321. The gold returns from the bullion-produc-ing mines of the Auckland district for the past three weeks reach a total of £58,321 2s 2d, or just £60 less than the return for the previous three weeks. The total is a highly satisfactory one, as will be seen by contrast with the returns for the corresponding period last year, which totalled £51,640, showing an increase of £6681. Following are tho details of the returns: — OHINEMURI. . £ b. d. Waihi G.M. Co.. 12,939 tons ... 41.090 0 0 Waitekauri G.M. Co.. 2062 tons ... 3,689 0 0 Hikutaia Gold Syndicate, 450 tons 281 6 8 N.Z. Crown Mines, 2560 tons ... 6,383 0 0 Komata Reefs G.M. Co.. 710 tons ... 937 0 0 Total Ohinemuri district £52,385 6 8 THAMES. £ s. d. Kuranui-Caledonian tributers, 39). loads. 21Jlb, 38oz 14d\vt 106 2 3 May Queen Hauraki tributers. 183 tons, 181b. 2620z 6dwt 707 5 9 New Moanataiari tributers, 130]! tons. 1041b, 2580z 16dwt 710 9 6 ■Waiotahi G.M. Co., 100 tons, 1330z 360 0 0 £1083 17 6 TAIBUA. Tairna Broken Hills G.M. Co., 400 tons 3.920 0 0 Chelmsford G.M. Co., 226 tons ... 326 0 0 Total Thames district £4,129 17 6 COROMANDEL. £ s. d. Royal Oak of Hauraki. 8 tons ore, 6061b stone 1,233 0 1 Hauraki Mines, Limited, tributers, 1911) Htone 4 19 9 Nil Deupersuidum, 121b stone ... 16 10 8 Waitaia G.M. Co.. 60 tons tailings and 25 tons ore 213 4 10 Irene tributers, 110 tons 338 2 8 Total Coromandel district ... £1,805 18 0 Total AuckUnd district, for three weeks ..£ ■ 68,321 22 Total corresponding period last . year 51.640 0 1 Increase, „, , »m *. £6,681 % 1

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OUR GOLDFIELDS., New Zealand Herald, Volume XXXIX, Issue 11913, 14 March 1902, Supplement

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OUR GOLDFIELDS. New Zealand Herald, Volume XXXIX, Issue 11913, 14 March 1902, Supplement

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