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COMPLETION OF SALE. ; ' : ' i: ' :: £5250 CASH PAID. ! ' The; manager of the Hauraki South Gold Mining Company yesterday received notification from the Bank.of New ; Zealandj:'Auok/ land, -that the sum of £5250, being ; the balancß*J9f the cash* purchase prioe of the property, had arrived in Auckland from London, and that the same would be, handed over to the on the. registration of, the transfer to.the new company.- This Messrs. Jackson and Russell have arranged shall take place to-day, all necessary documents having been prepared under, instructions from .Mr. M, ' A. Philips, \ Moisrs. Wynyard and Purchas have been the company's solicitors,' and 1 have watched the proceeding!! throughout on their behalf. The sum received will" pay about la 9d per share to local J shareholders,'. who will > also be entitled to one £1 share in.the new company for every 3 MOth shares now held. The purchasing ; company,' .the , Hauraki v Gold lining Company, (Limited), has/a capital of '£90,000, of. whioh: £80,000 Only has been issued, the remaining £10,000 being reserved for working capital;'*'' ' '/■'""'

, IN 7ICTA NORTH G.M. CO. The annual meeting of.the luvicta North Gold Mining Company was held yesterday at the office of Mr. J. H. Harrison. Mr. Wm. Baildon presided. The accounts showed an expenditure of £251 2s 6d, leaving a balance in hand of £18116s 2d.,'* The mine manager's and directors' reports were received and adopted. Mensrs, -Baildon and A. i Smith were re-elected. directors, and ■ Mr. Cahill auditor. • ■ .- _

GOLDEN ANCHOR G.M, CO. " The annual meeting of shareholders in the Golden Anchor Gold Mining Comoany was held yesterday at the office of Mr. J. H. Harrison, Mr. M. Niccol presiding. The balance-sheet showed a balance in hand of £443 193 3d, with £817 10s 6d handed over from the Jessiej. Company on amalgamation. The balance in hand at the end of the year was £643' 2s Id- The,.directors' and mine 'manager's reports l having been adopted, Messrs. M. Niccol and Blaikie were reelected directors, and Mr. A Fraser auditor.

v ..,, • OPHIRG.M. CO. ,' An extraordinary genoral meeting of shareholder's in the Opliir Gold Mining Company was held yesterday at the office of Mr. Barber,' Victoria Arcade, Mr. A. Wright occupying the' chair. The direotors were authorised to sell or otherwise dispose of the property. In Chairman stated that the offer made for the company's property would mean that shareholders would receive about Is per share in cash.

KENNEDY'S- BAY TOWNSHIP AND . . MINING COMPANY. A company has been formed, the shares being privately subscribed, to layouts township and work freehold mining property at Kennedy's Bay, .the area acquired being 233 'aor'es, with water frontage, and forming the site of the Kauri Timber Company's old mills. The direotors appointed are Messrs. S. T. George, J. J. Craig, and A. Kidd; secretary. Mr. S. H. Matthews; bankers, the Bank of New Zealand solicitors, Messrs, Gillies and Colbeck. The newly-discovered 40ft. i reef at Kennedy's Bay is said to be on this property.

ANGLO-SAXON'G.M. CO. A meeting of subscribers in the AngloSaxon Property was held yesterday at Mr. W. Elliot's office, Bank of New Zealand Chambers, Judge Seth-Smith presiding. It was decided to form the Anglo-Saxon Gold Mining Company (no liability) with a capital of £8,000, represented by 80,000 shares of 2s each. The following appointments were made :—■ Legal manager, Mr. W. Elliot; directors, judge Seth-Smith, Messrs. J. T. Julian, Graves Aiekiu, Jos. Thornes, and B. M. Murray, with a qualification of not less than 250 shares; bankers, National Bank of New Zealand; solicitors, Messrs. Maokechnie and Nicholson ; auditor.Mr. F. A. Clarke. At a subsequrnt meeting of the Board, Judge Seth-Smith was appointed chairman; it was decided to appoint a mine manager forthwith, and to push on with the work of opening the reefs which.have been exposed on the property.

CABBAGE BAY. | Increased attention is being paid to tho .Cabbage Bay district. One property, the '-Moehau Star, has been sold outright for ; £3000. Several adjacent properties privately I held have been reported on, with a view to | home dotation, and arrangements are in progress to take, over, work, and develop the Cabbage Bay property, some ot the trials for | 'which, it is stated, have gone from ljoz to I lloz to the ton. i

GENERAL MINING ITEMS. The Grand . Triple special claim (late Waipuru Extended) is being placed on the local market by Messrs. Moms and Edwards aud Mr. Norman Baker. The olaim adjoins the Puru Consolidated, and is surrounded otherwise by the Waimea, Ulysses, and Waipuru claims. Thirty-five shares of £35 each, representing 1000 scrip each, are offered to the public. An advertisement relating to the Dorothy special claim appears in another column. Applications for shares should be made to Messrs. Ruddock aud Walker or Stone and Home. ■ The prospectus of the Golden Band special claim at Tapu appears iu our advertising columns. The property consists of 100 acres, and of 80 shares 30 (1000 scrip each) are offered to the public at £25 each. Plans, etc, can be seen with Mr. John Hastie or Messrs, Porter and Hampson. A meeting of shareholders in the Darwin licensed holding will be held at the Chamber of Mines this afternoon. Mr. A. Fraser, of 81, Queen-street, says in reference to the Aldershot licensed holding, 'It having been ascertained that Aiken's reef runs right through the Aldershot ground, the promoters have decided to float the property by itself. It is erroneous to say that the Aldershot is under offer for amalgamation with any other company. Some good stone from the New Golconda was ou view yesterday at Mr. D. G. MaoOonnell's. Tho mine manager of the City of London property telegraphed yesterday:— To-day in breaking down the drive on Vale of Avoca leader nice colours of gold were seen iu the quartz.' The following telegram was received yesterday ;—' Waverley: Reef developed into fine body of stone 5 feet wide; gold showing freely in the stone.' Mr, James Gordon has been appointed mine manager of thoOhinemuri Gold Mining Company's property. The boring operations are said to have proved so satisfactory that work will be commenced at once to sink a j shaft.

I A meeting of shareholders in the RangiI puhiand Mersey liceused holdings, Kennedy's Bay, will be held at Hobson's Buildings on Monday, at 3 p.m. Subscribers for shares in the New Tararu Syndicate are requested to pay the amount due before noon to-day, at the offices of Messrs. Markham and South. The shares will be allotted in order of payment. Mr. Walter Thorpe, certificated mine manager, Paeroa, has a mining notification elsewhere. A meeting of subscribers for shares in the Hinton Gold Mining Company will be held at tho New Zealand Insurance Company's Buildings at 1 p.m. on Wednesday next. Subscribers for shares are requested to forward amount before time of meeting, otherwise their names will be erased from the list.

Applications for post of mine manager are invited by the Great United Gold Mining Comnany (Kuaotunu). A meeting of shareholders and subscribers to the Queen Madge Gold Mining Company will be held at 205, Victoria Arcade, to-day, at 3 p.m. A call of one penny per share has been made in the Chelt Gold Mining Company.

THAMES WARDEN'S COURT. [BY tuleqbapii.— correspondent.] Thames, Thursday. At the Warden's Court to-day, Mr. H. Eyre Kenny presiding, tho following business was transacted :— SPECIAL Of,,*IMS. Applications for special claims were dealt with as follow :-0. J. Walker, Morning Star, Whangamata. recommended; Joseph Dinar, Fenian, Wnungamata, adjourned until tomorrow morning; Henry Lowe, New Find, Tairua, Adjourned to August 13 • Charles Short, Whangamata Reofs, Whangamata, recommended; William Elliott, Whangamata Consolidateu, Whangamata, objected to by Wm. Eddoes, and adjourned to August 13 i C. H. Hanson, Champion, Waiomo, recommended; George Loram, Golden Star, Tnirua, recommended to bo granted uuder the namo of Golden Planet, there being already a Golden Star license in existence; Charles Marsland, Golden Star No. 2, Tairua, recommendod under the name of the Golden Orb; Reubons Kerry, Happy Thought. Lower Tararu, recommended; A, M, MoMahou, New Wentworth, Whangamata, recommended ; S, Catran, Morning Dawn. Tairua, objected to by Kauri Timber Co., adjourned to August 13. rROTECTIOK, Applications for protection ware dealt with as follow Thomas Mallet and E. 0. Beale, three months' protection for the Mount Taylor special claim, Uppor Tararu, granted; E. H. Barber, six months' protection for the Piuo&cle Bpoewl elajro, granted ; J, A. Food,

six months' protection for th'o .Dream lioensed holdirig,',Tarartt,' grantedf George Bison, M months'' protection > for the Scottish Chief, special claim, Tararu, granted R. Abbott, Bix months' protection for the Electric. Light special > claim, granted; f: Edward Edwards, six months' protection for the Golden Belt special' claim, :? granted; P. 0. Hansen and others, four months', protection for a creek claim, at. Gentle Annie Creek, Tapu, granted;' . the Monowai Amalgamated Gold Mining. Company, six months' protection for tho Monowai special claim, VVaiorao, granted; R. i'orr, six mouths'; protection for Moonstone specialclaim,Ohui, granted! R, H, Abbott, six months' protection for the Lux Mundi special claim, msiohine site arid water-race, situated . at Boat Harbour, granted; Elijah Targett, six months'protection for Young Australian licensed l holding, Karaka Creek, adjourned to August, 13; J; P. Ward, six months' protection for the Nil Desperandum Extended, ' and Nil Desp tamtam No. 2 licensed holdings, Ohui, granted. PKBMISSION.TO WORK WITH LESS MEN. Applications to work with a leas number of men were doalb with us follow :-J. W. Walker, permission to work the Favourite Foreshore special claim, Thames, with one man for four months, Mr. Clendon appeared for the applicant, and stated that Mr. Walker had entered into negotiations with Mr. J, J. Cooper, of London, to take over the property in question, aim to provide a working-capital of £50,000. The application was granted. D. Sheridan, permission to work the Golden Horn licensed holding, Tap'i, with four instead of seven men for four months: James McWilliams, permission to work the Royal Sovereign special claim, Tararu, with two instead of thirty-one men for four mouths; A. Field, permission to work the Marigold licensed holding for four months with one instead of two men, granted; Henry Beaker, permission to work the Carnation licensed holding for four months with one instead of three men, granted; P. G. Eraty, permission to work the Kedge special claim for four months with three instead of 33 men, granted; Annie Ward,' permirsion to work the Manaia licensed holding for four months, with one instead of five men; the Mount D'Qr' licensed holding for four mouths with one instead of ten men, and the Clontarf special claim for four months with one instead of 17 men, granted; J. P. Ward, permission to work Sybiline special claim for four months with two instead of 20 men, the My Daisy licensed holding for four months with one instead of four men, the Egmont licensed holding for four months with instead of seven men, the Ngatipa special claim for' four months with one instead of. 25 men, and the Maoriland licensed holding for four months with one i instead of . five men, all granted; A. Ward and G. Clarkson, permission to work the Harp of Tara licensed holding for four months with two instead of ten men, granted; E. C. Beale, permission to work the, Whakacu licensed holding for four months with one instead of five men, granted. (rJ ' ' ' MISCELLANEOUS APPLICATIONS. '~ The following miscellaneous applications were dealt with:—James Browne, machine site; Tararu, granted; A. Kummert, water- , race, 1 Moariauui, granted; -Arthur Wright : (for WhangataiaGold Mining Co., water-race, < Pnrtt, granted; J. W. Ryau, water-race, Wharekawa, adjourned to August 13; Joseph Bishop, i water-race, Tairua, objected to by . the Kauri Timber Company, and adjourned to ; August 13; C. J. Walker, water-race, Tairua, also objected to by Kauri Timber Company, and adjourned to August 13; E. R. Edwards, water-race, Moananui Creek, granted; Edward Malloy, residence site, Tairua, adjourned to August 13; A. Campbell, water-race, Puru, granted; R. J. Farrell, residence site, Tairua, adjourned to August 13; C. Manuel, water-race, Pnhoi Creek, adjourned to August 13; James Say, business site, Whangamata, adjourned to August 13; Charles Prescott, two men's ground, Hape Creek, granted; A. F. von Essen, quartz claim, Mangarahu Creek, granted; William Eddowes, machine site, Tairua. granted: John Murphy, business site, Whangamata, adjourned to August 13 ; Henry B. Erridge, business site, Whangamata, adjourned to August 13; E. M. I'ole, business site, Whangamata, adjourned to August 13; same, Tame, Matehaere, Try Fluke olaim, granted; H. Holterman, resi dence site, The Wires, adjourned to August 13. A PLAINT. A plaint lodged by D. Henderson, against Oscar Brown, applying for the forfeiture of a water-race at Waiotno, was adjourned by request of counsel for defendant to August 13, the latter to pay the costs. CERTIFICATE OF SALE. On the application of Mr. Gitto3, solicitor, the Warden granted a certificate under the Mining Companies Act, sanctioning the sale of the City of London Gold Mining Company's property. SURPLUS GROUND APPLICATIONS. The effect of the Warden's judgment in the case of King No. 2 application, heard at Paeroa en Tuesday last, is that plaints for surplus ground are disposed of, and that in future anyone desirous of obtaining the surplus of a pegged area will have- to peg out and apply for the whole ground in the ordinary manner. In consequence of this ruling all applications for surplus ground that would have otherwise been brought before the Warden to-day to be dealt with were adjourned until next Court day in order that the applicants might consider their position. THE KAURI TIMBER COMPANY. During the hearing of an application today for the granting of a water-race at Tairua, which was objected to by the Kauri .Timber Company, the Warden stated that the latter company had been granted such extensivo water-rights all over the district that it was now almost impossible to get anv water for mining purposes. He said the company was seldom represented in court, and when it was represented it never adduced any evidence. He did not kuow whether the company had an object in pursuing such a policy, but he would advise applicants whose applications were opposed by the company to communicate with the company's solicitor as to what they intended doing in the matter, and if no steps were then taken to sustain the objection he (the Warden) would feel himself entitled to deal with the applications. MISCARRIED PLANS. During the proceedings of the Warden's Court to-day the Warden auuouueed that a number of plans for licensed holdings and special claims that should have come before him that day for the purpose of being dealt with had been by mistake forwarded on to Paeroa, and as they had only been returned to the Thames latu on the previous eveuihg they consequently had not been received the stipulated 24 hours before the sitting of the Court. He had been considering what was best to be done in the matter, and bad come to the conclusion to adjourn the application until to-morrow (Friday), when he would take all the evidence required in connection with them, but would refrain from either granting or recommending them, as the case might be, until the 13th of August. This course, His Worship said, would do away with the necessity of the applicants being present on the last mentioned date. The applications affected by the above are as follows:—Londonderry No. 2 licensed holding ; Southern Reefs licensed holding; Puru Consols special claim; Matura Extended licensed holding; Gaelic special claim; Rob Roy special claim, and Old Cardigan Extended special claim. Whilst the above matter was under consideration, Mr. Baume drew the Court's attention to the necessity that existed for all plans being received at the Warden's office at least three clear days before the day of hearing, instead of 21 hours, as was therecognised rulo at present time. He considered three days was none mo muoh at the present time on account of the rapid manner ground was being taken, and the danger that existed of encroachment, which necessitated greater care being exercised in looking over the plaus before they were dealt with. Both Messrs. Miller and Clendon, however, expressed their belief that two clear days would be sufficient for the purpose, aud eventually His Worship said he would make it a rule henceforth thatall plaus, whether for special claims, liceused holdings, water-races, machine sites, or residence sites, should be lodged at tlio Warden's Office at least 48 dear hours before the day of hearing, which rule he would apply to all the districts over which he had jurisdiction, viz., Thames, Coromandel, and Kuaotunu. ' PROSPECTING AREAS. Extended prospecting areas at the Great Barrier Island were to-day granted by WardeiiKenny to the undermentioned pot sons, viz., Win. 15, Coßuar, Win. Elliott, Frank Amodeo, A. K. Jowitt, Joseph Thome, Herbert Gentles, Edmund Manony, P. A. Stein, M. T. N. Bluck, George Elliott, John Kneebone, Thomas Kneebone, and Edward Foster. Mr. J. A. Miller and Mr. Mahony (of Auckland) appeared on behalf of the applicants,

MINE MANAGERS' REPORTS. Tandem (Coromaudel).—Driven east on the reef. On each breaking down good loose prospects and excellent returns by pounding and washing have been obtained. The reef is from two to three foot wide, and gold is visible in breaking down. I have saved all tho quartz, and estimate that it should yield at least 3ozs per ton. Driving west, the reef is broken, but the quartz looks well. Golden Sparf (Coromaudel, July -28),— Tho reef is full width of tunnel, but no gold yet. Qhinemciu SrNDiCATK.—Nothing fresh to report. Class of country all that could be wished for. WAiTitKAimi Sodth.— in low lovol has made solid again and is now four feet wido j stone from this reel gavo dish prospacts; reef in crosscut five feet wide.

['■'['• Qj.UNDO. -Broke down new again to- : day" j showing coarse (told freely. '. : <", www Link (KuaQtuuu).— leader , to-dity; another 51b specimen Bent 51b by ; steaiiierttf-day. T f-.'/'i, ■ ', ,■■ , ; Hauraki North'ijCoromandel).—Ore of ; good quality still coming to hand; report by I mail." -■".- ;>.''-•--i ; "' :>, 5 ■- ■ ' ,*■,.'"' -, „• ; BsANtri (Waitekauri,; July 2?).—Nice !■ joints* country; is at present id the face, and ; the wader continues to look promising. j' i' OoiiANiA (Waitekauri, : July '/!).— The / country in the face is still, tight, with quartz i .BenoiH through it, -~;::.' {• .-^■■ ...■<< ■.■'■ : . .Bull Rock .(Thames, -j July,2B).—No. 1 , level i The reef at present in the face is 1 foot in thickness, and. carries some nice minerals, p Nov 2 level: The reef here Is' 3 feet 6 inches , in 'thickness, and" still, carries splendid . minerals, I can always get gold in pound- . inpj. No. 3 level: The' reef is 7 feet in , thickness, and still carries the same favour- , able minerals. The country is very firm, interlaced with mineral and silica veins, and shown gold in pounding. • ' Zualandia (Coromandel, July 27).—N0 , thinn new to report. i Cm of Auckland (Thames, July 25),— i Prospecting the level for the whole length. I I find really good dish prospects all the way, , especially at the end of the level westward, i mraniji (Thames, July 25).—The drive ■ on the main reef: The reef has been picked i up on. the eastern aide of the break, and is i now nine inches think. The country is still i disturbed, but shows signs of improvement. , SoViB British (Karangahake, July 25). — • The Dubbo level: A 3-feet reef was interi seel/sl, and the stone has a very kindly appearance for gold. [ Wmtekauri No. 2 (Waitekauri, July 25). , —No change worth noting. 1 May Qobkn Extruded (Thames, July 27). I Tim last few feet we have had several i small quartz veins coming in from the east ■ side (if the drive, ranging from three inches , to one inch. The reef continues very much : the 9iime. i Victoria (Thames. July 27).— western i drive at No. 3 level: The leader still con- , tinuej to show every sign of improvement, i coloars of gold being seen at every breaking ; down. The quartz in the tootwall of the t drive appears to be the hsingingwall portion > of the Mariner's reef. The latter reef at this i particular place is over 30 feet in width. In , the mope over the intermediate level east of • the 'flfinze gold is aeon freely at each breaking , down, and 81b of stone were saved. Sinking • has been continued in the winze below No. 1 ! level. The leader is very small, though i carrying gold the whole way down. No. 1 i wiosse: In breaking down the leader here ) tw c or three pounds of stone were selected. I JCarancahake (Karangahake, Only 25) ! The reef has been cut through, and is eight ' feet across; the stone is heavily mineralised. 1 Mount Waihi (Waihi, July 25).— far no ' quails has been met with. > Sm Juiiics(Waihi, July 25).— country ; looks well for carrying gold. Progress-Castle Rock (Coromandel, July • 27).—Obtained about two pounds of picked stone when first starting to break down the i reef. Nothing showing since so far. The i reef is now fully two feet thick, the specimen . leader having merged into the same. ; Tectonic (Paeroa, July 26).—Several small , leaders have been cut during the last fort- , night. A good flow of water comes from all i the leaders cut. ' Conservative (Thames, July 25).— 1 ground we are passing through is all that can , be desired for carrying reefs. Maritana (Owharoa, July 25).—N0. 3 level: The country is excellent. The stringers , of quartz crossing the face are carrying a little gold. Low level: Several small leaders have been intersected, for which I can obtain colours in the dish. 1 Pandora (Owharoa, July 25}.— two , men who are prospecting can obtain a little ; gold in the dish from any of the leaders they ■ meet with. They are getting samples from > them all. Great Northern. down portion of reef stripped last week, and am favourably , favourably impressed, as it carries large i quantity fine bright mineral. Found large ; body of quartz outcropping lower down in • bed cf creek, and am uncovering it. Doke op Ahgyle (Kennedy's Bay).—Have ' started opening out on big reef. The lode is ' from eight to 10 feet wide where it outcrops, and is carrying heavy mineral with it. Loose 1 colours can be got in places on surface by washing. ■ i Madge (Kennedy's Bay).— continued ' opening up on reefs already cut. The big ' reef, No. 1, has been opened up considerably ' and shows a strong body of stone very heavily ' mineralised. Loose colours of gold can be got, but the prospects showing are hardly good enough to warrant driving on it vet. Coni tinue to get prospects from No. 2 leader in ' places. Tho gold is of a course shotty uature. ! Another small leader has been outgiving a • few loose colours of gold. This lode is about three inches wide, and carries nice-looking stone. » Evening Star (Kennedy'o Bay).—Started ; opening out on No. 1 reef. This lode is about four feet wide, and has been cut in several 1 places giving first-class prospects by pound--1 ing und cashing. It is going through a ' splendid channel of country, nice blue sand- ! stone, carrying a number of small flinties. 1 Starting to open No. 2 reef. This lade is ; about 15 feet wide and carries a heavy mineral ! seam with it, about two feet wide. Loose ! colours were got in places on the surface, but ' the reef requires to be thoroughly opened up before its value can be properly ascertained. Look Oct (Kennedy's Several reefs " have been met with during the week, aver- : agin,; in thickness from 2ft. to din. One 1 leader of about Gin. was cut on Friday, and ' when tested gave splendid prospects of coarse ' gold. This lode has two good walls, carrying ; with it on the footwall a nice, dark mineral, and is running through a splendid channel of ' country, • Bay View (Kennedy's Bay).—No. 2 reef: Payable ore continues to come to hand each ' breakingdown; reefaveragiugfrom6iu.toßin. ' wide, looking well. Also continuing drive in 1 intermediate level, reef being here about 4in., ' giving fair dish prospects. New Zealandkr (Waitekauri, July 25).— ' No. :'. level. No. 2 reef : The reef is six feet 1 thick, the quartz carrying bright and other minerals, while a few colours of gold were seen in the stone. No. 1 level: The reef is four feet thick, carrying excellent mineral for gold, while the country is very good. On prospecting the crop of No. 5 reef a little loose gold was got by dish test. Esi'Eranza (Waihi, July 25).— in very good country for driving. Waitekauri South (Waitekauri, July 25).—Out reef in crosscut to-day. Cut into reef two feet; no footwall yet. The stone is of a very kindly nature, and is carrying a lot of mineral. Strklinq (Karangahake, July 27).—Drive on the hiingingwall portion of the large reef: Stilt continuing to get fair prospects of gold from the seams of rubble crossing the face. Crosscut : The country is of a nice blue sandstone formation, favourable for gold. Low level: The country, that is being penetrated is of a blue sandstone, intermixed with brown seams and small quartz stringers. Empress (Coromandel, July 27).—Drive on reef in top level: For the last few feet of driving the reef has been pinched up, but is improving again : at present it is about six inches wide, and still gives a fair prospect by dish. Pckewhau (Coromandel, July 25).—Have about five feet of the reef ready to break down on Monday. Martha Extended (Waihi, July 25).Country more of a softer nature in the tunnel, being greatly improved for working, Golden Hilt. Extended (Coromandel, July 25). -Shall start crushing about Thursday tiext. I Broken Hill (Thames, July 25).-Engaged | pushing ahead the crosscut as usual. ' | Comstook (Thames, July 25).-The reef in the present face is about three feet in thickness, a.iid is composed of ribs of quartz, and band? of mullock running through it. ! Talisman Extended (Karangahake, July 27).—Recommend that authority be given to me to sail tenders for 50 feet of driving in our present low level. May Queen (Thames, July 27).-Hayes' leader is not opening up so well going east as i I expected. We see a little cold all the time, ' butjnotluug to pick out. Clarken'B leader Is ' rather smaller than it was at the other levels, j and has not produced tho same amount of ' picked stone, but as the gold here rims in l floors we may bo in a poor spot at this level, i The battery started this morning, 12 head for ' company, 10 for Cambria, and 10 for Cardigan. Flower ok Waihi (Waihi, July 25).—The drive in being carried steadily ahead, and the class of samlstono has improved a little in the last tew feet driven. St. Patrick (Karangahake, July 25).— 2reof: The quartz looks well, having a very kindly appearance, and good prospects of gold cm he obtained by pouudiug and washing. New Alrd-rnia (Thames, July 27).— crosscut from chamber to 370 feet level has now beou finished, and a start has been made to repair the 370-teat level east and west on the course of Dixon's reef, Deei" Lead (Karangahake, July 25),— Started two of tho men to prospect in another creek further to the eastward. Hercules (Karangahake, July 25).— trendies have been cut across the top of the ! north outcrop, one still carrying colours of gold in tho rtibhly quartz. Ekoelsior (Karangahake, July 25).— country at present is very tight. Some prospecting to be done on the Francis section : of your property, as there is a large lode crossing the Waitawheta river; there is plenty of loose quartz of a payable nature in tho immediate vicinity ot this reef. Mariner (Karangahake; July 25).—Where 1 am at present prospecting the country rook is good, A new reef was discovered yesterday about 20 foot from the river and close to th« corner of ' Aiken peg, The appearance

,of the stone is superior y toy I hay» 8M •" your property. :,f: ' ■ " . : Britsse (Wiitekauri, July 271 The country: is still of/he: same' class vk good. ;, There are num/ers of small string J 1 1 .in the fate, heavily hineralised. and of» '-' I class that prospect fajly well when tested in * the-mortar..< Large M cut by Praflehel J This reef, -I now thins, has pinched out ann i thus we account -fir the large number 111 leaders we lave ma with in the last 200 feet ' I or SO..;' h ■ / !; - - '- v^''; J Crescent (Owhitoa. July'27).-Exploti U[ , , ' drive: No jhaugt Orient section' Tte 1; is a solid body of tone 2 feet thiok 'showing ' in the face of - -v.'l'B^ Ivakhoe iKa/ingahakc, July 25).—Th e ■" reef formation i 2 feet in thickness, inter. ■ * mixed with maiganese, and it is encase* '' "■ with a very g«i class of country cartyin* - well defined mn- Shotover section • Th* reef is fully 4 feet in thickness, and a we'll '. S defiued lode Mm which a few colours « I cold can be opined with the mortar a,-o "' i dish. - ™>- f||| Golden Poijr (Tapu, July 27). -Weste tn '"< section: i'he siinc good class of country still ■ prevails. TM eastern crosscut « no passing throua a more congenial clasj 0 f % country, highljcharged with minerals. '■• Pi Stanley (Klranijuhake, July 27).-N ? g 'S reef: Have cii through the break, aad havi again picked ip the reef, which is similj, and er-cased in!the same class of country j. that passed though previously. . , City of Loibos (Thames).-Intermediate '* drive: Tho liider is running in a splendid {i M class of couitrv. Drive in the Vale: of \M Avoca reef -. When breaking down to-day ' % nice colours a gold were seen in the quartz. M Great Kapsoa (Coromandel, July 071,, 'M A small leadf three inches thick has 'bt'eJ ■! met with, shiping colours and dabs of go!' ; , v% A drive has ben started to cut the new rec! ' ® mentioned injast report. , . \ : -0 Sheridan iTapu, July 27).—The: aami' - ; -: characteristiccountry prevails. i? Plunger ((prbmandel, July 25).—1 tip., ft on Tuesday td commence drive to intersect reef. I . ■:■. ■ ; 's Coirassierj (Coromandel, July 25).—The ■' drive has now|teached solid country. Prog, pecting has ben carried on with fairly ;»tl|. '• factory result!—two reefs which we'opened •' on surface crop, three feet wide, both 6! ' which have wn gold; we are now opening • s on a third abjut three feet. The ore is 0] ~. splendid qualify and very heavily mineralised. Orlando (Tunics, July 28)|-In breaking " down the newfeef at the foot of the bis hill 'S to-day strong ©lours and dabs of coarse rold V were freely seob. The reef shows a thickness' ''■ of 10 to 12 inctes and is intact, running tin M '*' whole length o| property. sr.yiMoanaTairi' North (Thames).-Por the W last 12 feet the reef has looked remarkably W well, being 18 inches thick and heavily fM charged with antimony, silica, and coppei " pyrites. Komata Triuhph (Waitekauri).— pre- ■' ." sent the drive is passing through a splendid class of country with nice mineral seams ma- ■! nine the same course as the drive, „:| Matadra (Waili).—Have not got the reef - in No. 2 drive yet, but there is a lot of quart! S in the face at presets. -'■ ' J.' ; : Central (WaiUkauri, July 27). -Main % crosscut: The best country that I have met k % with here and haVe already met with good $ looking quartz striagers two inches thick,: ■ i Hauraki No.2(Cbromaiidol, July2B).-The - l pump has, with the exception of a few necei- - sary stoppages, worked continuously, v. '; Waihi Monument Extended tWaihi),-A i commencement to prospect has been made: M very sanguine as to result. - \j|' Monarch of .all (Kuaotunu).-Cut leader No. 3 tunnel ono foot thick. f-

SOUTHERN MINING. [BY TELEGRAPH.-PRKS3 ASSOOIATIOS,),:' GREyHOiJTH, Thursday. The quartz reefs in this district are attracting unusual attention, On the Paparoa range an enormous area 61 ground has been pegged out. One of the Grey mouth merchants visited the Victory yesterday, and knocked oat some stone to satisfy himself, and it was remarkably rich._ The ranges are now coated with snow, and mining operations are obliged to be abandoned for the present.

AUCKLAND SHAREMARKET. A somewhat better tone prevailed yesterday in th! Auckland Sliaremarket, and at the cilia of the Stock, and Shuebrckers' Association some {oil transact ions were recorded. Hikuranei coals again changed bauds at 9s, Cambms, Cardigan-, and City of Danedius showed a disposition to hahlea after sales, as also did Norfolk*, Baeeltaks irere done at 6s 6(L Central: were largely in demand at steady prices; Waitekauri United* closed inn, after transactions at Us ii there was still demand at that. Wavurleys were strong, Utile was done iu Coromandel stocks, the chief feature beinitHanraki Souths, which advanced tn Sales at 3s M, further offers of 3j 6d being refused by holders. There were buyers flf.Wogif stocks at-Hi, and no sellers. Therei were offers of Ik 6d .'or feljsniin'j; of en.i for Waihi-Silvertwis; Cf 13s* for Try FlnKesi; of 8s ad for Kapai-Vermohts; and of 14s fot Moanataiaris. ■ ' '•'■:' v ?■ ■

ASSOCIATED STOCK AND MINIKS BROKERS. The following sales were recorded yesterday, by the Auckland stock and Minliic Brokers:-Albert, Is 3d, Is Id ; Broken Hill, Is 3d; City of Jiuieilin, 2s 6d; Golden Horn, lOd; Hazelbank, Ss Mj Ma; Queen Extended, BJd; New Albumin, B*3d, SsiU; Norfolk, ss; Occidental, M; Orlando. 9,1,1 M, 10|d: British Empire, id ; Byron Bay, Is 3d, Is Id; Clielt, Bid; Crescent. QA, 6d; Day Dawn, IOJd, lid; Golden Fleece, 3d; Golden Lion, 6d; Hit or Mia, lid, Is lid, 1- 3d; fvanhoe. Is 9d, Is 91d; Jewel, paid-up, Is ltE Kowata Queen, Is 3d; Komat* Triumph, Is sd; Mariner, Sd; New Zealander, !ld; Oceania, Is 6d; "bin, 8d; Pandora, Wjd, ltd, in|cl; Sybil, lid, 10J»I, lid; Fiery Cross. 10d,9d; Vortsei, 2s 3d ; Queen .if Waihi, iVi; Uoielarr, 14; Rothschild, fid, ttd ; Soferelpi, Is M. is Td; St. Patrick, Sd ; Talisman Extended, 3s; Victor, 6s 3d to 6s Bd, 5* Jd, os 5s (Is, 6sfti, lCd, &,» 9d, 5s 7d ; Waihi Consols, lid; Waihi Intended, i Is, Is Id ; Waihi Reefs, Is 4d; Waibl South. Is 3d. Is Id ; Waitekauri Hinted. 13s (Id : Waitekauri Prince. tOd, IOJd, ltd ; Weiith of Nationals 2d; Woodstock, 44s (id ; Alert, 4d; Bay View, &■«; Britannia, 2s id, 2s 2d, 2s 3d; Buffalo. is 3d ; Bunker';. Hill, 9s, Os 6d, fld,9< 3.1, 9» Id', Coromandel Freehold Proprietary, Is id. Is Cdj Empress M, 10d; Golden Hill Kxtended, Hi Great Kapanea, Is 3d, Is Id ; Harbour Vfeir, W| Hauraki No. 2, 2s 6d, 2s Sd; Hauraki S-rth, contributing, Os 6d ; Hauraki North, paid up, Es lid ; Hauraki South. Bs, 3s 3d, 3i sd; Nestor, »t; New Golconda, 2s sd; Princess May, 4jd; TOdem, Is Id ; Diadem, 7d; Golden Link, Is W, 11 7d; Kapaj.Vermont, 9s Cd; Lady Glasgow, 04

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HAURAKI SOUTH., New Zealand Herald, Volume XXXIII, Issue 10198, 31 July 1896

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HAURAKI SOUTH. New Zealand Herald, Volume XXXIII, Issue 10198, 31 July 1896

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