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ARRIVALS. pp t |), 14— William, 16 tons, G. Gedden, from Monganui, will) 22 casks (8 tuns) black oil, 19 bundles (15 ewt.) bone. — W. S. fiiahame, agent. Feb. 14 — Eclair, 40 tons, T. S. Peppi icorn, from Monganui, with 20 bags flour, 10 herc<'B beef, 5 boxes soap, 8 tons coats, 30 lbs tobacco, 1 bale slopa. — J. M.icky, agent. Feb. 14 — Endeavour, 18 tons, Emanuel Chiislian, from Mongnnut, in ballabt. Feb. 16 — Maiy TijJor, 14 tons, T. Owen from Ngururu, with 5,000 feet timber. Passengers — Mrs. Mucky, Mr. \ViotgrovP. — P. A. Phillips, agent. Feb. )6 — Pioviderce, 14 tons, \V. Winter, fiom Monganui, with 1 .tun speim oil, 2 tasks black oil, 6 pieces Dungaree. Feb. 16— Forager, 12 tom, Gwotsre Sout'igate, from Monganuij^-ith 12ptec s lX^ngaree, 10 boxes cigars. Feb. 16— Meiidleshnm 25 tons, G. G. Read, from the Kost Cape, wab 200 bushels maize, 400 bushels mniye. Passengots — 5 niitives. Feb. 16 — Victoria, 1? tons, S. Menick, fiom Waiheki, with 30 tons firewood. Feb. 17 — Mary, 21 tons, C. De Thierry, from Pakiri, with 50,000 shingles. Feb. 18— Mary, 25^ tons, Humify, for Waiheki, with 40 tons firewood. Feb. 19 — Ika Motu, 20 tons,'H. Lloyd, from Mercury Bay. Passengers — Mis. and Miss Lloyd. Feb. 19 — Mary Anno, 20 tons, Davis, from the East Coast, with 6 tuns onions. Feb. 18— Moa, brig, 236 tons, S. D. Norris, from Sydney. Passengers^ Rev.. T. Watsford, IM^. Watsford, 3 childcrn, W. Edgecombe, M. Hylaud, Lachlan McLever.— W. S. Gvahftnie, ngent. Feb. i9— Lion, American whaluig shij), 297" tons, James Nicliol r from the fishery. — T. Lewis, agent.

' DEPARTURES. Feb. 16— Victoria, 17 tons, S. Menick, for ballast. F6b. 16— Elizabeth, A3 tons, John David, for New Plymouth, with 23,000 feet timber, 4 packages ironwork, 2 sheets iron, £ ton salt, I hlid. porter, 12 packages merchandize, machinery for a mill, — Bain & Burtt, ngents, Feb. 17— Alary, 21 tons, C. de Thierry, for Pakiri, with 600 lbs. floor, 1 bag 6iigar, i> lbs. tobacco. Feb. 17— Mary Taylor, 14 tons, Owen, for Ngunguru, with 4 bags flour, 1 ditto sugar, 10 lbs. tobacco, '1 pieces print. Passenger — Mrp. Macky. Feb. 19 — Children, SO tons, A. Jones, for Russell, with > \ ton flour, a! tons sugar, 5 tons potatoes. Passengers— Rev. John Wairen, Mrs. and Miss Warren, ftliss Green, Mr. .Carleton, Mr. J. Williams, and Mr. C. Baker. — T. Lewia, agent. '-Feb. 18 — Kawhia, 20 tons, John Adam, for Canterbur}', '^wrth 5,000 feet timber, 1 bale hats, 1 case axes. * '.Passenger — Mr. Cooper. — J. Macky, agent. Feb. I.B— Mary, 25 tons, W. Iluntley, for Waiheli. Ftb 19-^ Forager, 12 tons, G. Southgate, for Matata, with 1 .horse, 1 bale Munkets, 5 coils rope, 1 bundle spades, and sundries.

IMPORTS — FORBIGX. Per Moa, from Sydney — 1 cask whiskey, 1 hlid. rum, 8 cases madeira, 3 pipes 2 hhds. brandy, 104 cas>L« beef, 25 horses, 238 sheep, 80 boxes soap, 4£ do., 5 tnns oil casks, 15 cases cotton prints, 8 bales slops, 12 casks pork, 12 chests congou, 16 £ chests ditto, 70 bags rice, 4 bbd. brandy, 3 do. rum, 1 puncheon gin, one package, 1 keg tobacco, 1 bale stationery, 1 case, 2 parcels, 1 bale leather, 1 case ; clotl)ing, 6-i mats sugar, 5 chests congou, 1 truss wooU«ns,2 cusps drapery, 60 bags flour, (J. Saurbier^; 30^oxes caudles, 2 packages metal nails, 1 ca^i/Jjffcpery, 16 v b&gsjjugar, 1 cask loaf sugar, 20 boxes soap, 10 bo^xes candle*, 13'iges groceries, 22 cases oilman's stores, 9 cases furniture Per Lion — 900 barrels sperm oil, 3a do. cocoanut, 1 case.

Her Majesty's Brigantine Pandora on leaving Auckland proceeded to the Northern ports to corry on hir surve)ing operations. She lias now surveyed the river Awanua, Aboaro, and Paringaringa, and sailed round the Three King 9; sounding in and out around them. She proceeded to Hokianga, where she arrived on the 81 b instant. Having surveyed the bar she sailed again on the 13th for Kaipara at which place she arrived last Monday, where she is now lying. She encountered bad weather during her cruize at the North. Captain IJrury and Mr. Simmons have arrived here overland, and are at present in Auckland. The American whaling ship Lion, of Providence, Rhode Island, Captain Nichols, is out 24 months, and has on board 900 barrels sperm oil, the greater part caught near the Equator, where she has been chiefly' cruibing. Sbe lately called at Upolo, and there took on board about 30 barrels cocoa-nut oil. This is, we understand Captain Nichols fiist vitit to Auckland, although during the last sixteen years he has been engaged in the whale fishery off the coast of New Zealand. Hitherto be has generally recruited at the Bay of Islands ; but when cruising on the Equator, about five weeks ago, he spoke the whale ship Enterprise, of Nantucket, Capt. Swaine, who recommended Auckland so strongly as the most suitable port for obtaining supplies, that Copt. Nichols decided upon proceeding to our port, on making the const. Capt. Swaine's continued recommendntions of Auckland as a recruiting port, are additional testimonies to the facilities it affords for that purpose, which only lequire to be made better known to make them more generally availed of. Wo i egret to have to, mention, in connection with this arrival, a very unjustifiable proceeding on the part of the master of a coasting schooner who having boarded the Lion on her passage up the gulf reported to Capt. Nichols that it was an expensive port to call at, and that pilotage was charged at the rate of 15s. per foot, he ofluring meanwhile to pilot the Lion up to the pilot station for a sum of £5. Such proceedings as these ought to be nairowly watched, both by the Government authorities and tfcfe community at large, as their influence cannot he otherwise than prejudicial to the interest of the port, which in every sen be may be declared in common with the other ports of the colony — a free one — with abundance of fresh provisions, at cheaper raies than they are to be had even on the coast, and now with the Customs Duties abolished on all the chief articles of Ship Stores they also can be had at a more reasonable rate here than in any other port in the colony. Captain Nichols reports the following vessels spoken near the Equator:— Dec 20. Emily Morgan, of New Bedford, with 550 barrels sperm; Hector, of New Bedford, with 2300 barrels speim ; BeH, of Fairhaven, with 180 berrels sperm ; Brighton, of New Bedford, with 650 barrels whale. Jan. 2. Schooner Supply, of Sydney, with 26 tuns cocoa nut oil, bound to Pitts Island — island then in sight. 10. Enterprise, Ntntucket, with 450 barrels sperm. Heard from the Phocion, of New Bedford, with 1250 bairels sperm. Feb. 15. London Packet, of Sydney, with 350 barrels sperm. We are glad to learn of Captain Swainn's recent success in the Enterprise, since proceeding southward ; his last report at Lahiana, on his return from the Arctic Sea, having been rather unfavourable. Th© Moa arrived on Wednesday afternoon after a pn§>age of fifteen days from Sydney. The biig Raven was to follow in about ten days and the Ilioraama in about three days after the Moa. The Raven's delay at Sydney has been chiefly in consequence of it having been found necessary to place her on the patent slip for examination and lepair. The Daniel Webster arrived at Sydney from Monganui on the 30th ult. The Moas sheep and horses have arrived in good condition. By advices leceived per Moa, we learn of the safe arrival, hence, of the barque Glencoe, dipt. Lillewall, at Shanghae, on the 16th of November, after a passage of 65 days. She had discharged her cargo of timber, and being ready to load for this port direct, may now be shortly expected.

Sydney. ARBiVALB.~Dec. 24. President, ship, Thomas, from San Francisco; Dai t, brig, Collins, from Melbourne; Liberty, schooner, Jobnaon, from Wide Bay. 26. Sarah Abigail, brig, Falkenburgb, from San Francisco ; Sheffield, American whaling ship, Boys, from Bernngs' Sirints ; Regia, brig, Johnson, from Shanghai ; ileleu Mar, icbooner, MoLeod, from Navigators' InUnds. 27. Jan?, barque, Brazier, from the South Soa Fiah,

cries. 28. Columbtls, schooner.- Bond, fiom San Francisco; Eliza, unique, i\l«n fj. Id, fr, m (he R.>uih S>a Fisheries; Shamrock, stunner, Gilmoip, Imm Launce.ston. 29. Tnmur, bnrq'io, Sinvner, fmm tn<> Downs, 7th Sept.; Rnven, brijr, Bowdon, from Auflnland. 30. Empire, schooner, (hidei wood, fiom San Francisco. 31. Titan, schooner, Furguson, from San Francisco. January 1. M.uv Stu >rt, schooner, Allpn, returned to port; Quetn of Sheha, ship, Cad«H, from San Frnnci-co; Nerbudda, bnqu", Muiur>, from Melbourne ; Albion, schooner, Lo\e from V\ i<lp Bay. 2. Elizabeth Jnue, schooner, Sorheran, from Wide Day. 3. Oiimtol, ship Hyde, fiom Newcastle; Keera, steamer, S.imthull, from Southampton, iRtJi Austin. 4. Champion, «c!iooner, Balday, fiom Hohmt To'vn ; William and Mary, baique, Avery, fiom Plymouth, sth Sppt. , Samipore, barque, Robinson, fiom AJamh; Jessie Byrne, barque, Tiaker, from Fiancisro. 5. Favorite, schooner, Stericker, fiom Port Phillip ; Catherine, schooner, Wilson, from Shanghai; Cartbagena, barque, Jones, from the Downs, ljth Sppt.; Robert Seyers, barque, Mornson, fiom Oporto; Prince of Walpa, brig, Gaunt, fiom Port Albeit. 6, Jan-, j barque, Pullot, from Mania; Cornelia, bfirqui», from Manila. 8. Lavinia, sohoonpr, Wvborn, from IMotcton Ba3 r ; Waldemar, Dutch barque, Schmidt, fiom Hongkong. 9. Don Juan, schooner, Courtenny, from Wellington. 10. Chieftain, schooner, Smith, from Pitts , Island. 12. Commodote, bniqup, Broad foot, from Melbourne; Wild Irish Gul, brig, Todd, from Melbourne. 13. Thomas Lord, schooner, Higgin 1 -, from Moreton Bay. 14. William P*nn, U. S. brig, Webster, from San Francisco; Moa, brijj, Norns, fiom Auckland. 16. Ea>;!e, sohocmer, Shanks, fiom Francisco. 17. Sarab, brig, Grant, from Wellington, I 18. Whiton, U. >S. barque, Smu4i. fiom Sun Francisco; He'en Baird, baique, Wilson, fiom, Melbourne ; J. Lovct, schooner, Poilili>y, from Mp)bour'ne; Wanderer, bug, Lacey, fiom Melbourne ; P s brel»e, schooner, Nickson, from Melbourne; litr< udHlp, scliooner, Laptboine. from Melbourne. 19. Ifigbtingole, American" slip, Fisk, from Melbourne; Phantom, bug, Brown, from Melbourne; Phantom, brig, Brown, from Melbourne. 20. Kiwi, brie:, Jofinson, from Kjipain. 21. Narn lial, b<irqt:e, Baker, from a whaling voyage; Toroa, schooner, Scholl from Moreton >Bay ; Margaret nnd Mary, schooner, Cunie, fiom Wide Bay. 22. Helen S Page, baique, Church, from Auckland; Jack, brig, Murphy, fiom Moroton' B.\y, 23. Ihomama, schooner, McFarlane, from Auckland. 24. Harp, schoonei, Somervillc, from IMureton Bay. 2?>. Wave, cutter, Fuller, from the Sandwich Islands. 26. Simn, brig, Knight, from Shanghai ; Mary Jane, schooner, Gouiluy, from Geelong ; Ganges, barque, Connell, from Anioy; Thomas und Henry, Bennett, fiom Port Phillip. 27. Lady Sale, barquti, Jackson, from Manila; Christina, brig, s,'ealds, irom Poifc Philljp ; Etoile tlu Matin, schooner, Cooney, fiom New Caledonia; Comet, schooupr, Coulston, from NnKon. 28. Shamrock, steamer, Gilmoie, from Launcpston and Melbourne. 28. Spray, brig, ScDtt, from Nelson ; Venus, schooner, Megraham, fiom Tahiti. 29. H. M. Schooner Bramble, Lieutenant Waid, from Auckland. 30. Daniel Webbter, baique, Jones, from WangaroA ; John Bartlett, Perkins, from Manila. Feb. 1. Rimswell, ship, Hawkins, from Liverpool; Louis and JVlinam, brig, Pilford, from Wellington; Wate'hly, schooner, Burgess, from Ilobart Town ; Jo eph Sonnies, barque, Elmstone, from Plymouth, 21st Oct. 2. Emma, brig, PocUey, from Hob'art Town ; Douglas, baique, Rogers, fiom Manila; Emma, barque, Kelly, from Melbourne; Liljias, schooner, Wilkinson, from Port Albert; Velocity, schooner, McVeigh, from Melbourne. DfPAivrunES. — Dec' '24. Jack, brig, Murphy, for Moreton Bay. 25. Mary Jane, schooner, Gourlay, for Melbourne. 26. Wuterhiy schooner, Burgess, for Ilobart Town. 27. Josephine, barque, Smith, for London. 28. Architect, American ship, Casper, for Ilobart Town. January 1. Stretheden, barque, Tur. ner, for London ; Emma, barque, Kelly, for Melbourne; F.iiry Queen, barque, H,\ne, for Geelong ; Alligator, brig, Baker, for Shanghai ; Marian Waison, schooner, Abby, for the South Sea Islands; John Williams, missionary -barque, Morgan, for the South Sea Islands. 3. Shamrock, steamer, Gilmore, for Melbourne and Launcesion ; Victory, barque, Nicbol, for G-elong. 4. Velocity, schooner, McVeigh, for Geelong and Melbourne ; Essington, brig, for Port Fairy and Portland Bay ; Mary Stuart, for Moreton Bay. 5. Phantom, brig, Brown, for Melbourne; Dart, brig, Collins, for Melbourne. 8, Pi evident, ship, Thomas, for Melbourne; Cape Horn, barque, Lady, for Melbourne. 9. Kate, ship, BrodricK, for London; Fuvorite, barque, Mortimer, .for Melbourne. 10. Blide, "'schooner, Dalmagne, for the South Sea Islands. 11. Vanquish, echooner, Steele, for Melbourne; Waterloo, ship, Green, for Ceylon; Emma, brig, Pockley, for Hobait Town. 12. Burlington, U. S. ship, Cook, for Ceylon. 13. Helen May, schooner, Needbam, for Wanganui. 14. Queen of Shoba, ship, Cadel. for Melbourne; Duke of Richmond, barque, Bnrilny, for China. 15. Jeane Lucie, schooner, Lepaire, for Taranaki ; Favorite, schooner, Stencker, for Melbourne; William Alfred, schooner, Tinlay, for Port Nicholson. 17. Camilla, barque, Boyle, for London ; Champion, brig 1 , Wiley, for Melbourne; Souvenir, sclioonpr, Brown, for Moreton Bay. 19. Helen, schooner, Cobham, for Launceston. 20. Oriental, barque, Carr, for London ; Jane, barque, Brazier, for the South Seas ; CUra, brig, Devlin, for Melbourne ; Meg Mernlies, schooner, Smith, for Melbourne. 20. Black Squall, barque, Bowden, for Hobart Town; Prince of Wales, brig, Gaunt, for Melbourne. 22. Thomas Lord, schooner, Higgins, for Melbourne ; Champion, schooner, Baldav, for Geelong; Catherine Jamioson, barque, Hutchinson, for London. 23. Scotia, ship, Stnckland, for Melbourne. 25. Empite, schooner, Brown, for Melbourne ; Eliza, wh.ihng barque, Mansfield, for the South Sea Fisheries ; Lavinia, barque, McPhee, for Newcastle. 27. Terror, schooner, Rodd, for the South Sea Islands. 29. Osprey, ship, Honeyman, for Valparaiso; Titan, schooner, Ferguson, for Otago; Waldemar, barque, Schmidt, for Valparaiso; Biigluman, barque, Cowley, for London. 30. Toroa, schoon- ! er, Scholl, for Moreton Bay. 31. Whiton, U. S. barque, Smith, for San Francisco, Feb. 1. William Perm, brig, Webster, for San Francisco via Feejee Islands ; Arab, brig, Palmer, for Liverpool ; Hirondelle, schooner, Lapthorne, for Melbourne ; Phantom, brig, Brown, for Melbourne.

Report per clipper ship Queen of Sheba from California, out 46 days, four of which she lay in the Island of Upolu, wherce she sailed on ihe 14th December :—: — Experienced very light winds during the passage, only a few days S.E. Irades, during one of which she ran 306 milea ; lost one abld seaman, Alexander Leit, off the fore yard ; one steearge passenger , William Warring, died at sea. Reports worthy of belief were currently c rculated in San Francisco, that immense quantities of gold weie being found by the natives on Qupen Charlotte's Island, lying to the northward of Vancouver's ; the island is a possession of the British Crown; speculators were directing their attention in that quarter, and should confimiatory intelligence be received, a rush would no doubt take place from Oregon and San Francisco. There were no vessels in Apia harbour when the Queen of Sheba sailed, t lie natives all quiet and recultivating the lands ; a horse belonging to the British Consul had been wantonly speared a short time since ; a visit from a British man-of-war is much required, none having, visited that port lately. The Master of the Q. S. recommends Upolu 83 a convenient I half-way port for California, ships standing in need of I refreshments, and also as a good coaling depot for the Pacific steamers, which, in his opinion, will one day carry the Rritith and Australian mails, via San FianCisco, to Sydney. — Sydney Heiald, Jnn 5. , , Letters were received in town yesterday via Adelaide, from H.M.S. Havannah, dated Riojaneiio, 17th October. The Havannah sailed from Sydney August 18th, passed through Coot's Straits on the 2jth, was off" the wpstern entrance of Magellan Straits the 17th September ; aachoied at Port F»mine for two days, for the purpose of rating the Acheron's surveying chronometers, and having to anchor at different places did not clear the Straits until the 26th. She arrived at Rio on the 12th of October, and sent all her mails on by the mail steamer, which would arrive in England by the 12th of November, being eighty-six days from their despatch from Sydney. The Havannah expected to get ,home about the Ist of December. All hands were well. The Emma Eugenia, Irom Sydney July 14th, was lying at Rio, lefitting, having experienced very rough weather off Cape Horn, in which she carried away bulwarks, &c. H.M.S, Fly, from Auckland via the Falkland islands, had arrived at Rio, having made a very fine run from the former port of forty-three days. —76. Jan. 20. The cutter Wave U 55 days from Waimea (Sandwich Islands) and touched at the islands of Peiu, Rotuma, and Anatam ; she wns cautioned against calling at Tanna, as a dispute was said to havu arisen between Captain White of the Cameo, and one of the principal chiefs, which ended in Captain White stabbing the chief aod killing him; the natives in retaliation had taken the lives of two white men who had been for some time on the island collecting sandal wood. The quarrel is said to hnve originated in the refusal of the

chief to allo.v the crew of the CaniPO to, and when Captain V\ liitc attempted to do so, the chief struck him. ■—Ih. Jan. 2(5. The W tucks of mr T\ria\ ant> Ron* ha Josrrir. — '1 lie cutter VVnv<» i ports t!\ u on tin* IHh iu>t,ii>r, jjhf 1 made the Elizabeth Reef, and Lo.iided th«» William and James, of S^cney, at anchor uisi Ie of a good h.iibour, emplojed wit-cln q- tl.e b.n|ue Fytian; Hhe also >.a«' the wi-"ck (f th° Rovtta Joseph, lying high and iliv on the btwh, »b«>ut 4} miles from the Tynan. A v.ili-.e containing o'OO tlollais had bi en secured, and iJipre vi as pvvry probability of the remainder of the car<^o being saved without mucb dnmngp. 'I be William and James, was ',)■>»? '» a sn<ig Ji'tle bi-'bt in the reef, completely land locked, and quite secure, at her anclmnqH.— Il>. Jon "26. A large steamer, a frigate, and ft corvpfte, werp exprcted fit 'I.itii(i, with the new Governor, M. Page, who wns to lonvt- IV.ince about the end of 1851. — Ib, Jan. 31. Tlit 1 \ ixtmin. sterner, just nrrivec' at Geelong, has made a most yxr-aoiilinarv quick passage of eighty- i\ »'c days. She s iiled out the whole way, and proved herself not only n srniirt s-ailer, but a diy bo it abo. The cap'ain lemarks, that lie \\,u hail many vessel*, under his care that ho could not dnvo tlnou^h tlu> water fast enough, but fl.e \ r icforii slioweJ heist 1 If inclined to go through it much quicker th.n he hkwi to let her. As it wis dark be'oie 1 got on brard, 1 had not an opportuui.y of noticing bur build and propoitions. She is, however, very Ion?, is fi'tod with ihrce masts, with square sails on ihp fore and main ma-iis : the present | nii/cu mast la to corao out of ber. She has a ladies' c.ibin, a itiluon, a dinn q cabsn, besides a rai ed house for tie steeiv^c passengers, forward. The mate satd, he expected to be able to get her in stp.innnjj trim within one month, if they <ould gel haiuh toasH^t. The v> ssi-l's speed on thi? CMydo w-is fourteen knots. She -.ill lu'i ov\n en^meri on board. '1 he cabin, which, however, if lather lo«, ap t )(aied to bti neatly fitted up. The eng-ines .i-e on a new mi|)roved principle of thiityhoi>se power e,u,h, nnil six 4 in to be fitted with paddle wlieels. Her drauv.b* of wnti-r on her arrival heie jesterday W" 1 ? ju-t o}j feet, lln* Coptain of the Viciona lepoits « hat he consi(!eie<t to be a German eii.iyiant sinp at the He.uK C-n tain M 'Lcnn is the sa'i.e »Hiiilcma;i who hs 1 co-nmand of the ship Saxon, la-t yeai, to tli'te colonies. He was to have bi ought out the Cuthb. rt this vosape, but on nccount of Captain ?'reer, who should have btouglit the Victoria liere, having altered Im rn,n«l, C.ipiain M'Lean took Ins plac". — Ceelotig Ci»tesj>i»ident of ike Argus. The Warrata and Yair.i Yaim rd wtre both expected to leave Glasgow a fev^ days alter the Victoria, the former of winch v^*iels would be commanded by Captain Freer — It>. Feb 3. Enough Sitipp^o. — The ship New Liverpool, 800 tons, Wiis' fo sml fiom London for Sydney about the lit November; lb« clipper abip, Gibson Craig, belonging to (he Kigle l»\e, was ad%erlised in the Liverpool of the 4th October, to sail for Sydney eaily in Novembei. Ihe Martin Luther, 1241 ton*, fiom Liveri 00l to sail on the 20ih.0ctober, for Adelaide »n.l Port Phillip The Dock-'nhu leu, heuce to Germany arrived home about the 30 h September. The Thomas Arbuthnot, arrived on the Ct'i O-tobei ; and the Achilles and Lady RJaigaiet previous to 13th September. Tlie Catherine, from S,)ilr.e;v, ;u>d Colmiist from Newcastle put into B.ibii, and were expected daily in London. The mail by the Wirdsor, na Madras, from Sydney 9th Juh, ai nved in London on the 17tu October. The Nestor was advertised to sail for Sydney. The Royal G^oii;e, L.uly Peel, Il>seberiey, and CHfton, for Melbourne, had sailed previous to the Lochuagdr. Tbe Aitna IMnria, Senator, and Anns, saiJpd from the Downs Ist October. In the_Tj>»''S ol 15th October, appears an advertisement of the Land and Emigration Commissioners lor tendeis for two ships to carry emigrants to South Australia and Victoria. Vt'SHels to receive passengers at Deptford and to call a Plymouth, To sail for Adelaide o<i the 'JOth November. Tub Cutbbert «as loading at Gbsgow f r mulbourne and Sydney, on the sth October lh. Feb 3. Falhouiii, Oct. 4. — Among our arrivals here to-day with the wind fresh W.S.W to W., is the Neptune, of London 700 tons burden, llend«rson master, last /rom Plymouth, bound to Sydney, with emigrant • anrl tt general cargo. Shesailed tbe 2jtb uh., and prosecuted her voyage to lat". 1646 north, and long. 10.0 wett., when she met on the Ist instant with strong gales from the VV. S. \V\, tind whilst under close retfed topsails, w ilh a heavy sea on, .it 3 a .m. she carried away the fore and iajintopmas.t9, ail _turee topgallantinjjs,ts, tbe'foretopgallant yard, bobuays, and liggmgr'aod aerioualy split her couihes and topiaib, wlaob s6 jcrippled her as to compel their bearing up for this harbour to reptir and relir. 'Although she -lias besides her crew 260 pa&sengei*, no casualty bftB occuired to any one on board. — Plymouth Times, Oct. '1. SllOiL BL7WELN TONGA A'SD FeUCK IbT.AVDS. — Tlie U. S. Consul, at tbe Feejee Islands, in a letter to the Salem Gazette, -ays: — A very dangeruus shoal has been, discoveied between tbe 'longa an 1 Fepjee Islands, paiallel of latitude and longitude not given, a sand bank two miles in length, eight feet of watt r on the middle, and deepening at both ends. In strong S. E. w inds it does not break, nor can you discern coloured w ate-r, hie ihat of a reef, any distance off. It is described to be a most dangerous shoal, lying directly in the track of our whale ships cruizing in this vicinity, I and runuing down to the line.

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SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE., New Zealander, Volume 8, Issue 611, 21 February 1852

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SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. New Zealander, Volume 8, Issue 611, 21 February 1852

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