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Shipping Intelligence.

ARUIVALS. December 1 —Helen S. Pasjp, 226 tons, J. J. Church, mnhtcr, from Sydney. Passengers, Robert Graham, Esq., and Mrs. Graham, aud two s'oclcmen.— J. Mucky, a^enl. December 4— Maukin, brig, 106 tons, Bowcien, from Sydney, Passengers, Mr. Well--, Miss Matthews, Mrs. and Mi-* Cook. W. S. Graliame, agent. December s— Vivid, 26 tons, W. Ili'chmjy, from Monganui, With i rifle, and 50 pigs. W, S. Grahame, agent. December 5 -Bon Accord, 17 tons, H. Qu'ck, from Knwnu. December 6 -John Wesley, mission brig, 237 tons, G. Buck, from the Fetjee Islands, with 1 ton sandalwood, sundry cases curiosities, &c M 1 chain cable.

Dr.PARTURES. December 4— Sylph, 9 ton*, B. Gieene. fjr Mahurangi, with 2 casks porter, 20 gallons b\andy, 10 gallons rum. December s— Bon Accord, Quick, master, for Ivnwau. December 5— Water Witch, 10 tons, J. Smith, for Kaialu with sundiics. December s— Asp, 9 torn, T Balme, for Kawau, with sundries. Pa'SCinc, X Whclch. Dec. s— Prince of Dsnmaik, brig, Captain Hayes, for the whaling grounds. Dec. 6— Eliza, 42 tons, W. Ellis, for Hawkes Bay, with 4 small anchors, 2 cases oilmen's itores, 6 packages cotton, 8 cases brandy, 1 barrel loaf sugar, 1 case ruisins, 1 do. currants, I \ k°g tobacco, 3 boxes pipes, 1 small box. W. S, Urahame, asjent Dec. G— Hawkhead, 22 tons, R. Leurie, for MahuraUjii, with 4 bags flour.

IMPORTS. Per the barque Helen S. I'a<ie, from Sydney— l 3 chests congou tea, 18 do., 20 bags rice, 3 cask* soda ash, 1 parcel percussion caps, 1 cask shot, 1 ditto chandlery, 1 case curry powder, 2 do. haberdasheiy, Brown and Campbell ; 3 cases 1 trunk haberd.islieiy, Order; 9 f -cabks 3 hhds. sherry, 2 hluK 3 I- casks ditto, 10 cases champagne, 10 ditto burgundy, S do. champagne, 10 hhds ale, 23 casks bottled ale, 33 boxes glass, 4 kegs varnish, 3 cases medicines, 1 cask block", 30 boxes cundles, 1,250 sheep, 10 cases wine. Per the brig Maukin, from Sydney— loo cases geneva, W. S. G dhame; 4 ) d'tto, Order ; one hhd. brandy, Order ; 8 cases drill, 5 bales ditto, 200 bags sugar, W. S. Giahame ; 15 chests congou, 3 ditto, 6" half ditto, 5 baijs coffee, 27 bags sugar, 20 bags rice, 2 hhds. sherry, Older; one box almonds, 4 bags coffee, one bog nuts, one case castor oil, one bag pimento, 17 casks beer, one do. lime juice, one pocket hops, or.c hhds. bucks, one casebi-cuit powder, one bin!,, 21 bags salt, one case earthenware, 2 ditto vinegar, 30 boxes candles, 1 cask almonds, W. Hughes j one cask raisins, 1 bag pepper, 1 chest 4 hall-chests lea, 32 mats sugar, 2 casks treacle, 1 hhd. loaf sugar, 1 do. basket salt, 1 case figs, 1 cask ginger. 10 bags rice, 2 cases blue, M. Somerville ; 4 kegs ironmongery, 1 pair smith's bellows, 2 bars steel, 1 iron tyre, one case acids, one case stationary and drapery, S. Wells ; 64 bags sugar, 20 ditto, 2 casks molasses, 2 bags oatmeal, 2 ditto. 2 bags coffee, 1 case fruit, 1 bag nuts, M Somerville : 1 roll lead, 3 boxes tin, 1 gaging lod, I rase blacking, J. McCan ; 21 bigs maize meal, T. Lewis ; 20 boxes soap, W. S. Grabamc ; one truss drapery, M. Somerville; 2 casks drapery, H. Keesing; I pocket hops, G. Partington; one case drugs, R. Gumliy ; 50 bags flour, C. Saurbier ; 20 hhds. ale, 10 do. porter, 20 kegs paint, W. S. Graharoe ; 1 case 2 bales shirts 25 casks bottled beer, 18 £-casks vinegMr, 2 casks chains, 2 cases agricultural implements, 39 cases oilmen's stores, 5 kegs soda, 10 balf chests tea, 12 bundles hay. 4 corn-dressing machines, 4 cases cottons, 1 ba'e linens, 1 cisc saddlery, 4 horses, 29 sheep, 1 patent windlass, 3 tons coal; 1G ploughs, 25 casks split peas, 4 bundles raisins, 2 carotells currants, 141 baes maize, W. S. Giahame ; lease books, Bishop Pompalicr.

The Helen S. Page, Capt. Church had a fine, run of ten days, from Sydney; left in company with the Maukin, sighted her on the second day out from Sydney. She experienced strong southerly gales and wet weather throughout, on the seventh day of her passage was close up with the North Cape, had then to contend with light and baffling winds, in Lit. 34 Q S. long. 167 E. spoke the brig Sarah Abigail, from Newcastle to San Fiancisco , with coals. The Helen S. Page proceeds to Sydney again immediately, and on her return heie will be laid on for California. The Emma, Capt. Fox, was to sail on 26th ultimo for Auckland and may now be daily expected. The Bishop of New Zealand is a passenger by her. The Daniel Webster, Capt. Bewes, was to sail on 4lb instimt for this port aNo. The whaling brig Prince of Denmark, of Hobart Town, sailed on Thursday for the whaling ground* calling first at [the Great Barrier for firewood. Cjpt. Haye9, intends cruising chiefly off the Eait Coast, from the North Cape loJCook's Straits. The echooner John Whitely cleared out for Taranalu on "Wednesday last, but has not yet sailed from Manukau, prevented by contrary winds. Sydney. Arrivals. — Nov. 12th, Torrington, brig, from Nelson ; Maukin, brig, from Port Phillip ; l.'Uh, Mo. warch, barque, from Auckland ; 14th, Olympia, U. S. ship, from the whale fisheries ; Ilooghly, ship, from Port Cooper and Wellington ; Moa, brig, from Auckland. ]5. Chiistopher Mitchell, U. S. ship, from the fisheries ; Ann, U. S. ship from Guaymas ; Hicondelle, schooner, from Liunceston ; Emma, brig, trora Hobart Town. 16th. Sabiina, barque, from Hobart Town ; Rebecca, brig, from Hobart Town ; Lucy Ann, barque, from the fisheries ; Liura, barque, from San Francisco : Joseph Maxwell, W. S. ship, from the fisheries ; Victoria, barque, from Hobart Town ; Waterloo, ship, from Portsmouth, 2nd August. ; Henry Ktlsey, U.S. barque, fiom San Frdncisco ; 17. Ganges, ship, trom the Downs, June 28ih. 18th San Francisco, Bieraan, baique, from Adelaide, Catherine Stuart Forbes,"from Adelaide, 21st Colonist, barque, fiom Newcastle ; Mary Jane, schooner, Jrom San Francisco. 22nd. John Potter, U. S. barque, from Panama. Departures.— Sarah, brig, for Kawau via Newcastle; Eli?a Fiancei, barque, for Adelaidei via Newcastle; Undaunted, baique. f < r Kdipara. 16th. Scotia, schooner for Otago ; Mary Stewart, Cumberland, and Ann Mary, schooners, for Moreton Bay, 18th. N.uiagiinsett, U. S. ship, for Nantucket ; Josephine, 1 barque, for Manila, via Isle of Pines; Lucy Ann cutter, for the Isle of P»ne« ; Beaver, schooner, for Moreton Biy. 19th. Ann, U. 8. ship, for Newcastle ; Bride, schooner, lor Hobart Town; Tamar, steamer for Moretoii Bay. 21st. Christiana, brig, for Melbourne. 22; id, Juno, barque, for the South Sea Islands ; Rebecca, biig, for Moreton Bay ; Comtantinoplc, barque, for Ilokianga ; Deborah, schooner, for the South Sea Islands ; Phebe, schooner, for Melbournci

The Laura, from San Francisco, touched nt Norfolk Island, on the 27th instant, for supplies. Ou board of this ship there aie 38 passengers, all originally ftorn Sydney, they are heartily disgusted with the El Dorado, and many of thfir friends would have returned, but the means prevented them. — Sydney Ileiald, Nov. 18. The Lucy Ann, colonial whaler, left Sydney on the 19th June, 1849. She has been very unlucky during her vojage, bavin? only succeeded in taking 100 barrels of sperm oil ; and among the islands she got tin cc tons cocoa-nut oil, and one cask tortoishell. The annexed are extracts from her log : — March 10, 1850 — Latitude 00.39 north, longitude 165-21- east, spoke the Barely, from Nantucket, twen'y-oight months out, with 5)00 bjrreh sperm oil, May 23.— While reciuiting at Strong's Island, — a cask of water fell down the main-hateh-wny, striking in its fall Mr. Djvis, second oilicer of the vesiel ( fracturing his skull in threß different places. The unfortunate man survived only a few hours ; his remains were interred on the following day~on the island. April 11. — Distant from New Zealand south-east twenty miles, spoke the schooner Secret, Capt. Jamison, who reported that on the Ist August the vessel was anchored in Ruebeanina Bay, (an island of the New Georgian group), four of his crew joined the na'ives, and succeeded in faking possession of the schooner, which they kept for upwaids of half an hour. The captain and the mate were in the cabin, and by firing through the skylight, killed the King of the natives ; and by keeping up a regular fiie, caused the mutineers and natives to jump overboard and swim ashore. Captain Jamison, with his mate, now gained the deck, where they found iwo of their crew killed and one severely wounded, also a fmtlilul dog, the property of the Captain ; to have remained longer in the Bay would have been sudden death, disabled as they were, the anchor was slipped, and the vessel stood out to sea ; on the following day, the canoes ol the natives gave chase to her, (she still being in sight of land), but they were prevented from boarding through the steady firing from the schooner ; the nutn« ber of natives killed and wounded could not be asceitained. It was the intention of Captain Jamison to put into the first port he could make, to get hands, and then cruise among the South Sea Islands. Aug. ust 11. Spoke the Edward, schooner, Captain Truscott, five weeks out from Sydney, with six cvrt. tortoiseshell ; and on the 20th, spoke the Urisk, one of the Auckland Island Company's vessels, out eight months, with 30 barrels sperm oil.— lb, Piracy.— From St. Thomas we are informed of a desperate act of piracy committed in the West Indies. The American schooner J. B. Lindaey, left port of Spain, Trinidad, on or about ihe Ist February. While yet in sight of that place, at night, the mate and a passenger were murdered and thrown overboard by the crew. The capuin was seveiely wounded but con«* trived to secure the cabin doors against' the muide ers, and for some days kept them at bay. After ransack* ing the vessel for money, the miscreants took to the schooner's boat, and with an axe alternated to scuttle the vessel, but their design was defeated by the cook, who cut the boat's painter and 6et them adrift. The captain then managed to crawl on deck, and by threatening to fire on the boat, prevented the nourdeieisfrom returning on board. Ihe boat then made for the Spanish Main, and the captain contrived to reach St. Thomas's in the schooner, where he was taken care of by the American Consul, who has circulated handbills throughout the West Indies, offering a reward of 200 dollars for the capture of the murderers. — Sydney Herald, Nov. 13.

Newcastle i Arrivals. — Tuesday, November 19. BrutusU. S. ihip from Panama ; Martliß, U. S. shij>, from San Francisco. Departures : November 22. Sarah Abigail, and Acquitnet, for Snn Fruncisco. The Cameo is loaded, and the Sarah, for New Zealand, is also full, leaving the following vessels for to load according to their turns : — Emily, Lanark, Ralph Denial, Cachclot, Cadet, Jacques Lafitie, Eliza Frances, Ark, B rutus, Marlha, Ann, and Cadet.

Hobaut Town. Arrivals. — November 1. Calcutta, basque, 484 tons, Wrenkraore, from London the 13 h of July; Sir William Wallace, brig 228 tons, Cracknel, from the South Seas, with 18£ tons sperm and 18 tuns black oil. 2. Acnicus, schooner, 150 tons, Aithur, from Auckland. 3. Pilot ichooner, 91 tons, Moodie, from Port Phillip j Jenfly Lind, schooner, 136 torn, Hurgrave, from Port Phillip; Flying Fish schooner, 122 tons, Qgilvie, from Port Phillip ; Agenorid, schooner, 107 tons, Lang, from Port Albert. 4. Henry Edtvord. schooner, 74 ton?, Maybee, from Geelong ; Frances, hprque, — tons, Mar, from Honolulu; Rebecca, brig, 226 tons, Simpson, for Sydney, returned to port yes-, terday, having lost an anchor and cable oft Passage Point.

Adelaide. Arrivals.— October 26.— Constance, barque, 578 tons, Godfrey, from London and Plymouth 18th July, with 221 immigrants. 27. Trafalgar, barque, 528 tons, Wiight, fiom the Downs July Bth, with 13 passengen and cargo. William Hyde, barque, 533 tons, Applewhaite, from London 22nd and Plymouth 28th July. Annie, brig, 177 ions, M'Lean, from the Mauritius Bth September. 28. James Gibb, baique, 600 tons, Jackson, from Plymouth I lth July with 84 paisengers. 29. Abberton, barque, 451 tons, James, from Plymouth 25th July. 31. Mary Clarke, bris 150 tons, Bickers, from Launceston 2lst October. Punama barque, 550 tons, Watts, from London, 31st July with 87 passengeri. Delta, baique, 875 tons, G. C'ranz, from Plymouth 4th August, with 11 1 passengers. November 1. Salacia, ship, 814 torn, Brown, jiom Liverpool 15th July.

Sydney Markets, Friday, Nov. 22. Wheat, Flour, &c— Mr. Briellat's report:— Scarcely any wheat hai been brought to market during the last week. A small quantity of Van Diemen's Land and Port Fairy remains in the hands of the importers, which is held lor 4s. 6d. to 4s. BJ. per bushel. Flour remains the same : fine £10 10*., and leconds 19 10s., but the market is extremely bare. At Mr. Barker's mills the prices given timing the week for wheat hnve been from 3s. 9d. to 4s. 3d. for colonial and for one lot of imported 4s. 4^d. Bran Bd. to 9d. per bushel. Biscuit 1 7s. for c<»bin and 13s. for ship, perewt. At the Victoria Mills, wheat is quoted at 4s. lo 4s. 3d.; fine flour £'10 to iflO 10s., and £S 10s

to ;£9 for second quality ; bran Bd. to 9d. per bushel. Catixu, &c, for Slaughter.— The supply of good stock is diminishing rather than otherwise, and accounts from the interior are not such as to warrant the expectation of a better for some considerable time. A lot of 111 bullocks were sold at 50s. for 30,; 425.; for 35,; and 40s. for the remainder ; another lot of 40 realized 42*. ; 112 were sold at 475., 130 at 48., and 10 at 60s. Three lots of sheep, without wool, sold, one of 300 head, at 4i. 9d-, 2200 at 55., and the third of 1200 at ss, 6d. Calves &t eveiy figure between 10s. and 23a, Lambs 7s. Figs have advanced in price,

owing to the scarcity of sheep and horned cattl' ; small shop pigs being worth 3-H, and lar g e fat P'8 S 2J * to 2'}. per lb. Butcher Meat.— The wholesale butchers supply the best quality beef at 2d., second at 1£ and inferior at in'cryening prices as low as O^d. ; mutton, Id. to Houses.— Mr. Stewarts sales of horses during the past week number 41 head ; of these, 21 realized prices from £2 to £12 each. The remainder wheie a lot of unbroken colts ami fillies, at the Cattle Market, for which the aveia 3 'e may be given at £4 7s. Gd. Hay Maiikkt.— The price for hay at the Camp bell-street maiket, has ruled since last report, at from X J 3 to £3 10s. for new, and £i to £5 for old, per ton. Straw £2 to £2>. Green fodder, Cd. to 7d. per dozen bundles by the load. Grorgf, striSet Market.— N T ew colonial potatoes. .£6 to £1 ; Derwent. jCS to £s 10s. per ton. Salt butter, 4il. to 7d., fresh 7d. to Bd.; cheese, 6d. to 7d • bacon 4|J. to s|d. ; laid 3d. per lb. Fowls. 2s. 6d. to 2*. Bd., ducks, 2s. 6d. to 35. ; geese, 4s. 61. to 4s. Bd. ; turkeys, 7s. to Bs. ; ditto, male birds, lls. to 12i. wild ducks, 2s. to 2s. Gd. per couple. Roasting pigi, 2s 6d. each. Eggs, 6d. per dozjn. Changes 3d. to 8d , lemons, 4J., per dozen; loquats 4a to 4s. fid, per basket ; gooseberries, K's. to 18s. per bushel. Cabbagus, Is. Gd. to 35., pumpkins, 3s. to 4b. per dozen ; turnips Is. 3d., carrots, Is. 6d. per dozen bunches ; Peas 55., broad beans ss, per bushel • Onions, loj. to 20s. per cwt.

G belong Markets. Wheat, ppr bushel, 3s. 9J. to 4s. 3d ; oats per bushel. 3s to 3s. 6d ; flour, at the mill, first quality .£lO 10s. seconds £d 9J; potatoes, per ton, £5 to £ J 5 ss; bread per 4 b loaf, Gil ; bay, per ton, £S 10s; pressed hay,;Cl l°s; tea, rongou, per chest 703. to 765; ditto hysonskin, ditto 525. to 555; sugar, Manilla, per ton £\9 to £22; ditto, Mauntus, grocers' ditto, j£'2s to i? 27; loaf sugar, wholesale, per lb 4Jd.; ditto, crushed, 40s. to 415. ; Company's ditto, No. 1 pieces, 295. to 30s j hardwood, quartering, joists, battens, per 100 ffet 10s, 6d. to IK 6d; flooring boards, 12s to 13s ; Memel deals, Bd. to lOd ; cedar, per foot, sd. to 6d. [inch] ; laths, per 1000, lOj. 6d, to ]2s; broad paling, per 100 5 feet 15s ; ditto, 6 feet 18s ; shingles, per 1000, 12s. Gd. to 15s.

Hobart Town Markets, 25th October. Wheat is at 4s* 9J. per bushel this morning; oats at from 3s. to 3s. 3d. and barley at from 3s. to 3s. 6d. Flour £]] per ton; best bread 2£. per 2 lbs. loaf. Potatoes are at from £2 1 5s. to £3 ss. Hay at from £i to £1' 10s. Apples 10s. to 12s. per bushel. Port Albeit cheese is worih (wholesale) 8d per lb , colonial from Bd. to Bfd. Fresh butter Is. Id. colonial lid to Is. ber lb. Fowl* 2s. to 2s. 6d per couple ; ducks 3s. to 3s. 6d ; geese 3s. each ; turkeys 3s. to 4s. Eggs (wholesale) 7d. per dozen. Launceston Gkaiv Market, 23rd October. As we lately predicted, the markets are even now being affected by the continued drought and an advance of fully threepence per bushel upon last week's prices has taken place in wheat. Sales were effecred yesterday at 3s. lOd. and an offer of 3s. lid, was refused, the party being determined to hold on for 43. O«ts arewoithfiom2s. Gd. to 2s. 9d, and barley 3s. 3d. Fine flour £lti per ton, without bags, and seconds £8. 10s. — Examiner.

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Shipping Intelligence., New Zealander, Volume 6, Issue 485, 7 December 1850

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Shipping Intelligence. New Zealander, Volume 6, Issue 485, 7 December 1850

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