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North Otago Times. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1898,

THE SOUDAN. Slowly, bob ever surely, the British forces have followed up tho dervisho", and with eaoh dotoab tho followers of tho Khalifa have retro&tod further to tho south and further from civilisation. General Sir Herbert Kitohener always made a certainty of the next movo. There have boon no mistakes, for tho man who hau ro-oonquerod tho fcs.mdan left nothing to ohanoe. Hia plans wore matured, and I he has brought back within the dominions 'of tho Khedive tho wholo of tho Nilo i Valley up to Khartoum with an iofinibesii mal loss of life on the parb of tho fores | under his c-mmand, But) whab is to happon now ? Tho Khalifa, with hi* principal general, Oaman Dlgna, Ins escaped, and ia probab'y making for E Oboid, a town in the Kordoftn country, j lie osmnob be left there bo bar bho progross of civilisation along tho wholo length of tho JSilo betwoon Khartoum and Uganda. Until tho Khnllfo and 03man j Digna aro captured thoro oan bo no poaoe ! or freedom m that p»rb of, tho Sjudan fulling under tho blight of bho former's rulo. Ho has boon u merciless and j mutderous fcyrtinb, and tho mfclves n£ tho plaoesllnt huvo reverted to Egyptian rulo havo gladly oomo undor tho more beneficent laws of their conquerors. j Tho people of tho Boud m north of Khar- ! toum will now enjoy the blessing!) that j follow tho oBtiiblishmonb of a govern- j | ment founded on prinoipleo of jusLioo and i equity. To bho south of Khartoum J anarchy and bloodshed will o mtinuo fco bo tho prevailing olmrftotorlstioi of tho people of the country, and it is a duty that Greab Britain owes to olvilis'ttion to ! continue the advance till a sUblo government is estrbllahpd a'otig the throe thousand odd miles that separate Oau'o from Uganda. It may bo unnecessary- for us to mention that Uganda is a British possession at tho headwaters [of tho Ni'o, otitranou to which is obtained from tho oast coast of Africa. Major MacJomld is local od there with a number of Indian and native troops, who have just quelled a rising of tho Nubian garrisons in the plaoe. Maj >r Maodonald's troops aro said to bo maroluog north along tho Nilo to meob the army, or any parb of the army, under GenoiMl Kicoheuor, that may ba senb south. If s-joIi is the oaso tho Khalifa would find himsolt bebweoti two fios, and would either have to betake himself to tho desort or Abyssinia. If the former, ho oan do no further harm, and If tho htbor he will probably be ctptured and handed over fco Sir Herbert Kitchener. Bub his powor for harm must bo effectually broken beforp tho rulo of Egypt oan bo said to boo3iab'lsh j d on tho Nile. Groat B itain must have uninterrupted communication between tho delta of tho Ni'o imd hoc rqaatorial province of Uga»d», and that in opito of tho marching and countor-imrohing of French and Belgian oxpociitions In tho neighborhood of the upppr ffubora of tho Nllo. Tliaao mny havo nroanb nothing in tho evont of tho succosa of Sir Horbort Kitohoner, or much in tho evenb of h's fuilure, Ai the Khdlifa'd power h'tst been smashed wo shall pto';ab1y ha>r na more of tho designs of France in tho SiiuJau, for ulready Lord SA'i»bury has, in a note (o fcho Fconoh Govern m?nb, intimated hia intention of accepting noy movtmonts by that Powor In tho Soudan na an unfriondly not", »nJ that mean^ more than perhaps tho wo di convey, In this is uo wo publish an ou'lino of tho gigantic proposal for uniting Capetown ivibh Cairo by railway, Thab could not very woU bo done if Franco on any other Power hold possession of any parb of tho NHo Valley.

'I ho Duncdin Workers' Political Com* mttoo havo orriod tho following resolution : "That tho Hod. J. M'lConsrto bo thanked for his aDbion in publishing liis map iu Hansard, and ho bo requested t > nrge tho House of Parliament bo givo it ovory pubiioity through the press of tho colony." Wo h vo no objoobion to < ffor bi tho resolution, It bho Wot leers' Political Committee bolievo S'r John Hull inflicted an injury on tho colony by the do of gddironlng f 000 odd aorcs of land thoy a-e no doubt 'justified in exprtssing un opinion on tin subject-. Bab ib in moat unfair to oompliineut the Minintor for a voty oaonoided ao<-. Tho Minister's own colleague, tho Hon. W, 0. Wulkor, gridiconod nb the eitmo time, and was only its? magnificent In the extent) of his aspirations as ft gridiroucr by a f-w hundred acres than Sir John Hall, Why, therefore, not ino'udo tho JIou. W. U. Walker 't Wo dou'b oxouso Sir John Hal), and why shoald the Woi kerb* Po'iiiotl Commit too exemso tho lion W ( O. Walker? It one gridironer nob in bad m another ? Evidently not, otherwise tho Duaodin Workers' Political Committee would havo oarrind i» mo* lution inuiating on JVJr Walkor'a gridiron hiving a, place in Huusurd as woll ao that of Hit John Hall. In facf, thoy would havo inwistod ou tho Miuiuter providing n similar ■eulhiary uboueil, showing tho 43 allotments into whiohBuohyPavk was surveyed for olouor eetblement before that oBtnto pisaod »way, wi'li the smoothnesa of a, piooo of wet soup eliding down a woll-planed, Loird, into tho hands of his relutivos. Tho Jaw wao not broken iu oithor oasr-, but how offeqtivo tho gridirons of thia one fine old crusted Tory would appear in jaxtapouition to Uioee of tho two true-bluo JLiboralp, who uro ivlwivya looking after tho intorosta of tho poop'o and novor tlnir own. Might wo »uggoafc to tho j Duncdin Woikern' Political Oommibtoo thai) | they review their rosolubiou, aud adopt our propoBiW, Couwtnblo Ptvrkor, of Waimato, has boon ; promoted to bo a fueb olasa oon8t«*blo. j fho Uw. 11, J'. Portor'a subjuob tor tomorrow night ab Sb. Paul'd ia "Driftiug trom Christ." , The National Mortgage and Ai^onoy (Join* p.any luve rcooived word that 'h» Maugatira will not arrive here till Wedaeaday noxt 1 . A mooting of Maorowhenua «ottlera is called for Friday ovonintj at 8 o'olook at the Kokoatnu Bohool for tin consideration of alteration o at Uortou'a railway siding. Mr Poynton h&ving oonoludod his duties us amombor of the Polioo Commissiop, will roBumo his duties at Xuvoroirgiil, and M« j >r Koddell is oxpeotod to leturn to Oj.maru to dwy. Mr Coorgo Sumptor roportu tli%<) tho ealo of tho Kurow Jockey Club's privi. legci resulted as follows : Pnblioan's booth, Mr Mulone. JblO 10s; refreshment booth, Mr Malono, Ul ; cardw, Mr Ocowthor, U la. Tho shareholders of the Now Zealand Co operative and Agonoy Company are requested to meet ab 1 p. in, iu tho County t'ounoil Chambers to oonsidoi matters of importttnoc to them, und no doubb there will bo a large meeting. In the report) of Iho proceedings .vt, tho X.O.O.F. installation on Wednesday wo omitted to mention lhtit> Bro. Ja.o< Mao* donald was aoiing Or^nd Secretary, Bio. J, Vernor Giaml U'reaeurfir, and Bro. Alexander acting Grand M«stDr, Ab tho Magistrate's Court yootcrday, bo«

foro Mr John Chaney, 3 V , William M Kay, a youth, wu clwged tint, oo or apoitb July Ctb, at Island Oliff, ho did unlawfully steal from out) of ft post letter ft certain valuablo soouctty, to wtt, a chequ-) for L17 % the property of Her Mujesty'a PostmastorsWoneral. Aocuuod was remanded till Thursday next. It is uoMfiod that a busmr and art union' in aid of iJio Otopopo library funds and building will bo hold in tho Aihocanm Hall on Friday, September 30th, and Saturday, October lab. Contributions ia cash or kind will bo gratofully acknowledged by Messrs G. Maodonald and T. Foworaker. A matoh takes p'aco to-day botweon the Piratos (K'tkanui) and Hampden, and the following represents tho Pirates : Bxcks— Taylor, Fyfr, Gunn, Rutherford (oaptain) ; C'ovotloy, Dunoan, and Thomson ; forwards—M'Kay (2), M'Leod, Minty, Wilson, Gallagher, Fumilbon, and M'Gregor. Thero ia a Miori ab Porihalo, who is rerortoil to h»ve reoently accomplished the gastronomic U at of opting at a meal a small p'g of about 14'.b weight, a dish of potatoes equal to half a bushel, tea ad libitum, with a lot of kumoraa and broad thrown in hb "incidentals." The moaloooupiod an hour and 14 minutes, and it is related that he | tlnn "aroso liko a giant rofreahed," and I prooeed d to enjoy hie pipe in tho boaom of I hit) admiring timily. ! Tho New Zealand Loin and Mercanti'o j Aaeuoy Compuiy, Limited, have received tho following oab'o from thoir London office, dated 7th Heptembor : " Tallovr— There ia Httlo'domuid. Wheat— Marlcob is worker, tfroam Meat — Mutton marked quiet, Canterbury, South'and, and Wellington mutton are worth, respectively, 3#1, H^> and 3d per 1b. (Lwb quotation* wero, respectively, 8J4, 3i l> and 2gd.) Lamb market quiet, Canterbury lamb is worth 4;j|l per lb, (Lwb quobation was 4(jl,)" Tho Timaru Hora'd of yostorday aayi : The Levels County Oounoil on Wednesday determined to purchase two draught horses for tho'r teams, and while considering the matter tho members discussed fcho prioes of stook gonorally. Ono member ©roposed to pub off the piuohaio till after harvest, when horaos would bo euro to bo cheaper. Two others said they would not be ohoapir ; as settlement) wpb oxtoading, and the brooding of draught horsos had boon npg* looted for a few years p.xs1 , so thab thoro was a growing scarcity of them m tho oolony. Sorgoanb O'Grady receivod information yesterday morning from Oonstablo Graham that a man named James tt. Jimea had been found in a oreek two foob wldo and threo inohos d op. Although tho man wa« alive wh-ui found, he died aa ho was being tukon from the orook._ Djooased was a remittance man, in receipt of largo nums of money, at tho prcsoub time a «um of about L50Q having beoa received on htu belnlf. Ho was lasb socn alivo about 10 o'clock on Ihurtday night, walking in tho diteotion of tho hut he lived in. An icqacob will be hold to-day before Me T. Lictlo, J. P., at Ngapwa. Wo are in receipt of tho Hansard containing the celebrated map of Hororafa— Sir Jo'jn Hult'a estate. The map is a gorgeous affair, brilliant in y«11ow, blue, brown, and red, bub what the rod, brown, blue, and yellow denote we do nob know. Ihe unp givos no koy to tho solution of tho problem as to which is the gric'irouel portion of tho estate. Still, it is a 'ovo'y map, And must have cost a aonsiderablo sum of money to print. Ifwomis;hb be permitted to give utterance to a seditious uontiment, WQ would trombliogly iudioato a wish to soo tho map of Hororata Bob off with an equally brilliantly colored map of tho prooontMinister of KtUioation'fl gridironinp. nlso a map of the historio Bushy Park, Hororata will never be oompleto without them. Tho Invoroargill correnpondenb of Iho Daily Times says : Ab Goro to-day the Glonkonich sbud of Clydesdales, tho proproperly of Mr J. R. Mockw/Ao, was so'd by Messrs Wright, Sfcophooson, and Co., io oonjuuotion with Mr William Quit). Thero was a vory large gathering of buyors prosonb from tho North Inland, and all parts of Otago and Southland. The brood mares btoughb from 40>;ei to 93g« ; throo-year-oid fillies, 3<Jj*s lo 74gs ; two.yoar«old iiUiop, ySga to lOOgs ; yearling h'tHee, lOg^ to 48g3. Only two colts wore sold, bringing 20i?8 an! 35g«, Tho geldings brought from 35gi to 40gp. Tho brood maro Pearl and tho entire Wulltioo woro pasBOtl in at 103ge <and 240ga resppotivolj'. In all 20 horses wero a<;ld, rouliiing 1009gc How is it dono'f This is tho question which puisu'es many of our contemporaries, f Jho answer is simply we buy foe oish, and thus buy to tho bust advantage. Wo sell for cash, utid thus avoid bad debts. And, therefore, we oanand do aoll cheaper than shops which giv9 credit, Tho moral is in a nutsholl. If y u want to spond your money to the beat advantage buy at Tub P »lyTEOHNIU. Sorao speoial linos as n enmple of wlnvb we aro doing. Hundreds more in Btook, bub no room to onumorato them. Ladio^ Umbrellas, nice assortment o r Pjnoy Handles and Natural Sticks, 2s 6d, 2s lid, 3s lid, 4« lid, 5a 9 1, (ii lie], 7a 6d Loathor (Shirtings, a roal'y splendid quality, C^d, 32in wide Pink F anueletto 4,i'd, usually sold GJ1; 36iu Heavy Striped do 0^1, grand valuo, and soiling fast. Ladieb' Ji'nok Oashinoro Hoae, BOfttnless foot, plain and fancy ribba, In, very superior. Ovor-stooked iu Ribbons and g'oatly rcduood, 1^, 2J, 3d up. Men'j Colored MoIop, 5t lid; Men's B avers, 69 lid, 7« lid. Man's Flannelotto Shuts, la 9d ; Mon'a Grandrill do, Is lid. Boys' Otips 3Jd, Balance of winter stcok at groat roductionsin price Now is your chiiico, never oheapor nt tho Poly* a 1 to un io. I've a ecorot) in my hoarb you must hoar, and it I would import, plcaso draw n^ar; If you require drapory then tho best place, iSwect Mario, for to got it, don'b you seo, ia at Fwmu se's Drapory Establishment, Thamo3 otreol). ?.«. RxjuiA.-This steamor hao jusb arrived with tin first shipment) of our Now Season s Goods, comprising Prints, Galatoas, Counterpanes, Towels, Toilet Covers, Doormate, Muslim), Crotonncs, Umbrellas, Uoalory, Gloves, Tabling*, Table Nupkins, Aproning^, Madapoltms, etc, oto These will bo opened ana maikod off at once, and ready for inspec^-foo.— CiiAYTO^, Gakdinbk and Co., standard House.

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North Otago Times. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10,1898,, North Otago Times, Volume XXXVI, Issue 9307, 10 September 1898

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North Otago Times. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10,1898, North Otago Times, Volume XXXVI, Issue 9307, 10 September 1898

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