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THE Mount Ida Chronicle. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1869.

j We have'of late, upon many occasions, j felt it our duty to comment, and coin- • mcnt severely, upon the conduct of the Government witn regard to advertising. jSo doubt an illiberal and censorious world has, with its characteristic disposition to impute insincere and improper motives, looked upon our re-marks-as being either personal—of a pecuniary character—or as having emanated from spleen, or from an inate love of grumbling and finding fault with everything and everybody, Grovernment in particular. Such, we would assure our readers, is in no way the fact. "We may have felt that,;jas journalists, albeit of humble degree, we were entitled to j the same amount of support as is ac- ! corded by the Government to other local journals, but our chief object in making the remarks which have from time to time fallen from our pen upon this subject have been to secure wholesome rivalry and competition, and prevent jobbery and corruption. It must be obvious to every one who looks into the subject that any work to be done by the Grovernment would be best understood in the locality near which such contemplated work was situate, and that • its real estimate could be better ascertained by advertising in the local journal than in a paper, or gazette, or advertising sheet, seldom (if ever) seen by a very large majority of the settlers. It is simply absurd to plead want of funds for such purpose. The charge in each case is so insignificantly small that a plea of such a kind is wholly inadmissable. More particularly is it so i when we find that the Government, j when they think lit so to do, can find I hundreds of pounds to bestow upon ! peripatetic members of their body to ! take rounds through the country in ! which they have no interest, inspect ] workings which they do not uudorHtjind, | send in reports not worth the y?nper ; j upon which they are written* i;m& make ? | promises which arc as YsdueieW and | airy as the airings of tho?*e peripatetic i envoyes themselves. | If, however, those remark* stand | good, which we believe they do with I regard to the construction of public ' | works generally, how much more for- : cible must they appear when applied i to the sale of the Waste Lands of the : Crown either town or rural. "We a few

I weeks back published a notice of lands • to be sold in this township on the 16th I inst. —the same notice we again reprint I for public information in our present [ issue—and we venture to assert that j unless we had adopted the course we j did very few persons would have been aware of the fact that such a sale was in contemplation. In our present issue we have inserted a notice taken from the 'Provincial Government Gazette* of 20th ult., to the effect that certain

i town lands at Hamilton and Hyde will j be sold by auction on the 24th instant. j The sale is, however, to take place in | the Court House, Naseby, and not at j Hamilton and Hyde as it manifestly !in each case should have done. Can j anything, we ask, he more absurd and ] insane than the course which the Go- ! vernment, in spite of all and every ex- ] postulation, seem bent upon pursuing ? j Not only is there no sufficient publicity j given to these land sales, but the lands are j to be sold at a place some 20 to 30 miles j distant from the locality in which they j are situate. Who should so well know I the value of the land at Hamilton and I Hyde, and who so likely to become purchasers at a fair—nay, even a high j —price as the Hamiltonians and Hydei ites? And yet, unless they desire not

to -be snuffed out, and see ground upon > * which their attention has probably been for some time fixed, bought over their heads, they must come to a distance of some 20 or 30 miles to secure their * rights, or see them forfeited, and the' land fall into the hands of speculators , and jobbers, and in all probability at a price much less than they could have afforded, and were prepared to have paid. The whole system from first to last is so unstatesmanlike, so puerile, so monstrously absurd, that it fills us with nothing but disgust and contempt for \ the powers that be, and of surprise that i the electors throughout the districts j which are being thus unfairly and bar- I baronsly dealt with do not- raise their J voice in protest until the system be fully ventilated and thoroughly re- \ formed. Our chief wonder, however, | on the present occasion is that the val- S | uation of the improvements on, and the, j sale of allotments in, the town of iNaseby J I was not appointed to tahe place clan- |l destinely at Hamilton, Hyde, or some other place equally distant equally unconnected with this place.™ Surely this must have been an a piece of obliviousness, and a departure from a fixed principle of action on ] the part of the Government which they | may yet repent in sackcloth and ashes. -

As evidence however, that our re*~l marks upon the present occasion are J neither singular to ourselves, nor un- I called for, we have appended as?npon a similar subject from the * peka Press ' of last week, which ampljH bears out our assertions, and proves that the views and opinions eifl pressed by ourselves are entertained others, and are equally disapproved offl and repudiated as antagonistic to the|j interests of the settlers generally, andH destructive of all confidence in our' rulers generally:— * "The Island Block.—This block, about which there has been so much discussion, is j,t last to b<* brought to the hammer, having been surveyed into sections containing each from 70 fo 100 acres. The entire area of the block is about 3000 acres. It appears our representative, Mr. J. C. being in Dunedin some days since, was, J J witn usual alertness in matters* I affecting the welfare of his constituents,* ! making some enquires about the land ] | and the sale, when he discovered that j | the latter was to come off in Dunedin)! j "We need hardly wonder at his surprisjM j and certainly do not blame him if f| | felt somewhat wroth at such an ; heard-of absurdity. Mr. Brown iiH ; mediately waited upon his Honor thW | Superintendent and the members of the " | Executive, and represented that as there ! was living near the block upwards of ■ titty persons who had applied for por- ;• lions of it. and who consequently might I bo looked upon as buyers, it would be ; tv-vcwtlmgly unjust, to say the least of \ it, to put them to the trouble and ex*l ponso of going to Dunedin to bid; \yhoreas, un the other hand, it was not likely that more than three or four buyers, if as many would be found in Dunedin, and these would be specula- : tors. Mr. Brown further represented I that. »n ordinary visit to Dunedin could j not be undertaken under a cost of £2O, i and that the Government had no righji j to put fifty persons to such an . in order to convenience a few specula- | • tors. These most unanswerable argu* i mt-ii/is were Emitted )>v his Honor and.

the Executive to be correct, and Mr. [Brown was promised that the sale should be held in the most suitable place obtainable in the immediate vicinity of the Island Block. Mr. Brown is certainly deserving of thanks for the promptness with which 1 he acted in this important matter; and we trust that henceforth the Grovernment will see the advisability of hav- - nig all land sales conducted near to the land which is to be sold—that is to say, where any population is located in the vicinity. If settlement—real lona Jlde ' settlement—is the object, this is the I course tc pursue. If speculators, who j will buy large tracts with but little competition, and then fleece the unfortunate settler, are to be encouraged, why then, selling in Dunedin, or even further r away, is the plan to be adopted; but . we have confidence that the present Executive wil see the matter m its proL per light W [Since writing the above article, we perceive I by the ' G-azette' of the 20th October that Ms ■ Honor the Superintendent and his Executive * have broken faith with Mr. J. C. Brown —that after all the sale of the Island Block is to be held in Duuedhi. A more dishonorable piece of business we never heard of—just the Macaudrew policy all over. Sell it to the speculators, and deny the struggling settler a ehance. Tliis breach of faith—this practical lie —will in ■*fib wise serve the present Executive.-—ed. t.p.]"

A sitting of the Court of Petty Sessions will be held in the Court House, Naseby, on Friday, 26th inst. 1 An advertisement, in another column, states that the Warden -will sit at the Court House, STaseby, on Friday, Nov. 11, for the purpose of settling .valuations. All persons interested are .required to attend. In accordance with the notification appearing in our. advertising columns last week, a meeting of gentlemen favorable to the formation of an amateur dramatic company took L place'at the Boyal Hotel, > bn Friday evening last. As, however, the inclemency of the ■weather on that night deterred many from attending, it wa£ unanimously resolved that the meeting he adjourned until to-night. We may _ add that the few present appeared fully alive to the desirability of carrying out the object I for -which the meeting had been called, and l pledged themselves to use their best endeavors I to .further the object in view. I Thk ' Government Gazette' of the 20th lilt-, notifies that a, sale of crown lands at Hamilton and Hyde is appointed to take place at ! t je Court House, Naseby, on Wednesday, 24th iaist. The next Warden's Court to be held at the Maerewhenua Diggings is appointed for 30th (..November inst.'. A sitting of the District Court will take place before his Honor Wilson Gray on Wednesday next, 10th inst., at the Court House, 3faseby. We beg to call the attention of all concerned to the fact that it is notified in the - 'Government Advertising Sheet' of 20th ult., that the certain allotments in block 1, Naseby, therein enumerated, will be offered for sale, by public 'auction, at the Survey Office, Naseby, on Tuesday, the 16th day of November inst., at twelve fc o'clock noon. The following is the notice:— p " Notice is hereby given that the followingallotments in block 1, Naseby, will be offered for sale by public auction at the Survey Office, t Naseby, on Tuesday, the 16th day of November, at 12 o'clock noon, at the upset price of ss: per foot frontage to the .principal street, as per plan: —Sections 70 and 71, having a frontage of 66 and 67-feet, the purchaser paying for imi proveraents (if any) as valued by the Warden ; sections 7 to 14, 28 to 30, 39 to 56, 68 to 79, 107, 108, 109,110, 111, and 113. J. T. Thomson, Chief Commissioner. " A notice, in another column, informs us that the St. Bathans races are appointed to be h eld_on the 27th and 28th of December next. Further particluars are promised in a future • advertisement. '■ During the past week there have been considerable falls of rain at different times, and water for sluicing purposes has been consequently abundant. The improved appearance of the gardens and cultivations in the vicinity evidencing that they have already derived benefit from the change in the weather. Mining affairs appear to be progressing satisfactorily throughout the district generally, as ; the escort return in another column fully bears out. No particulars, however, with regard to localities have reached us. The adjourned meeting of persons favorable to the formation of an amateur dramatic corps ■will take place at Horswell's Royal Hotel, this evening at eight o'clock p.m. We congratulate the district upon the very highly honorable position held by Mount Ida this week —again at the head of the .poll, and that by a no mean number of ounces. See escort return. '0 We have been favored with 4he inspection of a cake of retorted gold, weighing 125 ozs. This gold was 1 taken from the claim known as the Great Eastern at Rough Ridge, and was .-' the proceeds of about 120 tons of stone crushed | at the late Ida Valley Company's works. We are informed that a large proportion of the stone crushed was not the best stone, but of a quality known as casing—that is outside and inferior. This looks well, and we trust to hear that the efforts of the proprietors of the Great Eastern claim to create a permanent industry will be amply rewarded. We may mention, in connection with this subject, that it is the immediate-intention of the directors of the works to reduce very considerably the price of crushing. We feel sure thereto doing will not. orily benefit the public, but likewise mateK rially and beneficially affect their own interest. Msf: Nicolas Maxoney, for many years sergeant of police in this district, took his departure on Friday last for Waikouaiti, to which station he has been transferred. Ser-

geant Moloney was a zealous and efficient officer, and was equally esteemed in his position as a private member of society. We 1 trust that the ill-feeling which has for some time past most unfortunately existed between certain of the residents of Waikouaiti and the police will henceforth cease. From what we ourselves know personally of Sergeant Maloney and from the general estimation in which he has always been held here, we feel that should there continue to be the ill-feeling referred to, the fault will not be with that officer. A meeting- of the Mount Ida District School Committee took place in the Schoolroom on Monday last, Ist Nov. instant, when, among other business, a letter was read from the Eev. Father Norris, regretting his inability, from pressure of business, to deliver a lecture in aid of the School Fund, as requested; but kindly offering to assist by joining a reading at any time when in Naseby. The Master's report was read, which represented the school as consisting at present of 66 scholars, 33 girls and 33 boys. The report was adopted, after which the business was purely of a routine nature. Oub columns of this day contain an advertisement of a sale by public auction, by Mr. Q-eorge Fache, of Clyde, of valuable mining property, situate at Alexandra, by order of the Warden's Court. We beg to call the attention of miners, and of the public generally, to this important- sale. We have been requested to call attention to the grand soiree of the Union Church which is appointed to take place at the Masonic Hall on Tuesday, 9th November inst., at six p.m. After the soiree a public meeting will be held, which will be presided over by Mr. Warden Robinson, when addresses are promised from the Eev. Mr. Burchett and other gentlemen. We anticipate, from the arrangements, that the evening will be a thoroughly enjoyable one. A meeting- of the members of the Mount Ida Cricket Club took place at Hunter's Empire Hotel on Monday evening. The president, Mr. J. S. M'lntosh in the chair. The business was purely of a routine character, and Mr. Cairns having been elected Captain, and eight gentlemen having been appointed a Committee of Management for the season, the meeting broke up.

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THE Mount Ida Chronicle. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1869., Mount Ida Chronicle, Volume I, Issue 40, 5 November 1869

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THE Mount Ida Chronicle. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1869. Mount Ida Chronicle, Volume I, Issue 40, 5 November 1869

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