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■-;:.-,■ .-. -■■-;>' ; »"— -■ ■";;;;.,.. , Our .L23isLATOB'B.-^-Parliameht aliens oh Tuesday^ next for the despatch of tiublic business* ' ""' : " '"" ''* -"■''•'■■ v ; Chamber of CoMßiEßrJfi.— Th<?re isito be a meeting to-night of the Charnber;of Commerce, to eleofc officers and adopt rules.' .-. •.. y •• ,■ , ; :i SuPREMfS.CoDRT.—The Nelson sittings of the Supreme Court open to : day, The Blenheim sittings will often this day week. Mr Justice Richmond 19 the presiding Judge. A Find.— Five pounds worth of loose silver was foun 1 among the straw bedding at the Taranaki Encampment after the volunteers had cleared out ot jit. What became of the money ? Lunacy.— Aq old man numed M*»aon, a Tua Marina resident, was yesterday committed to the Wellington Lunatic Asylum. The necessary order was made, by IVlr Allen. R, M. } on the application of the poor fellow's friend 9, and on the certificate of Drs Oleghorn and Nairn. ! Druids. -—The Blenheim Mistletoe Lodge of the Drnids have determined -feo celebrate their anniversary by a public dinner on the 18th May. The Committee m&et on Friday night to mak tho necessary arrangements. Fibb.— Another mysterious fire bocurrei this morning. Mr Fairhall at daylight discovered a staok of barley, close to his house on the Dillon's Point- m a blaze. The add part of the m »tter is that the fire appeared to have originated io the top of the staok. A Bbitish Abistoobat.— Lord Deerhurst, that scion of the British aristocracy who distinguished himself lately by assaulting a bookmaker at Sydney, is the son and heir of the Earl of Coventry. The earldom was created m 1697. and it is a pity to see it dragged into the cutter m this way. Road Board ElecWons. —The follow ing dates have been fixed for the Wairau Road Board annual elections :— Wairan Valley District, one member, nomination Saturday 30th April, election Saturday 7th May ; Waihppai district, one member, nomination Friday 29th April, election 6th May j Fairhall, one member, nomination Saturday 30th April, election 7th May . Mr Grfiffiths is Returning Officer.; „ LEcraßßS. —We understood that Mr Thomas Watson, who ia connectad with the Colonial Mutual office, intends giving 6w|) public lectures very shortly, in Blenheira. One will, be upon tha subject of Life Asanrance, and the other upon the great Scottish poet Robert Burns. There will be no ohargejf or admission. Farther particulars will be daly advertised. Everybody who knows Mr Wataon masfc be well aware of his ability to lecture. , Illness.— We regret to find that Con stable Sheary^ w^o for three weeks ha 9 been Wlfimate of the hospital, ia stiU suffering from a painful complaint m the legs and is not likely to he convalescent for some time to come. Meanwhile his place has not. been temporarily filled, and Blenheim at the present time is one policeman short, besides having no night watchman.- ■'■■ Abt asd Industrial,— We would remind, intending exhibitors throughout the district that the time for hold' ng. the Art and Industrial Exhibition m Ewart's Hall is fast approaching. Exhibitors' tickets should be at onoe procured of the Hon, Seo., Mr Allen, and pur readerswould. do well, also, So obtain copies of the prize list and rnle3, and attentively study the long array -'of speoial 'prizes which has been offered. The Exhibition opens oa Wednesday, 11th May, and exhibits must 1 be m Mr 'Allen's' hands on Monday the 9th. : ! ■ • BANKRUEToy.-^The first meeting of the tiicditora of Henry Edward Red fern, carrier, was to have been held yesterday afternoon, but lapsed for want of a quorum. Tta following is a list of the unseoured creditors :— H. Afolntyre £4, Holmes and Bell £130, Mitchell (butcher) £2 10a, Brown and Eyes £12, J. O'Sullir van £1, T. Horton £21 10s, Earll aod MoKenzie £3 183, Steer £1 83, Wills £6, P, O'Suliivan £2 10s, Rogers and Barleyman 188, Heaiy and Son £8, J. Lees £3 15s, Rawlings £3 83, Girling £4 10s, H. Ball £2 10s, Smale and Hay £11, Marple £1 Bs, F. H. Pickering and Co. £3 10a, Earp aud Co. £10, J. McKenzie and Co. £9, Expbesß £1 10a, C. O'Dwyer £4 10a, F. T. Farmer £1 12s; total £246 7s. The assets consist of six and a half acres of land and a five-roomed house at Redwoodtown, valued at £550, and mortgaged to Mis Moorhouse, of Wellington, for £315, and to Mr Bythell (second mortgage) for £84. There is, therefore, an eacimated snrplas of £151. The only other asset is 4l? for furniture. The debtor' has been examined by the Deputy Assignee, and attributes his failure to want of employment and losses on his crops, Jobileb Voting.— Only about a hundred persons responded to the invitation of the Wellington Evening Post to vote on the beat way of celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. The Post fears that it is a matter of indifference to the majority how the event is commemorated or whether it is commemorated at all, and thinks that this does not indicate a right or prop -r tone of public feeling. "Pity 'tis, 'tis true," but there's no doubt about the fact. Of those who voted at our contemporary's invitation a good mojority favored a Home for the Aged and Needy, and the proposal fo- a Free Library and Art Galery came next. The idea of a statue found but one supporter (which showa the sense of the Wellington people), and another wanted a drinking fountain and statue combined. Several voted for a gymnasium, one for a cemetery, another for a park and cricket ground, several for a Sailors' Home, and several more for an Orphan Asylum. The truth is that nobody m Wellington (except a few retired '. sheepfarmers at the Thorndon end) has I any money to spare for Jubilee luxuries, 1 1 I and the same state of things prevails j( 'everywhere else m the Cojonj. ' j

" m ■»■■"■■ UN HIMIIIIM—INIroj- • II IM tNSuiitNO STAdKg.--We understand that I ' he Eoyal Insurance Company nave &et€f-..\}. oiued to insure no more stacks m Marl- , >brough.\ Tha, Standard ' y another leading; :/ tmoe, adopted .the same polioy two years igo, add;, after'the alarming number of nystendaa ataeknres which. "have taken >lac§ thisf sSasdrlj wSshall nofrße SJurpiised f other' offices follow s'cuy. The JltfiiitabiiS is another office that this year has declined So take staok risks. "-„..,..>/ " . .. ' v - : • ■■--T^ -#ai*paßiTniß.— lUie following are to-day's merdury readings m thg shades taken by the Tel.egrap'h Department at 0 a.m.— Russell 67, Hoklanga • Heada 64,. Manukau Heads 60, ; Auqkland'7O. Thames 68, Cambridge 60 v Tauranga 63, Taupo 54, Gisborne 57, Napier 65, 'Castlepoint 65, New Plymouth 66,. Wanganni 67 t . Wellington 64,?Blijntiflim;:6iC Kaikou?a;s7j Nelson 66, FarßwelTSpit 68, .Wealpbrs 05, Greymouth G£. Hokitika 624 Bealey 82, Lyttelton 67, Christchurch — , fimafu 61. Oamaiu 61, Port Chalmers 57, Dunedin 57. Clyde 55, Queenstown 51, Balcltitha 54, Inveroargill 61, Bluff 55, j , Householders' MEEfiNCfS.-^-On Monday nest the notlgbTidlcters' meetings for the elections of Sch'dol' Coinmitiieeß will, take .place, m Blenheim, and at all the other centres of Marlbptprigh; ' The meatings will be held m the Schoolhouaes at 7 30 p.m., with the eftjepltiori of Wairau Valley, Kekerangu, Catl.vasto^n^'and Port Underwood, where they will be held aii2'?opm. : ';-Th6 PeiMus Sound arid Q een Charlotte' Sotmd meetings will take fcha Kamma Schoolhouse at 12 30, and' the Ende&vor Inlet meeting at the Managers residence at ttie same hour. The newly elected Softool Committeemen should not forget that, directly after the householders' meeting, they are them-,, selves. to meet and elect a Chairman.. . GMnges.— Mr Quartley, Inspector of the Deflattme'nt, wHo f6r some time past has been st .tioned m ifarlborough, is to be transferred to Palmerstoa South, Otago, where he wuS.have charge of a large, and important district. Mr Quarfcley, who is a courteous aad efficient publio servant, leaves Blenheim to-day. We understand that Inspeotor Passau is, also to be transferred to another district, and that this part of Marlborough will be left m; sole' charge of Inspeotor HnH. | These changes are. we presume, made m consequence of the transfer of Rabbit inspection to the newly formed Board and of the recent petition of the Marlborough sheepfarmera to have the district declared clean. At' present, we believe, Marlborough is free from actual scab, thongh one or two flocks still are declared infected, bat so long as SO many wild sheep remain m the back country the risk of scab to the flocks is always possible. It is questionable, therefore) whether the Department does well m taking from Mariborongh two of its three Inspectors. A Question m Libel Law>— Can one libel a dead man ? This question, which had a ready been partly answered m the case of Begina v. Labouohere (the Duke of Vallombrosa oase), has now been finally disposed of by Mr Justice Stephen at the Cardiff assizes. To libel the dead, sail this learned Judge, m the course of a most lucid and interesing judgment, is nob an offence known to our law ; for " the dead have no rights, and can suffer no wrongs." But let the Blasphemer b ware. For though you cannot libel a dead man, you can libel a living man ander. the mask of a dend one, and m tint oase the law haa yon m its clutches. For instance, "there are terms of abuse which taken i tor ally, reflect only on the character of a ina-Vs mother, but wh.uh are nevertheless libellous oven if the mother be dead, since their obvious intent is to traduce the living." ; y; A Lor Ah Address. — Whatever other steps the Borough Council may take to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, we trust they will not forget to vote the cu°tomary loyal address, have it properly engrossed, and thea send it Home in 1 time for the 26th Jane.: Attacked by a Whale. — During the voyage of the barque Southern Bell from New Zealand to Newcastle she was struck by a large whale, The shook was so great that the hardwood beam forming the straight part of the vessel's prow was twisted, and some copper for^ away. The ship has been placed on the slip for repairs. . • The Tablet and thb IitPHBiAL Institute.—The New 'Zealand Tablet, the organ of the Roman Catholics, m an article oc the Imperial Institute, discourage contributions from Irishmen. It thus concludes :~" So far as New Zealand generally is concerned, perhaps it might be as well to wait until the Stout-Vogel Government has produced a surplus which might be devoted to the pnrpose. " A Sad Zulu.— Dr Hainswald, the African traveller, says that m Zululand he met the savage who killed the French Prince Imperial, and told him that if he had only taken the young man prisoner he might have got a ransom, whereupon the Zulu wept with regret and grief. Sunda? Tbading.— At a largely at-. 1 tended public meeting n Brisbane, resolutions were passed protesting against, the injustice of the lawTelating to the closing of fruit shops on Sundays. A deputation will ask the Colonial Secretary to reconsider the instructions on the- subject to the police. Thb Alhambra.— The success of the Alhambra is almost without parallel m the history of dramatic enterprise. The receipts for the past half year amount to over £47,000, leaving a profit of £15,583. The directors at their meeting, recently declared a dividend of 46 percent, parrying some £2000 to the reserve account. Bbmedy fob Hard Times.— Stop spending so much of fine clothes, rich food, and atyle. Buy good food, cheaper and better clothing, and stop the habit of using expensive or quack doctors, or humbug medicine that does you only harm; but pat your, trust m the greatest of all simple, pure remedies. American Co's Hop Bitters, that care alwaya ac a trifling cost, and you will see better times and good health. Read. Buchu-paiba." — Quick, complete cure, all annoying Kidney, Bladder, and Urinary Diseases. At chemists and druggists. Kempthorne Prosser & Co., Agents, Christchurch. I Per Kaikouba, from London, we have received our first shipment of winter goods, comprising a arge variety of new dress materials, cashmeres, etc, merinos m all the leading shades, plain and brocaded velveteens, ladies' and children's ulsters, jackets, wool goodß, gloves, hosiery, trimmings, etc. Our blankets will be sold at last year's prices, being purchased before the advance of wool affected the manufacturers. An early inspection solicited.—Smale and Hat, London House. "Rough on Rats."— Clears out rats, mice, roaches, fltes, ants, bed-bugs, beetles, insects, Bkunks, jaok-rabbits, sparrows, gophers. At chemists and druggists. i Well's Hair Bals im.— lf gray, restores to original color. An elegant dressing, softens, and beautifies. No oil nor grease. A Tonic Restorative. Stops hair earning out; strengthens, heala scalp' y Skinny Men.—" Wells' Health Re. newer" restores health and vigor, curea Dyspepsia, Impotence, Sexual Debility, At chemists and druggists. Kempthorne Prosser and- Co., Agents, Christ church. 3 m " Rouoh on Catabrh" corrects offensive odors at once. Complete cure of worst ' ihronio cases ; also unequalled as gargle I tor. diphtheria, sore throat, foul breath. 4 '

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LOCAL AND GENERAL NEWS., Marlborough Express, Volume XXIII, Issue 88, 20 April 1887

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LOCAL AND GENERAL NEWS. Marlborough Express, Volume XXIII, Issue 88, 20 April 1887

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