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* Proceedings are to be taken against several business people in Wellington for neglecting to send in returns of their income. The Welsh' Belief Committee appear, from their published balance-sheet, not ouly to have given the Widow and family a comfortable omfit and maintenance up to this time, but to have h.tnded to trustees appoi ted by the sutaeiibers the handsome of L 250.

The 'Tuai-cka Times' has been informed that .»ir T. A. Kraser, brother of Mr J. ff. M. Fraser, tile woll kuowa lawyer of Dunedin, is to receive tru; appointment of Hhsistant ranger to the Otago Laud Board, a poaifiou said tb be worth L 250 a year, along with actual travel ung expenses. The 'Nelson Evening Mail' very truly says that " Miete is nothing to be said in favor of t.n editor wi>o, himself an onouymous writer, singles out one particulur merabe,- of the stnff of a rival piper for sneers and abuse." This c'ip nmy fit someone not a hundred miles from Gore. The monument to the Kev, Thomas Burns, D.D., was on Saturday last formally handed over to the mayor and corporation of Dunedtn in trust for the citizens of Otago. j There was a large gathering on the occasion, \ aud 'he Kev. Br Stuart spoke on behalf of \lt tiobert Chapman, st whose cost the EDonument has been erected. The 'Southland Time 9,' with becoming gravity and modesty, assures its readers that •' lnvercargill is becoming more aud more' the centre of the district of which Gore and' the Waimea townships, with Mataurj, JildteiuiaU-, and are' a part." It is thus our idols are shattered, our fond hopea disuell-d, *nd our intention of retaining our position as the Chicago of the South placed i x j-.opardy.

,'j,«'ThatMr resuruation of tlfe heaiimastership of the school be accepted with regret and that th.3 hop-.; cf tho meeting is that he may continue to prosper in his new sphere at Wyndham,'' is the full t>-xt of a resolution unanimously adopted by the householders of Arrow at the annual meeting to elect a School Committee. The Government Insurance Department is preparing tables for a pension scheme for the civil service, with special tables for the police. ]t is proposed to bring iI)H school teachers and railway Bttiva-»l8 into the civil service, The Government are not likely to adopt the Railway Commissioners.' pension scheme, which they coustcler tuo complex, but it wilj be optional with the employes to avail inemaelves of the scheme that will be prepared for them.

News has been received of the death in England of Mr James Galbraitb, a willknown old identity." He dim; to'Otago from Melbourne in 1850 as second officer of the brig Gil Bias, .md entered the employ of Messrs Macandrew and Cb. as mate of tbo brig Content. He afterwards became landlord of the old Port Chalmers Hottl, and having purchased several properties in Duuedin, he was aula to retire, he went with hie wife and fanply to England sqme years ago, hut made several trips to the colony.

A letter was received at a meeting of comjnitte'e of the Kiverton Hating Club last wei k from John Lawsou, lessee and trainer of ~&l >y rjiug, explaining that horsu'a running in the fiiverton Handicap, This not being considered explicit enough, T, Chap., man, who rode M>y King, called, and his evidence taken. After consideration it was decided to pospone dealing finally with the matter until some further information was received.

Among the points raised m the Palmerstou North case of the Attorney-General v. the Kailway Ccmmissiouera, W-hicu h*a been before the Appeal Court for some day 6, is thi important question to us in Gore whether the freehold of parts of public roads and streets tan be taken by proclamation ' for railways and other public ftork.9. This is, of course, distinct fro'm the poWhr to run a railway along a road, without •' faking " ihe s-ime, It is said thujj nans of Mads Jjave 'ptjen flfoin'timt} to, tiine faken in of jfoe (Jo'dtly,' Judgraeut weia reserved.

1 Tiie Hon. R. J. Seddan spoke at KaitaugaU p.}:- Saturday evening, and received a vote of thanks' and confidence, it is Eaid fcbat he intended to be present at Mr Allen ' meeting at Milton last night with hostile intent, and Mr Pinkerton was to speak in the interests of Mr Lee Smith at Kaittngata. ; It is intended to invite Mr Scobie Mackenzie to Miltoa after the election to deliver a political address. Th* idea at first was to invite him' £'aere' J while th,e election was on } but iu deference to Mr Allen,that course was' abandoned, as he prefers to flight for bi3 own hsnd, standing or falling on his own personal and political merits. This is pluck/ and commands the admiration of his friends. , Oar Eedgehope correspondent writes under date 2§th ult:—i! The creeks are in flood with' the recent 'rain, but not go b«d as to endanger cattle' or other'stock.—Wr are again orj the itb >n the Shape of a petition, fch\s time to the Minister of Public VYorks, to ask a funa on the Eatim ites for the extension of the fi'orest Hill Tramway. The last petition no doubt went to the W.P.fc*.: it is to be hoped this one will not meet the same fate. Perhaps, if we could induce the hon. gentleman to visit this district and see for himself U.migßt pugb things ahead. I believe he i* to be"' present at a banquet to Ids "colleague, the Po«t-master-General, at Winton. TLil would 'be an opportunity that those interested ought not to let clip.—No'thrashing abont here as

On Sunday afternoon a special tr*in containing 50 trucks of grain, passed through Invfrcargill from the Gore district to the Bluff.

Ononr sixth page will be.found an interesting leftei from our Wendon Valley correspondent, and a description. of Mr Shutttoworth'a farm at Lintley and his method of working it. v • In our. rpport of the Green banquet we omitted to mentiou that Mr Milburn played the piano with his usual skill and ability during the early part of the evening, afterwards accompanying several of tbe singer*. The •' Melbourne Age ' of April 21 Bays : " Mr P. K. McCaughan, of this city, is likely to be a candidate for a seat in the North Eastern Provinces lately vacated by Mr J. S. butters. Mr McCaughan has had previous oxperionee of public life in New Zealand, having sat some years in Parliament representing a large farming district in Obagc." On Saturday last, while Mr H. Bowman, of Mataura, whb riding along the Dunedin road, his horse put his foot into a large hole iu the centre of tho road ana came down, throwing the rider violently on the ground, By tbe fall he sustained severe injuries to his hands, shoulders and laoe. Tbe animal was also badly cub about the knees and mouth,

Tho post offices at Pukerau, Otama Bridge, Mandoville, and Balfour are to be made telephone bureau stations frjm to morrow, tint iF, any one can speak by telephone from these stations to any of the felephone subscribers at Gore or Riveradale (including Wantwood, Waimea and the Croydon Woiks) or from one station to another at a cost of 6d for every six minutes' ii3e of the telephone. The Tuiurau Koad District escaped an election thrwugh one gentleman nominated not possessing the necessary qualification. The names of those returned will be found in our business columns, as also the new Board for Knapdale Road District. B'or Waimumu Messrs A, Keir, J. fttutch, T. Booth, J. Barry, J. Grieve and A. Davidsou were nominated, and there being more thud the number required an election will be necessary.

It is proposed to give a banquet at Wyndham tbia evening (Tuesday) to wish Mr A. Ourrie success in his new venture, and to present Mrs Gurrie with a silver tj3a""9;rvice. Ou Friday ev«ning the residents inteud to fete Mr James Maben, the occasion being his departure to the Old Country. It is expected there will be a large number preaent from lnvercargill, Gore, etc.

The annaal meeting of the Slat aura Draughts Club was held on Friday eveniug last, Mr Balneaves in the chair. The balance-jbeefc was submitted and adopted, showing a deficiency of Is 6d. Mr Winning was elected president, and Mr F. Mackay vice-piesident. Mr J. tf. Shanks was r-t-aiecied secretary and treasurer. The aubscrip'ion for the seaßon was fixed at 3s member. The season's opening match was fixed for Friday the 13th iust. — President v. Vice-president. A vote of thanks was given to the retiring offieere. The usual weekly meeting of the Goie Band of Hope was held in the Temper-mce Hall on Fiid;;y evening last, when there were about 90 m-tubers pitsent; Mr Forbes presiding. An adoiess w.ts {jiven by Mr A. Matin ; a cornet duet by Messrs b iloy and Taylor; aad recitations by Vic&uia and Daisy Cook, Kate Thomas, Maude May, Susnn Kennedy, Louis Fiederiekson, Hairy Uiquhurt and idowara UoUmore. At a meeting of the lnvercargill Saloyards Co., ■ a considerable increase in yard dues wan bhowu, and the propects generally reported to be rosy. Atieaiion waa called to ihe fact lhat complaints had been made that owing to ttie increase in the quantity of stock offered at the yards during tne autumn season ctoe sales were not got through ;n daylight. It was also stated that the accommodation w»s not sufficient. After a short discussion, it was suggested that the auctioneers should be asked to hold weekly sales in future during the busy season, as in paßt years, instead of fortnightly as at present.

" The redoubtable Tom Mackenzie, not - withstanding," writes an indignant IVyndham correspond en l, " Ido not think that 'Southern Chicago can Jay claim to being the nursery of the dairying industry. After ifi .'endale, a private company—the Wyud-ham--first sprung into extistance, and to ih.".m should be credited the honor of having imported Mr Bobbins ; and not only that, Out (he luuh-Ciutna manager, much bepraised, had his firßt 12 months' apprenticeship at Wyuiham. Gore only chipped in after seeing that this and Woodlands Fact-jry had made u success of the iaduscry ; so please shift too nursery business 10 where it really oelongs."

The opening meeting of the Wyndham Debating Souety took place in the OddHall on Thursday, 28th ult„ taking the form of a ''social." ,The evening was a very enjoyable one to those present —to the numoer of 40 or thereabouts—but was not so successful as it might have been had the committee adopted a more popular form of procedure than that of admission by invitation. Other circumstances, attendant on sale day, alsw prevented many Irom attending. Mr I. W. Raymond occupied the chair. The musical part of the programme was contributed to by Mesdames btockwell, Menzies aud Purvis, and Messrs Stewart, Clark, and Christie, all eliciting lou,d ap-s pluuse. Mr J. B, Crawford deserves a special word of praise for the excellent purvey.

A meeting of the Gore School Committee (Mr James tfoyne, chairman) was held yesteraay afternoon, when it was reported that the average attendance for stie last four weeks was 312, ottt of a, ro.ll num,btr of ?i9. The Visiting Committee were authorised to procure fuel, provide ropes for swing and giants itride, a bell for tjhe school and. four dozen hat pags, Several small accounts were passed for payment. Mr Donald fJoyd, the board's truant officer, was appointed clerk of tne Committee, in order that he might have power to sue in ail cases ho might consider necessary. Application was ordered to be made to the Board for a coal-shed and additional shelter accommodation, the Committee agreeing fa bear half cost of tb.B former,

Mr J5, tho temperance OPrtor was Otl)«d to » P p-ar at Wyudham on Jfnaay !»* ;it for the prjipssi: of raising fu,u4a to asbisfc in the purchase of regalia for the '■*ooJ Templars,' liO f dga recently formed. There was b&ly a meagre attendance, some L 4 being taken'at the door. The lecturer opened proceedings with a couple of well-, rendered pieces, and finding that mid-, ieuce was not likely to inorea.3Q stopped short and. launched into florae very strong invectives agaiust some townspeople tor trying to smother his efforts in the cause of Temperauce, winding up by tiJiiug that the entertainment was d03e.l and their money would bj gm>n back ct thi <ioor. The Chairman said he felt disgusted a.'.id ashamed of the people ql and then a bee-line was raat\e fos the uioneyiaker,' •

On Sunday last the Bishop of D»nediu visited Tapanai for the purpose of administering the rites of confirmation. He preached to large congregations at the morning and evening services. In ijhn afternoon he confirmed 20 young persons, who had b,een segylarly instructed dnring the p'ist three months by the Rev. T. L. Pauley, curate in charge. This church which is, perhaps, the best specimen in p,iiit of architecture of any wooden church in this district, ia now free from debt. His Lordship took the opportunity of warmly thanking those who had been, instrumental in accomplishing this, icanti;, 1 he sum of LlO3, beine; th.e lass instalment' of the had beenVpaid during the previous week, over LSO of which had been, contributed by the Ladies' Guild. Yesterday evening the Bishop arrived in Gore. To-day hje 1 proceeds to Mataura'for the purpose of holding a confirmation there in jjae evening, at 7 o'clock, '

mjb BicuaidijtUe propretressof Eicbsrdt'a Hotfcl at Queenstown, met with a severe accident on Friday by falling down stairs and sustaining concussion of the brain, Tfce meeting of the Wyndham .Draughts Club, called for Thursday night last, fell through owing to oonnter attractions. Looks as if the bo?s club had disbanded 1 On Friday' a "colored gentleman" was brought before Mr A. Dolamore, S.J?., on a charge of drunkenness, and after being duly admonished was discharged. Next day a man jußt out of the Invercargill Hospital, where he had been under treatment for an injured spine, was also let off. The Sergeant stated that both tneu had been in custody for several hou''s.

Additional entries lor A. J. Peasa's stock sale at . Eiversdale to-mur-ow. Annual Licensing Meetings will be held on the following daws:—Walkaia—Saturday, June 4; Hoko» nui—Saturday, Juno 4; Wyndham—Monday, jnrie 8; Mataura Town—Tuesday, June 7 ; Maranra Biding, Wednesday, June 8; Gore—Friday, June 10. Pokun laid for dogs on J. Smyth's farms. Confirmation service at St. Savlonr's, Mataura, to-night. Bay huck strayed on to D. M. Beath's farm at Chat ton, Latham and Dun, butohers, East Gore, have dissolved partnership. Farmers' Agency Co, sell stock at Gore on Tuesday next. I. S. Simson inserts an amended notice re his Horse Pair. Wright, Stephenson and Co. sell stock at Mataura on 12th May. The same firm are purchasers of oats. J. W. Dun has taken over tha Gordon Butchery. I. S. Simson notifies amended entries for his Ma. taura sale on the 12th. Wright, ;Stepheason and Co. notify alteration of date of Horse Pair—from Saturday, 21st to Thursday, 10th inst. S, P. Watson applies for a publicans' license. Tuturau Koad Board elections announced. Nominations for Waimumw Boad Board announced and date of poll fixed, for next Saturday. Statutory meeting of the Gore Borough ratepayers next Monday. Servants wanted immediately at Mrs Lovell'si The Federal Co. have sold out to G. P. Trew and Co. Besult of election for Knapdale Road Board announced. Apprentices to dressmaking wanted at Eastwood and Oo.'s. Wright, Stephenson and Co.'s Horse Pair, on the 10th inst, will be conducted by Mr John Stephenson. Brewer and Trembath sell horses, etc., next Saturday. The same firm sell furniture on May 11th, M. P. Ooghlan applies for a publican's license. P. P. O'Keilley, solicitor, has L 60.000 to lend. Lost days of the Cave removal sale. Housewarming of Albion Hotel, Gordon, on Friday, 13th inst. Colemane and Sons' Eucalypte Extraot stands with" out a rival for the cure of influenza, Coughs, Colds, and all Affeotions of the Chest and Lungs. For Uheumatism, Sprains, Lumbago, otc, try our Eucalypte Oil for outside use only. Agent for Gore-MR Esther, Chemist. To Farmers and Contractors. Por Sale a strong Amerioan Purm Wuggon, almost new; . to-, gether with a lot of superior quality Vehicles of all kinds. Apply American Carriage' Factory, behind the Bank of New Zealand, Gore. To the Xjanded Aristocracy., op Gore anb Surrounding Distkiots.—ltecognising the growng importance of this district, I have decided to open a Branch of my Factory at the back of the Bank of New Zealand, Gore, where the construction of vehicles will be carried on by a staff of mechanics (all experts in their own departments.) exactly the same as in Invercargill, and at the same prices, I would confidently solicit the support of those desiring Standard Vehicles and to keep the money in the district. W. H. Mathieson, Amurican Carriage Factory, Inveroargill and Gore.—[Advt.] certainly the uest medicine known is A. SANDER & SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Test its eminently powerful effects in coughs, colds, influenza, the relief is instantaneous. In serious cases and accidents of all kinds, be they wounds, burns, 3caldings, bruises, =prains, it is the safest remedy—no swelling—no inflammation Liike surprising effects produced jin oroup, diphtheria, bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs, swellings, etc; diarrhoea, dysentery ; diseases of the kidnevs and urinary organs. In use at all hospitals and medical clinics nil over the globe; patronised by HiS'Jlajesty the King of Italy; crowned with medal and diploma at the International Exhibition, Amsterdam. Trust in the approved article,, and reject all others.

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Mataura Ensign, Mataura Ensign, Volume 15, Issue 1181, 3 May 1892

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Mataura Ensign Mataura Ensign, Volume 15, Issue 1181, 3 May 1892

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