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March 29, s.s. Prince Alfred, 704 tons, Bowden, from Sydney via Wellington. Passengers—Mr. and Mrs. Field, Miss Fearon, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, Miss Cameron, Messrs.'Allington, Robinson, Oakes, Milton,.and 8 steerage passengers. March 30, ship Victoria, 524 tons, Forss, from London. Passengers—cabin: Mr. and Mrs. Knight, Rev. H. and Mrs. Cocks, Rev. L. Williams, Messrs. Moor, Eckersley, Welsh, and Maling. Second cabin • Messrs. Hiorns and Grimes. Steerage: John Patterson and wife; William Arnott, wife and child; Alfred Denman and wife; Henry Fletcher and wife; John Gow, Donald, John and Duncan Melntyre, John Mahoney, Francis J. Bennett, Samuel Stewart, Jacob Pepper, Samuel Little, William Crozier, David Mclvenzie, William Deakiii; ,Mary Morrison, Isabella, Jeannie, Christina,-Catherine, and Margaret Mclntyre, Isabella MeKenzie. March 31, schooner Flying Fish, 33 tons, Cellem, * from Dunedin. Passengers—Messrs. Howe, Foster, Lunighan, Ellis, Freeman, Raymond, Case, Toda, Glenney, Leamon. March 81, brig Tyra, 276 tons, McKenzie,- from Dunedin. CLEARED. March 29, schooner Ada, 20 tons, Clark, for Wellington, in ballast. " March 29, s.s. Omeo, 604 tons, McLachlan, for Dunedin. Passengers—Mrs. Black, Messrs. Banks, Anstey, Naschelski, Wigley, Thomson, Murphy, and six steerage passengers. March 31, schooner Fiying Fish, 35 tons, Cellem, for Auckland, in ballast, with 25 original passengers from Dunedin... March 31, s.s. Prince Alfred, 704 tons, Bowden, for Dunedin. Passengers—Capt. Kerr, Capt. Rose, 41 adults and 12 children, from Sydney and northern ports for Dunedin. March 31, barque Marie et Louise, 427 tons Bonnit, for Point de Galle. Passenger—Madame Bonnit. March 31, brig Windhover, 207 tons, Wood, for Sydney. Passengers — Messrs. Rodgers, Jaggar, Jones. IMPORTS. In the Prince Alfred, Miles and Co., agents: 1 ease, 1 parcel, Rouse; 3 pkgs. leather, Neilsou; I case, Bank of New Zealand; 1 bale tweeds, Brown and Co.; I case, Ayers; 1 case Asmussen; 2 rolls leather, Angus; 2 pkgs. leather, Hollingworth; 96 bags sugar, 3 pkgs., Peacock and Co.; 52 gunnies sugar, Gould and Miles; 50 boxes candles, 6 coal baskets, 2 pkgs. bows, 90 boxes candles, Miles,and Co.; 13 cases, B.N.SW.; 4 pkgs. Clarkson; 1 coil rope, Holmes and Co.; 1 dog cart, 3 cases, order; 5 cases, Whitcombe; 2 cases oil, Hawkes and Strouts; I ease, Byrne; 1 parcel, Cookson and Co.; 17 cases fruit, Prince; 2 cases, Campbell; 1 tin, Montgomery; 20 gunnies sugar, Hargreaves; 2 boxes oranges, 4 cases apples. Field; 1 case, Jones; 1 bag, Ring; 1 box Riddiford; 2 cases drapery, 2 cans oil, Moss; 1 case; Rennie; 1 box, Bayfield; 1 case cigars, 6 qr.-casks-brandy ; 1 qr.-cask rum, 14 chests tea, 59 boxes teaj 49 bags sugar, 19 cases currants, 9 casks coffee^ 58 boxes candles, 12 cases, clothing, 3 horses and I foal, Drajisfield; 3 hhds. flowerseed, 1 bag, 1 box, 10 drums oil, Recce; 2 cases, Nathan; 8 cases and 16 bales, Samuels; 12 pkgs. luggage, Shaw. In the Victoria, Dalgety and Co., agents: 2 jars and 42 drums oil, F. Thompson; 15 cases merchandise, B. Ware; 8 qr.-casks wine, Rebello; I case apparel, May; 6 barrels merchandise, McMillan- 1 pkg; apparel, Chalmers; 60 boxes starch, 247 cases, -I basket, 12 bales, 16 bundles, 10 casks merchandise, 50 hhds., 30 barrels ale, 101 water casks-, 20 tons pig iron, 35 tons coals, 5 hhds., 12 barrels, 20 qr.-casks, 295 cases spirits, 12 qr.-casks, 4 octaves wine, ] case samples, Dalgety and Co.; 38 bundles wire, Carter; 4 hhds. 8 qr.-casks wine, Hargreaves; I 1 qr.-casks, 2 octaves wine, Waitt; 18 qr.-casks, 12 octaves wine, Miles and Co.; 2 boxes, 1 bale, F. C. Wilson; 4 case 3 merchandise, Bridge; 1 case apparel, Wells; 1 box music, Thomson; 1 case apparel, Lee; 1 box, Stevens; 1 box, Longden; 3 qr.-casks wine, 4 hhds., 10 qr.-casks rum, order; 1 bale, 4 trunks, G. Gould; 2 drums oil of tar, G. H. Moore; 7 pkgs., -Lance; 4 cases, 2 bales, 10 trunks, D. Davis; 1 case, Aynsley; 6 eases type, Watson; 2 pkgs. agricultural implements, Ginders; 1 case, Ivens, 1 case, Cooper; 2 boxes seeds, Brooke and Co.; 1 case, Johnstone ; 10 cjises. Sheath; 3 cases, Tayler; 2 cases, Milner; 9 cases, order; 42 pkgs., F. Moss;. 7 pkgs. agricultural implements, Titehmarch; 1 case, Roberts; 11 casks oil, Turnbull and Co.; 12 cases, 188 cases candles, 2 wheels, 1 pkg., T. W. Maude; 1 pkg. horns, 8 cases, 5 casks, 9 bales, 8 bundles, W. Neeve; 1 carriage and pole, Hogg; 3 pkgs. merchandise, Knapman; 50 boxes candles, 60 boxes soap, 37 cases oilman's stores, Rhodes; 77 kegs nails, 50 bundles forks, 3 bundles vices, 3 anvils, 12 casks, 3 cases, I <xate, Hawkes and Strouts; 20 cases wine, Evans; 15 qr.-casks merchandise, Peacock and Co.; 1 case, Dampier; 3 pkgs. Anderson; 20 hhds. ale, 1 case clothing, Strangman; 1 case, Hawley; 13 casks, 6 cases. 36 boxes pipe bozes, 37 boxes, 5 sheets lead, 2 bales, 22 bundles, forks, E. Recce and Co.; 19 cases merchandise, Bealey; 10 rolls wire, 1 box staples, 72 bundles iron hurdles, 1 cask fittings, order; 9 cases, 2 bales, Morton. EXPORTS. . In the Omeo, Dalgety and C, agents: 1 parcel, 1 sack wheat, 1 gun, 1 box seeds, Dalgety and Co.; 3 pkgs., Genet. In the Prince Alfred, Miles and Co., agents: original cargo from Sydney and northern ports. In the Marie et Louise, Dalgety and Co., agents: original cargo from Mauritius. In the Windhover, Peacock and Co., agents: 40 ' liuif-chests tea, 5 half-tierces tobacco, 169 tins coffee, 1) <-asks tallow, 400 hides, 9 bales and 143 sheepskins, 2 bales wool, 1 cask fuse, Gould and Miles. HEATHCOTE RIVER. AEBIVED. March 25, schooner Emerald Isle, 40 tons, Dixon, from Wellington, with 20,000 feet sawn timber, 15 pigs, 5 geese, order. Passengers—Mrs. Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Raphael. March 27, schooner Isabella Jackson, 42 tons, iUcLellan, from Picton, with 30,000 feet timber, Millton and Co. March 28, ketch Pryde, 45 tons, Buxton, from Wellington; with 20,000 feet timber, 2 hhds. beer, .1. C. Aikman and Co.; 6 cases geneva, 2 boxes cigars, 1 case currants, 1 cask sugar, 4 bags rice, 9 l>oxes sperm candles, 12 cages whiskey, 1 pianoforte, 1 digging machine, Buxton. March 28, schooner Henry, 40 tons, from Auckland, with 35,000 feet timber, order. SAILED. March 28, cutter Apuila, 27 tons, Austen, for Wellington, .with 432 bushels barley, J. C. Aikman ::iul Co.; 688 bushels wheat, Millton and Co. March 28, schooner Sarah, 15 tons, Johnston, for Akaroa, witli 15 bushels wheat, Millton and Qo. The emigrant ship Victoria, Capt. Forss, arrived in Lyttelton on Sunday morning after a rather protracted passage of 109 days from the Downs. She lands her passengers in good health, who appear to lie above the average stamp of immigrants. The Victoria made a bad start, meeting with contrary winds in the Channel, which caused her to be over 40 days before crossing the line. She was afterwards detained by putting into Pernambuco for fresh water, the water in the casks on board being unfit for use. She brings 139 adult passengers. The following is the * r L! B£ °F GOVKRNMUNT IMMIGRANTS. Married Couples.-Dnnhl Bell, wife and two children; Peter McGregor, wife and three children; Robert Pattison, wife and three children; Alexander Ciarke and wife; Malcolm Crawford and wife- John /Stevenson and wife; Archibald McFarlane and wifeijohji Halliday, wife and two children; Edward Smith and wife; Francis Bailey, wife and five children; Daniel Wilson and wife; Charles Dobbin and wife; Hugh Rainey and wife; Hugh Davißon, wife and childf John Alexander and wife and infant; Robert Fulloon, wife and three children; David' Tibbott and wife; Bernard Witte, wife arid four children; Stewart McFarlane, wife and two children. Single Men.—■ Donald McFarlane, Robert C. Burns, William, Robert, and Cornelius Bailey, George DaviHon, William Birnie, Thomas Overend, John Whiteaidp, John and Thomas Magee, John Joyce, James Wilson, Robert Smith, Andrew Kirk, George

Gloußhley, Hugh Smyth, James Close, Samuel Kane, Nathaniel Boyce, John Beatty, Win. Banks, John Grant, Robert Kanltin, Thos; Menzies, James Morrison, Alexander Me William, Jeremiah Gunson, Alexander and Charles Eraser, George Bannerman, Patrick Dunne, William Ilislop, James Stewart, James and David Morrison. Single Women. —Jean and Janet MeFarlane, Ann, Eliza and Margaret Bailey, Ellen Prendeville, Ann Broadley, Mary A. Caldwell, Ellen and Betsy Campbell, Margaret Connor-, Christina McNair, Isabella McGregor, Florence Dalziel, Julia and Mary Jane Major, Mary Boyle and child. We have to notice a useful addition to our consting fleet in the schooner Ann of Auckland, which has just been sold by Messrs. Milltoii and Co., of the Union Wharf, Heathcote river, to Mr. J. C. Aiknian, for the sum of .£650 in cash. The Ann is a fine roomy vessel of 37 tons register. ■• She has considerable carrying capacity, being of great beam. Her draught, when loaded is 6 feet (5 inches. The Mail Steamer Bombay.—We stated yesterday that the register of the Bombay steamer was 608 tons. This, of course, refers to her capacity for cargo. Her actual measurement is 1239 tons, and 288 horse power. We are informed that she had been put into a most efficient state, both as respects hull and machinery, a short time before she left Galle. The names of her passengers (according to the 'Home News' of the 26th of December) were as follows :•—From Marseilles to Melbourne—Mr. Mrs. and Miss Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Griffiths and servant, and Mr. W. H. Wilkinson. From Southampton to Sydney—Mr. Castlewood. From Suez to Melbourne—Mr. Butter worth.— Sydney Empire, March 15. Departure of the Squadron.—H.M.S. Harrier left Sydney for Auckland on Thursday last, as we had announced in our issue of last Tuesday. H.M.S. Miranda will leave port for the same destination immediately after the arrival of the English mail this evening, and H.M.S. Pelorus, bearing the flag of Commodore Seymour, will take her departure in the early part of next week. The three vessels will rendezvous at Auckland on the 25th instant. — Ibid. Presents for New Zealand.—The Kate, which sails this afternoon for Auckland, has on board three emus, which, .we understand, are a present from Thomas Holt, Esq., M.P., to his Excellency Sir George Grey, Governor of- New Zealand. There are several black swans on board, a pair of which, we believe4, are likewise intended as a present to his Excellency from another gentleman.— lbid. .

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SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE., Lyttelton Times, Volume XVII, Issue 980, 2 April 1862

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SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. Lyttelton Times, Volume XVII, Issue 980, 2 April 1862

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