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WELLINGTON SUMMER MEETING. The mix-up at the bend in the Wellington Stakes at Trentham yesterday seems to have been caused by Emerson on Sutala pulling up too suddenly in order to get a better position next the rails. Ho brought idowii his stable mate Bimeter, who sustained slight injury to his hip, and Rangitero. Sutala had the tendon of his leg cut through. The stewards later in the day inquired into the matter, and were of opinion that Emerson had acted carelessly, though with no wrong intention. Emerson was disqualified till March 31 for careless riding, which means that he will have to stand down over the Dunedin Cup and Wanganui meetings. After the mishap Flying Start put in a spectacular run, the brother to First Flight winning from a seemingly hopeless position, and defeating' Gold Foil by a short nock. The totalisator turn-over was £40.258.1,, as against £37,021 on the corresponding day last year. Concluding results :- Fitzhorbert Handicap, 250sovs. for two-vear-olds, sf.—Marco Ballo (7.3)' 1. Down (7.3) 2, Harlequin (7.7) 3. Seven others. A great finish; won by a head, neck ! between second and third. Time, lmin 2 3-Ssec. Drmro Cup, 350sovs, lm.—Gold Soult (8.8) 1, Banksia (8.4) 2, Football (8.4) 3. Seven others. A splendid start, the field ' getting away like a field of cavalry. Won by a short neck, third horse, half a length away. Time, lmin 43sec. The Disposal Stakes, 6f, was won by Davtime, with Bold Stroke second. Time, lm'in 19 l-sscc. Mr A. W. Rutherford bought the winner for 135gs. Metropolitan Handicap. 400sovs. 6f.— Wise Bird (6.13) 1, Glcnrov (6.7) 2, Chndic (8.21 3. Also started': Plav Off 8.0. Blue Lake 8.0, Fabrikoff 7.9, Adroit 7.7, Belasco 7.7, Hoy 7.6, Zeus 7.0, Inimer 6.10, Pariforni 6.9. Wort easily by half a dozen lengths, neck between second and third. Time, lmin 16 2-ssec. FOXTOX RACES. Violetta. dropped dead after pulling up in the Dash Handicap yesterday. H. Xodder. the, rider of Chaminade in the Cup, was fined £SO and severely cautioned for interfering with Sweet Van. Winners of the concluding events:— Trial Stakes. Improve; Awahou Hack Welter, Sir Donald; Flying, Orleans; Dash Handicap, Miss Kelly; Herrington Wo'ter, Fore. D..T.C. CUP MEETING. First Day.—Wednesday. The following nominations have been received for Hie autumn meeting (February 17, 18, and 20] : Autumn Hurdle Handicap, ISOsovs, 13-ifi. —Commotion, Andrea. Castiron, Cyra. Kim. Hatana. Optician, Stone Ginger, Peerless. Salathie], Canterbury, TevioL Gladln'ook Handicap, 140sovs, lm. Martigues. Dorothy Perkins, Snapdiagnn. Cortes. Moddite, Roumania, Leadim? Lady, Marvelite, Ngapuna, Trilby, Ya>a- | nian, Sir Brigid. Wild Pil- j prim. .Mas)or Jim. Golden Rupee. Quirinus, All Ready. Punchinello, Micky Free. Champagne Stakes, 300sovs, 6t After declaration of forfeits the following remain in :—G. C. Stead's Wishful. Bonny Dream ] —Recorder; Mr Harvey Patterson'*; b c] bv Mo-.vhikoff—Chance Shot. Hi o. bv j i Vlenr-hikoff—-Scotch Device, br f bv Deia--1 f.-rt- - Heck-.- Sharp, el, f bv Menchiknff-I j Madonna, 'and b f by Monohikob' -Soull- ; dana : Mrs Harvey Patterson's br c by j I Delaware—Ladv .Melton, and In- 1 by i j Moiischikoff--Nanto: Sir Geo. ■. 'lirTord's j '.Adjutant. Harlequin—-Gnwanbrao ; •'. 11. \ I Prober's Ko'isign : "Mr Marton's " ; ' Tango; C. G. !'algety's Spring!.', and j i Snub. j j Dunodin '"up. I.OOOsovs, Uin —» 'tic r, ; Don Francisco. Snapdragon, First Glance.; Multum in I'er-.n. Gai>"M. Warston, < Special form, Peg. Scotch M'elody. Ham-sty. j Directoire. Byron. John l>arkveorn. j Slogan, Ngatiraiiinii. Hesione, United j Service, Ladrone. j Publicans' Handicap. fiOOsovs. of. Petrusus, Wise Bird. Immcr. Miss Fin- j land. Chndic. First Glance. MoUehikoff, | Mount Victoria. Formnal. Clvicli.-.h. Alton 1 Loch. Charniilla. Peg, Rr. v: ,l, iionostv, i Marsa. Martian Maid.'Joannot. Moonglow. ! Charhiito, Salzburg. Bona fen, Gi'iidcn j King. Fabrikoff. Vocation, Sartor/' 1 . Krn-j der ' ('bsnno, Jason, Dinner ("iong. _ j Steward-' Weber Hand-en wssvs, lm.—Ogie,-. Don Eraneiso,,.' Moddite, | Mount- A'iotoria. tVidov, Scotch Mdociy, | Kilts. Gnome, Glonowl. Sombroro. Banian. ' Ladrone, Russo. ' Berwick Handicap. 130sovs. 7f.-- Morrv i Trick. Cortes, Este, Caraid Dilens. Lou- , mania, Trireme, Sartomart. Lady Trent.! Bridegroom. Marvelite,. Ngapuna. i.adv ; Grafton. Christmas Lily. Vnlspeil. Maituk, j Wharfinger, Fabrikoff, Red Charm, Sea-: maid, All Ready, Floriline. Glenforn. ! Second Day.—Thursday. ■ iTmdon Hurdle Handicap. l"0.-ovs. --('ominotion. Andrea, Castiron. Cyra, Kim. Hatana. Optician. Si one Ging'i., Xgaliraunui, Pceiloss, Salaiiel. Lants-r- i hrrv. I'oviol. I llciilev Handicap. loOsovs. 7f.— Doro- ; thv Perkins. Snapdragon. Miss Finland. I Kste. Cyra. Roumanl.i, Trireme. Leading! Lady, Maivelite, \" ga pit na . Trilby, Vara- ; nian. Volsprii, Wharfinger, Wild Pilgrim. I Mi't-ler Jim. <!nldeu Rupee. Quirinus. Prin- i cess Flo, All Readv. Floriline. Mickev Free. _ ' " | Anniversary Handicap. 350.-ovs. lm.— i Order, T)nn Francisco, Merry Ti'ick, Jm- j, Chuilic. First Glance, Moddite, Mul- | turn in Parvo. Capon, Specialform. Char- j mil la. IVg. Scotch Melody. Rcval. HoncMy. Martian Maid. Byron, Joannot, John: Barloveom, Slogan. Salzburg. Gohii-n King, i SomhV:-ro. l'';,hrikoh'. Hi-ione, Ladrone. j Ecnde.. Unil'.-d Service, Bonuv Rigg. | Dazlo.t Men.or.'ai Plate. oOOsovs. ''7;.—j Don r'nucisco. Wise .Bird, Chudic, R-oii- ; mania. Wnrsl(i\ Charniilla- R-?val. Fabn-I koif, Red Chai'rc, Golden Rupee. Fender, J.-.son. Dinner ("oi:g. | Dii! r."in llni'.di- i].. 120fr,vf. 6f.— Mar- i tiques. Pc-irosus. Mei:v Trick, Miss Fin- j land, f-.rtos. F.ste. Meltrhikoft', Bandy, j Caraid Ihiias. Fiiiomo, Sartoinart, Afton j Loch, Lady Trent. Bridegroom, Panama,! Ngapuna. MeLcon. Ladv (Jrafton. Christ- I mas Li!v. Voispeil. Si'r Rrigid, Charleviiio. Mai-iidi. J'onation, Redova, iSeiimaid. All PlC'iov. Kazan Biota, Floriline. Mifkc-v Free. ' ■' Dom; in UandMa.p-. ITosovs. 6l.—Pctrosi;.-., Wi. ; e Biid. Jmmrr. Formnal. Meltcb.ikoff. Clyneiish. Churmilla. Marveiite, Marsa. Martian Maid, Moonglow. Charloltc. (lohhn King. Vocation, Bed Charm,! Saitoi/.c. Ohsono. Jason. Gienferu. Bonnv i Rigg. I C:'y llandieap. ]sosovs. of.--Adjutant, | Harlequin. Holiday, Malvolia. Snub, j Spangle, Rousigvi, Varnish, Ardenvhor, ! Treadfire, SamiMn. BcJlshire, "['haddcus. j. Suburban Welter Handicap. loOsovs. [ lm.—Don Fran; ifico \'m\"t. Moddite, Co- : toniform, Mount Victoria. Foodor.,, Peg. ! I)ii ecroire, Jrannnt. Kilt. Gnoine, Glenow!, ■, Wharfinger. Banian, Ladrone. ■Jr\iotdnle, Camerbury, Russo. Third Day.—Saturday. Chvlnro Hurdle Handicap. 130sov. lim. —'.'icmmotioii, Andrea. Castiron. Cyra, Ki-.'i, Hatana. Bi idcgrorni. Outram, C)pt : - cian. Stone Ginger, Xgatinninui, Peerless, Salatiel, Car.te-buiv, eviot. Flying Handicap", 250sovs. 6L—'Pet.rosi;.--, " Wise Bird. MfVs Finland. Cortes. Chudic. First f3lance. Meltchikoff. Caraid liiieas. Formnal. L'lvnelish, Afton Loch, Ch;nmil!;i. Peg, Reval, Mar.'a. Martian Maid, Joannot, Christmas Lily. Aloonglow, Charlotta, Salzburg. Fahrikoif. Vociiion, Red Chaini, S.irtorze, Fender, Ohsono, Jason, Dinner Gong.

Warrington Handicap, 140sovs. 7f.— Dorothy Perkins. Snapdragon. Este. E-ou-ma-nia.. Trireme, Leading Lady, Lady Trent, Marvelite, Ngapuna. Trilby. Varanian, Vnlspere, Siv Brigid. Wharfinger. Wild Pilgrim. Master Jim, Rod Charm, Princess Flo. All Ready, Punchinello, Floriline, Mickey Free.' 4 ' Jockey Club Handicap. 500pow. ljm.— Ogier, Don Francisco, Merry Trick, Snapdragon. Immcr. Chudi.-, First Glance. Moddite, Multum in Parro, Roumania, Gapon. Warstep, Specia'form, Peg, Scotch Melody. Roval, Honesty, Directoire, Byron, Jeanr.ot, John Barleycorn, Slogan. Sombrero, Golden King, Hesione, Ladrone, Fender, Quirinus. United. Service. Hopeful Handicap. loOsovs. sf.—Harlequin, Holiday, Oowanhrae. Malvolia. Snub, Spangle, Consign, Varnish. Ardenvhor, Treadfire, Simeson. Bollshir?, Thaddeus, Recorder.

Abbotsford Welter Handicap. 17550 v?. 7f. —Don Francisco, Immcr, Meltchikoff. Coronifonn. Mount Victoria. Peg, Scotch, Melody. Marvelite, Kilts. Glcnowl. Salzburg, Wharfinger, Golden Rupee. Banian. Ladror.e. Quirinus. Pcviotdalo, Daytime, Kazan, Canterbuor. Russo, Glenfei - '.'. Bonnie Bigg, Moddite. Waihola Handicap. 120sovs. 6f.—Martigues. Dorothy Perkins. Petrosus. Merry Trick, Finland, Cortes, Fete, M? tchikofl', Ba.ndy. Caraid Dileas, Sartomart, Afton Looh, Lady Trent Panama. Ngapuna. Helicon, Lady Grafton. Christmas Lily. Volspeil, Sir' Brigid, Chark-ville. Martuk, Bor.ation, Bedowa, Seamaid, A'l Ready. Gieta, Floriline, Red Pennon, Micky Free, Glenforn, Carpet Knight. Wingatui Handicap. 175,50v5. lm. — Ogier, ilartiguce, M.erry Trick, Immcr, Cort-es, Commotion, M'oddito. Mount V;ctoria, Gapon, First Glance, Feodor. Cha'mi'la, Peg. Scotch Melody. Marvelite. Fdrectoire. Martian Maid. Gnome. Glenowl. Sombrero, Golden King. Fahrikotf. Golden Rupee, Sartorze. Banian, Seamaid. United Service, Russo Ths e-ntries total 469, as against 460 last year. The Cup shows a. decided falling off. only 19 being nominated, hut the Publicans' Handicap has brought forth th<> fine entry of 30. TAKAPUNA RACES. Acceptors »for the principal events on Friday next: —Takapuna Cup. lljf.—, Rovaf Irish 8.1, 'loldsize 8.1. La P.eina 7.15. Tinopai 7.8 Phosphorus 7.3. Bedford 16.32, Soldier 6.12. Monorail 6.9, Self 6.7. Zealandia Handican. 7l.—Prince Sou;t 9.0, Tattoo 8.9, ChoVldar 8.8. Jolie Fills 8.3, Tiipoli 7.9, Monorail 7.9, Worcester 7.6. Sc.ultnne 7.6, Kaween 7.4. Makura 7.2, Selection 7;0. Lady Penury 6.13. SWIMMING. At a committee meeting of Hie Otago Amateur Swimming Club held last evening the following officials were appointed :-- Referee. Mr D. Bannatvne ; judges—Dr Roberts. Messrs J. A. Park. J. M'lndoe, and T. Dallas : diving judges—Dr Roberts, Messrs J. M'Tndoe and F. Given ; timekeepers—Messrs F. H. James. J. Isaacs, and T. Soilness ; starter, Mr D. M. Stuart ; check st; iters, Messrs P. B. Foots and W. A. Jenkins : Press steward. Mr F. Given ; competitor-' slewards, Miss Gibson and Mr J. Mtinung : liandi' anper, Mr F. Given. ROWING. Hanna.n. the sculler, whoso challenge to row for £2OO a-side, and the championship of New Zealand has been accepted by William Webb, of Wanganui, hns igone jto Pr, ton. v.- : th th-> object, of there u.-ider-j going hie training lor the race. i The Wellington Rowing Association \ have derided to abandon their annual re- ! pa.tta. this year. Instead, a. series.of inter- | club races will be held on March 13. or. [if the weather is unsuitable then, on ihe ! first suitable elate. The programme will 1 comprise senior sculls. senior fours, maiden fours, maiden double sculls, and youths' fours. Certificates will take th" of the usual prizes, and ail money received in the ordinary course, wiil go to the patriotic fund. The occasion will inaugurate a permanent competition among local clubs, and every year a certificate will be presented to, the club gaining most points at regattas of a. similar nature. ATHLETIC AND CYCLING UNION. At the annual conference of the New Zealand Athletic and Cycling Union held at Christchurch yesterday it was derided io hold the next annual lonfcrone,- at Masterton. The election of nfrieeis for the ensuing year resulted as follows; —Patron. Mr G. W. Woods: president. Mr J. Kennedv : vie-presidents—Messrs D. F. M'Kav, F. J. Wilson. J. Clarke; committee—Messrs A. Cansen, A. J. Fisher. J. P. Kalaughor. M. La vary. J. Collingwood ; secretary and treasurer, Mr H. H. Eraser: auditor. Mr s'urimpton. A discussion ensued with regard to the secession of the Auckland Centre, the deliberations being in committee. On renaming, the following resolution was yiav."d : " That the matter be left in the hands of the executive, with a recommendation that an amicable settlement be arrived at if possible.'' ATHLETICS. Fiv- applications for reappointment came before Thursday night's meeting of the Otago Centre of the Amateur Athletie Association, and wore dealt with as under :--J. Whit? and W. M'Loan were reinstated: B. M'Kernan is required to rend further particulars : W. D. Boreham is to be asked to suroily a full list of his performances; and Robert Kirkwill be reinstated o.s soon as ho sends in a proper form. Pavlova, the winner of the two principal handicap events at Trentham this week, is by the English-bred sire Charlemagne 11., who has been represented by 1 some good winners this season, both in ' Australia and New Zealand. Stepka. the ! dam of Pavlova, is a half-sister to j tation, being by St. Leger from Stepniak's [ sister. Stepfoldt by Nordenfeldt-Steppe, j The special train, arranged by the , Owners' and Breeders' Association, to ! bring horses and passengers here for the j Forbury Park Trotting Club's meeting l next week, will leave Christchurch on 1 Monday at 6.50 a.m., and will arrive in j Dunodin at 5.50 o.m. :

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SPORTING, Issue 15708, 23 January 1915

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SPORTING Issue 15708, 23 January 1915

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