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A NAME OF TRUE ROMANCE. [By J. H. AA'atso.v, in the Sydney 'DailyTelegraph.'] ! At the present time the greatest anxiety i is fch concerning- tbo trawler Endeavour. | now long overdue from that isolated ami 1 tlc-solate. spot Macquarie Island, whither she i had gone to take ahnant a iclic-ving party of ibe Hcloorological Dejia-rtmcnt. Having | aoi-:;.i!ripliibcd iliii, and taken on board thoso whv-e term cf duty had expired, she left, j there on December 3 for Melbourne, since which lime she Las not been heard of. I Tho iiamo of this vessel reminds us bow | dial name is assoc’aiod with Austia'.iaa bis* I s ory. There are about a dozen craft, of ! various sizes, which have esc!', in their way a.-M-icd in building "p the commerce of the Empire in ihc-e parts. First there is the Endeavour in which Lieutenant. James Cook voyaged round the whole eastern coast of New Holland. This vessel is described by the Navy Board os "a cai-built bark, inburibcn 3CS tons,'’ which is not to be understood as weaning that she was a barque, because it can he caiherc-J from Cook's log that she wa- square-rigged—that, is, that she carried yiiid.3 on ail her threo masts. Nearly all piitures of tins Endeavour, and models also, inako her a pear a barque, carrying square s;JN oil the* main and fore masts, with a spanker and gaff topsail on the mizzen. The word bark, according to naval authorities, is used to distinguish a purchased merchant shin from a vessel built for a warship : or used in a general way, as is done bv Byron when be speaks of "my bark is on the sev' 1 Nf-xi. arid second in importance, is, the L’dianum Endeavour, which arrived at Sydney May 31. 1795, from Bombay, will) 132 1,(,;d of ci!tie and 500 tons of rice and other .-rain for food. Having discharged his cargo, Captain Bamptcn sailed for Bombay via the coa-t, of New Zealand, raid while running down the ship sprang a. leak, and she was taken into Dusky Sound and beached. Visitors (o that place say her remains r.r- ;o be. -vvii there now. B.unpion and hi'- crew wcaft lucky to lind there a new unSfcmcUed schooner of 60 ions, which Lad been built by ionic- of the crew cf the Britannia two Lars previously, and not used by them. Finishing this craft with rigging from tint Endeavour, a large number of the. crew and passengers stiled' for and reached India in her, ibe remainder building up the, slap’s Fiu’ boat into a schooner, in which they got back, to Sydney. Tho whole story, when fuilv read, is one among many Stirling trua -mries of lin; itriv days, when hardship was 11;. . i-nianiiiii lot hi ail, either coming to or bring ui tlie 'o’.ony. Early :n the last century there was a -cluj■ ,i• r i-hnh-avour owned bv Henry Kable, a inrrciiaii!. C.i hvJncv. and one ot the arrivaN by the f.rst ilt-oi. This ycsst-l gained a noionctv iiuougli her captain._ Theodore AATilker, tho L-gaS proceedings against whom 1 jc-Ganji* Vi, c.iv.cele'ore ct vbc -jt^riod. 5i apc.ns that a vessel na.incu Daphne, of 127 tons, arrived in _ Fyde-'v fr-m C*|» cu' ia In i; 1 inb- r, ‘...i. Jv-Vu - L.,-aaj ei'V. aud a' I '' voa: ’;-. ■. ..: '-.oling ...* tic 'islands. AA'hg. a, Aiai.u.e (any JQ ISIS Yit- <-a>i»;iiii shipped toms i.ui ires. Those, with Km.i; of (.no I.ascars, rniit'iM in'irdci'Oil ihc- captain mid I licit, poruun of Hie ’-rew who were not with then), seized iim vr'-el, and ctcaicd out. Tac Daphuo , ..•■•ir.-.i-Jiv iwii il Up at the Bay of Istands. Klein iv aifer Hie Eudcavonr. with Captain '] bu nd, m Will'- - r in c..m:mnd. arrived ilicve me] lie. iunving beard of the murder and piracy, ia'seceded to servo out. justice a.-c-udi-i'j- 'to si- idea, it not- in strict accordance with ihc j .;ie:i n ; oi goudess .'wn-c-i AVaii.-er ai once attached the i,and auer ro--i-.i shuts had been cxehanged the iiring on the Daphne ceased. Boarding h<n- AA'a.ikor found that the crew bu-l i icajicd in one or the- boats, but on making a starch one Lascar, a leader of Ibo maim'.', wi". found ni iiidiiig. Tins m:ut was Lin on board ihe Endeavour and briu'-c rl 'at Lie yardarm. At the time Hie IF-v. Vi'iiiian Hem;', one of tbo 1795 baud ■; missionaries to Oraiicitc, who, arher his visit, io Fvchicv, lied gone back to that vYani], once mere, eauio to cy r -nev io be iiiiirrir-J k. Miss Ann Shepherd, of Kissing JVLt ‘now Bvdfj, wliich e-rvmci.y having been satisfactorily carried out he once more iiairie bis war u, lew, island, where he was I nil inF-dona rv aril nia gist rim*. Or. ias ;v:e."ii Ilf heard Hm- story* of Walker’s jus--1 for tin- liovs cf events ip the islands j was serin swe-ad by tho small traders, and I be premmly vriKinGl the inai:e r 10 Governor | mtli.-ii, when the Endeavour got F'.lm, v ufl -r cin.i.-c the stery ; ? known An inquiry iitu. the- Lascar’s I ip utii Was in M, and AV<-liter os rommiricd jis - r;j, ,t :await his t rial for murder. The Aril ie- ill. Fi’gMad inn! so be cou-ilitc-d. I rr-lb V, a S that .M a-rie was ll) - i ; (_ a sc-ud Hl . ivri 'Ce umd t Y-' wil- ! ;,(■■■■--. to Enel a; g], ii: order Hip. iriai j iirc ic" i-v; |-a ::,ro -.i.c Admiralty SYui see..; by a -A. ia I e. issimi. Now. as Im i Y. a. cbm-ad. wnic y:i- some dbimibtv I b, .-..i'A-tinv ib, vitiitmrs. Howrvrr, AVaif.-;. l-.ww v.atb as mmm =• ceubi !,„> feuei':, i : b:.: lie ;',.; was no !.aw cm, (..ring ;r crime I e::;: 'a I 1U Nl’W Zt-MauJ. 1 ill end OT i ;m- KiMcavem- was m Fl;mlimveil, wiicrn I; iV :: S v.e ' eln jn iSFL I A'-i .me: in r Endeavour. bGcnghig n a ' Mr J'd.n 'iiark, i.ut of tins i.lHc is hlio'.vu i hj m-iai sue ymicii ,ai :i:e coasi. and. I ’. a- i->- r ili'- Nol.'b; b at tim entrance to tie bally.;.- Ne W'e,rrlc, m F31.7. ; 'li era is a ■; y . - yv In coniK-ction w:t b : cm: FndcyivoTjr v , : Traded on the coast, m : i 1 v -.ear-. Kui;-. on t!-.o Hawkcfbiuy, :n : Im.e! she- ly 'e:,"'. o ,o 111° time, to Hearr j Fi-h';-. rcg. ,J laigt.-u. owners of h;s imiv. ATtm-.v.-irds site, was the nroperiy of a. I :,r r \V,y..ibi:; v. and ’was im.div ’owned by 'Am I,'y-iis. r,f Xeumal Bay. >lie went Jo ; 1'.,.: S'epimi'•- for a cargo „ f oysicrs, and I tie-' e.ew 1r 11 1 ashore for water. Tho j r.e.ii’v.?, tailing e'ivmiiary of dm :r nb'cncP, j vmr- off 10 ;!•••■ vissej , n rst-i-se niifl after I --c.di'.y,; i t 1 ib:ig 11 icy could enrry away I ,et cii fire.-, end she be: ;m i to I iai watc-1-'s edge. The, reason attignod for ihi« I ;yt v-'.is tie,- J.c oypiers were, their proi ];i -ir, and t ins was th-ir wav of gcuntg i a, TiJs O"C ,IM ifi 1852.' I A iv baler br.uring tim nemc j Bo: t Jackson J, tim fifties, earning in like I iirntv other-- ;re»m U;o i,r;cb-frsutm:iif;d j ■■ wFdi'ig gr-i'inde ” in reft and refresh. I TLy-e rcr-' Mk- <’.avs what Me.sTHan Bay was j vg-/m] bv *il;o MTuM'Drs Avllea they wurttLO. their 1 ovf rliL’ilc']. j “ ikJid-'Nn'Oiir ” !:ia Ia; f -.n a ; AVont a j Tv’th r.AvriLiv. ia all t.],v port<; in Avnraliz. j Arb;i::,i(k:. Liiifl Fr*:nn«Title lad padcLe- ! wiiK-y! f(g hi tkc."s of that iT2-r*v.;, iiad j a bavrjuc, a:nl bad a taivago st. on tucr.

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MANS’ "ENDEAVOURS", Evening Star, Issue 15707, 22 January 1915

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MANS’ "ENDEAVOURS" Evening Star, Issue 15707, 22 January 1915