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HIGH WATER. To-Moanow. Taiaroa Head : 8.18 a.m., 8.43 p.m. Port Chalmers : 8.58 a.m., 9.25 p.m, Dunedin : 9.23 a.m., 9.53 p.m. THE SUiT Sets to-dav. 7.47 p.m.; rises to-morrow, 4.52 a.m. ‘ THE MOON. Seta to-dav, 10.32 p.m.; rises tomorrow, 1 p.m. —Phaser. Daring January. — January 23 First quarter 5.2 p.m. January 31 Full snocn 4.11 p.m. WEATHER REPORTS. Tho Government Meteorologist (Rpv. D. C. .Bates) supplied tho following ! weather reports at 9 a.m. to-day : Bar. Ther. Woath. ■Auckland—N., fb ... 29.89 72 G 'Napier—NEW.', fb ... 29.74 IT B Wanganui—NAY., 'nr 29.71 70 B i Wellington—N.W., m g 29. t-4 Co OR 'Westport—N.. in g ... 29.60 6.5 G D Grevniouth —N.W.. f b 29.44 04 O D Bealey—N.W.. f b ... 29.94 94 D • Christchurch N.E.. ;b 29.40 ib O Timani—S. E, I ... 29.28 <4 B C .Clamant,—£.. ! ... ... 29.22 6o BG D Mined in—S.W.. 1 ... 29.1 ’ 91 G C )r,eenstc>v;r. —G.d:;i ... 29.21 cs) H 'Nuggets—S., : b 29.21 9a B .Jlluff— 5.K..1 ... 2Y.2; 2 a OD 'Port Chalmers — S.W.. fh M . 292!3 (.1 0 I'nvorcargil!—Can it ... 28.03 a.> G R Ba!'luthn—s".\Y.", lb * ;'9> U Roxburgh— s.. I ... 2a. 9-’ to O R Pembroke —'..’aim ... 29.2u >•/ R ! Clyde—Cnlm 22 T i Wind.—L.. light; hr. I.rcr-z:; fb. fresh 2,7 . -.7 -; m jr, :.v , .'; g, who:;: or heavy aam ; w, gale or exceptional stveritv. Weather.—?.. Line sky. 1 e the atmosphere .leer or heavy; C, evuds. nassma clouds; D, drizzling ram; 1, I ciggy; Cl, gloomy, dark weather: 11. had; E, lightning; 91. mis 1 ;. - ; O. rvenae., 1 tie wmve skv covered with thick cloud.-:; I’, passing | showers; 0. Eqttallv; B. rr.m, continued | Tain: S. mow; T. thunder; L, ugly, ■ TSircamninn arc orraaoe; h,uy, FonrcAST. j The Government Meteorologist (Rev. j D. C. Braesi supplied dm following i at neon to-day ;— Strang rce.:;c.srly winds: ■ colder wcathu'; r-ris- pi viable-; ns- j ing soon; tale? cm .-in in-grcastug oil ; shore. I ARRIVE 1 January 21. j s.e.i 4.15 4C5 tor..?. Nailer, ; from J'.vtte-it. -a. ; Kauri, s.s. '7.45 p,::.. •, 2.G33 tons, Why- 1 bourne. Wostucaa. ; Paherua, s.?. (11,33 am:.;. 1.175 tons., Hilton, from West pc..-’. . ! SAlLED.—January 21. | Storm, r-.s. (10 p.m.-105 tens. Xu id or. j Tor northern ports. January 22. ' Mor.owai, s.s., 2.137 t0;..-. Carson, for . Auckland and East pen#. Ptissen- j gers : Merclames Gillies and child, Had- j cliffe, Howell, M'Leunon utai two chi!- 1 dren, Tyreli, Waters and cliilhr-.-r;. Cal- I villa, McCarthy,- Pork:* and two children, ; Black, Crosbie, Muses Craw, Hutchison, | E. B. Hutchison, Wc-ntum. Livingstone, ‘ Birch, Drake, Croft (2i. Messrs Gillies, j Gili. Compton, M'Dcrui-I. fin well. Cruit, Waters, Crosbie,, 12 A. Mens, Clarkson, Maloney. Vernon. O’ivaitb. Slaney. Muirsmith. Bin •■!■. Brinkman, Revs. Canon jM'Cuvray ami M. Rad-TLY. i .Master Gill; and 5U .-.twraiv. Wanakn. s.s.. 2,422 U-”-, Flynn, fm ■ the tl >: ff. The- Mor.owai sailed tu-Uy ter Auckland and East Coast port.-.. The Kaiapoi left Sydney ye-tej-aay v:;th a cargo of wheat for the Bin if. imm din, Lyttelton, and Well in gi.-n. The Flora leaves Dun-din mi Monday for the West Coast via way pons. ; The M«heiiO resicncd utoning mi Wml- i r.ofiday, when she sailed for .\-c.’klmcl. I Tho Pnherua arnva,.l this inorning from ! Wcstnort. 2!;■? sails to-m-.rrm.v for the j Blufi. where she loa-is cl-,; .r tntii- j ■ shipnienb Home Ly two W'aimnna. Tho .Manuka Imh \\9-:lim;t..n :->-,iay fnv Sydney. On completion ■■ ' -2 -I;:m ■ th" Kauri ' will lay tip at Pm: < ‘hah;, m. | Tho TCurow is mcm-med ;-i ~,-t awe;.' -n- | moiTow for VCastp.-:| Mr C’iJ.'d. fi.-’u!. :-e. olid wjh .-•I- of *2■ 1 j Knrow. came asleee at K.-n {'haia •••-■,? i yosteniay to ? ; t Im hi.- a-, rd .-mti:!-! catte. ; dhiptair; F>, C•■•iv-ii hr -. I■■■■■:) wrm.lrdi Imliday leave, and. i. lu-tmu L’ryi • law taken command or the Tcitru p-t< t<■ i■.i. Captain J. weott has p itsmr,> p the Kara mu in order •■> (ayrain !;■>- berts, who has a.-haw., u ;t ~f Lines?. Associated with Cspniiu -1. .Mav.-s -u. o: vdvjl\ U- 9m.\-vVC.y v L-vMV..- .‘ . V- W. ’ v line : le-u reco-eauii;.J, aie la,- ;.,p,.e;w | ojfioers : —Chief. Mr ■!. E. Page ; r "lid. | Mr J. Uo-.vlinc,; ehi--f i u.:ii t-r. I'l:■ (2 M'Lcati; so. ■ nd, 2dr I'. .K; m; n-ld ; I i.ird. j Mr K. Gunn. I The Wanaka smimr! rJwGr im 1 day after overham, .mai.-i.; :i altesG noon for the Bluff to Led 8 r A-;- I-.;.-.;. I. ‘ The Waiman-i dm-l;-;i T. r: ' '■ a:;m--rs ; yesterday :vcu;n r . She i. the m,. gv-m draught; vemo; to m, r o. .mm.;,; but no diffi-idly v. a.- i-are.-a,.; ing her. The Wirral 's i-..i;-et-.i air-*..- m WcLiillgtcrr i-r-■ ..• rrmi hhn,.-i ini continue discharge <•: h-.-r hPagiaM cargo, j .Viter tliseiiargu at Pvw,.s,..- !immij;? ; the vessel will l w-t m m. „s 12 .■eieh.r; j ports, and will sail ir.. ;n W ■ hdie.'ton for | Lctnlan aba-:t FMin. try 92 i Captain C. -M. 1- ,'u - hems; of : ti-.-a U.s. and A. J,|r, I- . h;s i sn.,;m---’ Ardgarry, and has -;!.■■ ;.:4e,,..i.hmaM with liiru :—Chief. Mr .a. V-■ and ! Mr T. G. I'.. B- a■ i ; G Mi, 2i ; .) . ' Thomson. -Mr A. J. Ugh -. :e M .hi i as-, •ginocr. Mr J. B. M-lhi-i - ;.M as : V B. IF." Bell third, mm 2m \. j; u | fourth. • < 'apt-ain li. V\ r;,.;;;i -jt s.. . ■ a v,i ~f 11;o T. and s. L::em- Gsmsm- i st-,-.!i:--r | •Et Cordobas, now hi ; mA ha., t i lt > : following oithvrs am,-.. L hi : a , (.'ihef, Mr if. Panic! : .mm ...,, hi r K, [[. ' Hil-dreth; thiid, Mr L. L. (.'is: ,si-1 ginser, Mr A. V.VI.K; mad, .Mi K, Pitge; third. Mr F. And t.; :'.a;ii.h, 1 -Mr J. Bu-eLL-y; gsaii., hjr F, (2::.::e. i What is said to be the kti m :t cargu <s' j wool to leave New Z.miau.i ~. , J„,rL-atil | A'or Home t'lhen aa ay ; ■/ tie- : ■Sa.vill, and .Viid. u ihns ' ■ ; ssls;-<L ;£ss:;ir.flr Lary. is.ew. Aft-, r im-. isg at Timaru, Wchn.gna;. ass! \aider, p;,. .vessel rebni-o-.-d to WMiiiig;..;! Ji, : d. mid ; tieared for; io 12. }f.■ ! 2ia;.;e shiwment eet-sis;?-! n-hchT i,,a1,.g e‘ tvool and 293 casks of tail...w m.l jahts. ! Leaving Vv ellingtm; for i.e-.-.h,;; or. , n . j thiy afternuo;-, the C.iggin;;g e eami !,)•;- ! ■Bliaioa Line's steal:;;.-:- Lmlmimue,. t;mk i nway an c.xoeptiouaSjv 1 n-gc durnuitv «.f • Jrozon pi-eduoe fruit'. v;uh ■■;;?, X 2-,-- hi,; ports. The total meat .-hlmmut iMj.'h .New Zealand e-!.i;a!:-'d 133,291' -a-.of 1 inntton and Jamb. I; was aia.hup a? 1 'follows : —122,512 -mmss lam!,, 32,971 j carcasses o: mint ai. 2223 ■;aurt.-:-? h;a-!', ; 110 bags meat, 2.3 c.fUc-s Im im y,-. The j Indrapnra, has taken the foihc.ving . argo | from Weilingtou 2.22 d won I. 1 | Talc skins. 572 casks iMiin.v, 1 an,-., ne.-h.?, ; 3.634 -carciisfos tautmm. 06,279 . ar.-.-isscs i bymb, 2.002 quarters 1,-ct, 91 h.ags heart?. 265 crates kidneys. THE VI CTO 111 A. The Iluddart-Parker steamer Vi-loria will Stay at Wellington ewer fnil.iv Oil orcoant or the puJJ;.- i;oi;d;:y {.‘umiversarv Day) in that tfiiuv. >he Laves to-mor-row for Duaeolm (iuw t, onutting J.yttelton, and is due to arrive on Sunday evening. Her returning dates will 'not be interfered with; she will rail on Tuesday lor Auckland via East Coast ports. THE PERRY SERVICE. The Maori, from Wellington, arrived at Lyttelton at 6.35 this morning, and connected, with the -first .express for the south.

SHIPPING TELEGRAMS. AUCKLAND. January 22.—6.15 a.m., Athenic, from Alexandria. WELLINGTON'. January 22.-2.45, Waimalo. from Brisbane. LYTTELTON. January 22.—10.25 a.m.. Paloona, from Dunedin. WESTPORT, January 20. Pohsruo, for Dunedin. TIM ABC, January 22,—10.45 a.m., Storm, from Dum-diu. BLUFF. January 22.—2 a.m,, Kotaro, from 'Dunedin. —4 a.m., Kotare, for Invercargill. IXVERCARGII.Iv. January 22,-7 a.m,, Invercargill, from Dunedin. SYDNEY, January 21.—1.30 p.m., Kaiapoi, for New Zealaml. —Niagara, for San Francisco via Wellington. MELBOURNE, January 21. —The Moldavia’s New Zealand passengers are, as follow ;—Messrs Naylor, Holliday, Loughnan, Starkey. Hudson (2), Sawyer, Revs. Slade and Davie.?, Mesdames Horton ami two children, Nurse Loughnan, Korr, Davies and child, Hudson, and Miss Slade.—Wimmcra. from Bluff.—Mottisfont, for New Zealand. (For continuation see Lata Shipping.)

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SHIPPING., Issue 15707, 22 January 1915

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SHIPPING. Issue 15707, 22 January 1915

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