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AMUSEMENTS THE POPULATE HOUSE. .QUEEN'S THE AT BE. PERPETUAL PICTURE PALACE, Daily: 12 noon till 10, EC pm. i.icjtUauously). Oiir lepatit.iou for n.ciuchng the Best Oiiiv is now ;o:i esiubiitaeu foe:. The man in iuo slrcc-t will toil you: " You can alvniTs re.’" ou the ‘ Queen's ’ for a first-class prouruinmc*.'’ "TO-DAY! TO-DAY] TO-DAY! OUT OE THE DEPTHS An lirqniGtc Story the very depths oi human ]iau;ou, Ti;c Latest AVer special THE BAXTLF, ABOUND DIXHUDE, THE BATTLE ABUUND DUOIUDE, NIKLMaBT, i-ii l tlio YSKrt CANAL, NjKUPOBT, nrij iho YsEti CANAL, A Bore end Bio tons. Vuio!.wOi.;a Comedy bv 'J.iQ KEYSTONE COY. * KEYSTONE COY. .ALE AT- SEA. A NorM and Li : er-:,w,-u .nrulutiny Feature is nhrvc.l !-v the iWih.noe Coy. WHELK Tlit’ MAUN TAINS roEET. — —WHERE THE: MaIMAJAb MEET.—■ Our IMuel AuyyiAfMfh S-.-rics. ail of it :■ c' y> I-i o I.: 11 rto tit. CeinTin? of Cora' A.K. Comedy A I’-Tiro El AN W'.ZETTL, No. 215, Cauaala" iU--- NT.v.s oi Cue Element, i HD j'RUT: to ALL TA.UTS; ADULTS. Sj.XIT.NGK ; t HI.LSKEN, S3, MONDAY NEXT. A “ Kcvslor-c; ” that crhpsc-. the PropeitjMaX Your SM-iof.d Favorites, : CTJABLES CHAI’LjN and HALED NOBU.ANI\ lit CAUGHT IN A CABARET. 2,C00 Iff;,. 2,000 Feet. ACGTiONS. SAY AAH AY 2’.vt AANUAVGX. IfllS, At HAT -../ Dock. Oi-3::0 T.i" as’ IM-irsc 7/ rear. nr-Tir: otago fmeeilim co-opera* TL ON. K ASSOC!A .1 i- . NOF NEW ZE,‘ii LAND, LTD, V,. : .'..ft. at iheir YTecTlj t I: C *"* E - y •"> • • • ’ ( ;o; C .t;;y: ÜbE.W {] UTi I ihcg \ 3 buivu or." 11 :.-mm.i xu iOiNUS. 4-* 3 v/- .« ; w;;.;' di;,;!.-' tiers E La if of La:ilo tvi) 1 XyA- ‘ j A:;.' Oj ;-0..v... 1 M- SintTCr vVi'eht, A:i ; . GTM; _ _ ' 5 ErtifM:;. mat-. ■ and fundings, C to 3 vcaia. t,.n tcAmiX Client; 4 rnruta-oAt it. ra::-:. 4 re 6 years 5 Eoto males and MMuk. L. Cl AC .LEAN. Ami .Coicer. CCKFC3ATEGN NOTICES. DLL Li.IN rtTY COtNCIL. SPIN7aL 'Mu DLL'. NYHBLTC NOTICE 1a HEDTiEV CXVIN -X A a X jareCai (tt tC.u;e-ii. a; a o:;A; jv--.,iaa E a. debilities and cngapiQ ne s a' At- ■- y iaiMii oi iue tmt feoff Se . ■ Ai■>;: : ■,l ■ l V, la ;- :t in 'f AO of '•Ths j.c '.A A'A' A Tutus Art, 1015,” a locsl A'CA-.i-y i.. an-!a-.a-to r.sise a SpeciaJ 1-:: 11 ft: A;:- ytya. 1 M (Ovitl; f.S the Whole or cry re.; -T it- -yorAi kunr tliefetofolo ytMO'i y ;;u. f,,i oa’ou and veA.ent tnnie™ r;. - f oi ’' v * vor- : Ik <ZZ ;o INo r-bbUoT u - - -• :n id QUYi oi Ur. U hca’i ana nni: te >. e'r LCoj, kal us tunc of T9,400 L IAUUU i i At :MIT : A A reel 1.0, A.l 1 ,'C U\Y THCNiN'- GL-' i' e i-A.-.-dhr C:iy CcunciJ, in the e-tea c Aite?-" iu it ifl. that le : u.’:t E,v ; Ac- At .verns -cl ‘‘ TE:e Local 7A-a;a.' 1.-aaa; •'■■:. N'.'.'’ tail ia cxtrciEO of r-A oka: -.veer in tEcv laTaC; enaMing ■A ]au-Tia c'aCv ■■. la. 5,,,';;;;! Order its fuK :aa : EniATi.Y, —To uv. Ly rr.ty of fptosal loci], the fur. of LrtNO Tine iEfutinid four D;,aoa ; a ]Ao.;;d-t aai _‘c ; de n Arc let nay o; EGivteAlier. 10..-. c.tdi I. ;- --A t r Tilth ibn kaual uiiAAtiA iu s a TOO, to be need in IL'» r-AAryAVAA. o; ti.o Aiifri Aeon, the said r ll .a ."T EbAiCO ;o i.c a:aa,a i r tut Acini Si -hi'A,: A"A- -i bciitir; inG..;.-. L:n rata 0£ ;ei a- end cvaa-Eki ;aa' c.-aa a.: oaauai. S!r‘.' , CC ,, o,'.J.V ( ~T.A.r tli . ; : A'A,irii:r fer the it i,t Ain '' At W be t :: U"‘t 1 ' oi i.ctu of iTS,TOO, jnd Ge: i;r.A. ■ , iii.A.Af biAeL end till other r:uAUA ; btiiAi Of tiAA. : ft’. I fie a fyicciul aac of cAo iAL-iAAry. r. E) iti Eii;'- pound oi;'j iip.iv; ifu‘ ;-t '■riTht i tt. of til raNaiiiti ee-iy of Gaj C.:a- a' DuucEiaa aud tint Guy; fb'dy'AA '.Eta rtf Eu no uetrirl rtciuL.a' i A:: :r,,r tie- auviia u.ei toeA, nil ho i tyidif. A,., ho,. (Ayr a' fbiyv ila E (A 0,,, G.i y-. ~f .f„A : A la.U in Ait': t Cfi (-A- r o;r 'a,;a;a; A■: auaa:a- of i.i ai, G.i. a: ,i. ■ aaa" a T of: in a-a. '■n a too: JAihitA- o; lie; C" .tf "." ,A t, n of CNfAA f A!A----y...;,,' t:.d bfA.t A of ifo Aliy f,T,:,3A:ht! :,:.t; f .;: ■; a, aa; yin a Et-TDnn";T,V.--T:-:.A Ey vrey of prcrlsio!! A;;., , to: 1': AI, ( I,Atn A' 3T i A ;i- : e■; i;" e ; 'a EaiaaT rtiunfit, bf Olid .'., AtA'llO A Lhihiny (1 rtf o-viu.) per the I-Ai; I ::.a.v nrc:i,:AA,;r.': of (nicii AiAmlly dtirtny a: riAl.b lire Loa.n Gnl ;u;:r Fluid Com* d ’Tho DuutiiliiS L. Hi-: PE DC rUBTHDH ili.t fiiEu iGil fee Cl —iny f£ the '-Aoide fo i;AU AaoDLLS;! AY, the A. ;a -AAA A 7E) oTEaEI p.m., v aa.Lia ;a r. a . a r;■ nl l ! .;aE.r. T.v.i. Ckrk* JoiAt f'.A, dr art, 'Tut. D'OrNNIC. ■OFJiUBCr F’.MRK TROTTING CLUB* EU'EMtin YEETICvG, 2TCi or.i .'Of! J.CNUABX. aaa FT ACNY 7 for AIL FTFXT3 ■ FHMT DAY CLOSE at 0 pun. .T'EtC-TL 25id .TanAnAy. H. L. JANET, fhcreiary. EdFTTNiCG, DUN CIHX ATHWiTEUCI. m annuaTj gp:-:et;al melting <rf S"ih'.t;-ih:-r= ivdi In ifid th« Bead* Pr.Q::i c: nig r-n : J CfND AY ENI’NG, jiifiey hind:, a. a oTficb. T. EV. WIT;TOON, H- u. Ser'rttnnr. Niidn; TKF. DUNKDiN uNdiNGGE AND SEWENA’i-lt dTlal.. TO PLUIn-.LiIM AND Ln.'.lNFßii. CONTRACT A-. A-N-t; Dll A IN- NO- C r 'i i r .;;d Kinp Jud-Aty,; *fr ir, rCYENBLEG ere ir.tdtr.d for ,reJL •;lAint'i n "it <■ i- ef 'iCLsDAY, 20: ii inf., to iba ‘iticttNity, I: t llAiintiriT iNliidhenA OtAAf 0:1, I>U,l.A„i,„l;, VA-ltlfi pllfllS lAid fyi,.eiic'i.;.ic;i.t arty fee itun <'htt tonus of Under cEfiaif'id. Drpo'ie; TufiAtci, clr-que for Y5. Tits lowest or «ttry lender not uecesEmrily lif a];l-a,L A, ST.TNGau, lira ins re Engineer. 22nd 1tr.1215. ;

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 9, Evening Star, Issue 15707, 22 January 1915

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 9 Evening Star, Issue 15707, 22 January 1915