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AMUSEMENTS. pLAZA PjICTU KE S, 1 o'clock to 5.30, 6.30 to 10.15. Tremendous Success of tl:o Great Patriotic i Production, THE BELLS OB RIIEIMS. THE STORY OP A DASTARDLY THE STORY OF A DASTARDLY OUTRAGE. OUTRAGE. Fresh in the nerds ef :d! is the fflcmon' j of Germany’s gha:-tiy and went on erinvr | the sacrilege of the Cathedral *. r KUninr. In bombarding the city the tirrmaii limd*' pni u no respect to the hre.ily or a- ■' e 1 . of ihc fdaWly pile Even wade the Ecu Cross Flag v,:;t hying over it tiny Wed tfenr utmost to Inn'v I la 0;a - leu-a ra about j Hie ears of the non-con Tat an l a Hu 1 ering with in. THE BELLS OF RIIEIMS, niE- BELLS OF RHKIMS, THE BELLS OF UK RIMS, THE BELLS OP THIELMS, Prices os In Tin 1 ; ADULTS. Cdh CHTLDRP.N, 3J. EDWARD THE ATE To, south dunedin. Daily: 1.30 p.m. till 10 p’ >o. nien-n or.). TO-NIGHT! TO-NMGFIT! TO-NIGHT! Viragrauli presents a Wee : n . inn-'" l . rm. iulcrior and exterior, whiNi 1> mr h-yowi airvthiurr vet pivditca-I by *3■ ■ F.euoua ' tin pally in the Latest Broadway tiine'', 1 Tj fE PASSIMC C? DIANA. The Story opens Hrmmi ' ,r itii'nelnr nrlatr titim-t, am’ is tv cl! sustained t.- A l , enei d.y the exc-Wcul c.v 1 -c ploy. A Sensation in this Diet ere is W! uy a motor car laijhcr ..vo' a -w-aea.. Key?tone FATTY'S DEE I"!’. Comely FA itV r D,■ eat.'. Featuring our friend tia lay yro:rr;;ena ■'l-’attv A.lm- hi l '-" Ft ipu.n te inei 1 -da : ON CIRCUS Day I '>l an Ccmedy A Matter of Mtmuca LLitai Drama RATHE GAZETTE. Umud Tariff ; ADULTS, SIXPENCE; C TTTLDREN. id. ELECTION NOTICES. DUNEDIN CENTRAL ELECTION. MORNING TON. 1/fTB J. W. MUNIR) veil! ADDRESS ilia -if-l ELECTORS in the Pro by; crimt Chino;: Hall, Mornington, I G-NiGl f i.' (r tinny), January 22, at. S o'clock. Cr E. Slncock vvi-i preside. DUNEDIN CENTRAL ELECTION. -pf./fll J. W. MUNRO '-it! ADDRESS the xYI. ELECTORS of Dina din Central as follows : Morning! on Prcshvtoriaii tfhurch Hall.— Tn'-MGHT (T/iday!, Lpetory 22. _ Cavershain Prc?by!c:nan iTitiveh Hall, Marion streor. —fh.NDAY, .lamuary 2a. Walter Strcel Mission Hail.—l L L'SDAY, January no. All Meetings tir* 8 p.m. DUNEDIN CENTRAL ELECTION. ,4 COMBINED MEETING r? NLr C. E. RAY STATU AM S <M UtoMTTPPS veil ho heht in ih ; it-.-arti P.-v-tri ' tin* Ne-.v Me:tititr■ Emv.’mm Coni par ;S V 'Mia,.::', Bean, ~ ; inncaa in. TO-JIORKOW *cat'■: d. I;. Jci:v. i.y 25rd, 1515, til 8 p.m. All Prime!s and Stippnrvrrs wiling to sseiet in. a train ret timing ,'.U. Staihani as lluir Representative are. cordially mvtmd t.i niter, d. DUNEDIN CENTRAL BY-ELECTION. R, C. E. ST si T II A M VCH Deliver a P 1 tLITICAL ADDRE-S at the PRINCESS THEATRE, HIE IT STREET, On TUESDAY, JANUARY, 1515, At S tfePa:’;, His Worship the Manor J. IT li'eaUi E-q.) will I'MiAtoc. Dross Cirelo KaiervWl for Earth's and ihcsr IvMry 1 r. TO LET. mO LET, 4-roemr;; TJ*;*nw>, hath. aP, ■" Jj old M i.m-ir Dm read j. MrO LET (TELii k! :■!■■■ JL eve - v inti'vonie.iii" Cijantptetn, oppeeit e. -1 H-.t1.-e; ly. A | ill;' fTflO” 3iET ■'M ti ! .ealea,.:rv:,) ritai’.-.-i: ' 11 - aeJL ad !th''.i :S i lia'.'-a- ;Rn 'me stable. Aden,, Harris and orf •nitnfe; li. triad rp'htj LET. t-nea d Jil v n Etre-ei. T" Set en-ra vrni"tue'. I. i P: .1 Ue: rpo LET, 4 iietd C : vvat or; Dundus strio-. TO T.-ET, 1! e 111 ' 102 CArrad Atri. JH. hj m , Dl..lH , rt>-:aa.':ae-l la ; Jl la raev. M r.:trca■ t, Mam’ ,* mo i. y LET, 4 R P> G mo LEI’. 2 I'itfitaiiia.rd ]C i. mat ,m i <-M a peenino Dvcntte f|AO LET. i:~m~\“-'.*' . I r.-d M*.* ai.p;y LOG" AND rCUNT. OST ( 352 Ilis’.i sit*J eve a. i net, J,. -hi 'j ■''. • r rd | OST ; aSi. CD;; i, it iCilnrii he 21 rial.-, - OS']’’. Tiindees Eyc-Ma v.'.ird 13 Pen; la : IT C'ST, Pink and (!rcr ;sm:t J.J lureiei.r 30 3- '; rt.m mi ■'. -a LOST all! or near railway Pula :t till -a a 1 :(i.d rrtttrniv.g leeuer. el, p-.v- i a OST'7 Poehet’ Baeic’CMee L°^: s:e,;tpsd) :;nct 3 riic.v-wr-’ tie: _ • i,undue TaMniAMi teal ’.'.--'I, HOARD AND RECiDEMDt. WO young Wm t.uei Restdiitif--n-'. hc-nr; cetitar ■i* ’ Othro. H m ACANT Sitting Roc.;, re d wild; Board : '-nit. ■.boa .. r: .. n.mi ■ ■f,utanco3. S' at at .we., i t--. i ta.nfa,;. 4 CFGOITS -Pri’ral-s Hetdel, Dowtipr; street, iJtancr 12 till 2; Tta, 5 to 7; t-rxnsis Psrtiei catered for: eommitioo ic-oai. t-alas’i Accomicodstioii Yisd-ors. LADSTONT3 FOUST’, Moray pltor {'pin lie B'-.t jj'-' ;l m ora'; personal Etiperviiloit. llf-ia and, hereon. (NET Quotations from ‘Evening Star It OflPw for large or small quantities cl ErmtiiM, iairax. ifisr Qrdsaai,

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 8, Evening Star, Issue 15707, 22 January 1915

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 8 Evening Star, Issue 15707, 22 January 1915